Rule of Cuteness #47, Splayed haunch action is cute


You think that still-life is cute? Check this: ‘TOCKSLEDDING!

And the Gold in ‘TockSledding goes to Amerrrican Drew H.



  1. HRHQueenCat says:

    yikes, there’s nobody here cept me, laffing at the cute ‘tocktion

  2. You are not alooooooooooooooone. I am here with youuuuuuu….

    So cute, but it begs the question…. is the tile really cold under there?

  3. I hope that dog is a girl.

  4. I bet that little figure-8 of floor was sparkling clean by the end of that (though the pup’s belleh probably didn’t fare so well). 🙂

    Also, there are just so many adorable aspects to that picture I almost asploded: 1) The ears at 10 and 2…or maybe 9 and 3? Whatever; 2) the splayed feetsies. Enough said; 3) the jaunty little tailio; and 4) the face, complete with model pout and little eyebrows. I think staring and squeeing at this puppeh has reduced my stress level by at least 85%.

  5. AWW! We call that ‘froglegs’ around here. My buddy has a little fluffy white dog that lays down splayed in all directions. She looks like a rug lol

  6. Mary’s (who gets extra points for sharing her name with my Rottie) right….the official name for that pose is “Frog dog” (or rug dog because they’re splayed like a bear rug — but frog dog is more fun to say).

  7. ‘5.7, 5.7, and oooooh, Scott, the Russian judge gives only 5.5 for the Iron Lotus routine.’
    ‘Well, Jim, they still put the bone in Zamboni.’

  8. That’s absolutely hilarious! You can almost hear the pup saying “I’m not letting go of this bone, and I’m not gettin’ up!”

  9. “…bone stuffed chew-toy….”

  10. I’m going to assume that Maru, by default, wins the TockLuge event paws-down. *run run run run box sliiiiiiiiiide*

  11. I’m here too!!! Sooooooo cute. Love the tail waggage. Looks sort of like a little swan boat . . . but without the water . . . or the swan . . . okay, so not so much like a swan boat.

  12. heheh. I always heard this referred to as The Dogskin Rug position. Very cute, and also giggle-worthy.

    Also, happy to be in before the “poor puppy is being dragged” Nuffers appear.

  13. So much cuter than a standard-issue floor-mop!

  14. Hurrah for the new rule of cuteness! Bunny rabbits dominate rule #47.

  15. Snif! Snif! I’ve got a lot of floor to clean in my house and NO PUPPY!

  16. better than a swiffer.

  17. My Westie did that! In my house we called it “throw-rugging.”

  18. I’ve used more exclamation points and capital letters in other post without ending in limbo mod eration. I’m beginning to think that it’s a random check like they do in airport ;-(

  19. but… but… the floor burn! the puppy’s stomach! the fact that he just can’t get his frog! won’t somebody please think of the children?!


  20. Frog dog! I still love when my Schip does this… it’s not as common as when she was a wee baby but even now at a year and a half, the frog dog posture still makes me laugh.

  21. hehe the joke around my house is:
    “like my new kitchen rug? watch out, it squeaks if you step on it!”

    I swear, it doesn’t get old!

  22. “Ohh, my sainted Aunt, that video must be taken down immediately ” clutches pearls to throat “I mean,that goggie could get it’s willy rubbed off”

    On the haunch splayage, I have those same tiles ‘Quarry tiles’ they’re supposed to be sealed, as mine date from the 1920’s and I’ve never sealed them, they are handy at soaking up most spillages. Sometimes they have a lovely sheen with dark shading. Sorry to the ick crowd but that’s polished dirt with added cat pawprint shading. 🙂

  23. Yikes! I hope that floor is nicely sanded!

  24. Ay, that’s the rub.

  25. It’s a Sniffer.

  26. i love that. way better than “frog dog” or “flat dog.”

  27. My 4 year old beagle does that all the time – it means he’s either really relaxed (he enjoys watching TV or chewing on a bone on the ottoman sitting like that) or really overheated and coolign his belly. We call this pose “chicken legs” because he looks like a roast chicken!

  28. thecandiedmango says:

    Wouldn’t it be ‘tockbogganing?

  29. sounds like you’ve got a nice faux paw finish on your floors.

  30. It’s embarrassing how hard my mind tried to come up with a pun. I was all like, It’s a wet/dry licking swiffer thing! Yeah, I don’t have the pun gene.


  32. warrior rabbit says:

    Whoa! Nice one. 😉

  33. The pic… WANT!

  34. Frog dog 4 lyfe.

    My lab does that, especially to get under the bed (his butt’s too big to fit otherwise). He’s 12 and still does it.

  35. Ahhh 260O you always make me smile!

  36. Martha in Washington says:

    My Jewel used to do that till her hips started bothering her so much. It was “frog legs” at our house. Not so cute a name, but accurate. I miss her!

  37. We refer to it as “drumsticks” in our house. Corgi legs look like little furry drumsticks when splayed out like that, which happens usually when she is having a good chew on one of her toys.

  38. Hiiiii everybodayy,

    This is my little puppers!

    She is a girl pup and her name is Elly!! (no risk of willy sandings :O) Also, our hardwood floor is nicely polished so she glides with ease!

  39. At my house, we call that position “Mary Poppins feet” after when Mary has her feet apart as she descends with her umbrella.

  40. that’s perfect! much more creative than frog legs!

  41. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    In partic’lar, I enjoyed Los Eyebrows.

  42. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    oooooooooooooooooooooooo very nice indeed, Sharpy!! 🙂

  43. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    YAY Drewie, YAY Elly!!!

  44. fleurdamour says:

    Absolutely tocks-ic.

  45. AHH my dog does the back legs thing all the time! It’s so funny when they do that:)

  46. I hate to quibble, as this is SO stinkin’ cute, BUT: on repeated viewing, I still don’t see where the ‘tocks come in. All I see is something akin to something my cousins and I used to call (putting on technical-jargon glasses) “belly-whopping.” :mrgreen:

  47. wannadance says:

    i love the steering aspect of the front laigs and feets, very exact, keep the other end in line. it’s really amazing, the exacto front feet guidance system…

  48. wannadance says:

    oh, okay, i thinking i thinking. whew. so much for that…. imagine a whole bunch of little tiny mini pups holding on to each other and going in a floor mopping sequence. i always think ‘wow, now THAT looks like fun’…

  49. wannadance says:

    and the sillage, it’s like, sorta like, the way a library smells where the dogs have climbed up and then slud down and up and then down…\
    sillage. what a ridonkulus concept.

    can a person actually NEED coffee when it’s almost bedtime or would lorazepam be better.

    dears, ah fears ah’m groween’ ooooold…silver threads among mah neurons…and golgi and mitochondria and generalized hypochondria..

    see what i mean? nomtom and i are a perfect match…

  50. wannadance says:

    just got it.
    signs off in shame…

  51. Martha in Washington says:

    Hey!! I resemble that remark!

  52. Careful or you’ll wear a groove in the floor!

  53. JuliaJellicoe says:

    Puppy Swiffer!

  54. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    NO shame allowed, wd!!

  55. That video is pure genius!

  56. crazy wienerdog lady says:


  57. Haha! Come to think of it… probably is.

    *checks* Yep, it’s a girl. Her name’s Elly.

  58. You enjoy language, don’t you?

  59. I second that.

  60. You just have a case of the bwa’s lately, don’tcha? You might wanna get that checked.

  61. IN our house, this is more likely to be said if a human is lying on the floor. It’s annoying for the one on the floor. Usually me.

  62. Yes. Yes you are.

  63. No, no, no. Oakley already called it. It’s a sniffer.

  64. Sharpy – This is not aimed at you but, I loath the use of Faux, Infact I often puposely read it as Forks. If the thing is fake or false say so, but no it wouldn’t look good in the descriptive puffery of the ‘Antique’ ye olde catologue. “This faux brass log effect ersatz pile of shite, we’re trying to off load on you, as an nearly Antique ‘Heritage’ item, will raise your status at the local coffee morning, my won’t your friends be impressed. Well no actually, they’ll say where did you get that pile of crap from, they must have seen you coming. Don’t get me started on Aqua. 🙂

  65. *snerk*


    okay, how about “fox paws?”


    < whisper >do not, i repeat, do not visit las vegas.< /whisper >

  67. awwwww so cute 🙂

  68. i could eat it up!!!! >.<

  69. My Scottie and my schnauzer both sprawl out like this – it gives and excellent opportunity to tickle the toebeans! 😀

    Also, I usually sing to them: Joxerrrrr (or Rimski, depending on who happens to be laying a’la frog leg), you’re my dog! Legs stickin’ out behiiind you, just like a’frog! 🙂

  70. We used to do that with my parents’ puppy! It was her favorite game!

  71. You have a Rottie with my name???? BEST. DAY. EVER.

  72. “Willy Sandings”
    I can’t figure out what profession this man should be.

  73. Oh but Sharpy, the Gondolas and sky look so real, why you could almost be in Venice. 🙂

  74. *Looking around behind me*

  75. please, hon. you’re embarrassing me in front of the entire tour bus! that’s not REAL water. obviously that’s rome!

    ooh, that reminds me, i’m starved. when does that Plate o’ Caesar Salad bar close?

  76. Awww… just out of curiosity.. what type of dog is that?? It’s soo cute!

  77. Ever notice how young puppie & young children can sit like that. They are so pliable. Not sure if I spelled that correctly. Cute face!! Full of the dickens.

  78. I know that I’ll sleep better tonight with that confirmed. Beautiful googie Drewie! Very nice figure 8 technique. Does anyone remember when the skaters had to do that in the Olympics?

  79. YES! I second this, I need to know. I want one. *lovesplodes*

  80. Hey Drewie,

    Miss Elly is so cute. Can’t wait until Christmas to get my floors sniffered. If this keeps up she will be too famous, so quick before it’s too late – get me her “paw-to graph”. So looking forward to seeing you all! Aunt Jen