Simon’s Cat has “Lunch”

The mayhem-causing kitteh is at it again in this latest installment:

Sent in by Elizabeth C. See all the hilarious Simon’s Cat episodes by Simon Tolfield here.



  1. [bleen AND sender-inner credit? This is like the best day evar!!! AND we’re making pumpkin bread pudding at my house om nom nom]

  2. The panicked look on kitteh’s face as he clings to the table? Priceless.

  3. The first videos were much nicer than this and the previous one…

  4. For me, it’s when kitteh is “moving on”, and he pauses just long enough to shake the shreds of debris from his paw.

  5. I love this one… soooo Like what kittes do… the i meant to do that look. after it is all done.

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    Meg doesn’t read the comments, does she?

  7. Catsquatch says:

    Oh yeah, I remember that happening at my house a few times.
    Now we have a glass table and the tablecloths are in the linen cabinet 😉

  8. And that’s why we don’t use tablecloths in this house…..

  9. I have an oil cloth on the table, it makes it easy to wipe of the paw prints and hair.The fact that the table is covered by my Laptop books magazines…open at interesting articles… several watches, flowers, sweets (candy) pens pencils, camera candles and just about room to eat, doesn’t deter them in the slightest, but unlike Simon’s cat, they have an uncanny ability to jump up and land usually without disturbing anything. It would be the equivalent of us jumping up six feet in the air onto a target we can’t see, and hitting the bullseye.

  10. Unfortunately, the Simon’s Cat series is getting less and less funny. Yes, cats do that and it is amusing, but not funny enough to warrant a video without adding more to it. remember how exaggerated the first ones were? The base ball bat, etc.?

  11. Not funny in the slightest. The first 2 Simon’s Cat were good but since then it’s gone downhill.

  12. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


    Once in the past few months, I wrote something and she responded to me ….

  13. We have definitely experienced a version of Simon’s Cat has lunch. Personally, I am waiting for Simon’s Cat and the Computer. In the meantime, here’s my (live action) version.

  14. I think we are getting close to the end of Simon’s Cat. The videos are so short now that by the time you start to laugh it’s over. A new Simon’s Cat used to be an event and now it’s just 40 seconds and “oh well.”

  15. I agree – the first one or two were so much better. BUT there are still some gems in there, like the claw marks on the table: it’s not bad enough that they destroy everything that was ON the table, they have to damage the table too. I’ve often come across such marks on my furniture, only to go “WTF? When/how did this happen?” and then I remember the cat play-fighting of the days before… :-/

  16. yes – I definately agree – the thrill of seeing a new Simon video is fading before was actually a “story” now much less – maybethe arthur is busy or is just trrying to tease us until his master piece is ready to be released. One can only hope

  17. On second thought, maybe I don’t want a cat.

  18. Well…… she was obviously reading when she took the fainting kitties video off the site, jsut because of the number of people that were offended………..

    But forget I mentioned that. That commentroversy was just too much.

  19. So! My point was, I don’t know how MUCH she reads them, but she reads them.

  20. I’ve already seen this! C.O! You’re falling down on your job!


    Anyway, I thought it was kinda funny. And guys, what about the ….Cat talk whatever vid with the hedgehog??? I thought that was hilarious!!

  21. I know I still want more Simon! Doesn’t matter if it’s a smile, chuckle, or guffaw for 40 seconds or 3 minutes—they are still cute and we cat owners can soooo relate. Come on, people–lighten up!

  22. I love that he caused so much mayhem just to get on top of the table, then jumped down and walked away.

    Our big cat would have stayed to investigate the mess. Our little cat would have hidden behind the dryer at the sound of the first crash.

  23. I continue to love Simon’;s cat!

  24. Me too!

    And why do people think that, just because they’re anonymous on the internet, they can say mean things about real people and probably hurt their feelings? If you wouldn’t say it to someone’s face, don’t say it! Just move on to the next fun thing on the internet… God knows, it’s an endless source…

  25. I kinda thought it needed a reaction from Simon to really feel “complete”, but it got a chuckle.

  26. Jeez what the hell? Simon’s Cat is adorable … But come on now, the first bite is always the best, no? I loved the hedgehog one and this one too, even though the wakeup baseball bat is my personal favorite.What’s not to love about a cartoon cat realistic enough to have a butthole?

  27. I love Simon’s Cat. Does anyone else remember “Bad Dog” screen saver? I think that Simon’s Cat would be a lovely iteration of that idea!

    The quality is there, the whimsy is there, I love the sound track! Love it!

  28. yes there are solutions to this situation BUT when you have foster kittens staying at your house you tend to just surrender….