Oleg Cassini-Approved: Pillbox Pup

Trés chic, Blockhead! But FYI, Jackie Kennedy rarely licked her chops while posing for photos.



  1. willendorfVenus says:

    What happened to its ears?

  2. That’s not a dog! That’s a ball of fluff! (And what did happen to its ears?)

  3. He looks like he’s wearing a helmet! BwaHaHa! Adorable.

  4. Boo is the Best. Dog. EVAH!

  5. Meg, I think *someone* has a bit of a crush on that adorable Boo! 🙂 Easy to see why–what a cute little pom morsel.

  6. Err, cute pup, but worst.haircut.ever!

  7. PS, do they have to blow dry that pup to get the hair so fluffy or is this natural?

  8. Cutist pup ever? I beg to differ. Nothing that small is a real dog.

  9. *cutest

  10. Boo is such a happy little fellow!! He would cheer up any day he was a part of! But nothing beats Maru and the “more more small boxes”. lol

  11. I’m sorry, but the dog is obviously lick syncing in this video.

  12. I assume his glorious ‘fro is hiding them.

  13. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    perhaps “cutist” is actually a term for artwork? Like “cubist”….???

  14. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (mumble grumble groan mutter)

  15. MAJOR cute overload!

  16. Watching that little dog lick his chops for 30 seconds puts me in a fit of giggles and squees!

  17. Why can’t this dog be mine? Why? Why?? *bursts into tears*

  18. boo'sbiggestfan says:

    You have to watch Boo’s videos on his facebook page. I LOVE that he has a favorite shirt.

  19. There there tenkits think of it this way, Boo belongs to all of us in a way.

  20. Martha in Washington says:

    Someone just fed this teddy dog some peanut butter, didn’t they? Who was it? Speak up now!

  21. 260O does it again! *bowing and handing internet over on a platter*

  22. I pooped rainbows when I first saw this pup.

    …and again.

  23. *sniff* Thanks Gigi. Awfully nice of ya.
    I’m still thinking about dognapping him, though. *shifty eyes*

  24. I’m not entirely convinced that this is a real dog. Someone needs to check it for batteries.
    Surely this is some new Japanese toy.

  25. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    I am dying from the cute. This dog could sport the quadrangle eye cut and still be adorable. Yes, pomeranians really are that fuzzy. That is just his undercoat.

  26. OMG! I shudder to think what his overcoat looks like! 😯

  27. bob drummond says:

    I agree that this dog named Boo is simply too darn cute to be real.
    Who does his hair any way? They too should get an award for Hair Styling.

  28. Boo is clearly waiting for treats!
    I used to have a teddy bear that looked exactly like Boo, giant head, tongue and all.

  29. I wish I could lick my face like that, handy if I forget to wash. Mind you, something like that, rolled up in my mouth would surely impede speech.

  30. Ewoks, eat your hearts out.

  31. Oh, and the Elvis Lip right at the beginning (00:02-3) is the besssst. 🙂

  32. Poor Boo… will someone PLEASE trim his head into a nice round pomeranian shape? LOL

  33. Yes, me too! With little black beady eyes! *wonders where it has gone*

  34. OMG that is one of your best!!!

  35. But don’t pomeranians usually have narrower noses and paws?
    It looks more like a chow chow to me.
    I know they got blue tongues, but it’s pink when they are puppies.