Worse Than Polyester

He had seen some interior design catastrophes, but this was too much to take. A rattan kitty litter box? Clawse felt as though he had to put on a flowered muumuu just to do his business.

How long til he comes up for air, Anna T.


  1. too cute!!!
    love your kittehs!!!

  2. bob drummond says:

    This kitten looks as if he’s praying, but for what?

  3. 4:30 pm

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    Did you say 4:20?! Oh. Never mind.

  5. Salmon flavor treats of course :-)

  6. More mousies to catch

  7. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Bob drummond: I think he’s praying for Tim Gunn to magically appear …..

  8. haha! i was just thinking that kitteh was doing a double-gunn with his paws!

  9. He looks so sleepy! Made me yawn…. Sleepy and disgusted that someone put a flash in his face, poor ting!

  10. Is it me? or is this picture just not clear, I have noticed that lately some
    do not come out clear photo more like art?! ok someone with a
    brain splain it to me, please? pretty, pretty please.

  11. I think it’s just that some photos on CO are better quality images than others. This one is a little grainy, and taken in a dark room with flash.

    But, all I care about are the very cute little white socks :)

  12. me, too, so cyute

  13. The Cute Avenger says:

    Seconded (or thirded) on the little white pawses! Oh my gosh, I could nibble on those little soft puffs of fur for days…

  14. he looks to be praying
    like he is banging his head on edge in frustration
    is just too darned tired!!!

  15. Look at those scrunched-up FINGAIRES! I am addicted to kitty fingers. I am always threatening to eat my own cats’ fingers and toes.

  16. You would love my T-Two then, he is a big white polydactyl cat and has an opposable thumb on both his front pawsies. He can make a fist and hold my finger just like a baby when I give him cuddles!

  17. That sounds great! I hope you and kitties (five?) are well and having good memories of Isis.

  18. Yes five now, the younger ones are doing fine but Mighty Max the last remaining one of the same litter as Isis and Bootsy has just been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and we’ve started treatment with medication yesterday. The vet says it is usually very treatable so we’re not too worried.

  19. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    O Gigi– sorry about medical yuckkiness. :(

    But yay for attending to them, at the Vets to help things go better for them.

  20. My cat Bentley developed hyperthyroidism and had to go on medication. I’d have to say that the treatment was successful, as he lived to be almost 23 years old. So don’t be worried – Bootsy will get along just fine, once you master the art of administering pills (my brother, filling in for us while we were on vacation, told us that at bedtime he found the pill in his shirt pocket. Nice aim, Bentley!)

  21. Did you say opposable thumbs?! World dominion is indeed near for our feline overlords.

  22. melting in a puddle here at the mere thought of having a kitty hold on to me that way…. how do you ever get anything done!!!??!

  23. Kitty headdesk!

  24. “…ninety-eight, ninety-nine, one hundred! Ready or not, here I come!”

    *Waves to kitty and makes loads of noise so she’ll find me in my not-so-hard-to-find Hide and Seek spot*

  25. See, that’s what I figured was goin’ on! Hide and seek! And I’d so let the little guy find me- there would be ensuing snuggles!

  26. Faceplant! My Philo does this all the time onto a wooden bookshelf. It can’t be comfortable, and yet he does it again and again.

  27. My Francesco likes to nap in contorted positions that you’d think would surely hurt. I thin he was a yogi in a past life.

  28. think, not thin

  29. Skippymom – I thought you were doing a Spanish accent; at least ” I thin so” :)

  30. Is that the rain in splain that falls gently on the plain?

  31. I hope it’s moderation and not modification.

  32. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    She’d have some ‘splainin’ to do :)

  33. I’m still not convinced cats have spines, just clever imitations thereof.

  34. I have thought the same thing myself…. just jello-jiggler bone-shaped imitations

  35. Ha! “jello-jiggler bone-shaped imitations” hmmm, could be a cat or the McRib.

  36. So TRHOFBH is the worst one yet? Can’t say that I’ve seen it. Seen the ads and all I could think was, “is that crazy botox lady the same little girl from Escape from Witch Mountain and Hello Larry? She always seemed so coherent on the Witch Mountain reunions.

  37. Lewis n' Clark says:


  38. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills (re: the hovertext).

  39. let’s just say a few of these gals didn’t make the escape.

  40. “Earsies McFurries” killed me! :D

  41. ME too.. cutest name ever!

  42. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Me Three!!

  43. Yuppers. Ded.

  44. Not seen on C.O. but my favorite is furry purries.

  45. Oh, kitty! I’m soooo with you on the “Real Housewives”! (Yeah, they’re so ‘real’. [snort])

  46. Save the white paws, this kitteh is the same color as our new kitten! We have named her Maggie–I think I posted about that here after my hubby deigned “Smokey” not a girl’s name–and she is putting on weight, getting stronger and more coordinated every day, and is in constant play mode. And my hubby
    “volunteered” us both to go stay the night and babysit our twin nieces, so instead of going home tonight and spoiling my Maggie rotten, I have to leave her behind and…well, go deal with a couple of two-year-olds who are discovering the terrible twos.

  47. HELLO! Take teh kitteh with you! Instant kiddo distraction. :D

  48. Yes take Maggie with you after an hour of playing, running and giggling they’ll all fall asleep!

  49. Gracie's Mom says:

    So adorables!

  50. Clawse is perfecto!

  51. offensive hovertext

  52. Not to me it’s not.

  53. …what’s offensive about a kitteh praying to a grilled cheese? The kitteh has the right idea!

  54. Grilled Cheesus is from an episode of Glee, did nobody see it? One of the characters had a grilled cheese sandwich and the image of Jesus appeared on it. So he prayed to it and called it Grilled Cheesus.

  55. I saw it! Hence why I was wondering why anyone would be upset about a cat praying to a grilled cheese. (Apparently, the Grilled Cheesus was delicious, according to the actor)

  56. I agree.

  57. But with whom do you agree? :-)

  58. Do you not know about the “real” world, and the “comedy” world? Get a grip!

  59. I’m Christian and I don’t find it a bit offensive. Would you think it was offensive if he was praying to Allah or Vishnu or CeilingCat? What if he was an atheist kitty? Would it be alright then? Just saying…

  60. I ike the hover text as well. Apparently as a young child I would say the opening lines of the Lords payer as :-

    Our father whichart in heaven
    Harold be thy name….

  61. L. O. L.

  62. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Works for me!!!

  63. TrixAndSam says:

    hoops, what could possibly be offensive about that hovertext? Please don’t nuff without saying what’s got yer undies bunched.

  64. Grilled Cheesus is just a make believe thing. Like God.

  65. Love the Glee reference in the hovertext

  66. Grey with white feetses!!! We call ’em Grey Flannel Suit cats, slightly less formal than Tuxedo. I once had one named Maggie too, short for Magnolia Q. Fartblossom. (She was a southern belle; I swear she said “Mee-Yaaai-Yo”.)

  67. Oh dear, I believe this kitten is about to take part in some horrible fraternity initiation ceremony: “Assume the pawsition!”


    Find our all-natural solutions for rattan litterboxes at…

  69. OK, I’ll admit it, I had to look for Muumuu in the Dictionary. Note I didnt say look up M..m.., I know what you lot are like :)

  70. warrior rabbit says:

    There’s a new Simon’s Cat!

  71. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Mr. Tofield *SO GETS* the System
    by which cats take over our Universe and make us slaves.

  72. Why DO humans persist in putting those slippy things on tables??!

  73. simon’s cat – short & funnny!

  74. Queen of Dork says:

    “Rattan kitty litter box” reminds me of the cat carrier my parents bought for my cat Albert when I was a little girl. It was made of wicker and my dad found a piece of green, shag carpet (this WAS the ’70s) to line the bottom. :)

  75. One of my cats would have dismantled that in five minutes.

  76. PS: “Albert”! How sweet!

  77. Queen of Dork says:

    Albert was much too lazy and contented to try to claw his carry cage to death. No. He just sat inside of it like a prince proclaiming and knighting and declarating and denouncing of things. His full name was: Fat Albertino Bullwinkle Turner (the Third) and Everlasting Majesty. But we just mostly referred to him as Albert or Bubba.

  78. Queenie -The convoluted length of Albert’s full name, reminds me of my cat.
    The Honourable Gladys Amelia Anstruther. DFC and bar
    I’ve heard you have to be the daughter of a Baronet to be an

  79. Queen of Dork says:

    That’s a fabulous name for your cat, Hon Glad! I think perhaps humans have to be daughters/sons of this and that to have titles but I think cats just say, “This is my freakin’ title, mo’fo.” and that’s that.

  80. Groovy :-)

  81. Queen of Dork says:

    I’m doing the wavy, hippy dance while wearing a long, white flowing dress, a head band and a flower painted on my face. :) (Peace).

  82. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Why of COURSE you are, dear.

    We would expect nothing less!! :)

  83. Queen of Dork says:

    Check out this little gem I just found:

  84. Best….hovertext…..EVER!

  85. God bless mommy and Daddy and sister sue and brother stripe A -Men

  86. I just love his little white pawsies.

  87. :twisted: That picture makes want to kiss that kitty on its head :twisted:


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