What do you mean? I have full bars

Corgi signal strength on left: good

Corgi signal strength on right: not so good

Another great submishe by Ant over at Ant’s Quality Foraged LinksGo puppies go by manyfires



  1. An excellent picture for Nosevember.

    Sending love, gratitude and virtual hugs to all veterans and active service men and women. Thank you Thank you Thank you

  2. OMGAWD! PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Corgies!!

  4. Beep. Beep

  5. Baby corgis – it doesn’t get better than this! I had to send my Ruby (15 y.o. Corgi) to the Rainbow Bridge last month. She looked just like the lefthand Corgi when she was an adorable pupster – perky ears, chunky paws and (not in this picture) chubby baby bear tocks!
    Miss you, Ru!

  6. Imagine the roaming charges you must get with these.

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    I would gladly pay ANY charge for these cuties!

  8. Martha in Washington says:

    I like the one on the left. No, the right. No, the left. No…

  9. I hope their names are Starsky and Hutch.

  10. Oh the sweet little pink nose/lips on the corgi on the right is killing me. Smooch!

  11. Corgeh left: “the glass is totally half full, bro.”
    Corgeh right: “no dude. Its like, half empty.”

  12. There is NOTHING on Earth as cute and sweet as a corgi puppy — except TWO corgi puppies!

  13. I want to lie on the grass and snuggle with these two li’l pups! And, of course, boop noses for nosevember!

  14. And soft-nom the ears!

  15. Thanks for that. It made my grumpy husband crack up most heartily.

  16. Queen of Dork says:

    Second on that, Saffron!

    And: Corgi Stubbularity!!!

  17. Queen of Dork says:


  18. So sorry, Maribeth– we’re never ready for that.

  19. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


  20. OH MY GOD. i love your website its AWESOME.. everyone is SO CUDDLY. I’m obsessed with animals.. and have 2 dogs of my own.. i think you should see this picture of my dog Romeo in a “no chew” collar.. we call it “Hamlet”

    i think you’ll enjoy the funny/cuddlyness of it!

  21. We’re never ready for it, even when we know it’s coming. So sorry to hear about Ruby. Fifteen years is a good long run, and I know she brought you much joy.


    RIP Peaseblossom, jellicle cat w/necktie, 8/10, aged 21 years.

  22. Does anyone else here play Wordsplay? Every time I play “corgis” (3 points!) I smile and pause, and then lose the game because I am full of myself.

    (I play as M Valdemar; anyone want to start a C.O. team?)

  23. na na na na I can put my ears up ,and you can’t! ha ha ha ha

  24. Gah, chunky short legs … ded …

  25. @ HP : Sorry I don’t play “Wordsplay ” but when I playing Scrabble with my hubby & nephew I did try to use the word “Nuffer” but they wouldn’t accept my effort even though I showed them the glossary on this site. Even though I finally did give into them ( technically they were right) I still fought like the dickens knowing there were a bunch of people here that would not only back me up (if only for teh sake of cute) but recite a haiku about why this should be a Scrabble accepted word. ;oD

  26. Do You Wanna Hold Me – oh yeah!

  27. Adorable!

  28. Saffron – I third it, as we are about 12 hours ahead of you, our ‘Rememberance Day’
    has happened.

  29. Your wasting your time perking, you won’t get treats fom that one.

  30. Corgi on the left: Friday!
    Corgi on the right: …followed again by Monday.

  31. A kind of matchingks:
    Up, ears up.
    Down, ears down. [treat]
    Up, ears up.
    Down, ears down [tr…] …
    [ad lassitudinem]

  32. How eminently squishable.

  33. Oh goody. My new avatar of Sully the Camel (from Reston Zoo, VA) shows up. He’s the nicest (and only) camel I’ve ever petted. 🙂

  34. Colonel Jenna says:

    Glad to oblige, for after all it is now Friday, day for haiku:

    Language languishes
    without use of C.O. words
    use “nuffer”, nuffer.

  35. @chefpriyanka – Your doggeh is extremely cute, too! Very Hamlet-y!

  36. Over on CuteTalk, we recently discussed having a CO Scrabble tournament. Imagine all the new words you could use!

  37. Hovertext LOL!

  38. I typically like bigger dog breeds, but Corgis are the exception. I want one soo bad!!!! My cat would murder me in my sleep if I got a puppy though

  39. He is cute as all get up but poor baby 😦 why is he wearing that thing?

  40. That picture was taken right after he tried out for the lead in his school play (which he nailed, I’m sure). His name’s Romeo, but he’s playing Hamlet.

  41. Corgis!

    Husband and I have a goofy one; she’s got one ear up and one ear down.

  42. omigosh, that’s like, the best of both worlds!!

  43. To squee, or not to squee, that is the question.

  44. Prepare for trouble! Make it Double!

  45. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    so full of truthiness!