Someone has a banana bed! [singsong]

Banana-lover-and-eater Winnie has received a sweet ‘Nana Bed from an alert FourFour reader.

Thanks for coordinating colors with our website, Rich. Get YOUR custom ‘Nana bed here!



  1. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (sorry Skippymom this is just temporary)

    MY HERO!!!!

  2. swallowing books says:

    the last one looks to me as if he’s saying ‘yessss it’s delicious too’

  3. I love Winston 😉

  4. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    why of COURSE you do! only makes sense!

  5. Ringringringringringringring– Banana Cat!

  6. Pardon me while I take a break to go love on my smoosh-faced, squeaky-voice kitty.

  7. Check out the Etsy site too–her fabric choices are fantastic! Especial favorite: Howdy Pardner fabric.

  8. kibblenibble says:

    The first picture makes me wish I could miniaturize myself and climb right in there to snorgle weeth heem. He looks sooo satisfied and cozy! 🙂

  9. Cats on kitchen counters squick me out: except for WEENSTON!! He flippin’ fits in that bowl like that muffin-top kitty in a vase.
    And this is like watching an after-school special about comas: day or night, try to sneak a banana, and suddenly Winston awakes! and he can talk, and WALK!!! It’s a banana MIRacle! [end with triumphant fanfare]

  10. Does this mean Winston has now forsaken the fruit bowl?

  11. Queen of Dork says:

    Okay. I watched that video and then went into the kitchen. My kitchen does not have a pretty wooden bowl full of a squeaky cat next to a bunch of bananas. crap.

  12. Use green bananas for a firmer bed.

  13. I want one of those!!!!

    Thought he loved bananas. 🙂

    So cute.

  14. Oops sorry she is adorable.

  15. should train the cat to be a better watch dog because to many bannas where taken very cute !

  16. Oh, no wonder, so that’s why the banana sits on the counter, there is a huge kitty in the fruit bowl.

  17. Funkygrl101 says:

    I might be the one and only person on the planet who does not like this cat. But alas, ’tis the truth. I really can’t stand Winston. I can’t figure out what it is about him that annoys me so….

  18. Lol!!

  19. No, it’s a he. Win is a dude with two daddies.

  20. 😆 Winston must LOVE his bannas 😆

  21. Some people do not like cats with smoshed in faces, Funkygrl101 😦

  22. Yes, Win’s had his bed since summer. Rich was worried about the heat keeping Win from using or enjoying the bed. But the bananas a-peel won over summer heat. Win was besotted and claimed the bed. Come winter he may never leave this cozy slice of banana heaven.


  24. I don’t normally like flat-faced kitties either and I’m not a huge winston fan, but this video was oddly endearing 🙂

  25. I didn’t care much for Winston to start with, but I think my turning point came the first time I saw this banana video. Now I heart him and his grumpy face. And I even [whisper] prefer him to Maru [/whisper]

  26. warrior rabbit says:

    Nope. Not the only one.

  27. The wheeskers! in the last pic.

  28. Funkygrl101 says:

    *gasp!* Sacrilege!!

  29. Goldie Cat says:

    Why has no one mentioned the soundtrack from the first Friday the 13th? Such a great film.

    Winston is such a bossy little cat, I love his smoosy faced sass.

  30. What a most excellent bed! 🙂

  31. How can you not love Winnie.
    The grumpy smoshed-in face, his annoying meows, the insane love for bananas, bright eyes?
    He’s adorable!

  32. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    Winston is da bomb. Awesome smooshy disapproving face.

  33. Man! My kitty never sleeps in any fancy bed or cute thing like a bowl, even. I’m so happy Winston uses his banana bed, it’s pretty perfect for him.

  34. That is so very adorable and funny! I adore Winnie! I love him as much as Maru, but different. Like you love ur two kids the same but different. I have really missed him! I HEART MARU!!!!!!

  35. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:


  36. he’s got banana on the brain!

    really cute. i love how he naps in the bowl next to his favorite fruits.

  37. My SleepBanana is 42.

  38. Plus, he is a special-needs kitteh who was adopted by two guys who obviously love him and spoil him rotten.

  39. you don’t have to whisper. maru doesn’t speak english.


    plus, he’s a cat.

  40. Aww, Winnie – it’s so good to see your grumpy smooshy face this morning!! I’ve missed you!!

    PS – Marthava, you are exactly right! I love BOTH Winston and Maru!!

  41. you can’t spoil a cat too much, silly XD… well, they can get fat, but Winnie isn’t.
    I also prefer him over Maru
    For me it’s
    My cat Baltazar > Winston and Kismet (spelling? persian whit crazy wiskers) > Maru.

  42. Perfect for the morning: a bowl of Winston with bananas.

  43. Here Here!!

  44. What’s funniest to me about that video is the time-lapse quality of the same bunch of bananas getting riper and browner over time, while Winston remains on guard throughout. Bananas may age and go bad, but Winnie is evergreen.

  45. *snert*

    also, I am not a number, I am a person 😀

  46. No one, but no cat, does ‘crabby old man’ quite like Winnie.

  47. That’s what makes Winston so awesome… his annoyingness!

    Why is Andy Rooney so popular? Those face-eating eyebrows that cascade over his rumpled grimace, the unbearably whiny voice, the long-winded bellyaching… he’s a codger and yet he’s loved by millions. That’s his charm. Embrace the Winston-ness of Winston!

  48. Mah Wilford Brimley imitashun, let me show u it.

  49. I’m Team Winston AND Team Maru. 🙂

  50. luv me sum kittehs says:

    Goldie Cat,

    But how ’bout his smoosy, certainly warm *ss along with his sass? Love ’em both! Surely equally cyoot! ;-}

  51. Winston, how I meeesed you. * Smoochy smoooochy…. *
    Got carried away there. How wonderful, a bannana bed! And check out his Halloween costume – looks like we meeesed that. Weeenston as a snail.

  52. Bwaaaaaaaaaaah!

  53. (rolls up sleeves to arm-wrestle Winston and reclaim rightful title)

  54. warrior rabbit says:

    Not a Winston fan (although his banana guarding is cute), but I do love Maru. Also, I’m rather fond of that other Japanese cat, Woody. The one who dunks his head under the running tap. What a kook!

  55. For those missing Maru…

    I LOL’d so hard at the end!

  56. tenacious_snail says:

    just so you know, you can also get a weezwear bed in polarfleece, for those times when “next to the fireplace” isn’t enough.

  57. Ahhh, the fierce tail-twitchery with each fail, and 2:27 on a Friday afternoon: schweet. Timmmmberrrrr!
    Come for the Maru, stay for the manga captioning.

  58. LOL Thank you Brinnann.. I had not seen this one! Now I can’t stop laughing =)

  59. I am with you there too dub1… I would never let my kitties on the counter or tabletop.. but Whinny is ok.. he is allowed because he is so awesome!

  60. These WeezWear beds are awesome, my kitties have two and use them just about every day. And really, who could give a better endorsement then Winston? ❤

  61. Harmonic play of
    Animal and vegetable
    Winston: sleepy bliss

    Dis MY banana bed
    You can go get your own bed
    I don’t have to share

    Smoosh-faced kitteh cat
    Loved by so many people
    Truly, life is tough

  62. I just can’t belive that a kitty is actually using a kitty bed as a kitty bed. I have purchased several beds and cushions that have gone unused. She prefers to sleep in boxes, on crinkly bags, or on my lap (which becomes her preferred bed whenever I sit down). I even had to save a cushion from my old sofa as a sleeping spot for her cause Scout didn’t seem to approve of the new sofa.

  63. I believe the word “curmudgeon” was made for Winston.

  64. ♪ I peel you, Banana, I peel you…
    I was half-convinced I’d wakened
    Satisfied enough to dream you
    Happily I was mistaken… Banana… ♪

  65. While sitting in the bowl, I thought his eyes were going to glow red.

  66. I love Winston! My kitty Puma also loves bananas and cries for them. I once had a Siamese who adored asparagus. You never know with cats! I love them all!!

  67. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


    (I give!!!)

  68. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Vewwy cwevver.

  69. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Why ELSE would they purchase a fruit bowl, if not to hold a huge kitty??? 😉

  70. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    One *might* inquire,
    how you had the audacity to select an entire SOFA, without
    Scout’s pre-approval…….??

    After all, just WHOSE residence do you think it IS???

  71. Thank you Brinnan… I’ll just pick up my flopping lungs off the floor after laughing so hard 😆
    Winnie and Maru in one post, 🙂

  72. Absolutely hysterical. Maru = one of a kind.

  73. omfg. i want this cat. that is the cutest thing ever.

    meow, my nanas!

  74. In England, he would be called a “Grumpy old git ”

    Hear comes moderation – sing song voce

  75. Noelegy – Wow! three Haikus in a row, I still don’t quite ‘get’ the form.

  76. Patito – Brilliant one of my favourite songs from Sweeny Todd.

  77. Winston in a banana hammock?!

  78. Oh fart! Sweeney

  79. Or budgie smugglers.

  80. I’m glad to see I wasn’t the only one thinking that. 😆

  81. While we’re on the subject of Winston and Maru, I’m wondering why we have a link to Winston’s site but not to Maru’s.

  82. be seeing you!


  84. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Hi brinnann…

    The human associated with Winston-san speaks and writes English, while the human associated with Maru speaks/ writes primarily in Japanese and occ in a quasi Japanese/English …. thus I would presume that Meg & co. have been able to communicate and get approval from Winston’s staff pretty easily ….

  85. ♪ You mock me, banana
    You tempt me with your innocence
    You tempt with those quivering— ♪

  86. Oh Weeenston, how I have meeeest thee!

  87. kibblenibble says:

    For those not yet enamored with Winston: To know one smooshie-faced cat is to love them all. Ever since I had the priveledge of sharing a home with Isabella (RIP sweet Princess) I melt at the sight of any smooshed-face kitty. I love Maru, but Winston absolutely melts me.

  88. Hon Glad, it’s like this:

    5 syllables
    7 syllables
    5 syllables

    I’m sure there are other, more formal rules for real Japanese haiku, such as seasonal references, but that’s the bare bones.

  89. You tempt with those quivering quavers and semi breves
    You know my needs, I beg you please ?

  90. Once in love with Winston, always in love with Winston,
    Ever and ever fascinated by him, sets your heart afire to stay….

  91. Silent Meow says:

    Do spotted bananas make a softer bed?

  92. No he speaks Engrish. 🙂

  93. As you probably realise, the Engrish comment was intended for the previous post.

  94. I give up.

  95. No, I really do give up (for now).

  96. Amy R………Ever and ever fascinated by him, sets your heart afire to stay….


  97. My kitchen has the wooden bowl and the bananas. Only the bananas are in the bowl and the cat is outside harassing robins (and failing).

  98. i’m sorry! can you try a new login for awhile? i’m trying to sort something out for you.

  99. ‘xcuse me, but I sent you guys (CO) this link a few days a go, and I get NO Winston props? Feeling so neglected.

    I’m taking my bananas and going home.

  100. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    We Love Senor H. G.!!!

    (rah, rah!)

  101. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    poor marmar 😦

    (patting you on the back)

  102. That is the theme music from the last scene in the first Friday the 13th, isn’t it. Right before she gets snatched right out of that boat.

  103. Sharpy – Thank you. It seems to be when I post from home which is not
    recwh etc etc. Do you mean keep name Hon Glad and then enter my home email address?

  104. hold off a bit… i may have found a solution.

  105. these photos of winston make great wallpapiere for my computer desktop.
    squeeeee! thanks winston! for making my monday a little brighter.

  106. That is….Sheriff Winston?