More Drams

Get ready for more drama, People. [shaking head]

Dramatic Chipmunk started it:

Then the Surprise Kittens were all ‘nah-ahn’;

Then Cupcake Dog was all ‘way’:

And now, this hamster is just shocked:

Save it for your Mama, Alex “Danger” D.



  1. Someone better get the soundtrack on that one STAT!

  2. kibblenibble says:

    What surprised this hammy? I must know!

  3. Queen of Dork says:

    These are hilarious!

  4. dawnkeyotie says:

    Thank you for that hilarity.

  5. Baaaaaahahahahahaha

  6. dawnkeyotie says:

    Did anyone else click on the “otters holding hands” video? Aw.

  7. All of these wonderful clips (minus surprised kitty) put together into one video!

  8. This TRULY made my day!!!!!!

  9. Shocked Hammy = perfect.

  10. Act your age, not your paw size. :mrgreen:

  11. It was Delores the Hot Head below.

  12. I’d swear that Dramatic Cat’s expression said “Stop sneaking up on me! And enough of the soundtrack!”

  13. I thought at the end Dramatic Cat was saying, “Now, where was I? Aw, to hell with it.”

  14. He’s shocked because he’s in a dream within a dream:

    (refresh and wait for it to load if it doesn’t work the first time)

  15. What, no Johnny Drama?

  16. Ham: “You mean people believe that animal in the first video is a CHIPMUNK? I’m SHOCKED! SHOCKED I tell you!”

  17. What, “mawage”?

  18. This has been burning my grits for awhile, but isn’t dramatic chipmunk really a groundhog? C’mon people, I see no chipmunk stripes. Is there a weird land of the ‘munk where all the deviations live?

    Ahhhh…That’s better (eats burnt grits) Nom nom nom.

  19. Most definitely a ground hog.

  20. I’m pretty sure he’s a prairie dog.

  21. Stains the Australian Shepherd FTW! I love him!! My Aussie makes the same face for anything I happen to be eating.

  22. This is all just so adorably cuuuuuuuuuute it hurts!! In a good way.

  23. This one’s got them all beat – 0:20

  24. Poor surprised kitty couldn’t unsee what she just saw…..

  25. It’s a prairie dog (ground hogs are much bigger and chipmunks have higher ears). Still adorable and hilarious.

  26. the feets.. oh, god.. the feets!

  27. YES! my first accepted CO submission! there have been several, but this was the first!

    /me celebrates

  28. I was just coming on here to say just that! It’s just not quite the same without it, is it?? I still ROFLMAO whenever I see the two originals, though!

  29. Congrats, Trucka, it’s great!!! Now add the soundtracks and make it purr-fect! :-b

  30. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


    a commentroverseh for V’s Day!!! ya HOOOOOOOOOOOO

  31. *cues up ‘dramatic’ music for hammie*

  32. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I believe you should be cueing up the “hamatic’ muzik. Just sayin’

  33. I seriously watched that silly hammy at least 30 times in a row just now. Laughed until i cried ^^;

  34. Someone did it with the soundtrack!

    Inaccurately called it a mouse, tho.

  35. Ooooh, I got one, I got one! (Slow animuhl, slow reaction)

  36. Hahaha, all brilliant! But surprise kitty isn´t really that dramatic, just kay00t! 🙂

    Oh, and :

  37. Reminds me of my Ruby in the bathtub with Lugosi, same expression! 😉
    Photo here:

  38. OMG – this made me laugh til I cried! hahahaha

  39. Warning to others – DO NOT try to eat something while you watch these clips – you will laugh and snarf your food just like I just did!

  40. What, no drama lemur?

  41. The others are cute but making fun of a blind dog? Not cool.

  42. I can’t stop watching the dog one. HAHAHAHAHAHAH YAY

  43. ahahah I was just about to post that one. it cracks me up every time, and I haven’t even seen Inception.

  44. you’re right. that doggie would never consent to staring at cupcakes.

  45. Oh right – der, it is a prairie dog – I think they are a little smaller than ground hogs.

  46. that was awesome! I lol’d big time.

  47. the first one is not a chipmunk 000pppsss!

  48. Love it! He looks like he just saw someone streak or something.

  49. fatgrammafinn says:

    the archie mcphee holiday catalog is featuring oilpaintings of the dramatic chipmunk. also of a spaceneedle zombie and a squirrel in underpants. not to mention other holiday treats such as chumbucket mints, ranch flavor toothpicks and nacho lip balm. mmmm

  50. This one was funny, then as I stared back into its eyes, I got the heebie jeebies. He’s kinda creepy in a malevolent alien kinda way.

    When the ‘little green men’ come for us, they’ll look like this.

  51. i LOVE yer avatar gramma!

  52. Huh? Blind dog? It’s just blue-eyed. Look:

    His owner seems to have made “gear” inspired by him but that’s all, it’s not blind.

  53. wow, that is one meme-packed comment! (and i dig the new avatar.)

  54. Queen of Dork says:

    I just looked at these again and they made me laugh…especially Cupcake Drama Dog. Remember this one?

  55. snorgulator says:

    cat + printer = hilarious. (unless its your printer, of course)

    awesome drams post Meg