The Weigh-In

I may be heavier than some other girls, but I’m gonna work that Miss Bamboo runway. Even if I do have two black eyes.

You better work, Ursa P.



  1. Martha in Washington says:

    @hovertext–then don’t eat the camera!

    Of course she’ll win! She’s lovely.

  2. Jay in Oregon says:

    @hovertext: How many cameras are on you right now?


    and isn’t she lovely! PLINK PLINK!!!

  4. Also ZOMG she isn’t even five pounds yet!

  5. I wish I had enough pandas that I needed a labeled bowl just to weigh all of them…

  6. So without the camera, she weighs -5 pounds. Which is about the size of your average supermodel.

  7. Space Cowgirl says:

    *incoherent wibbling squee*

    They should name her Miranda.

  8. (The Original) Mel says:

    Yes, I’d like to place an order for a panda in a bowl for delivery.

  9. The article says he’s a boy 😉 .

    He’s one very beautiful young panda though! 😀

  10. According to the linked article, hes a male panda. Also the weigh in goes by the metric system, so this (little?) guy is about 10lbs.

  11. And that paper towel is a couple of grams at least.

  12. Squeeeee!!! What a plumpalicious little ball of fluff, she’ll win the crown for sure.

  13. Hummm so he’s a boy competing for the Miss Baboo crown…

    Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

  14. What a delightful bukkit o’ fluffiness. Good thing it says “Panda” on the side or else we might confuse him with a turtle! 🙂

  15. awwww

  16. More amorphous pandy blobs please.

  17. What a sweety-pie! I love pandas. The only one born in the U.S. this year just made her appearance on Nov. 3rd. Right now she looks like a pink rat but that doesn’t last too long. If you go to Zooborns, you can find a link to the panda cam and see her with her mother, Lun Lun. This is Lun Lun’s third baby and she’s a great momma.

  18. @ Space Cowgirl – “incoherent wibbling squee?” I don’t know what exactly that means but it sounds great. I’m going to use it in therapy the next time my shrink asks me how I feel. “Well, I’m not sure, but I find myself emitting incoherent wibbling squees. What do you think, doc?”

  19. Retired Hippie says:

    Hey little panda…heavy black eye liner is all the rage now…whether your male OR female. So shake what yo mama gave you and sashay, sashay little fluff ball!

  20. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    best adjectival phrase, this side of NTMTOM

  21. **LIKE**

  22. ha!

  23. That bowl is a Panda Bowl :3

  24. This little sweetie is the new male cub at the Vienna Zoo. They are having a voting contest to name him. Choices are:
    Fu Hu (Happy Tiger)
    Ao Kang (Healthy Austrian Boy)
    Wei Xing (Joy of Vienna)
    You can vote here:

    His 3 year old brother Fu Long (Happy Dragon) has already returned to his ancestral home of China. Their parents are one of the few panda mating pairs in captivity that actually get alone and mate naturally. Fu Long was also weaned naturally and was separated from his mother only when he left for China, not at 18 months which others zoos do.

    Sorry for all the info. Pandas are my passion! (I love dogs too).

  25. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    psst, Panda:

    Don’t ask Stacey London or Clinton Kelly for clothing advice for the pageant.
    They won’t like your horizontal stripes, — BUT WE DO!! 🙂

  26. victoreia says:

    And that’s what I call Panda Express!

  27. if I take a white bowl and write “Panda” on it, will someone come along and oblige? what if I also draw a panda face on it?

  28. I am utterly bamboo-zled by this wittle guy.

  29. Love the labeled bowl! Complete with panda-face.

  30. Or Amanda.

  31. Okay then, Alexanda. 🙂

  32. Space Cowgirl says:

    I was thinking about Miranda from ‘Mass Effect 2’ – adorable, wears black and white, devours souls. But I like the sound of “Amanda the Panda” too.

  33. “wittle?”

    Warning: baby talk makes the moderator emit Lurch-gurgles.


  34. Here I was thinking that my coy use of the word “bamboo” might attract some attention.

  35. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Myself, I’m rather fond of the “-zled”!!!!!

  36. Space Cowgirl says:


  37. skippymom says:

    Bamboo-zled! Brilliant!
    (Don’t worry, you-know-who is just jealous because she didn’t come up with it.)

  38. fleurdamour says:

    Yes, the labelled bowl is the best part. “Insert Panda Here.”

  39. And there’s even a handy panda diagram, in case you can’t read.

  40. “incoherent wibbling squee” is the name of my Björk cover band

  41. I’m sorry — were you just talking to the hovertext, there? 😆

  42. …YOU TOO?? 😯

  43. Nope, she’s genuinely urped about teh widdles. Twoowy. And if you don’t believe me, well, who else ya gonna believe? Hmm??

  44. Already, she’s dismayed by her weight. *sigh*

  45. sophia smith says:

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  46. um… OK, I’m as much a fan of Smif as I can be and still be a dude. My sister graduated there, and CO & Questionable Content are a mutual admiration society (although that’s technically more a Hampshire phenomenon, but close enough)… but while I was [-Ed.] I didn’t generally tolerate SurveyMonkey links in our comments. It’s a gray area, yes, and I might’ve allowed it for educational purposes, as long as they weren’t spammed EVERYwhere… but still.

    Small doses, ‘k?

  47. Coinkidink: I was just listening to Supermodel on the bus today. Songs like that make me laugh out loud which (a) makes the ride go faster and (b) increases my chances of getting a seat to myself. Sashay, chante!

  48. hunh?!

  49. i’m sorry, did someone give you your stick back? i don’t think so. don’t forget, old man, you are not immune to moderation, so step lightly lest ye be–what? ooh, sparkly!

  50. HA. I love the bucket marked “PANDA” with the little face.

  51. seems to be a trend… does this mean that talking to oneself is out of fashion? (Not that I desperately need to know or anything…..

    …. OKAY, I desperately need to know!!!)

  52. Theo– did you just give her the “flashy-thingy”?

  53. Hee hee! Does the special “panda bowl” to prevent cross contamination?
    “NEVER weigh your marmosets in your panda bowls! It can spread salmonella!”

  54. bookmonstercats says:

    It’s an all-inclusive society now, Gigi

  55. janet2buns says:

    I am incensed, INCENSED I tell you, about the pressure on young pandas today to obsess about their weight. Impossibly thin panda models on fashion runways and airbrushed photos in magazines create an unhealthy ideal that pandas feel they must emulate. Stop the madness!

  56. I’m with you on this one, Theo. This has no relevance to the post and so in my book is just taking advantage. (And I get soooooo tired of dumping these from my own blog.) With all due respect to Sharpy, my vote is to ditch it (if I had a vote, which of course I do not, but still…).

  57. Wend – It’s still fashionable in my house. “Isn’t that right Hon Glad it certainly is Hon Glad”

  58. Their really stick insects in frocks.

  59. Bums wrong their – they’re

  60. I was 10Ibs at birth, that’s my excuse now “I’ve always been big” 🙂

  61. Sorry about the black eyes honey, did that Naomi have another hissy fit in the changing rooms?

  62. Can’t talk… sparkly…

  63. I’ve checked all my panda bowls and nuthin’. They are all empty. *boo hoo*

  64. me too.



  66. i think i’m pickin’ up what you’re puttin’ down. i’d dump it, but then we are left tilting at windmills.


    ooh, “windmills.” i like that. what do you think, Thee-O? a windmill being a harmless comment that creates a lot of kerfluffin’?


  67. In honor of the cute ball of fluff that is baby panda…I’m going outside to do some panda rolls in the grass. Wooooo!

  68. “Tilting at windmills” – what a great saying; never heard it before.

  69. Maybe…. but you should see her hair!!(what’s left of it) 😈

  70. “So, then, the medication is working for ya?!”

  71. Don Quixote……Quixotic

  72. Thank you for clarification. If you love Fu Long, you can visit and Fu Long and his buddies in Bifengxia – you will enjoy it!

  73. I think this might be kg considering it looks to be European. Which would be around 11 lbs. But nonetheless the little one is certainly cute!