Great. Another Wet Kiss.

Sweeet-eeee! Come and give your Auntie Ruth some smoochie boochies!”

Cavernous mug, Rachel B.



  1. Why do I have the urge to stuff bugs into that mouth? :mrgreen:

  2. Yep, tonsils are in great shape! Schedule your next check-up with Nurse Hatfield on the way out, Mr. McKoi.

  3. victoreia says:

    Muppet-related hovertext! YES!

  4. Retired Hippie says:

    “smoochie boochies” – I am SO using that with the nieces and nephews this holiday season

  5. I love fish. They are hilarious to watch! This picture reminds me of my Black Moor goldfish who likes to make that type of face. He always looks surprised! Of course, they all do that, but because of his bug-eyes, it looks funnier when he does it.

  6. Martha in Washington says:

    Can we get a “Cute or Eww” tag, please? Feesh leeps kinda gross me out! NOT nuffin’, just sayin’.

  7. Martha in Washington says:

    Oh Great Moderator–I’m sorry! So sorry! I promise I will never semi-nuff again!

  8. Oh no! That looks like Granny S. Preston Esq.
    Dude, I think we’re in our own personal hell.

  9. Oh quit playing koi. You know you want to smooch so pucker up and give us a kiss now sweetie.

  10. *grooooaaaaan* 😆

  11. no kiss… give me food

  12. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    um….are you a Mama Koi???

  13. 260Oakley says:

    Grand opening at Kois “R” Us

  14. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


    NICE!! Nevah thought of “koi=coy” before!!


  15. Ha, the feesh’s mouth looks kind of like a vacuum tube; if someone dropped a piece of fish food on the surface you’d hear a “schloop” and it would be gone. 🙂

    And I love the hovertext! Apparently there’s going to be a new Muppet movie from Pixar coming out soon, called “The Greatest Muppet Movie Ever Made.” This makes me absurdly excited.

  16. skippymom says:


  17. Oooh, these greedy koi always creep me out when they gather around you begging for food. *shudders*

  18. snerk 🙂

  19. I Heart Koi! Makes me sad the summer went so fast-now we have to put the stock tank heater in our pond.

  20. I am so beyond terrified of fish. Please make it stop! IT WANTS TO EAT ME!!!!!

  21. that is so cute it wants to give us all fishy kisses <3's

  22. I always pet the feesh when they get this close to the “boundary between worlds”.. ie surface.. they always look so mad, like “ummmm where’s mah treats?”.

  23. skippymom says:

    That’s funny, I have the urge to stuff pugs into that mouth.

  24. Reminds me of Hobbes teasing Calvin about Susie Derkins.
    “Ho Ho! Muchas smooches por el con-kiss-tador!

  25. “schloop” — A Don Martin-worthy word.

  26. Ha! Theresa, you have officially cracked. me. up! That was always such a funny cartoon.

  27. 260Oakley says:

    This guy is guilty of following girls on the Web. They’re going to bust him on a charge of fish Net stalking.*

    *For the record, I made myself groan with this one.

  28. kibblenibble says:

    Wow! 😯

  29. Hey now, NO TONGUE on the first date !

  30. No problem. You simply need to decide to stop being an earthworm.

  31. So it is possible. Fascinating.

  32. 260Oakley says:

    Oh, quit your carping. 😉

  33. 260Oakley says:

    OK, uncle.

  34. Queen of Dork says:

    🙂 :)! And you just cracked me the heck up with cracking yourself up with it! I like to imagine him coming to the surface, opening his mouth like that and this really loud, Aaaaaaaahhh-OOOOOOOO00-GAH! sound coming out.

  35. Nuttin’ but luvv, Oaks. 😉

  36. We used to have a comet goldfish would would let us pet him. It was sad when he passed away a few years ago.

  37. double groan. triple groan. what is this?????

  38. This! Is! ADOTTAAAAAA!!! 😈

  39. @mudbug… I think there ought to be a sort of Godwin’s law on CO. How many posts until someone makes the inevitable Young Frankenstein reference, making all other arguments invalid. We’ll call it “Frodrick’s Law”!

  40. with a waggly sticking-out tongue and spit lines, amiright?!

  41. Calvin: We are a fierce and dirty band of cutthroat pirates! Keep a sharp lookout, matey, we don’t want any sissy girls on our ship!
    Hobbes: We don’t like girls?
    Calvin: Of course not, dummy, we’re a murderous bunch of pirates, remember?
    Hobbes: …Who do we smooch then?

  42. Blücher!

  43. >>For the record, I made myself groan with this one.

    whoa. i think the sun just went dark for a second.

  44. …and wash away the raaaain, black hole sun, won’t you come, won’t you come ˂/cornell˃

  45. you may enter! *ding!*

  46. I truly love Koi.

  47. Just FYI, because of youse guys, I ordered Young Frankenstein the other day. Now I need to make a list of quotations to look for. (Please don’t hate me because my education was incomplete 😦

  48. @Wend: No haters here! You’ve made a wise purchase — come back when you’ve laughed yourself silly 😀

  49. Or Eye-gor’s Law.

  50. Are you speaking of the worm, or of the spaghetti? :mrgreen:

  51. Martha in Washington says:


  52. Martha in Washington says:

    I’m sorry but I have to know–how the heck do you people find this stuff!!?? How many hours of youtube surfing does it take? Or do you have all this stuff earmarked and whyever would you?

  53. Scussi Theopullis, could you re-post that picture of yourself on the large rat looking thingy, so that the noobies know who you are. I know it’s soon going to be “Who was that masked man” but it would help.

  54. The sad tale of the Koi who never learnt to swim.
    “Gasp galgh. “Hey you guys I’m drowning and all you do is sit around making ‘Witty’ comments.”

  55. Vermicelli? 🙂

  56. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    How awesome is THAT????

  57. bravo!

  58. bookmonstercats says:


  59. bookmonstercats says:

    I was once acquainted with a black Israeli carp called Rachel. She was huge, having lived in a large outdoor pond all her life. I used to sit next to the pond and she’d surface like Auntie Ruth here, for food. When I popped food into her mouth, it was EXACTLY like putting your hand against a vacuum tube when she sucked it off my hand.

  60. *applause* Nice one! 😆

  61. Wormicelli!? 😉

  62. *falls off chair laughing* 😆 😆 😆

  63. agreed. fish lips. ick

  64. I’d have to agree it’s not particularly cute. But it *is* über-cool, though!! 😀

  65. Martha — no time at all. I already knew what I was looking for, as I’m sure Theresa did. Pull up Youtube, quick keyword search, copy& paste the URL, done. Ten seconds.

  66. Just do a search on Cute Overload for “Fergus Falls” and you’re there. 😉

    (OK OK, I’ll help a little bit.)

  67. Bingo. 😀

  68. How very wibbly.

  69. Theo – Thanks for that. What a great piece of writing by Cheif sister officer, I have only had a quick wizz through the comments, it’s interesting to see who’s still commenting and those who have disappeared

  70. just like everyone’s favorite aunt in the family, she has a moustache. how fitting.

  71. Had a quick wizz? I hope you were in the bathroom when you did. :mrgreen:

  72. I am with you, NOT a nuffer just creeped out…ewww

  73. Nah, he’s just taking the piss.

  74. You just have to have listened to Dr. Demento in your misguided youth…

  75. Ruth-less tooth-less : )

  76. As long as we don’t start buffing mugs, or puffing slugs. 😉 Or versy-vicey.

  77. I’m still here! It’s just that WordPress made me change my name from “Mame” to “Bellum.” (Well, it didn’t force me. I’m just too lazy to log out of WP before posting here…)

    (By the way, “Meg” and “Chief Sister Officer” are actually two different people. Just thought I’d point that out.)

    (But “Theo” and “[Ed. (ret.)] ” are still the same guy.)

  78. beautifulkittenfish says:

    definitely NOT cute… ewww

  79. beautifulkittenfish says:

    impressed by pun. still don’t think the feeesh is cute tho’

  80. No tongue, but how about a big, slippery gaping maw?

  81. Stressfactor says:

    Re: The Muppet hoever text, I’ve always been partial to this variation:

  82. Martha in Washington says:

    That is so cute! I’ve never seen that version before. I wanna be Sandra Bullock when I grow up.

  83. I have a large goldfish now that will let me pet him.. I shake the food container and he comes to the surface.. he always presents his top fin and I rub his back 🙂 but only for a second and then he wants his food hehe. He’ll give your finger a little kees too 😀

  84. AuntieBellum – I do vaguely remember something about your Auntie
    Mame name being used by another. I thought Auntie Mame didn’t post as often
    and your writing style seems… how shall I say…more assertive. Who is ceif sister officer then or is it a state secret?

  85. There was another poster who went by “AuntieMeme,” and that always threw me for a loop whenever I saw it. I’m not sure why I seem more assertive. I think I’m posting the same way as always. Hm…

    And CSO is Meg’s sister. That’s the only name I know.

  86. Martha in Washington says:

    Theo–all that stuff you said-complete Greek to me! I’m very happy that some people can do it though because then I get to see the funny stuff without the work. Thanks!

  87. That is AWESOME!

  88. OMG you are in for the best funny movie of all time…. IT is awesome.
    I have lost count of how many times I have watched it..
    and some excellent lines
    Roll Roll Roll in the hay (said in singsong voice)

    and Walk this way…


    The name is Fraunk-En-Steen.

    not frank-in-stein

  89. eww eww double eww . . . these are wading duckling vacuums (Lake Mendota, Madison WI). cute destroyers.

  90. I still haven’t forgiven Bill Waterson for retiring.

  91. I have a “Regency romance” type book in which the hero has a “coy pond.” I absolutely groaned at the lack of editorial intellect that let that one through. “Coy” . . . oy!

  92. *sigh*

    *drags out pitchforks and leftover torches from Deep Thoughts thread*

    *rummages in cabinet for remaining stock of Righteous Indignation*

    *polishes megaphone, floofs pompoms*

  93. Sorry guys, I’m not quite feeling up to leading the mob today. Can someone else take over? 😕

  94. With Italian moth balls?

  95. ‘No tongue.’

  96. *LIKE*

    or, for the old-school Voxen amongst us: [This Is Good]

  97. Uhmmm. Guilty as charged.

  98. So, what are you doing tonight? Any plans?

  99. that’s perfectly walden-esque.

  100. This little guy brings back memories of an old boyfriend.

    He was, in my Mom’s eyes, the perfect catch (no pun intended).Tall, good-looking, gainfully employed, responsible, Polish (yeah, that mattered), treated his mother like a queen, etc etc. When I broke up with the guy my Mom could not understand why I’d let go of such a perfect guy (seems she already had us married off with tall, good-looking Polish kids) and wouldn’t accept my reason of “we just don’t click”. After bringing it up again and again, I finally had enough and told her point blank: “He kisses like a gasping fish and it’s disgusting!”.

    She stopped asking me about him.

  101. this cracked me up. 🙂

  102. Oh goody. Does it also have a stableboy with proud buttocks?

  103. No, I actually have a YouTube superpower, by which I instantly envision and obtain the exact clip to make my point! I was born with it, but never knew what to do with it until 2005.

  104. snicker

  105. And his name was Stosh Qwynczczskwqzbltszk, and insisted that I take his name.”

  106. I had a boss once go to a conference; she and a couple of others from our university were sightseeing. One of them said “Walk this way”, and they all immediately starting walking like Igor. (Come to think of it, one of the others is now my current boss. Makes for some strange days in the office….)

  107. *snicker*

  108. Do you know how many of those it takes to make a decent meal? :mrgreen:

  109. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    whatsamatter, brinnann???

    (sad face)

  110. lol

  111. Not entirely sure if this’ll work, as the video may be blocked by wmg in some countries. This is the original Mahna Mahna from sesame street in the 60s, replayed on the muppet show with the hecklers at the end.

  112. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Lake Mendota? Madison? Hey, that’s my home town!

  113. Lewis n' Clark says:

    um..*coughs nervously, looks down*..err…is it OK to ask if Teho can be added to the “Men of CO” calendar? And Hon Glad, are you male or female?

  114. Lelliephant says:

    Fiiiigaaaro! Figaro, fiagaro, figaro, figaro, FEEE-gaaaah-roHHH!

  115. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Theresa: Don’t all Regency romance novels???

  116. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Hon Glad *again* brings it all back around to logic.

  117. Queen of Dork says:

    TrixandSam: Yeah, that should do it. 🙂

  118. TrixandSam says:

    And that’s the americanized version! The Polish was a tongue twister I tell ya.

  119. I know. The greats always end too soon.

  120. I”ll do it. Charge!!

    I don’t think it’s cute, but dang is it ever cool.

  121. Ok, I went back up to check, and now I have that earworm. Thaaaaanks.

  122. My dad used to have two guys named Tony working in his office– one Tony was Italian, and the other Tony was Polish– Dad called them “Tony Vowels” and “Tony Consonants.” :mrgreen:

  123. Ok. Layman’s terms. You go to the youtube website, and type the name of what you’re looking for into the little search box at the top. If you know the coorect name, you can usually find it in the first few videos they give you that might match the words you typed into the little box. After you find the video and click on it, you can go up to the top of your screen, where the long box with the url in it is. That means it has the website address–like, only for some technological reason I don’t quite understand, they hafta add stuff for different pages. Anyway, if you right click with your mouse on that, a little list of actions will pop up. Select ‘copy’. Then, come back to the comment box, and right click again. Select ‘paste’. There. That’s about as simple as I think I can make it.

  124. Wow. I actually teared up. WEeeee miiisssss yooouuuuuu

  125. Your tastes are rather strange, my friend.

  126. I LOFF EET

    I think I’mma go favorite that nows. Brb.

  127. P.S. I always thought they were saying menahmenah…..

  128. I hate those blocks.

  129. At least you are all on the same wavelength. Makes life so much easier, when someone knows just what to say, when you say:
    “Throw the third switch!!!”

  130. Did ya see the number of comments on that thread? 516, and I bet not a single nuff, ‘cept for the teary eyed goodbyes and well wishers. Thanks for sharing your leave with us, Theo!

  131. Well personally I have no problem with Plolosh..Pilish..Powlosh..foreign names

  132. darkshines says:

    I love how we start talking about how cute the fish is, but in the end resort to Igor impressions. How do we lose the thread so much?!

  133. Augh, reminds me of a guy I was seeing. Blech.

  134. Some peeps might find this to be TMI; I think I may have a tendency to over-share. I had an IUD put in yesterday and it HURT LIKE FRIGGIN HAYLE (probably moreso than normal because I haven’t had any children yet). Still hurts a bit, but nothing like yesterday. *pops a couple more Excedrin*

  135. Thank you Muttluver!

  136. LnC, don’t be so koi. I’ll gladly and loudly second your omnomination to add Teho to the calendar! I think Hon Glad and NTM belong in there too.

    Srsly, Meg. You think those page-a-day calendars sell well? Wait’ll you see what happens when you finally put out that Men of CO Calendar!

  137. Stressfactor says:

    There’s also this version which someone put together also… for X-Files fans..

  138. Helloooooooooooo can any one hear me!

  139. At dancing Cleopatterer,
    Was always on the spot.
    She gave these poor Egyptian ginks,
    Something else to watch besides the sphinx.

    Marc Antony admitted,
    That what first made him skid,
    Was the wibbly, wobbly, wiggly dance,
    That Cleopatterer did.

  140. that’s hilarious. what’s with all the great dad stories on CO? does having a great dad mean you’ll end up here?

  141. *licks Teho’s arm*

    Yes, his taste is rather strange. 😕

  142. aww sorry

  143. Brinn, I know just what you mean… mine irritated my uterus so much, I had to have it taken out 3 months later.

  144. auuuugh those koi fish. they would eat YOU if they could. Someday they will take over the world.

  145. TrixandSam says:

    Brilliant! I love this. Tony Vowels and Tony Consonants. I’ll have to remember that with my two best friends, Susan S. and Susan S. I call them Tall Susan and Petite Susan but Susan “Doesn’t Sound Like it Spells” and Susan “No-Brainer” would work.

  146. Sharpy – “Oh light of my life”. I’ve noticed every post I make from home is moderated.

    sorry for pushing in here.

  147. Theresa – Do you know “The old Bazzaar in Cairo” song?

  148. weird. i don’t see any obvious reasons for that. if i could “whitelist” people, you would be first on the list, darling.

  149. Mockingbird says:

    Awww! Fish kisses! MOOP! :3