Chiplight Savings Time


I forgot to set my alarm!



  1. William Adam McDuff says:

    *yawn, stretch* Mmmph. Morning. Now brekky.

  2. I love the encouraging Daddy voice over in this. Wish my alarm were as sweet, though I think I’d probably make him eat the camera.

  3. What a lovely grumpy thing!

  4. MoonCatty says:

    The leetle eyes closed, one arm streeaatch got me good… aaaaawwwww. I’d have to be coaxed out of my comfy hammock too. Agree about the encouraging sweet Daddy voice too. He loves that li’l adorabuhl chipper.

    But this sweet one goes through the waking up stages A LOT faster than me!

  5. kibblenibble says:

    sooooooo sleppy. 🙂

  6. Teddiepants says:

    Shouldn’t this be, So Tye Tye……?

  7. Mary (the first) says:

    I look kind of like that in the morning too (not as cute) but if I had someone coaxing me up for ready-made breakfast.. I might be more agreeable!

  8. Mary (the first) says:

    I just watched again.. see how he’s all sleepy until suddenly one eye opens, he sees the camera on him, and *perk* he’s wide awake and looking lively! Doesn’t want to be all lazy on-camera!

  9. This is why they don’t make you change the clocks on a Sunday night. 😉

    My dad used to come into my room and recite:
    “A Birdie with a yellow bill
    Hopped upon my windowsill,
    Blinked his shining eye and said
    ‘Ain’t you shamed, you sleepyhead?'”


  10. Nurse! Give me 100cc of caffeine. STAT!

  11. Why is this chipmunk a pet and not in the wild?

  12. Being a nightowl rather than a ‘munk, I would straaiiitch only to claw the shining morning face of such a chirpy falsetto early-bird dude with my razor-sharp adamantine talons. Until after elevenses.

  13. dawnkeyotie says:


  14. Crazy cute, but I have to agree with Hepcat – ‘munks should be outdoors doing their thing, not kept as pets.

  15. That chipmunk looks pretty happy with his situation. A nice comfy nest, a pet human to provide him/her with all of the creature comforts and no predators to worry about. All Chip needs is a Dale to keep him company.

  16. So cute and so sweepy 🙂

    He’s safe and warm, he’s well fed and loved, we keep rats and ferrets and skunks as pet why not chipmunk?

    Just because you’re used to see them outside doesn’t mean that they are happy there. I see a lot of cats outside running wild does that mean that I shouldn’t keep my cats inside as pets?

    Getting off the soapbox now.

  17. Super-cute, but I found the narration strangely disturbing.

    Maybe because I’m distoibed(?).

  18. muttluver says:

    Tie tie!

    (I can’t believe I just did that.)

  19. muttluver says:

    ………………things happen. We don’t know the circumstances. LEAVEEMALONEFORPETE’SSAKEPLEASELEAVEEMALOOOOOONE

  20. muttluver says:

    The narration reminded me of the way we talk to our dogs. The only thing that bothered me was that the critter was in a cage, where he couldn’t adequately receive scritches. OHWAITNOINUFFEDNOOOOOOOOO

  21. muttluver says:

    My sentiments exactly. Unfortunately, my parents become upset when I show even a hint of the morning grumpies.

  22. Potentially he was a rescue and was injured such that it would not be safe to release him to the wild.

    There are all kinds of legitimate reasons for the chipmunk to be a pet.

  23. Lol. Love the Yawn, Streeeeeetch, and back to sleep for a sec hehe

  24. OFF THE CHARTS ADORABLE! Sorry to shout but I’m overwhelmed by The Cuteness.

  25. Same question I kept asking. Cute as a button but this beautiful animal should be among its own in the wild, unless of course there is a good reason it is in a cage. No animal should be in a cage, this is their planet also.

  26. I agree! IT’S WORTH SHOUTING ABOUT! What a cutie;

  27. That’s one of my favorite Robert Louis Stevenson poems.

  28. Poor chipmunk. How annoying to have someone using baby talk to wake me up in the morning.

    I’d throw something at them and roll over.

  29. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Here’s the documentation for the diagnosis.

  30. That little guy reminds me of how my gran’ma used to wake me up with this song !:

  31. dubalicious says:

    Cute… but I also hope that this chipmunk isn’t being kept as a pet.
    He/she should be running around outside in the wild.

  32. …except if they’re too injured to survive in the wild, except if they’re needed for captive breeding to save their species going extinct because of habitat loss, except if they are biologically significant and therefore important to show our children and its damned unlikely our children are going to go the the remote location they live in, etc. etc. etc.

  33. I believe they keep chipmunks that are wild here as pets elsewhere (like, Japan or UK, I think?) I dunno – he’s not having to worry about hawks or where his next acorn is coming from.

    I only hope he isn’t depending on a iPhone for his alarm. (ha!)

  34. DisagreeableSort says:

    I don’t know about that… I’ve seen some children at malls and various other places that could use a caging.

  35. DisagreeableSort says:

    I found him disturbing too… Ruined an otherwise cute video. He was enough to make me gag.

  36. The chipmunk seemed a little uncoordinated when it got down on the floor. Possibly it is being kept because it has head trauma or some other problem that would prevent it from being able to live in the wild as it should.

    Yeah, any Mary Sunshine who baby-talked me in the morning would get what he deserved, but then I’m not nearly that cute so nobody would.

  37. annoyinglittletwerp says:

    I would so love a Chippy-unfortunately so would my kittehs.

  38. @disagreeablesort you know those movies where the big, fat jailer with the huge keyring falls asleep on his shift? that’s me right now. so i’m gonna go ahead and let this comment go through. i’m sure everything will be just fine when i wake up.

  39. I noticed that too. Either way, the ‘munk looks like he/she has a better life than the ones who live in my yard during the summer…the ones who frantically forage for food to last the long cold winter, avoid hawks in the trees, and occasionally get eaten by the neighbor’s cat. I don’t know what people are complaining about…I’d venture to guess that a majority of them keep some kind of pet. A house is just a really big cage, after all….

    I’m not even annoyed by the baby-talking. This person obviously ***loves*** his chipmunk very much!

  40. My comment about the dancing dog got cut because I said I hated it. And I meant it. This, I love. It’s everything CO is about. Tewtally adorabuhls. Tewtally.

  41. That guy should have just rustled with the chip chow bag and the little ‘munkeeh would have come out as quick as a cuckoo out of a clock. The well known Pavlov’s rodent conditioning…

  42. Not as annoying as my mother’s “wake up call” — 7:00 AM Saturday morning, she’d march in, dump my laundry on top of me, and then say “go mow the lawn”.

    Puh-LEEZE. give me the happy sweet voice over that any day.

  43. I agree with Rhea and Michelle. It appears the little “Grinny” (as some folks in Pennsylvania call them) seemed to have a problem with balance. There are at least 50 of them that visit our bird feeders every day and sure don’t stagger about.

    Grinnies become brave and can be hand fed if one has the patience to do so.

    I for one was delighted to see the little guy wake up

  44. That is the BEST. 🙂

  45. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Gigi-what part of PA are you in? I have never heard Grinny before. (I grew up in Erie, PA)…

    Now my dad calls house sparrows sputzies. Something he got from his dad (same area)

  46. Haha I say “Pavlov’s rodent” all the time!! Of course I have pet rats, so…..

  47. I never seem to get my rats on video doing this type of thing, they just stare at me or dive straight for the camera.
    One time I heard this sweet man voice coaxing me to wake with the reward of a fresh cup of coffee…so I, still half asleep and with my eyes still closed, rolled over and proceeded to (accidently) punch the coffee cup out of my boyfriends hands, onto the bed and all over me. I got my fresh coffee alright!! He no longer leans over me in bed with hot coffee, and I still get to tell that story with a smile.

  48. My Dad’s wake up call was not at all sweet and probably originated from when he served in the Airforce.

    “wakey wakey rise and shine, the sun’s burning your eyeballs out “

  49. If I ever use the sickly sentimental cutesypooh voice on my cat’s, I get the
    “Have you gone completely mad, pull yourself together man” look.

  50. ratchic – Lol 🙂
    I loathe being given a cup of tea/coffee in bed, I find it awkward and somehow it doesn’t taste right. I’m a orange juice and pills kinda guy, taken standing at the kitchen counter.

  51. The hammock bed is brilliant and the full yawn at 11 second is amazing! But now that I have see the inside of a chipmunk’s mouth I still can’t believe they can cram so many nuts into those little cheeks. And yes, this is a well-cared-for little munk who obviously needs the extra TLC.

  52. Either I post in my sleep or some one else post under the same name. Isn’t there a filter or something so that you can’t uses the same name??

    Well at least the person doesn’t have my Penny avatar and is not saying things that I don’t agree with 🙂

  53. My rats always used to do the simultaneous paw stretch/yawn maneuver. Must be a rodent thing.

  54. LOL!! Amen.

  55. My rats also do the paw stretch/yawn maneuver thingy – too cute. I love a man who talks baby talk to critters instead of trying to be all macho.

  56. The little ‘munk is sweet, all right … but the gentle, adorable man’s voice (I mean, the voice is adorable, and probably the man is also!) is what really made this post for me. I want to be his friend and let him wake me up like that in the mornings! (Who knew there were so many grumpies here? OK, well, I did … but why rag on someone who is obviously so kind to animals?)

  57. Regardless of why the chippy is in a cage, that is one very well-loved little critter. His hooman talks to him exactly the way I talk to my dogs, thank you very much. ♥♥♥♥♥♥

  58. snorglepup says:

    I can’t believe you’re all complaining about loved ones with sweet voices and happy songs to welcome you into the day.
    My reaction is to reach out for a hug and pull him back into bed with me.

  59. cambridge_rat_mom says:

    …and duct tape!

  60. that doesn’t eve rhime!

  61. cambridge_rat_mom says:

    I have never, ever, ever been able to get a pic of my rats yawning. How this Australian couple does it, I’ll never know.

  62. I agree, snorglepup. I much prefer to be awakened gently. And I, too, will at least TRY to drag my guy back into bed with me for a snuggle.

  63. Why is this chipmunk caged up?

  64. Because he was too lazy to read the other comments on his post. Silly chipmunk… 😀

  65. It’s not supposed to. 🙂

  66. Mock indignation…..You hussies!

  67. 😈


  68. It was so hard for me to not say, “To get to the other side.”

    Oops, did it anyway.

  69. I don’t see anything wrong with keeping a chipmunk as a pet. As someone has already mentioned, but I think it bears repeating and to be expounded upon, we have pet mice, rats, chinchillas, canines, felines, hamsters, gerbils, parrots, fish… Isn’t EVERY animal a ‘wild’ one? Really?

    Much better to live life in cozy toastyness in the winter, cool abode in the summer, not having to worry where your next acorn is coming from, having to drink out of muddy puddles, ever watchful for raptors (the flying kind, not the Jurrasic Park ones, lol), dodging cars, diggin’ at fleas and all manner of vermin (ever see a cutarebra-laden squirrel? Ever have to pick one of ’em out?), running from dogs, cats…

    The lifespan of a street squirrel? Anywhere from 2-6 years. Lifespan for a captive one? 8-12 years. I imagine a chipmunk is not much different.

    I see nothing wrong with keeping ‘wild’ animals as pets as long as they are treated with the same care, respect, and love that we give our dog and cat friends. This chip sure seems like he has that, and more!

    As far as dude’s method of waking the chipmunk, I think that if it had been a woman, there would be far less people nuffing. For some reason, it’s OK for a woman to talk sweetly to an animal, but it’s not for a man? That’s a shame, too. Nothing like teaching our men to be ‘real men’. ‘Don’t show compassion, don’t show emotion, don’t be affectionate!’

    It’s no wonder the ratio of men to women who are in prison is what it is. It’s no wonder that we have the need for secret safe houses for women and children, but not for men. We raise our sons to be stern and to never cry. To play with soldiers, guns, and POV shooter games. Meanwhile, we raise our daughters to nurture babydolls and stuffed animals. We buy them kitchens and princess outfits. We allow them to cry and show emotion.

    Wow! Lemme just put down this coffee and soapbox. TLDR, or what?

  70. I DO use it on my cat, and he DOES give me that look.

  71. On another web discussion, a guy got dismayed at teh wimmins in the group, and called us “fat, muumuu wearing old women.” He was even more dismayed at how much worse it made us behave. :mrgreen:

  72. She’d be disappointed by me. I’d probably open one eye to that greeting, then welcome the laundry as an extra blankie and go back to sleep.

  73. 😯 I had no idea their bottom teeth were orunj like a nutria rat’s top teeth.

  74. My mother used to pull the sheets off the bed completely for that reason.

  75. Time now to get on the wheel to power up the coffee machine.

  76. When I used to wake my daugters I would sing the Mr Rogers song…
    IT’s a Beautiful day in the neighborhood, a beautiful day in this neighborhood… Won’t you be my neighbor.

    At the top of my voice… Worked every time… Hehehehehe!

  77. Awwww, KA, that sounds….

    somehow incredibly sweet and vaguely annoying at the same time. 😆

  78. Looks at MUUMUU in Closet looks at fat and old body… so what is wrong with being a fat old muumuu wearing lady Bwahahahahahaa!

  79. Just to clarify there were several other callings for wake ups before I went straight to the evilness of the Mr Rogers song. HEhehehehehehe.

    removing blankets while singing helps the process…. the things we mom’s do for our kids when they are natural night owls and need to go to school 😉

  80. Eye capsules! *Plink plink*

  81. My mom just grabbed my ankle and physically dragged me out of bed…

  82. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    If you’re in an old-school Military family,
    “ain’t nothin’ got to rhyme!! Ya just do yer job!”

  83. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    You must be a member of my family.
    Same family policy.

  84. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    FWIW, the Editorz know the diffrunce, ‘cuz there should be a diffrunt email connected with that person’s screenname. But it would help the community if that person chose to add another initial or some way to distinguish. Maybe that
    Gigi wasn’t already aware that she is Not That Gigi but the Other Gigi???

  85. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


  86. My mother, who knows many strange songs, used to sing to wake us kids up, “Lazy Mary, will you get up, we need the sheets for the table!” I don’t think this chippie’s sheets will do.

  87. @PJ: see how much you learn about life when you comment on CO?

  88. @hon glad: if your dad woke me up like that, i’d start my day choking with laughter. and then i’d ask why he was in my bedroom.

  89. snorglepup says:

    Hey, I resemble that comment.
    I still look pretty hot in my moomoo,
    for a fat grandma!

  90. @karen: because free range chipmunks don’t really taste much better.

  91. Lazy Mary FTW! Did she sing it in Italian?

  92. I was watching this, and my bf heard the sound and thought I was watching porn 😀

  93. I agree with you 110%!

    I’ve heard rats live maybe one year in the wild, but fancy ones live for FIVE.

    That chippy looks happy, comfortable and not at all upset by being caged. I bet he has a good life that wild chippies would envy.

  94. 😈

  95. I had never objected to a posting on CO before so I did learn not to be an extreme nuffer or suffer the consequences. I come here to brighten my day so give me all the proshe munks you can dish up but puhlease no more dancing dogs – or at least warn me in advance so I can skip for that day. = : )

  96. muttluver says:

    Which is good for everything except sealing ducts!!

  97. muttluver says:

    No wonder we get along so well.

  98. muttluver says:

    My big dog gives me this look that’s a mix of indulgent, adoring, and if I’m not petting him, when are you going to do something /I/ want? I usually only get “the look” if I’m running around the house like a crazy person when my parents are gone (which happens frequently.)

    The little one just eats up any attention she’s given, and goes in search of a toy.

  99. what kind of porn have you been watching? that voiceover was worse than a cold shower.

  100. I have to say, I respectfully disagree with you two. While this video is very sweet, and I have no reason to believe this chipmunk is having anything but a happy life, I am in general very wary as regards “wild” animals as pets. I see the problem being that people want pets that are more and more exotic and unusual, this leading to many sad things – for example, there simply isn’t enough knowledge available on the proper care of many species (non-domesticated species can be much more tricky to take care of than those that have been bred for several generations as pets), not to mention the serious threat pet trade poses on many endangered animals.

    As for the wrongness in the way girls and boys are often raised – girls allowed to show emotion, boys being told to suck it up and “be a man”, I couldn’t agree more. I wish more people would just raise their children as people, not as Men and Women.


  101. muttluver says:

    I second that! I find it kind of….. offsetting and unnatural, cuz I’m not used to it, but endearing at the same time.

  102. muttluver says:

    I…… I’m sorry…………. *strangled retching sounds*

  103. okay: here’s a warning: something will be posted and it will annoy you.


    (oh, sad trombone, for realz!)

  104. Very well put Mie! I wish everyone could have dialogues this mature in other areas of life like,politics and religion.

    I certainly see your point too. Where do we draw the line? Tigers, aligators, endangered or threatened species?

    I recall very vividly during the 90’s when it seemed that iguanas were the ‘latest cool thing’ to own. I can’t tell you how many we had come into our clinic all mushy-jawed with metabolic bone disease. Owners would tell us they had a 60 watt incandescent bulb in the cage but not any full spectrum lighting or heating. And what a limited diet they’d provide! Such a shame.

    I guess with the stipulation that people who are truly educated about the species they choose to love (and not ‘educated’ by an apathetic, minimum-waged-teenage-part-time pet shop employee) would be the only ones (lol, in a perfect world) to GET to keep such pets as chipmunks and other ‘not dangerous to the general public if they get loose’ pets.

    Also, I think it should also be, maybe, a permit type thing. We have to have driver’s licenses, degrees to practice medicine, regulations for day care centers… why not some sort of permit to keep these pets, (of any kind for that matter)? Seems kinda harsh, but how many times have I wished to God that ‘some of these idiot owners had to have a license’? You just wouldn’t believe what we see. Of course, that’s a perfect world. A world where I have a passel of well-loved and properly cared for munks, all fluffy and pouchy, and plinky-eyed…a girl can dream. 🙂

  105. the only thing that would annoy me would be more dancing dogs so it’s all good.

  106. Kathleen in Canada says:

    LOL… my Dad used to come into our rooms singing “It’s time to get up… it’s time to get up… it’s time to get up in the mor-ning” then would start to imitate a bugle.

  107. Kathleen in Canada says:


  108. Chinchillazilla says:

    My dad’s wake-up call was always “OH MY GOD GET UP WE’RE GONNA BE SO LATE!” Which would race to some lizard part of my brain and make me spring out of bed and get ready as fast as possible.

    We were never gonna be late. It was always a lie. I’d run downstairs and he’d just be giggling.

  109. Speaking of cold, I think the narrator has one. He sounds a little stopped up and sniffly. I still ike the way he talked to his pet. There are children who never hear such a sweet voiice in the morning.

    P. S. I had no idea rodents had orange teeth!!!

  110. According to the You Tube comments on the vid, this is a little lady chipmunk, which helps explain the Daddy cooing. It’s worth reading the comments.

  111. poor thing. Has to spend his entire life in this little cage

  112. I feel pretty certain that little chip here gets run of the house during the day. No worse than crating your dog at night. Sure don’t want her tearing through the house while the family’s asleep, unattended, chewing on electrical cords.

  113. Compy-saur says:

    They should call ’ems “chipmunches” because you wanna nibble their noses! Love the yawn.

  114. Funny, my mom used to say the same thing to me. Only, I usually was late.

  115. Fern, have you ever heard of Nutria rats? They live on the Gulf Coast (and some other places, I’m sure).

  116. O No He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    (sad, sympathetic face)

  117. She gets out of the cage. The YouTube comments from the poster says the chippy sits on his shoulder and was running around on his desk – peed on the electric bill. Good aim!

  118. I came on to tell you guys who had fathers and mothers sing you awake – you are fortunate and loved and I hope you are aware of that fact.
    and the chippy is adorable. we can’t change whatever circumstances he is in by commenting. we never get the whole story here, but this site isn’t for the whole story, it’s for cute things. stressing about his situation doesn’t change anything. commenting doesn’t change anything. I know we want to, but we cannot save/rescue every animal we come across.
    I also could never catch my ratties yawning on camera, lol!

  119. I’m so glad Berlin wrote this song; it expresses that hideous morning feeling so perfectly.

  120. Squirrels were common pets in Colonial America–I’ve wondered why they aren’t anymore. This article is interesting, although some of the accounts of what happens when deer become pets are rather horrifying:

  121. No…. no…. noo……… stealing baby squirrels from their nests is not right, and pet deer reminds me of ……….. sad. 😦

    But, I’m sure this wasn’t the case here! Right? *goes to check youtube video*

  122. I meant to say, “pet deer reminds me of The Yearling.” Theresa! I failed at italics!! T.T

  123. Teho once resorted to “first post” tactics:
    Good times.

  124. That dude sounds just like Sid the sloth!

  125. My dad tells up up out bed you sleepy head, tie your shoes and make your bed

  126. Unfortunately, it has to do with breeding. Cats and Rats have thousands of generations of controlled breeding behind them to shape them into the companion animals they are today. Skunks are being kept as pets in some states but are illegal in others to keep. And are not truely domesticated because they do not have those thousands of years of specificied breeding.

    And chipmunks have no generations of specified breeding shaping them to be animals that would be content in a cage.

    This little guy looks happy now, but I bet he gets tired of his square foot of space when his instincts tell him to cover a sq mile territory.

    I’m sure the human here just has him because he was injured or sick and needed rehabing.

  127. My dad used to wake up my sister and I by doing a bugle reveille in a duck voice 🙂

    CUTE chipmunk, so sleepy!