Ushering in Nosevember

In icy Nosevember, as the west wind blows
As mercury plummets and shutters close
As candles flicker their final throes
What lurks nearby, do you suppose?


From highs or lows, in grim repose
Its steady, strident sniffing grows
Like tell-tale hearts in tales of Poe’s
And where it comes from, no one knows.

So heed this warning, to all those
Who seek out warmth for frozen toes
Where icy moistness sometimes goes,
Beware the chill of … THE LURKING NOSE!

Nosevember poetry by our very own NTMTOM. Warm thanks to Kirsten S.(top photo) And The Dog Got Curious… by Michelle in Ireland. (middle photo) and FUNNIEST CLOSEUP by unaerica. (bottom photo.)


  1. Oh my goodness… the chubby bunny nose! It’s…too…much!

  2. Speaking of “chubby bunny,” have any of you ever played the Chubby Bunny game?

  3. Yep, brinnann! I have witnessed the chubby bunny game aka cuddly bunny game, from a safe distance.

  4. We may not be talking about the same game, then. Not if you had to be a safe distance from it. :lol:

    You stuff GIANT marshmallows in your mouth, saying Chubby Bunny after each one. The person who can fit the most marshmallows (without swallowing any or choking to death) and still say Chubby Bunny wins.

  5. That’s the one!!!
    Maybe the distance of the spewing marshmallow goo is determined by the competitiveness, modesty, sobriety of the players! :-)

  6. Ah, good point. I’ve only played it with sober people, and haven’t tried it since high school. :twisted: I may have to buy several large bags of giant ‘mallows for my boyfriend’s next party.

  7. Oh wow–how often does someone actually choke to death playing this?

  8. I’ve never seen it happen. I’m guessing marshmallows are soft and dissolvent enough that it’d be pretty hard to choke on them.

  9. I daresay most participants are laughing so hard that most of it gets spit out anyway. (Blech)

  10. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    GIANT (disapproving) BUNNEH NOSTIL BOOP!!!!

  11. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    oops proofreading fail: “nostRil boop”!!


  12. I smell another glorious Nosevember!!

  13. StormCat42 says:

    Man, you can almost feel those Bunneh whiskers tickle!!! *rubs cheeks* And what, pray tell, is that Doggeh in the first pic doing??

  14. I spy a burrowing doxi!!

  15. Bunneeehschnozzle!!
    Next month: Dissaproval-Dissember

  16. Disapproval-Dismember

  17. Ooops… should’ve checked my speling… spelling (see?)

  18. Oh, sorry, I wasn’t correcting. I was thinking you were saying “Dissember” as a play on the word “dissent.” My “Dismember” was just intended as another option.

  19. Why that’s not a nose in pic three… It’s a bunneh BUTTON! I just want to push it and see what happens…

  20. this made me go “aaaaaaaaaaaw” from the thought of pushing bunneh buttons!!!!

  21. There would be grrphing, and then bunneh would glare at you and either patently ignore you and go back to sleep or shiver all the “human germs” off and flounce off to find somewhere quiet to sleep.

  22. warrior rabbit says:

    You’d probably get a bad case of RBB. (Royal Bunny Butt)

  23. Wow… I can FEEL the disapproval. Fluffy, massive disapproval.

  24. Trabb's Boy says:

    NOMTOM does it again. I will be reciting this in my head all day.

    But I have to say, that the whole beware-the-lurking-nose thing is more appropriate for May, when you first put on shorts exposing the vulnerable backs of your knees to the cold, wet horror.

    Off to curl up in a puppy nest now.

  25. @Trabb’s, my late, beloved Stinky (cat) was a sociable little fella, and whenever we had workmen in the house, Stinky would follow them around. One day an electrician was working on an outlet, with the usual toolbelt rear view exposure. Curious Stinky came up behind him, and applied his cold little nose . . .

    I have to say, the guy was very gracious when we peeled him off the ceiling. :mrgreen:

  26. ROFL :lol:

  27. Trabb's Boy says:

    Ditto brinnann!

  28. What a gracious way of explaining the bum crack.


  30. haw, he heheheheheh, loving the word picture :lol:

  31. Here i sit upon my chair
    as cold november comes to bare
    and bunny noses fill the air

    Puppies snuggle next to me
    and kitties purr delightedly
    I beep their noses happily

    Nosevember comes but once a year
    causing loved ones to draw near
    filling my heart with autumn cheer
    as chilly weather

  32. oops that last little bit there should have been erased

  33. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


  34. Aww. That was so sweet.

  35. SIGH.
    Nosevember, the hardest month for recovering Beepaholics.
    Better check that the coffee pot is full for our next Nose Beepers Anonymous Meeting.
    But before I go….

  36. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    hang on Metz, gimme a ride ‘cuz obvy I needs ta join up!!

  37. StormCat42 says:

    Hello… My name is Stormy, and I’m a Beepaholic… *hello Stormy*
    Where’s the next meeting at?

  38. Well we can’t have it at *my* house on account of all the beepable noses in the forms of my doggies and kittehs and kiddies… That’s just askin’ for trouble. LOL
    Maybe CO should provide the meeting place what with them being enablers and all. :twisted:

  39. Metz, I vote for the meeting to take place in the Snickering Lounge.

  40. I’ll bring snacks!

  41. ohthatone says:

    *snap snap snap snap*

  42. Ah so the Poem is by NOMTOM is that from the complete unexpurgated works of NOMTOM or Merry Musings for Mellifluous Minds, both runaway best sellers in Kyrgistan no less.

    Nosebody nose the trombones I clean
    Nosebody nose my sorrow.

  43. Excellent!

  44. LOL! Now that song is stuck in my head!

  45. Nosebody puts Hon Glad in a corner. :-)

  46. I thought the rhymes had a NTMTOM-y feel. :)

    The link for the first photo goes to the bunny photo, though. Can we get a link to the source doggy, plz? Halp!

  47. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    oh and BTW I do also like the b & w pic…it’s just that the bunneh nose has me prisoner….

  48. How is it one can feel chilly and warm & fuzzy at the same time?

  49. Sounds like me at work: The men in the office freeze me to death, so I turn on my wee space heater and put on my velour hoodie. :lol:

  50. Brinnann – You poor delicate little flower.

  51. :shock: You have no idea.

    *hand to forehead, dramatic sigh*

    Now where did I put that fainting couch…

  52. *grimaces @ Brinn from blustery wet cold Northern Climes* (:wink:)

  53. warrior rabbit says:

    I think it’s over at ICHC.

  54. Shush, Metz. You know I’m gonna be freezin’ this weekend!

    ICHC has a fainting couch?!

  55. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    nice DRAA-ma there, brinnannn!

    (I have a firm policy about the difference ‘tween DRAA-ma and “drah-ma”!!! and the peeps what perpetrate ’em!!!)

  56. “The men in the office” freeze you to death? You’re gonna have to explain that one. Are they particularly cold men? Are any of them Mr. Freeze? ;)

  57. :lol: Nah, they just prefer it much colder than I do. And I can’t really argue with the Boss about air conditioner settings.

  58. And the nose has it!

    Am overloaded by the cute.

  59. O, most excellent NTMTOM! I once again genuflect in sheer awe of your awesome wordsmithing!

  60. Puppulence looks uber comfortahbuhls in his blue…(?) pillow, blankie… puppeh bed.. *brain so melted from cute…* Want to join heem for a nap!

  61. “And he cried out in anguish:
    ‘Oh ye gods! Who knows what it is to be running? Only he who is
    running, running, knows.’
    Running nose,
    Running nose”

    (PDQ Bach)

  62. Cat Skyfire says:

    Pardon me, but it should be Nomvember. More nom shots, please.

  63. guh! how could we forget the commentroversy surrounding this last year!

    In this corner, our returning champeen, NOSEVEMBER
    and in this corner, challenging this vicious foe, NOMVEMBER!

    keep it clean, guys.


  64. :shock: If you click on the poll results, it says that NOMVEMBER won! 53.3%

    SEE, I toldjya no one really counts the votes! :P

  65. The credit for the top picture goes to the bunneh as well. I need to see more of that dog, it looks just like my Chewie (at least the nose and eyebrows do!).

  66. that top dog is my sweet dog! his name is hershey and he is a chocolate long haired mini dachshund!

  67. Adorable snoutage!

  68. The dog looks like my Chewie as well! In fact she’s curled up almost exactly like that right now, having suffered a recent excursion outside in the pouring rain.

  69. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    “Da poah DEE-Yuh!!”

  70. O NO, would you like to borrow my fainting couch?

  71. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    yes’m, please, ma’am, if’n ‘t’ain’t too much trubble, ma’am?

  72. I think I found it. Warrior Rabbit says it’s over at ICHC.

  73. warrior rabbit says:

    Heh. Yes, they roll it out frequently. Sometimes if someone’s overcome before splorting, or before heading over to the Nawty Barn.

  74. Oh my, am I really the only one who at first glance mistook the last bunny pic as something belonging to Tocktober rather than Nosevember?

  75. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (averts eyes)


  76. You see it too? It’s not just me??

  77. Mie – That was *my* first thought: “Oh, my. That looks more like but-tocks!” Since no one else mentioned it, I thought it was just me. (clears throat)

  78. Mew mew mew I has a cute says:

    Hey, whatever happened to Nomvember?

  79. I KNEW I knew that last nose – Pipi!

  80. In the great debate about the naming of this month, Nosevember won by, well, a nose…

  81. As well it should! Nosevember forevah! (Not that I want it to be Nosevember forever, because then it would never be Christmas, and that would be sad, but there can never be enough photos of aminal schnozzes.)

  82. Killer Klown says:

    Bunny noses do _not_ lurk.
    They simply vibrate at such a high rate of speed that they _seem_ to not be moving.

  83. bookmonstercats says:

    *Sigh* Do I have to propose, yet again, to NOMTOM? And do I have, yet again, to face rejection? *Lawdy, life is hard*

  84. Rejection? :(

    *stows books of bridesmaids’ dresses under the bed*

  85. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    Where’d that fainting couch go, brinnann??

  86. Damn ICHC peeps stole it again!!!! :evil:

    “Hey, bring that back! We need it more than you do!”

    Ugh, they obviously didn’t understand me. Lemme triy this again…

    “Hay, breeng dat bakz! Wii needz it moar dan u does!”

  87. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    picture #1 – aww, he looks so COMFEEE!!

  88. That is just the most imaginative poem I’ve read in years. Who wrote it? Kudoes.

  89. Wow. I had such a great time booping during all of ‘Tocktober. Now I get a full 30 days of beeping! This almost takes the sting out of the holidays.


  90. If you need more noses to beep….


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