Vote! Vote! Vote!

Vote! Vote! Vote! Like a baby stoat!
Stoat! Stoat! Stoat! Cast a leetle vote!

We spoke our piece, we marched the march, we waved our misspelled signs
But on this day comes the best way to say what’s on our minds

Whether you pick Governor Moonbeam or the Lady-Who’s-Not-A-Witch
Just be sure to show up early, so you vote without a hitch!

Don’t scorn those with opposing views; call no one idiotic
For we’re just stars of different stripes, and each as patriotic

So get it done, there’s no excuse; no citizen should be lazy
Restore some sanity to our beloved democrazy!

Stoat photo submitted by Fiona B. Credits: Cat, Sheryl; Newt, Jan Tik; Dog, Randy Robertson, Rooster, Ann Rafalko.



  1. Let’s all vote to make the campaign ads go away!!

  2. Eric Hanneken says:

    The results will be the same, whether I vote or not. I’d rather spend the time doing something that affects my life, or the life of someone I care about.

  3. I wish to vote for the stoat. There was at least one election I probably should have written him in as a candidate for, actually. Can’t be any worse than some of the choices, and I would enjoy his campaign literature more.

  4. pssst… Eric…
    it does affect your life and/or that of someone you care about

    yay, voting!

  5. tee hee hee 😀

  6. I voted! I’m proud to be an Americat!

  7. Woke up singing the stoat-vote song!

  8. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. once said, “We will have to repent in this generation not merely for the vitriolic words and actions of the bad people, but for the appalling silence of the good people.”
    And Albert Einstein said, “”Great spirits have always encountered violent opposition from mediocre minds.”

  9. Ana Félix Pires says:

    Even I feel like voting now, but there are no elections going on in my country. 😦

  10. 4leafclover says:

    Yes! Go out and vote!! I truly wouldn’t miss it for the world…

  11. Let´s vote for people never to abandon/neglect/mistreat their animals. Ever.

  12. Ever.

  13. I voted! Got my sticker to prove it, too. Kim, I wish I had seen your idea before voting, we have one exceptionally lousy race in which I didn’t want ANY of the candidates!

  14. I am very proud of the staff at CO for making a point to express (in a way that makes us smile) the importance of utilizing our right and privilege to vote.

  15. I stoated! And a big high five to Brazil for stoating in their first female president!!!! 😀

  16. This is just too depressing– This is WAY more sad than kitties with illnesses who are loved and cared for. WAY WAY more nuffable than cute human babies with cute animal babies. There have been such sacrifices in so many places by so many people to enable us to have a government that is run by popular vote… for this to be trivialized is sad. Drop in a bucket? Yeah that drop counts. Try being the last drop before it overflows! That could be you.

    Not to mention, voting gives the voter full grousing rights for the whole next election cycle. No voting, no grousing!

  17. William Adam McDuff says:

    It needs to be like blood donation is up here. You go, they give you cookies and juice. 🙂 Ah well, I voted in the provincial elections a month ago. It’s a late stoat for me.

  18. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    heh heh

    ….rhymed it with “demo-crazy”!! 🙂

  19. Amazing with all that money they supposedly spend, and the economy is still in the condition it is. Wonder where it all really goes.

    And yes, I voted 🙂

  20. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


  21. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Also, meloves all the pics and me espeshe enjoyed the
    All-‘mericun Hot Dog Dog!!


  22. Elisha B. says:

    You go peeps! No matter what your politics, you must exercise your right to vote!

    I say Bunnies unite!! (and vote) 😉

  23. 260Oakley says:

    I second that emotion! I voted this morning and wrote in NTMTOM for Rhyme Master General.

  24. marty and mitch's mom says:

    I vote for more pictures of Boston Terriers and Pugs!!!

  25. My mother’s cousin is trying to do exactly that — he is sueing the township over election signs. We’re not exactly ‘how’, and the ‘why’ probably has something to do with how boring he finds retirement, but we’re rooting for him.

  26. You are correct! Yay, tracylee!!

    *creates schism between us*

  28. Amen to that.

  29. I thank ceiling Cat we don’t have your style elections in the UK. It seems to me that you only elected Obama a couple of months ago not years.
    To anyone who says there vote makes no difference and they can’t be bothered I always say people have died to get the right to vote and people are still dying for that same right. If you can’t be arsed, then don’t moan, when whoever gets in produces policies you don’t like, you could have at least tried to make the result different.

    Off soap box I vote for goggie.

  30. Please vote!

  31. Amen! Even if you’re voting “against” someone (like I do, most of the time), get out and do it!

  32. I voted like a stoat, or quicker.
    I was late for work but the boss didn’t bicker.
    ‘Cause I’m wearing my, “I Voted” sticker.

  33. Hey! I’ve never commented here before today, but this is so well done (and upbeat!)

    Please vote, everyone! Your vote DOES make a difference. Over the course of a lifetime, your votes mount up, and progress is made.

  34. William Adam McDuff says:

    Have to admit that First-Past-the-Post isn’t the world’s best voting system, admittedly. I remember living in a district that was 70% Conservative minimum for the last fifty years, so the winner was basically pre-determined. I still voted, though. Always said if you don’t vote, you’re not allowed to complain about the one who makes it in. 🙂

  35. I have a t-shirt at home that says “Think…Vote. Bad politicians are sent to Washington by good people who don’t vote.”

    Of course, I don’t dare wear it for fear someone will think I’m criticizing someone in particular, which I am NOT!

    And if you’re in Colorado, pleeeeeze go vote against the IDIOTIC extraterrestrial commission! 🙄

  36. :mrgreen:

  37. toborzgrrl says:

    I stoated by mail two weeks ago. Now I have to spend the day typing with crossed fingers…. and, of course, singing the Vote Vote Vote song.

  38. Voting is a privilege many people all over the world don’t get, please don’t waste it!

    Huzzah to everything Hon. Glad wrote and also to NTMTOM’s clever hovertexts.

    I hauled myself to DC to “restore sanity” on Saturday and I’m about to haul very bundled up self to vote.

  39. That’s exactly what I was thinking. I’m from Canada but I watch a lot of American TV and those adds are soooo negative. Not that ours are so much better but we don’t have as many or as often.

  40. Bettymouse says:

    Focus, people, focus! The most important question/issue in this posting is: is that stoat coming out of a truck grill? Is this some new kind of hybrid–stoat powered vehicles? And if so, where can I get one?

    Oh, and yeah, go vote!

  41. AuntieBellum – I think you could cut the slogan down to “Think…Vote” to vote is to think and vice versa

  42. extraterrestrial commission??? Oh nevermind I don’t think I want to know 🙂

  43. Well, someone got up on the wrong side of the bed this morning.

  44. And you have to wonder if they realize that when they spend their entire time talking trash about their opponent, it’s the opponent’s name I remember. Not theirs.

  45. It’s a new high tech GPS (Global Positioning Stoat) unit.

  46. You’d like to think, but there are too many people who blindly go along with whatever they’re told to vote for, without thinking. 😦

  47. I’d be inclined to vote for someone who said, “Instead of running lame commercials wailing about how my opponent made fun of me, I’m going to devote the money to sick animals.”

    Why can’t we have more of that? Thank God it’s over after today.

  48. Haha! Some clown thinks we need to start a commission so that we’ll be prepared for extraterrestrial contact someday. Even if it won’t be paid for out of my taxes, if this kind of crap makes it, obviously it’s way too easy to get things on the ballot.

  49. Even a vote that does not win the day can count and send an important message. Say, for example, there are 11 eligible voters. However, 5 voters decide not to vote because they think their candidate is going to lose anyway or because they are just too lazy. Thus, 6 people vote: 5 people vote for candidate “A” and 1 person votes for candidate “B”. Candidate “A” gets 83% of the vote, and could assume that only 17% of the people disagree with her position. She might be justified in continuing with her current policies since such a small group is disgruntled.

    In contrast, suppose all 11 vote. Suppose 8 vote for “Candidate A” and the remaining 5 vote for “Candidate B.” Candidate A still wins, but now she is aware that 45% of the voters disagree with her position. Since this is such a significant number, a rational candidate, who wants to stay in office, will consider whether there are positions she can take that will bring some of those voters to her side. Thus, even if those dissenting votes do not get the candidate they want, the votes, if sufficient enough, can effectuate change.

    Stepping away from the computer now.

  50. That chicken’s looking at me with an “Uncle Sam wants YOU” sort of stare.

  51. frogboots says:

    i think, in the next election cycle, some candidate needs to recognize the power of the Qte lobby. I mean, we’d all be riveted to campaign ads featuring sleepy kittens, voting stoats, springy lambs, prancing goats, morsels of adorable goggies….

    also, i set the VOTE VOTE VOTE LIKE A BABY STOAT picture as my facebook profile image. at best, someone sees a baby stoat and votes; at worst, they get to see a baby stoat. everyone wins.

  52. People in other countries are literally risking their lives for this right. Blood is being shed around the world. Your forefathers and foremothers gave their lives for this right. Don’t take it for granted.

    And, as others said, if you don’t vote, you don’t get to complain.

  53. Me too!

  54. Stoating, um, Voting! makes you awesome. As awesome as NTMTOM’s poem.

  55. Voter apathy is what drags democracy down – if only the crazy fanatics vote, then why are we surprised at what gets elected?

  56. Rule #1776: Wearing your “I Voted Today” sticker is cute.

  57. Who is this “man” you’re addressing?

  58. Oh the inevitable Monty Python joke. Thanks Mike!

    Can’t say that I’m overwhelmed by my local choices but I firmly believe that I can’t beyotch about the politicians if I don’t even bother to vote.

  59. The last congressional election in my area was decided by 30 votes. That’s one traffic jam, or one person reminding his friends to remind their friends to vote.

    Society is made of individuals each of whose vote won’t, alone, determine anything. But guess what happens when everyone up and decides their voice won’t be heard: their voice doesn’t get heard.

  60. Just remember: an eagle with two left wings (or two right wings) flaps around in circles and doesn’t go anywhere!

  61. I would TOTALLY vote for the stoat.

  62. I was there, too! Loved the papier mache puppet.

  63. ditto, that!

  64. I vote that we end animal cruelty, who has a policy for that? I think there are a few sites you can use to send a letter off to the politicians with that question. I’ll try and find them

  65. To those who think their votes don’t count, two words: Florida, 2000 (wait a sec, they didn’t…)

  66. Sounds like something California would do. I love hearing that we’re not the only nuts (or fruits) in this great country of ours…

  67. Very nice, Pyrit!

  68. Someone has been taking Carpenters/Klaatu songs WAY too seriously…

    *wanders away humming…*

  69. But but…all they have to do is watch a movie.
    If it’s a E.T. get the Reeses Pieces ready and if it’s the alien from ID 4 … RUN! 😉

  70. à la Edmund Burke: “All that is necessary for the triumph of bad politicians is for good voters to do nothing.” =P

  71. We just have a congresscritter* to vote for and it’s pretty predetermined that he will win (he’s been our congresscritter forever) but at least I can voice some dissent.

    *thank you, Walt Kelly (he also had a character called Congersman Frog but I won’t insult frogs by associating them with our current group)

  72. Today’s the day to save America….

  73. Margot, excellent analysis, esp considering how easy it will be to move from “What the American people want” phrases to claim the mandate of which you speak. I am an American peep but object to most of those (of either party) who claim to know what I want.

    What I WANT is to pet that silky stoat, and cuddle that kitty. 😉

  74. I voted, stoaties!

  75. I’m not voting!

    Because I live in Canada. 😉

  76. After taking a college history class I have come to understand how much blood was spilt by the poor people to have teh chance to vote and voice their opinion… The oppertunity for all people to vote was not happily given to the rest of us by the rich it was given reluctantly to teh poorso the poor would fight the war for the rich. IT was reluctantly given to people of Color and reluctantly given to women..

    I think of it now as not just my chance to voice my opinion.. but my chance to stick it to the rich Man!

  77. which is actually not his quote at all, but something made up by a more contemporary politician to convince people to do something in his favor:

  78. …from itself

  79. And….if you don’t vote then you have no grounds for which to complain about the situation. If you don’t like it….VOTE!!!

  80. Bettymouse says:

    Oh, now I see! I hadn’t realized that stoats were so good at navigation.
    Good to know.

  81. Details, details!!!

    I haven’t voted yet but I am stopping at the fire hall on the way home. Polls close at 7PM.

    I do miss the old grey booths…

  82. That *would* be refreshing to see.

  83. Good info. Thanks for sharing that.

  84. @nismo – Excellent.

  85. omg. I just spit my lunchtime broccoli all over mah kybard. Stoat is just such a generally, all purpose, great word, isn’t it.

  86. warrior rabbit says:

    Totally! Every vote counts — even if the final count doesn’t go your way. And the complaining — so true. You simply can’t complain if you don’t vote. Personally, I feel a debt and a responsibility to those who came before me to ensure my right to vote. I’ve never missed a general election since I turned 18. Votn iz siryus bizness.

  87. warrior rabbit says:

    I’m to throw a wrench in the whole thing (and siphon off votes) with my support of the independent party. I demand more bunnies!

  88. Request for Meg and the CO staff: Would you please write and record for us the tune of the Vote/Stoat anthem? I still sing the “I ate to moshe” song that we had the tune for — very memorably I might add. We’d love to have a patriotic little ditty to hum on election day! And we can sing it as we hoist the yellow, pink and aqua banner high! (I think the official CO-land flag is yellow, pink and aqua stripes with the hammy face on daisy emblem (or the flying hammy pants) in the center. But I can’t be sure.)

  89. First time I hear about this song 😀

    But pictures are cute as usual 🙂

  90. If I weren’t already about to go out and vote, I would be convinced now!! Who can resist cute annimules and NOMTOM quips??
    (Avoiding political discussion on purpose).

  91. Love the song!

  92. They will. Tomorrow. Then they’ll be back in a couple of months. :mrgreen:

  93. No voting, no grousing. But voting and stoating, by all means!

  94. “From the get going”? Is this my Italian grandfather, maybe?

  95. Isn’t it “I ate too moishe”? I remember the spherical little bird bomb well!
    Here he is!

    I wish I could find the little animation with the birdie sploding.

  96. Wheeeeee! Here eet ees!

  97. Eric Hanneken says:

    I think it’s a little unfair to deny me my right to complain merely because I opted not to do something that has a microscopic chance of changing the government’s behavior. It’s a little like saying, “If you don’t buy lottery tickets, you have no right to complain about poverty.”

    Remember, a single vote has an effect only when it causes a tie, or when it breaks one. If we’re talking about electing a person, that person, if he wins, then becomes one voice in a chorus of electees and bureaucrats. And politicians have a way of not doing what they said they were going to do when campaigning, to put it mildly.

  98. Love the Monty Python reference there with the John Cleese thing. 🙂

    We voted. Tad bit depressing. No line, no waiting. Sign the paper, show the voting card, get the thingie for the machine. That was all the waiting.

    Not that I love waiting, mind you. But at voting time I’d rather see a line.

    Still – it was bad. Voting for the lesser of two evils, cuz nothing was good!

  99. amen to that

  100. Whatever it is, I’m against it!

  101. The roll over texts ROFLAMO

    especially the puppy dog and chicken

  102. ysubassoon says:

    I stoated this morning before reporting for work. The polling place was nearly full–lots of people out getting their collective stoat on in these mid-terms. Anxious to see how it all turns out.

  103. Um, no.

    My purchase or non-purchase of lottery tickets has diddly-squat to do with poverty. You’ll have to find a better comparison.

    When you refuse to vote, you are letting the obnoxious loudmouths vote for you, and guess who they’re voting for? The clowns who think and act like they do.

    If everyone who thought their vote “didn’t count” got out and voted instead of sitting at home and moaning about how it doesn’t make any difference, we could drown out the loudmouths.

    If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem. (To drag in another cliché.)

  104. Or if it’s from Close Encounters, just play 5 notes on your keyboard.

    RIP, Phil Dodds.

  105. If you vote, your vote has a chance to break a tie. If you do not vote, you do not have a chance to break a tie. Argument null and void.

  106. @ Eric — did you ever think that government and politics in this country is the way it is because THE MAJORITY of people in this country DO NOT VOTE?

    It seems you should be pretty happy about the way things are!

  107. Why, thanks! NOMTOM’s so inspirational y’know.

  108. Well, I’ll stand here and take the rotten veggies with you. I usually do vote (and did today, like a stoat!) but in my first election (2000) I didn’t vote despite being excited about achieving voting age. Not only would my presidential vote not matter since I wasn’t in a swing state, frankly, Bush and Gore were both unimpressive candidates and the campaigns had been negative and non-motivating. I abstained in protest of both these unfortunate facts, and it seems a lot of people felt the same.
    Much was made of the record low turnout that year. Not voting can also be a statement.
    I do agree with the anti-apathy comments, though. And yes, after what the people of Afghanistan went through to vote, how could I not? Good points all around.

  109. Rosewolf, fewer lines doesn’t mean fewer voters– at least in California it doesn’t. This year for the first time MORE people voted by mail than will vote at the polling stations. Not sure what that’s going to do for returns and results, cause you know they can’t count them all up by tonight. Guess we’ll find out…

  110. I live in a state where the governor’s race was decided by several hundred votes. It matters.

    Voting is irrational because of the way you’ve configured costs and benefits. The benefit is not merely seeing your candidate win. There is a benefit in preparing to vote because you educate yourself about the conditions in your city, state, country. Also, what about voting to celebrate that you live in one of the freest societies (yes, despite its many problems) in the world or to signal to people elsewhere that democracy is valuable and worth struggling for? To my mind, either of those benefits outweighs the minimal cost of going to the polling place or sending in an absentee ballot.

  111. The only people that are surprised are the crazy fanatics, when they realize that their vote did nothing but increase the wage gap and push them further into obscurity. Never have I been surprised by an elected official. Never have I voted.

  112. Loving the voting stoat

  113. Eric Hanneken says:

    Or, as the state lottery tells me, “If you don’t play, you can’t win.”

  114. As soon as I put my shoes on, I’m off to stoat!

  115. This comment section reveals much about the readership of Cute Overload. People are complaining about apathy, and yet they point to lack of voter turnout as the reason anything bad happens to the country? No. The reason there is anything to complain about is because political decisions in America are made for reasons of economic gain. The reason nothing changes in America is not because people aren’t voting but because the current socioeconomic system precludes fair interclass treatment, and the only way to change this is via economic engines such as campaign funding, lobbying, aggressive marketing campaigns, etc. The only people with the power to change things are the very people that benefit from it not being changed. You think a vote makes a difference? Yeah, a difference between your money going to overpriced and underqualified educators and incompetent government workers, or your money going to defense contractors and oil companies, perhaps. Which master will you choose? Go vote today.

  116. Ahem, democracy?

  117. Oh and that stoat is adorable.

  118. The stoat would be a HUGE improvement over Carl Paladino. The stoat for NY governor!

  119. Martha in Washington says:

    On my way to drop off my ballot now!

    And NTMTOM, I’m serious…I wanna have your children. 🙂

  120. I really wish you could vote *against* someone. There are so many times I’d like to vote “Please don’t let THIS person in office! I’m ambivalent about the rest, but I really, really, REALLY, don’t want this guy/gal in office.”

    Sadly, the system doesn’t work that way. And if it did, someone out there would probably feel the same way about my preferred candidates.

  121. In the interest of making political discussion available to our usual readers, the CuteOverloadTranslatortron2000 is being wheeled out and put into service.

    Steven, your comment has been processed and is ready:

    “meow! woof! eep eep! grrrrr! arp! BAROOO? sssssssss! caw! caw! woo woo! prrrrr prrrrr rrrrr prrrr! zzzzz zz! sssssssss! caw! caw! woo woo! prrrrr prrrrr rrrrr prrrr! meow! woof! eep eep! grrrrr! arp! sssssssss! caw! zzzzz zz! meow! MEOW!!! woof! eep eep! meow! oot greet! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! mew! moof! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! BAAAAH! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep!”


    Warning! Feeding too much material into the COT2000 may impair its ability to properly digest and extrude results.

  122. Do you have a better alternative? Maybe we should just throw our hands up in disgust and LET them take over?

  123. And sadly, many of those risking their lives for this right will NOT get to vote (military absentee ballots not being turned in on time), so it’s all the more important for those of us who can to stoat! Er, vote.

  124. Something we can all agree on, no matter our personal politics!

  125. And the official “I ate too moishe” holiday is approaching!

  126. oot greet!!!

    Somebody else reads Don Martin!!

  127. I want a sticker that looks like the famous “I Voted” design, but instead says “I Stoated.” Because I’d totally wear that. 🙂

  128. Eric Hanneken says:

    By “poverty” I was referring to the poverty of one person, not to a condition shared by billions globally. If a poor person buys a lottery ticket, he has a nonzero chance of becoming rich, just as a voter has a nonzero chance of affecting the outcome of an election. Sorry for the confusion.

    I don’t think it would be fair to chastise a poor person for complaining about his own poverty, just because he could have ended it by buying a lottery ticket. Similarly, I don’t think it’s fair to chastise a nonvoter for complaining about how the government treats him, just because he could have changed his situation by voting. The odds that playing the lottery or voting will change your condition are extremely low.

  129. Hurrah, hurrah!

    These costumes are genius and so are the captions. Har! Thanks peeps.

    I have my mail-in ballot right here. For some reason I started worrying about it getting lost this year (weird), so I decided to drop it at a polling booth juuuust to make sure. At least now I’ll get a sticker though. That’s the one downside to voting by mail: you don’t get the neat sticker to wear all day. Someone needs to change that!

    Loving our country today and always!

  130. flutterby says:

    Enjoying teh comments… seems CO peeps are patriotic and care for our great country as moiche as they care for furry, feathered, scaled and even crawly critters!

  131. MoonCatty says:

    To which degree my single vote makes a difference is one subject. The other is the percentage of overall voter turnout. It’s always important to help keep this percentage as high as possible to show that people do care.

    The more the overall voter turnout numbers go down… and the more that greedy, power hungry people will be shown that the vast public is apathetic, and thus very easily manipulated and plundered.

    Great things that made this world a better place were not achieved through cynicism and apathy. Make a difference, big or small… vote!

  132. Stoatally great, weasily one of the best.

  133. Power of the people is real. Vote.
    Oh Eric, come down from the ledge.

  134. @BB/VA: i just KNEW you were out there! 😀

  135. Hahahaha! 😀

    Yes, please! Someone at cafepress get on that. St(o)at!

  136. Weasely misspelled though…

  137. In the interest of making political discussion available to our usual readers, the CuteOverloadTranslatortron2000 is being wheeled out and put into service.

    Eric, your comment has been processed and is ready:

    “meow! woof! eep eep! grrrrr! arp! BAROOO? sssssssss! caw! caw! woo woo! prrrrr prrrrr rrrrr prrrr! zzzzz zz! sssssssss! caw! caw! woo woo! prrrrrrrrrr prrrr! meow! woof! eep eep! grrrrr! arp! sssssssss! caw! zzzzz zz! meow! MEOW!!! woof! eep eep! meow! oot greet! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! meow! mew! moof! woof! meow! woof! eep eep! BAAAAH! meow! woof! eep! meow! woof! eep eep!”


    Warning! Feeding too much material into the COT2000 may impair its ability to properly digest and extrude results.

  138. In the interest of making purely political comments available to our usual readers, the CuteOverloadTranslatortron2000 is being wheeled out and put into service.

    MoonCatty, your comment has been processed and is ready:

    “meow! woof! eep eep! grrrrr! arp! BAROOO? sssssssss! caw! caw! woo woo! prrrrr prrrrr rrrrr prrrr! zzzzz zz! sssssssss! caw! caw! woo woo! prrrrrrrrrr prrrr! meow! woof! eep eep! grrrrr! arp! sssssssss! caw! zzzzz zz! meow! MEOW!!! woof! eep eep! meow! oot greet! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! meow! mew! moof! woof! meow! woof! eep eep! BAAAAH! meow! woof! eep! meow! woof! eep eep!”


    Warning! Feeding too much material into the COT2000 may impair its ability to properly digest and extrude results.

  139. Hear Hear!

  140. If you do play the lottery, your chances of winning are 1 in 85 gazillion billion kajillion anyway. You have better chances of getting a payout by standing on the street corner with a cardboard sign.

  141. heh heh heh heh

  142. flutterby says:

    Boy, these sure did get out of order! I have to type one handed, so it takes me a long time, espesh with my kitten swatting at teh typing hand…. bah, I’ll just fuget abudit for now. CATrina iz getting crazy eyes, so for teh safety of the only functioning hand, better stop moving it and go back to just reading.

  143. Eric Hanneken says:

    I’m not so sure that we would be better off if more people in the United States voted, but that’s beside the point I was making. I don’t control what everyone else does, only what I do, and I can vote only once per ballot item. Whether I do or whether I don’t will make no difference in the world. I don’t have to be happy to understand that.

  144. Marie, I was thinking that too! I wanted a sticker to wear virtuously and inspirationally all day long, but voting by mail, no such option. Maybe I should write to my Congressperson?

  145. @Sharpy – I ❤ Don Martin…and miss National Gorilla Suit Day terribly!

    oot greet and arargh!!!!

  146. No one is trying to force you into the voting booth, Eric. All we’re saying is that if you’re not actively participating in the process, you can’t complain when things don’t turn out the way you want them to.

  147. Oooh, do you think if he wins they’ll award him with a giant gold chain adorned with equally giant bling?!

  148. “Sometimes it feels as though we are but a single drop in the sea, but the sea would be less without that drop” Unknown Because I Can’t Remember His Name Right Now


  149. Hhehehhehehe stoatly!

  150. flutterby says:

    Haha, Sharpy! I could hear teh squeaking of teh rusty wheels on teh COT2000 all teh way in AZ!!!!! Such an impressive name for yer machine there…makes me think of Calvin’s transmogrifier (I know I didn’t spell it right…sowwy)!

  151. Feels to me like they already have taken over and do whatever the heck they want. Sometimes I wonder if they even count the ballots.

  152. LunaChickFringe says:

    I stoated! Then walked home and smooched my bunnies on their furry heads!

  153. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    🙂 🙂

  154. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


    “The old, grey booths, they AIN’T what they used ta be, ain’t what
    they used ta be, ain’t what they used ta beeeeeeeeeeee….”

    (giggle #2)

  155. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    glad that lotsa peeps were doin’ that thang

  156. We stoated last week in Ontario; one weasel got kicked out, but another got in.
    Dadgum it! More stoatage required: make stoats, not weasels!

  157. Oh my GOD. I love the newt photo. I have a newt just like that, and s/he is the most amazingest, cutest, laziest critter in the world! RAWK ON!

  158. Devon in Canada. says:

    Please America, for the sake of the Free World and as a Canadian, vote out those bloody democrats and restore some financial sanity to your Country!!

    “meow! woof! eep eep! grrrrr! arp! BAROOO? sssssssss! caw! caw! woo woo! prrrrr prrrrr rrrrr prrrr! zzzzz zz! sssssssss! caw! caw! woo woo! prrrrrrrrrr prrrr! meow! woof! eep eep! grrrrr! arp! sssssssss! caw! zzzzz zz! meow! MEOW!!! woof! eep eep! meow! oot greet! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! meow! mew! moof! woof! meow! woof! eep eep! BAAAAH! meow! woof! eep! meow! woof! eep eep!”


  159. Lewis n' Clark says:

    we can only hope, Brinnan…then he HAS to be on the CO calendar. Also, how about 360Oakley for Secretary of Puns?

  160. Hi SoCalSis! I live here too, so you must be close by somewhere. *wink*

    It can’t hurt, but I think if we write to congress it may take awhile. Lol. We can call or email the registrar country clerk’s office, maybe? They’re the ones who send out ballots and handle it all. I don’t get why someone hasn’t come up with this before, y’know? We can’t be the only people who are bummed about it. Seems simple: someone’s a voter, they get a sticker. Darn it! 😀

    But how about

  161. Lewis n' Clark says:

    no kidding, SoCalSis – nice to see another state get that kind of attention (from a NoCalSis)

  162. Lewis n' Clark says:

    I agree, but most animal-welfare propositions/issues are buried in voter pamphlets that urge you to vote Yes on this, but No on that, which means No on this and Yes on that. I follow certain blogs to make sure I know what is coming up in CA…even if the proposition is just a gleam in someone’s eye…

  163. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Eggs -zactly!

  164. ME and The stoat we have voted.

    sits back waiting to see who our new sheriff is and if what I want to see happen on several measures pans out.
    ahhhhh elections the drama the intrigue the excitement.

  165. THey do. I volunteered one year to work at one of our voterplaces . there is great care taken in preserving the vote and counting it. I was honored to do it.. and learned tons about how our votes are counted and how they are protected.
    be sure to thank your poll worker today. they will work a long day and go to great pains to be sure your vote gets delivered to be counted.NAd that there are no shenanigans.

  166. victoreia says:

    I mailed in my ballot last Saturday.

  167. Happy to report that voter turnout in my state is very strong!

  168. ysubassoon says:

    Yeah, I spoke to a few other people who voted at the same place at other times in the day, and it seems that happily, traffic was steady throughout. You don’t usually have that in the midterms, and the primaries were pretty quiet, so I think it is a nice shift that people are showing up for these elections.

    And really, who can say no to a free sticker?

  169. was the transmogrifier a gun-shaped deal? i might have to get one of them if people get too discussive about politics instead of adorifying.

  170. murielramsey says:

    This just in: Jerry Brown & Meg Whitman are trailing Giants shortstop Edgar Renteria in race for California Governor.

  171. @BB/VA it will always be national gorilla suit day in our hearts–*PLORTCH*–excuse me!

  172. I stooooated in the rain,
    I stooooated in the rain…
    [it’s cold and raining in Texas]

  173. muttluver says:

    What are you trying to say? That we have the right to vote, and that right was hard won, so we should? Or that since this is a democracy, people are allowed to disagree?

    I’m not trying to nuff you, it just occurred to me that your comment could be taken more than one way.

  174. muttluver says:

    ………………………………….which should remind those of us who can vote what a privelege it is. (Can you vote, or is it just not election day?)

  175. muttluver says:

    I second that!

  176. Lewis n' Clark says:

    (I hope you didn’t leave the stoat out in the rain)

  177. And from Margaret Mead: “Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has.”

  178. “We may think that what we are doing is a drop in the ocean; but the ocean would be less without that drop.” Mother Theresa

  179. warrior rabbit says:

    My parents have been absentee voters for decades.

    I prefer to go in on the day and vote. It feels more like I’m participating and it’s tangible. Absentee voting is surely convenient, but it’s so abstract and remote…

    Plus I want my sticker. 🙂

  180. *SPLITCH!*


  182. Sharpy, the transmogrifier was a cardboard box, upside-down. Right-side up, it was a time machine.

  183. warrior rabbit says:

    The hovertext on the patriotic dog totally made me lol!

  184. warrior rabbit says:

    I don’t think that I can take it
    ‘Cause it took so long to bake it…
    um, whoops, sorry Mr. Stoat — let’s just forget that last part

  185. Ooooo, she’d get my vote.

    So, that’s 1) Stoat, 2) NTMTOM, & 3) 260Oakley.

    Gotta run… gotta go vote!

  186. @theresa: oooh, that’s very schmancy. the COT2000 runs on bed springs and a flashlight.

  187. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    warrior rabbit:
    But wait — what if the bunnies *disapprove of*
    your demands. Don’t they love to efficiently disapprove
    of everything except carrots & bunny kibble?

  188. And she is adorable in her little dress.. sized perfect for a hot dog .


  190. muttluver says:
  191. I early-voted because I serve as an election judge and there is no guarantee that I will be assigned to my home precinct.

  192. muttluver says:

    I kind of agree.

  193. As an election judge, I was quite happy to see a steady turnout – still lower than I liked but twice what our precinct saw in the primary. And I thanked every one of them.

  194. kibblenibble says:

    It IS convenient! AND they mail you a sticker! 🙂

  195. muttluver says:

    Yes, horrid wet and drizzly here. I do not like this at all, and neither do my babies. But I stoated! My dad kind of stood over my shoulder since it was my first one…. haha. (I made my own decisions, I just value his opinion, especially on things like this since he knows more, and hey, he’s my dad.) *sigh* I hope the right people get into office…….

    And I love the little stoat at the top.

  196. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    This is a remarkably interesting lit-search thinggie.

    After digging through about six other webpages, I finally, reluctantly, went to Wiki (I had hoped to find a fancy-schmancier site about this quotation) and among other things, it mentioned the following
    (about something from, originally, the RUSSIAN text
    of War & Peace/ Tolstoy) ….so that goes back farther than the 70s. It does not claim definitively to be from either Burke or from War/ Peace; it makes careful mention that there are noteworthy similarities.

    Anyhow, interesting:

    “Burke’s alleged quote bears a striking resemblance to the narrated theme of Sergei Bondarchuk’s Soviet film adaptation of Leo Tolstoy’s book “War and Peace”, in which the narrator
    declares “All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing”,
    although since the original is in Russian various translations to English are possible.”

    I LOVE it when a day brings me something new to learn!!!

    Here is the link, at the section Headlined “Misattributed”.

  197. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    oops I put one part inaccurately.
    Mea culpa. The reference is to the narration DURING THE FILM War/ Peace, director S. Bondarchuk, which on a quick reference, seems to have been released ca. 1967.

  198. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Sharpy: nice recyclin’ o’ racehorses, they-uh!!!

    (aka resources for those ‘o’ ya, whut ain’t been around fur t’original SNL Weekend Updates with Emily Litella)

    (what I mean is — bedsprings into the COT2000)

  199. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    at the risk o’ repeatin’ mysayulf:

    O NO YEW DI-unt!!!


    (but reluctantly I’ll give ya points fer quickness o’ hyoomer)

    (grumble mutter bellyache whine)

  200. That chicken looks just like my chicken! Only…I think her wattles are much more droopy. I should have made little star spangled chicken saddles for them to wear. Those things exist! And they are super cute!

  201. I’m with the dewy-eyed voting optimists. Our foreparents didn’t leave behind everything they knew (including the ancients who became native Americans by crossing into unknown and snowy territory) to be dissed. When we take our freedom to vote for granted, we disrespect their suffering, and our beautiful world, and ourselves. We have no warlords with guns preventing us from going to the polls. We vote for legislators who pass laws that protect animals and small children… making more snorgling possible, and more ogling of said snorgling. We want grouses to be the kind that flaps their feathery hooters around on the prairie, not the kind that involve crying into one’s beverage.
    Every decision matters, every decision counts! So I hope you will vote next time!

  202. AuntieBellum – When the lottery started in the UK there was an article in theSunday Times magazine saying that we had as much chance of winning the lottery as a plane piloted by Amelia Erhardt carying Elvis Presley landing on the Lochness monster.

  203. Fester Bester Tester 🙂

    floip floip floip……….walks into sunset.

  204. I voted
    er Stoated
    even though
    I wasn’t Goated

  205. Wow 200 hundred and something posts and civilised debate throughout.

    But lets get back to what we are good at… Cute 🙂

  206. and Karbunkle and Captain Klutz…

    ah, for the good old days….

  207. I don’t want to start a partisan argument in the comments and I’m sure that no one else does too, but I’d like to point out, “I’m choosing not to vote because it won’t make a difference” is not a neutral choice. There is one party in our country that consistently BENEFITS when voter turnout is LOW, and there is one party in our country that consistently BENEFITS when voter turnout is HIGH. In other words there is ONE party in our country that LIKES it when our citizens feel hopeless and apathetic about voting, and there is ONE party in our country that WANTS us to think “it won’t make a difference, I won’t vote.” Because a not-vote is, effectively, a vote FOR THEM. By not making a choice, you ARE making a choice, whether you know it or not.

    The CuteOverloadTranslatortron2000 says (after some consternated whirring):

    meow! woof! eep eep! grrrrr! arp! BAROOO? sssssssss! caw! caw! woo woo! prrrrr prrrrr rrrrr prrrr! zzzzz zz! sssssssss! caw! caw! woo woo! prrrrrrrrrr prrrr! meow! woof! eep eep! grrrrr! arp! sssssssss! caw! zzzzz zz! meow! MEOW!!! woof! eep eep! meow! oot greet! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! eep eep! meow! woof! meow! mew! moof! woof! meow! woof! eep eep! BAAAAH! meow! woof! eep! meow! woof! eep eep!”


  208. If they’d been on the ballot, I would’ve definitely voted!

  209. Aww Muttlover… Well congrats on your first of many votes, and Yay Dads

  210. I just want to say that,t that stoat is stoatly adorable and every time I look at him I go AWWWW!

  211. Mew mew mew I has a cute says:

    I am so busy snorgling baby animuls that I have no idea what any of you are talking about. I do not understand politics so *shoves toy mice in my ears* La la la cannot hear yuuuuu!!! *pleh* But can I vote FOR the stoat?! D:

  212. Do you have any extra toy mice? I could use a couple.

  213. “chicken saddles.” wow. that is one of those phrases that just gets funnier the more you repeat it.

  214. BB/VA – Gee thanks for the link, I have had to stop looking at it at work as I am crying with laughter. But why is my Floip not there, did I imagine it?

  215. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    I vote for MORE SPROINGY LAMBS (NOT headed to a dinner table).

    WHERE’s BEA????? 🙂 🙂 🙂

  216. @ Hon Glad – hard to say. Mr. Martin created so MANY sound effects that your floip may have been missed.

    He was so excellent at onomatopoeia – but Not-a-sound (Indian running through woods) was just awesome.

  217. When I was seventeen, I saw something happen that permanently affected how I thought about voting.

    The state of Arizona had a gubernatorial election that year. People were saying that it was the absolute worst voter turnout in Arizona state history, largely because everyone was lukewarm about both candidates. This guy, Evan Meacham, was the guy who won, largely because about the only people who DID show up and vote were Ev Meacham supporters.

    Well — Ev Meacham’s first act upon taking office was to cancel Martin Luther King Day as a holiday in Arizona. This caused much consternation.

    Then Meacham made a bunch of ill-phrased statements in the press about Civil Rights (I don’t remember what they were, but I do remember he actually used the word “pickaninny” in there somewhere, and then didn’t see what the problem was with the word). He also told a group of African-American community leaders, who had come to him to persuade him to re-instate the holiday, “you people don’t need another holiday, what you need are jobs.”

    Meacham then spent the next year doing things like appointing an ex-con to run the Arizona department of controlling liquor licenses, hiring an education advisor who once said that teachers shouldn’t correct students who believed the earth was flat, and hiring an assistant who was charged with extortion. He also said that “American is a Christian nation” to a Jewish audience, and was so paranoid he was being spied on that he regularly had his staff crawl through the ceiling ducts to make sure there were no bugs (one staffer apparently fell through and broke his leg once during one such sweep). Finally, Meacham was impeached after only a year in office — he was charged with embezzling campaign funds to support his used-car dealership.

    Seeing all this unfold taught me something I still believe today:

    * Even if your voting choice is a choice between the lesser of two evils, it still makes sense to go vote anyway — if only to ensure that it is the LESSER of the two evils that gets in rather than the GREATER.

  218. That story about the corrupt governor of AZ was a real eye-opener. wow. That is stuff from which great screenplays are borne.
    go to it!

    as for treating voting like blood donation… couldn’t hurt! In San Jose CA they offered flu vaccination at the same time. Smart!

  219. I voted early weeks ago. Then I spent Election Day getting sunburned outside a polling location while waving to cars (2 had cute dogs in them). :^D I am ever-so happy that Rick Scott (who I campaigned for) won. I know him personally, & that man is honest, plain & simple. Rubio too had my vote, & I’m happy that he won his race as well.

    Also, I made my dog a campaigning uniform: A cute jacket that says “Republicanine” on it. I’m thinking of establishing a small business for dog, cat, & other critter political clothing.

    What do you guys think? Would you buy a vest for your dog, cat, iguana, ferret, or other pet that says Republicanine, Dogocrat, or Independog on it? I’ll have to think up puns for other species, but that’s just to give you an idea.

    Finally, I wholeheartedly agree with the plethora of posts above that said that voting is a privilege that you are disrespecting by not voting. However, if you’re apathetic enough to not vote, I’d rather you didn’t – just look what happened in the last Presidential election when tons of people who’d never voted in their lives had an impetus to vote. Ugh. I’m all for a shiny new President who isn’t pasty & white, but I think some people went overboard without looking at his politics.

    Okay, I’ll get off my soapbox now. <_<o I will probably be flamed for daring to have an opinion.

  220. Mary (the first) says:

    Exactly right.. yesterday I stopped by a nearby school that was a voting place to drop off my ballot (we have mail-in but I procrastinated to the last minute.) Beautiful day, only a handful of people around, a couple nice ladies with a big box with a slot in top… and I couldn’t help thinking about countries where there are riots.. rigged elections.. and how residents of some countries have such a difficult time or can’t vote at all. Do NOT take this for granted, people. Ever.

  221. Mary (the first) says:

    I love the COT2000! MORE MORE MORE!

  222. Mary (the first) says:

    Yes, I would vote for the stoat for Veep but the BEAGLE (or whatever it is) for PREZ!!! She’s adorable and clearly a proud American.

  223. Mary (the first) says:

    I second that. I’m so sick of the campaign ads and stuff.. (and none of them had stoats or bunnies. What’s up with that?!)

  224. Mary (the first) says:

    What a great image!

  225. Mary (the first) says:

    and thank YOU for mentioning Walt Kelly! 😀

  226. Mary (the first) says:

    OMG thank you! I missed this whenever it first came out.

  227. Mary (the first) says:

    Get in line, Martha. Seriously. (re: NTMTOM’s children.)

  228. Legolas and Eowyn (my kitties) respectfully request a t-shirt that says “Demo-CAT” on it. 😉

  229. wait.. what? where am i? why is this happening here? is it ’cause owls live on stumps? election day was yesterday! we’re back to teh qte!

  230. Yes, I’m glad we got the Arizona story too. Thank you, empressonclinton.

    Crazy how we’re having a far more sophisticated discussion than you see on the average news message board… here on a cute animal pictures website… just because people are being civil to another.
    Just goes to show what we knew anyway:
    Cute animal pictures will yield world peace! Lead us onward, NOMTOM!

  231. so far everyone has kept away from opinions about one party or another, one candidate or another and so on. you’re the first and it’s a little out of place. you won’t get “flamed,” but you’ll be banned from talking about stuff that doesn’t belong here.

    p.s. i’m still trying to figure out how to get my dogs to discuss the issues calmly and cogently before they vote. clothing is a long ways off.

  232. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Hon Glad: eez a puzzlement????

  233. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    “whirled peas” 🙂

  234. I loved all of the voting encouragement, but my favorite part is “…lady who isn’t a witch”! Great job, NTMTOM!

  235. Argyle Donkeypants says:

    I humbly suggest that the fourth line be modified slightly:
    “Whether you pick Governor Moonbeam or the Lady-Who’s-Not-A-Witch,
    Remember: If you do not vote, you have no right to 81+<h."

  236. brilliant. This needs a bumper sticker, with a stoat on it. Simply
    “If you do not stoat, you have no right to 81+<h"

  237. I am with you on that, Sharpy.

    They do discuss things, but not too calmly. They are usually shouting at the tops of their lungs and NOT listening to each other.

    In fact, I am not terribly sure WHAT they are discussing…but I have a feeling it’s something like, “you stink!” “well, you stink worse!” to infinity and beyond.

  238. Ana Félix Pires says:

    I can vote, but there aren’t any elections or referendums or anything of the sort going on right now. 😛

  239. Your kitties’ names are WIN. Also, I was thinking Democat would be a good one, but it’s very similar to the original, so I’d have to write cat in different colors or something. I’ll let you know if we start mass-producing cute political animal coverings.

  240. I will vote for the kitties 😀

  241. I want to see Vote Vote Vote like a baby GOAT!!

  242. I can’t believe I haven’t seen that mentioned before!

  243. YoedlingToast says:

    The red-spotted newt was a nice touch. I have an enormous tank of these guys. It’s like an underwater jungle.