Damn These Artsy-Fartsy Neighborhoods

When the landlord said this nest was “Christo’s latest creation!” I just assumed he meant it was furnished with some junk from IKEA.

I want my security deposit back.

Modern loft, Hannah P. Photo by Chris



  1. He looks comfy!

  2. Nicolletta says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha!!! That seagull is two scoops of awesome with sprinkles.

  3. Wind-sock it to me baby! 😉

  4. 260Oakley says:

    Gullible by Nature.

  5. wind party

  6. Hey! My apt. has tons of “junk” from Ikea and it’s awesome!!! Who says cool-looking stuff has to be $$$? Not this poor college kid. Laminate-covered particle board (birch is my favorite – looks great on my Malm bed and dressers) is my budget’s friend 😉

    That being said, aw qt seagull!11!11!!11!!11!1

  7. Better than a waterbed even. All the upscalest most hip pads will be featuring windsocks next year.

  8. What happens if the wind stops blowing?

  9. *splash*

  10. Uh oh, I smell a visit from Mrs. Blunderbuss of the Homeowners Assoc. :mrgreen:

  11. That’s the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time! And cute too.

    Vita’s right… all the snootiest gulls will be relaxing in windsocks this coming spring. (IKEA better stock up.)

  12. Seagull cabana?

  13. o_O

  14. She love her nest.

  15. and Flap Flap

  16. ROFLMAO! So succinct and hysterical!

  17. Mine?

  18. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (but it isn’t an orng kittae?)

  19. victoreia says:

    Sock it to me?!?

  20. victoreia says:


    (And HI TEHO!!!!!!! We miss you!)

  21. The hovertext made this entry for me. Thanks, Prongs, for the chuckles!

  22. LOL 😀

    I think that’s cute 🙂

  23. Martha in Washington says:

    Hey Theo! How’s military life treating you?

  24. Martha in Washington says:

    The orange is tres chic! This year’s pink?

  25. Prongs – Excellente.
    I thought Christo’s work was bo**ocks until I saw a documentary on his ‘Running Curtain’

  26. Theo – The Mk II moderator machine is positively rhadamanthine compared to the clockwork one you used 🙂

  27. I immediately flashed on the video for Synchronicity II:

  28. PH34R TEH MOD! ALWAYS! 😈

  29. Better than you might expect, primarily because I got my first choice of duty station. I haven’t heard anybody else in my platoon say the same; that basically never happens. Also, I will be the oldest graduating in my class (with a high A average, too) and this particular class is the largest of its kind *ever* (or so we’ve been told). That’s something, right?

  30. Duh.

  31. Whoops I think I getcha now.

  32. snorglepup says:

    yay! We’re all so very proud of you.
    Big group hug…

  33. blonderengel says:

    I’m afraid he’ll have to pay a hefty cleaning bill/and/or forfeit his deposit….check out the white mess at his tail end…that’s gonna require a professional cleaning crew…

  34. Cuteoverload Community Check-ins.

    Seriously, can you imagine anything cuter?

    (Don’t answer that. Or link me).

  35. To be fair, I did have to look up “rhadamanthine”. (How can you have any PUDDING if you don’t eat your MEAT?)

  36. Okay…so I can see how a bird would enjoy sitting on a windsock, but I can’t imagine the mechanism for them first ending up there. Like..it seems so unnatural to initially step forth from the rim onto something so billowy.

  37. Billowy, pillowy, snuggly, juggly… can’t hardly go wrong, from my point of view.

  38. blonderengle – But he’s left a deposit 🙂

  39. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ……”Laugh-In” = YAY

    Also: does this mean, that Victoreia is actually Richard Milhous Nixon?

  40. YEAH (dammit)! psychiatrist is OUT

  41. 😆


  42. uh, hello? i’m right here! and i have a dictionary, too!

    [and I have ICED MOCHA. Ha ha HAAA. 😛 – Ed., ret.]

  43. Billowy, pillowy, snuggly, juggly

    That sounds Who-esque 🙂

  44. “Im King of the World!!!”


    : D

  46. Very, very funny!! Good job!

  47. The cute seagull. The hovertext. You got me!

  48. >_<

  49. I was thinking the opposite, what happens if a huge sudden gust of wind blows through it. hehe I think the same would occur. =)

  50. [LIKE]

  51. Martha in Washington says:

    Good for You! Yeah, first choice orders are a rarity. Are they calling you Pappy yet? So glad to hear things are working out for you!

  52. uh, christo’s dead.

  53. that bird looked realy comffy