Must. Get. Secret. Treat.

Oh, Maru. Even at your most uninteresting, you continue to delight.

More more more Maru here.



  1. I can’t get the linkie to work.. I need me some Maru!!!

    Ahh… “more Maur” button below… carry on….

  2. Duh

  3. Please fix link I need a little Maru today.
    My oldest cat Isis (15 years old) has not been feeling well for a couple of days and has stopped eating yesterday. I’m feeding her with a syringe until vet appointment tomorrow.

  4. I LOVE this cat!

    I can’t remember what the product is, but Maru is in a national television ad; doing what he does best, sliding into boxes.

  5. Maru is an international treasure!

  6. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Hi Gigi– best of karma to you and your furry friend, Special Delivery.
    Please keep us posted, k?

  7. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ….pretty sure that it’s about a kitty litter maybe Fresh Step but not certain of the brand.

  8. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Peeps, at the Maru website, it says that Animal Planet will have a program “America’s Cutest Cat” and the webpage mentions that Maru might be featured on that– Nov 15th I think it said (but I didn’t write down the date; that’s just from Quick Memory).

  9. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Also Gigi– the second blue thing
    (where it says “more more more Maru here”
    DOES at least work/ link up to the Maru webpage although it is a bit unusual that the CO feature doesn’t have the picture directly here….

  10. Thanks. The vet just called she had a cancellation and will see me today.

  11. Linky no worky.

  12. I wish I had a tail, so I could swish it like Maru does all day.

  13. Big purrs for Isis.

  14. Here’s the linky (I nabbed from page source)

  15. I wish my two would exercise some caution, they would’ve been on that window sill as quick as a dose of salts, having said that I continue to marvel at how they can jump on to the table and usually miss anything on the table, I think they change their feet position in the split second before they land.

  16. LeAnn (not LeAnna or Lee Ann) says:

    The smile on the pumpkin at the end of the vid is even more win!

  17. The ending made me go AWWWW so loud my boyfriend thought I was in trouble and came charging in from the next room.

  18. I’m sorry
    I hope this helps
    This is the youtube channel Maru is on

  19. It really is all about that pumpkin.. Well and Maru of course.

    Lilac would have knocked it on the floor and sat there looking down at it like it jumped off the window sill all by itself.

  20. Padfoot_Lives says:

    One of the coolest things about Maru is his complete lack of concern about the camera. When I try to video my dogs, they always immediately stop what they are doing and look embarrassed. I can’t have cats because I am allergic, but if I could, I would want a cat like Maru!

  21. Poetry in motion!

  22. >“_America_’s Cutest Cat”
    > Maru

    Does not compute.

  23. Haiku? or limerick?

  24. Ironic that Maru will jump into boxes with reckless abandon, but a little window sill seems to intimidate him. Funny little guy.

  25. Interesting place for a step – I mean, towel rack.

  26. I love how Maru’s human cares so much for him. Notice all the kitty paraphenalia (water fountain, scratchy thing). He is obviously such a well-loved kitty! And I love how Maru is so funny and adorable. I love Maru!

  27. he really had to rev up to make that jump!

  28. OK, let’s hurry it up, Hamlet.

  29. I don’t think Maru is ever uninteresting. To me, he is always vaguely aware of “performing.”

    @zhimbo – tee hee

  30. Something tells me Maru has fallen off a few window sills in his time.

  31. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Aw! What a great punchline! You spend the whole video wondering what the heck Maru’s looking at, just to find out that it’s a tiny special holiday greeting!

  32. I’ll keep my fingers crossed for Isis! Please let us know the prognosis.

    And of course, yay for Maru!

  33. *snerk* I might never have caught that if you hadn’t pointed it out.

  34. Does anyone else have a fountain like Maru’s? I have one (similar, not identical), and it gets so…ICKY…. Almost slimey. We have well-water, and I thought it was that. So I started putting bottled water in it, with only slightly better results. Is it just that the one I have has a crappy pump and filter? Or do they all get icky after a week or so?

  35. Lots of good thoughts and helaing prayers heading your way.
    Waiting to hear what the vet says…

  36. Maybe he qualifies because everyone in America thinks he’s the cutest cat. Or maybe they’re spotlighting the international competition. 🙂

  37. Skip, you must be owned by cats, no? to see it as a step first.

  38. Maru is never uninteresting. You can never be too cautious on Halloween when there might me a goblin on the windowsill!

  39. Sorry, I meant might be. Was saying might me a goblin a Freudian slip?

  40. The cautious and the curious.

  41. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    yup — I know and I had the same reaction.

    However, it’s one of those “BUT — MarOOOOOOOOOOO…..”

    so I decided not to go all Correction Division on them.

    Plus, I thought that they are looking at it, as “Cats whose cuteness makes them popular in America”.

    or something.


  42. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


    (film reference FTW)

  43. I heart Maru!!

  44. frogboots says:

    I love how Maru’s spotless house seems to be designed entirely for Maru’s comfort. I also love that I can spot IKEA products from a million miles away; that rack/hanging basket set is the same product line as some smaller baskets that i have right here in my house.

    Maru is never uninteresting. I don’t understand how or why, but I could watch that cat do nothing all day and be riveted.

  45. victoreia says:


  46. victoreia says:

    You might want to try changing the filter. (I’m assuming it’s a charcoal filter.) And if you haven’t, dumping the water completely and putting in all fresh should do the trick.

    If you’ve already done both of the above, then I’m stumped…..

  47. Did anyone else see the devastating photo of Maru trying to squeeeeze himself into what looks like half a cereal box??? he failed lol

    Yay Maru!!

  48. I have a similar fountain. Well, probably more complex and definitely bigger but it has a filter and a pump and all that. Yes, it gets slimy. It’s just buildup from your cat and the environment! The moving water catches all the dust and whatever else in the air, and your kitty’s saliva, and all that gunk has to go somewhere. It’s no big deal though, just dump all the water out and give it a little soap and start over again.

  49. Every time I see Maru, I just want to pick him up.

  50. Three cheers for Maru. Such a love. It also looks like Maru’s mom has him on a diet–he has lost a little weight, but thankfully, not in his spectacular tail, which is just as magnificent as ever.

  51. I think he’s a cinquain.

  52. hugs to you and Isis–hope she’s feeling better soon

  53. victoreia says:

    Yup, it’s Fresh Step litter. Just saw it; immediately blurted out “Maru!”

  54. SoccerSue says:

    Isn’t there a “Straaaaaytch” tag? Or something like that?

  55. MamaLana – I thought it was a foot spa….doh.

  56. I just love his eleventy seven build ups to actually jumping onto the sill! “I’m gonna do it…no, wait…okay now…wait…..NOW…oops…wait….okay ENH!”

  57. Maru is indeed cautious, and Maru’s human has such patience, standing, filming, waiting for the payoff at the end. Here’s how it might have gone if I had been filming:

    Maru: does his slow, cautious thing
    Me (after about a minute): BOO!
    Maru, jumping a foot into the air: MYAAAAAH!

    Fade to black.

  58. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (*snerk*) “Eleventy-seven”! YAY

  59. I liked the end 😀

  60. Kittayn update: Hubby insisted that “Smokey” was not a girl’s name. Therefore, since our last kittayn, Philo, shares a name with a character in a Clint Eastwood movie, and hubby is a big Clint fan, the new kittayn is also named after a character in a CE movie. Her name is Maggie, after Maggie Fitzgerald in “Million Dollar Baby.” We thought the name fits because she is a scrapper, a fighter. Mo cuishle!

  61. janet2buns says:

    I thought it was some sort of kitteh bidet.

  62. Me too … haha!

  63. The Little Myrmidon says:

    Spotless house?!? I saw a speck of dust starting at :21. There goes the neighborhood!

  64. Me three — especially since it was turned off! Then I saw the electric wire running along the wall — with the DCs [“darn” cats] that wire would last about 14 seconds.

  65. Maybe a Freudian camisole.

  66. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


  67. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    yay kittens; yay update! Thx Noelegy!

  68. This one should be posted too:


  69. Adorable, yes, but Paige got Maru’s number:

  70. DreamspinnerCheryl says:

    Such a sweet, smart, happy doggie! And I’m so relieved to see that Maru’s home isn’t totally perfect-I recognize the “kitty snags” in the curtains. My five kitties keep me busy clipping those off drapes and furniture. I’m still totally in love with the clean white floors, though.

  71. “Oh, Maru. Even at your most uninteresting, you continue to delight.”

    When I read that line, in my head it sounded something like this:

  72. 😆 Looks like Maru had to smell that pumpkin to make sure it was safe for his humans to have in the house 😆

  73. a spot! a spot on the floor! It is a real house! Whew.

    Maru…continually a delight…no matter what.

  74. Strongest cat-haunches evar!

  75. ignore the jack o’lantern behind the curtain.