Update: We’re coming for you DILBERT!

(And Ansel Adams!)

PEOPLE! Thanks to you, we surpassed the Glee and Sierra Club calendars and are heading for the Top 3 calendars on Amazon!

Wow! Thank you all for your supports!

Learn more about the 2011 calendars here.



Check out these gorgeous, tiny-beaked, prosh hummers:

Bird (photography!) watcher Sharon D. sent in this fabulous set, shown with permission, by Tony Markle. You can buy prints of his work here. All hovertext bird facts are from Wikipedia.

Side Eye. A Collection.

This Guinea Pig is all: “You know you know that’s wrong” [lip puckers]

And this turtle is all “Whatchoo talkin’ ’bout now!?” [fast head swivel]

And this Bunny is all “You better hope you got carrots ’cause I ain’t wastin’ my time with no DRY pellets”

And these Gorillas are all: “Yeah I know you, but I don’t know you know you”

And this cow is all: “Son, you did NOT just do that”

And finally, this guinea pig is all: “Aw, hells no!”

What a nice collection, Zoe B. (for Guinea Pigs and Bun photos) Turtle by Libbie H. Gorillas by Jackie D. Cow by Dana S. Props to Crunktastical; the original Side Eye purveyors.

Don’t Put Your Nuts All in One Basket

Squirellio says PPPPBBBBBFFFTTTHH! to good old fashioned advice.

What a shame. Because we also would like to inform him, that’s a catapult.

So that’s where the phrase “squirrel away” came from, Mia! Whee!

Well looky here

Guess who just surpassed Betty White on the Amazon Calendar Bestseller liiiiiiiiist! [singsong]

Ehn! [Reaching higher sound]

I’m coming after you next, DILBERT and ANSEL ADAMS!!!


Did you know:

Male Otters are called “meowters”

Females are called “Queens” and babies are called “Pups”?

Bet you didn’t know the meowters one. Photography by Pixie. Meowters definition brought to our attention via Agent 3Z and Bobbeh!.

THIS JUST IN: Persian Proshness at 11

On the 1 to 5 Proshness Scale™, this baby Persian is an 11.

Can I get a witness:

Fave stills:

Annie M. is busy aiming for a 12 on her YouTubes. Thanks, Sender-Inner Lookforthewoman!

Cute Overload 2011 Calendars

Come ON People! Are we going to let the 2011 BETTY WHITE Calendar beat us up the Amazon sales charts!? Oh, it’s ON, Lady!

Seriously folks, the 2011 Cute Overload calendar is like a slice of heaven on your desk. There are Buns, impossibly small OMG ponies1. pups, Kittehs, Pocket pets, and peegs! With captions penned by Theo, NotThatMike, and Meg.

Choose from two formats, the desk Page-a-Day:


The Wall:


And also online here:

Amazon! (Page-A-Day Calendar)
Amazon! (Wall Calendar)
Powell’s! (Wall Calendar)

No, I Can’t Put My Toys Away

It’s not like I don’t try, but they keep coming back out to play with me.

So I just figure that’s where they’d rather be.

Can’t fight that kind of reasoning, Maria S.

Get this girl a Maybelline® discount STAT

…she’s gonna need it for all the lippystick she’s been usin’

Soooomeone keeps kissing their puuuuppyyyy! [singsong]

Christina H. can’t help it, Chuy is toooo adorabuhls.