Do-it-Yourself Chanel Pup Purse!

The geni over at Beckerman Bite Plate have come up with a Do-it-Yourself Chanel Dog Purse costume! All it takes is an infinitely patient, fashion-conscious pup and mad craft skillz.

Instructions and more over at BBP. Sooooo-phisitcated, Tanya O.!


  1. o m g

    must have eet.

  2. I agree, and I am NOT talking about the purse!

  3. Ha-ha-ha very cute and funny! :)

  4. Awesome. Not just for Halloween.

  5. 260Oakley says:

    Hmm, nice houndbag. But I believe most dogs are wearing Pucci this season.

  6. I’m sure Coco would approve.

  7. How about we not treat pets as accessories? =\

  8. 260Oakley says:

    FYI — If you follow the link, you’ll see that the costume is being auctioned off at a benefit for the Ontario SPCA.

  9. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    ..and it’s a COSTUME people, it’s supposed to be FUNNY :)

  10. dawnkeyotie says:


  11. Queen of Dork says:

    Happy Halloween! *does the scary laughing sound*

  12. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    cuteness of puppehs and purses! Earlier this week we had a puppeh with Tiffany’s and pearls. Now we got Chanel’s purses!!

    (Hi Q!!! Just sent ya two emails!! :) )

  13. His head is about as round as the Chanel C’s. Coinky-dinky? I think not.

  14. Do I detect a mini-baroo?

  15. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    oooooooooooooo I just thought up a fashion-related PUNchline, too-whoo!!
    of course, the source from which this developed, was from 260’s above :)

    (bracing myself)

    I think they ought to mfr the purse in (ready, troops?)

    a HOUNDSTOOTH plaid!!!!

  16. victoreia says:


  17. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (immature giggle) Thanks!!! :)

  18. 260Oakley says:

    You know I’m a seersucker for a good pun.

  19. O No He/ She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    o no you DI-unt!!!! ;)

  20. Anonymous Coward says:

    is that Boo?

  21. I had women daawwwing at work over this.

    And, wow, reply option!

  22. A Chanel bag with a built in powder puff.

  23. O No He/ She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    yay hg!!! :)

  24. FYI faking a Chanel logo and auctioning it off, even for a charity, is called “Trademark Infringement”. The liability involved in selling a knowingly counterfeit registered trademark is well over a million USD, and I don’t think that would be as helpful for the SPCA as hoped. Cute costume though!

  25. As I was mingling amidst the throngs of people on the National Mall today, I looked at one guy’s messenger bag and there was a sweet furry face peeking out just like that! Poor puppykins was a little overwhelmed by all the bipeds, so she hid in daddy’s bag. Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  26. O No He/ She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    yay DC and funny semi-playful, semi-political stuff!!
    Looked like the weather there was lovely?

    were ya there when Yusuf Islam aka Cat. S. attempted to complete the Peace Train song????

  27. Unfortunately, I missed that part. That’s one of my favorite songs, too. Seems the Metro trains weren’t quite expecting the number of people who wanted to use the system, and it took a VERY long time to get downtown. So worth it, though. Perfect day and hundreds of thousands of nice, reasonable people. And puppies. :)

  28. The haircut is so purfectly round, it’s as if they put a bowl in front of its face and cut around it!

  29. It must be Boo. Those teddy bear cheeks….

  30. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    Go to the video and watch her make it. SOOO CUTE! and it’s not Boo, it’s Cubby Beckerman!

  31. It would be fun to scale this costume up for a Great Dane or a Mastiff.

  32. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    gonna copy/ paste a link here, to a page from Ellen DeG ‘s website,
    which includes a picture of something like that,

    which Ellen deG presented to MK & Ashley Olsen (the cute twin kid actors who are now?maybe into their 20s?) a few weeks ago on her show. At the time, I thought it was a delightful moment of daytime tv, very unusually fun.

  33. this lil’ doggie looks like Will Ferrell

  34. noemi megan pasapera morales says:

    no estiendo nada??:)

  35. OMG!!! So cute!!!! What kind of a puppy is that?!

  36. What kind of dog is that??
    SOO freakin cute, I must have one! hehe


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