Just two more days…Just two more days…

As much as Lenny hated his “Squash Stetson”, he knew that this was nothing compared to what he’ll endure at Christmas…those twinkle lights get so damn hot.

He looks so thrilled, John and Cheryl D.



  1. this is a cross between ‘how could you!?’ and ‘I’m completely embarrassed’.

  2. With that stem, it’s a rather jaunty chapeau.

  3. Martha in Washington says:

    Please give the poor pooch his dignity back! Or, if not, take more pictures! 🙂

  4. Martha in Washington says:

    Oh…and I’d be careful of the laser beams shooting out of his eyes!

  5. bob drummond says:

    Gimme a break already.That poor pooch must be embarrased to be wearing that
    stupid thing on his poor little head!

  6. muttluver says:

    No, no, no. A stetson looks like this:

    This is, clearly, a Pumpkin Panama.

  7. muttluver says:

    Pardon me, I neglected to do my homework on the shape of a panama.

    However, I must contest that this is a Pumpkin Peculation.

    What you get when you google peculation hat.)

  8. He’s like Alfalfa from Our Gang.

  9. Denise A. says:

    Actually, he looks like an old-school anime character, like Marine Boy or later, Astroboy.

    Or the giant human-crushing robot from the cover of “News of the World.”

  10. Mary (the first) says:

    That poor dog!

  11. AWWW :)!

  12. I’m waiting Christmas like that 😛

  13. warrior rabbit says:

    Limecat, meet Pumpkinpooch.

  14. that’s the “I’m only still wearing this because you know what will happen if you get close enough to take it off me but you’d better try anyway because i’m about to remember i can run faster than you” look.

    with luck, the people taking the picture have trained african swallows standing at the ready to perform the extraction

  15. or it could be the “does fit right? will they get who I am? do they even know who that is any more?” look

    i must say

  16. Felicityanne says:

    Does anyone else remember a childhood book in which the hero was a Boston Terrier called Archie Biggers? (We’re talking 1950’s-early60’s here, in the UK)

  17. Ahahaha! I knew exactly who you meant as soon as you said “I must say”!

  18. Getitoff Getitoff Getitoff!!

  19. LadyGalga says:

    Maybe he’s just looking with horror to what his owner is wearing:
    “I’m not walking next to you as long as you’re wearing THAT costume!”

  20. 260Oakley says:

    Please, he’s obviously dressed as Flash Gourdon.

  21. omg soooo cute!!!

    and you know what is in 2 days now….NOSEVEMBER!!!! i’ve been eagerly awaiting 😀

  22. Totally decent 🙂

  23. 260Oakley does it again and get my usual reaction.
    First Groannnn
    Then Giggle

  24. Felicityanne says:

    I’m replying to my own question..I just put the name into Yahoo and it gave me stories about a real PERSON called Archie Biggers who’s one of Schwarzenegger’s appointees…and there are other less-savoury characters of the same name too. I just thought it was such a weird name it only belonged to the dog!
    The book was a fairly slim red hardback with copious illustrations, but I don’t remember anything of the story, being so taken with the pictures of the cutely grotesque (grotesquely cute?) little pup.

  25. Actually, the moist interior has dried onto my head. I can’t get it off!!

  26. LOL! 😆

  27. With 260Oakley, it’s all in good pun.

  28. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


  29. Bostie’s in the first stage of stink-eye, run while you can!

  30. I Yam what I Yam!!!!

    Ah—Yuk yuk yuk Yuk!

  31. Lenny: “Ah, dude, come on…. I’ll wear a hat, no prob, but this is a GIRL’S hat. Have a heart.”

    Lenny knows his fashion history. It is indeed a hat for ladies, not gents. A cloche, to be exact, like the flappers wore: http://www.flickr.com/photos/normavalentine/123013332/in/set-72057594086018769/

  32. Are you sure that’s not the “You’re not gonna post this online, are you? Are you?!” look?

  33. Lennie is a girl, LOL

  34. Flash Gourdon…omg you crack me up.

  35. To me he looks as if he is thinking “just you wait, I just drank a bowl of water, and I knowww where your pillow is’.

  36. flutterby says:

    Marvin The Martian fail, but the look on the puppeh’s face is priceless!!

  37. Awww, is that a band-aid on his widdle foot?

  38. Sick…funny, but sick!