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All this clip needs is a fuzzy unicorn riding a rainbow to an all-you-can buffet of stars.



  1. Did someone say “unicorn”?

  2. my heart! it is amelting!

  3. The Cute Avenger says:

    For some reason, this made me incredibly teary. Happy teary, mind you, but teary nonetheless. What an adorable little bird! Little fella looked incredibly happy and content, perched on his/her caretaker’s finger going, “Sup… jus’ hangin'” *bounces adorable baby bird head to own beat*

  4. BellaBlue says:

    Oh how wonderful! Just what I needed today.

  5. This is adorable. But what happens next????

  6. …and while his boy slept, he stood fearless guard over him. Frightening away any would-be interlopers with the voracity of his wing flapping. Noone dared to cross the invisible boundary they established!

  7. I really hope my little boy grows up to be as caring and gentle as this young man. His parents did something right.

  8. Headline could read “Baby Hummingbird Teaches Young Man That He Can Fly”.
    Good job, young man, good job.

  9. OMG — so beautiful and schweet! The young man’s parents def. raised him right! 🙂

  10. According to the young gentleman’s comment on YouTube, the birdie was ready to be released around 2 weeks after the video. He did so, and now the birdie will buzz him occasionally and staaaaare. Then fly away happily.

  11. My head just as-ploded from the cuteness. XD

  12. Good Job little hummingbird, good job cute young man, great job cute young man’s parental units. Gives me hope for the new generation. : )

  13. Ahhhn, I wish I could’ve listened to it at work. From the tone of all your comments, it sounds like it’s a lovely story!

  14. I agree, his parents def taught compassion to the young man. So heart warming and refreshing to see videos like this one. 🙂

  15. All God’s creatures great and very very small. This made my humdrum day special.

  16. I guess this is cute but really it’s quite sad. That bird will never be able to live a normal life, it can never be released, as it has clearly imprinted on the boy as it’s mother, and so on some level it thinks it’s human. I really hope this guy never tried to let the poor thing go when it matured, because if he did, there is no way it’s still alive.

  17. Part of me wants to protest that hummingbirds are never babies, they are created spontaneously, you know, like faeries.

    But, after seeing this cute, caring young man, I’m willing to conceded that at least one hummingbird baby exists.

  18. Planet Unicorn HEEEEEEEEEY.


  19. Gee, Katie, thanks for the shot of positive. 🙄

  20. Especially in light of Dave’s post just six comments above…

  21. @Katie: 4 months ago (June-ish) he posted “Yea after almost 2 weeks he looked like he was ready to go, and I walked him outside and off he went. And now whenever i walk outside he sometimes buzzes over to me and stares at me and then flies off.  its definitely a touching experience,” so I’m assuming one month after he posted the video he saw the bird still alive and well. It could possibly have been a different hummingbird, but I’m not sure if it’s normal wild hummingbird behavior to stare at humans…

  22. Clearly, a beautiful young boy in every sense. It doesn’t matter about whether this bird survives, it’s just that he did what he could with obvious gentleness and kindness.

    A few freeze frames looked like the beginnings of classical art illustrations for a modern faerie tale book. Hmmm.

  23. So lovely… The boy, his hummingboid, the universe coming together…

    I think we might have the Japanese beat with that one. 😉

  24. I just got to say, the hummingbird doesn’t think it’s human; it thinks it’s mother is one BIG hummingbird. Rehabilitated birds of pretty much all varieties can survive in the wild just fine. It happens all the time here in Montana.

  25. Stressfactor says:

    It is DEFINITELY normal hummingbird behavior to stare at human beings.

    We had a humming bird feeder outside when I was in my late teens and my father told a story about going outside and standing on the back porch. A humming bird came up and hovered in front of him a handsbreadth in front of his face. My dad said that he stood very still and made no threatening movements and the hummingbird hovered and studied him for about 2 minutes then flew off.

    I’ve had a similar experience where I was standing behind my screen door and had a humming bird fly up and “scold” me with chirps because, while the feeder was not empty it had apparently become clogged and he couldn’t get his “treat” of sugar water.

    My family has had humming birds and humming bird feeders for over a decade and I can freely attest that I don’t think those guys HAVE any fear. I think they have an almost cocky sense that nothing can catch them. It isn’t so much about their speed as their manoverablility. I’ve seen humming birds turn on a dime and give you nine cents change.

    As for this little guy “imprinting” it seems that his natural instincts have asserted themselves. Many times the reason why people don’t want wild animals imprinting on humans is because they lose their fear of humans and other predators. I’ve never seen a humming bird actually have any ears of natural predators and I’m not sure what predators there are in the wild which could even catch the darn things.

  26. Katie, I think you may be on the wrong website. Doomandgloom.com is just up the street, around the corner. And if I want doom and gloom, that’s where I’ll go.

  27. entropy's bitch says:

    I hope that I shall never be
    as ’nuffy as the Kat plus e
    unless a baby hummingbird up close
    would promise to fly up her nose.

  28. Mandy – beautifully put.

  29. didn’t think I’d watch that whole thing – but I just couldn’t look away. damn sweet.

  30. What Mandy said! How can anyone not just melt at the sight of this young man taking care of a baby bird!

  31. i luv the hummingbird video!

    So sweet of them to take care of it! Great Job!

  32. Nothing beats a Jack-Johnson-esque post.

  33. @Mandy – I knew it! My natural inclination is to go for doomandgloom, but I’m not good with directions and end up here everyday instead.

  34. LadyDarya says:

    @Katie, As a volunteer who has done wildlife rehab the fact that this bird was raised by a human doesn’t mean it can’t be released into the the world after it is fledged. I’ve raised a few birds and I’ve never had a problem with them imprinting on me and not being able to survive in the world. Even the bird I had literally right out of the egg and had to have my brother climb a tree with and put in a tree because it was positive it couldn’t fly since I didn’t. That particular bird still hangs out every year at my grand parents house where he was released (out in the country). Also, contrary to belief, touching a baby bird doesn’t meant that it’s parents won’t accept it….so if you find a baby bird on the ground look for it’s parents…more than likely they are around – if it has feathers leave it be, if it is fuzzy look and see if you can find it’s nest and replace it, otherwise call your vet for a local rehabber.

  35. Interesting video. I guess I’m happy it got released, but can’t help but think that it would have been better to have a professional rehab center take it. I don’t know, I mean, where does one find instructions on taking care of a baby humming bird? You just type it into google?

    Sorry to be skeptical. I’ve had a lot of experiences, both good and bad, and I think I’ve learned that it’s better to have professionals take it (because my family never did for whatever reason. Ugh. Probably because the nearest rehab place was
    far away.) then to try and handle it yourself. It is nice that the baby got to go back into the wild, so great for the guy and the bird. I’m glad he wasn’t tempted to try and keep it or something.

  36. Peanut's mama says:

    As adorable and heartmelting as this video was, my mind keeps going back to the fact that this teenager was SO careful and sweet in caring for the wee lil birdie. I echo what others have said—DEFINITELY RAISED WELL! Young men like this give me hope that our future isn’t the crap hole it sometimes seems to be.

  37. OMG..I wanna marry this guy!!!!!

  38. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Susan [#6]: [obligatory MT/s Holy Grail reference]:

    “NONE shall pass ….” 🙂

  39. This is the sweetest video ever.

  40. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    oops that was s’posed to be …MP [for Python, dontcha know] s/ Holy Grail.

    so sowwy.
    (kicks random rock off, into the dirt road)

  41. I can only imagine how often this baby hummingbird had to be fed. Makes me feel bad about being tired when I had to get up with the 3 wk. old foster kittens (who are now 4 1/2 wks) in the middle of the night. Yay for this young man!

  42. Katherine says:

    I thought this video was so sweet. I almost cried! What a gentle person that kid is.

  43. I’m a straight guy, but I must say that’s a good-looking young gentleman in a sort of tousled way. Awesome bird too. I’m sure that if Huitzilopochtli ever rises again, the guy’s compassion or hummingbirds will be remembered and he’ll be spared. I hope.

  44. Ditto Lesley, Shelley Nobel and Stress Factor.

    That young man is a parent’s precious gift. My heart’s bursting with pride and I don’t even know him. Also, totally on the hummingbird behavior! They’re absolutely interactive, nosy, etc. I’ve had them buzz all around me while sunbathing as well as hover in front of me staring me down in an attempt to intimidate when I come too close to “their territory.” Many of them people-watch and they like to observe how we crazy humans go about our days. Each time I step outside I can hear one little bugger trilling. Like he’s telling me he sees me and to watch out! Lol. Fun creatures.

  45. WendyPinNJ says:

    OMG! Such an incredibly heart-warming video. And that boy/foster father is absolutely adorable! And they’re FRIENDS!!!

    I want a hummingbird friend of my very own!!!

  46. I wanna introduce that adorable young man to my daughter….

  47. There’s a New Zealand Christmas tree [Pohutukawa (Metrosideros excelsa)]
    in there with the extravagantly pink bottlebrushes, so perhaps a Kiwi lad?
    Good on ya, mate. Bonzer bewt [sorry, I only speak a bit of Australian].

  48. flutterby says:

    Very awesome video and awesome young man. Uplifting all ’round! Thank you CO and all peeps who see the beauty and wonderfulness here!

  49. Chinchillazilla says:

    Bird and boy are both so cute. 😛

    There’s a hummingbird that visits my backyard sometimes. It likes to buzz the dog when he’s not looking and then flies off before he can look around. I think he probably just figures it’s some kind of giant bug.

  50. @Lindie, that was my thought exactly… he looks to be the perfect age for her.

    By the way, CO staff…. we myst be close to having enough “applicants” for a “Men of Cute Overload” calendar by now. hint, hint, ever so subtly 😉

  51. Absolutely the best video ever. Hummers are fabulous.

  52. OMG is there anything sexier than a man who is kind to God’s little creatures? Everyone else beat me to the ‘your parents MUST be proud’ sentiment.

    Katie, come over here and let me slap you around a bit…

    with these little hummingbirds’ wings belonging some itty bitty hummingbirds that know this little fella and his good human friend. See, they don’t like your post very much. They said that unless you are a vet, rehabilitator, or have some sort of expertise in this area, you really oughtta not open your beak and tweet about it in this manner. They don’t wanna hear it.

  53. We had a pair of hummers raised in a nest by our front door last spring. It took about 6 weeks from eggs until they left the nest. The last two days we saw them trying out their wings on the edge of the nest and close branches while mother hummer stood guard nearby. Then on the last day they both took off. Never saw them again – they grow up fast

    Here’s a picture before they left – fearless little guys let me get very close for this picture:

  54. Daphne Moss says:

    Let me join the chorus who is half in love with that guy. What a gentle, adorable person he is!
    I think the hummingbird was lucky to have such a “mom.”

  55. That kid’s facebook page just blew up. Jamin 2.0

  56. Brittany F says:

    Oh, SOOOO CUTE! I MUST HAVE ONE! …the hummingbird is okay too..

  57. Omg my heart leeps out of my chest !

  58. How sweet and wonderful!

  59. How cute :)!

  60. What a great guy.

  61. Martha in Washington says:

    I wish I had a daughter so this wonderful young man could marry her and have amazing grandchildren for me!
    Oh, and cute baby hummer too!

  62. Who says todays youth are dreadfull, what care and patients. Another candidate for you girls calendar.

  63. Haha! Totally.

    I remember thinking, “Oh Jamin, Ya got competition now.” (But then I always think of Jamin.) 😀

  64. Nothing sexier!!

    I tell what I enjoy: When HSUS sends out those video clips of their people rescuing animals (usually puppy mills). In those clips are all these big, burly men tenderly cuddling these fragile, frightened creatures. It never fails to make me swoon. Gawd, I love those guys! And this one.

  65. superbunny says:

    What a cute little bird. I hope it is able to return to the wild and live a normal life outside. Thanks to the boy who saved it’s life.

  66. I just barfed a rainbow………..so freakin sweet

  67. This, my friends, is why the internet was invented. What a great way to start my day!!

    Hats off to this boy’s parents – they should be bursting with pride at having raised such a gentle, kind-hearted young man. ♥♥♥

  68. I see a poll in the near future:



    Hummingbird boy

  69. How wonderful. Like it’s been said above, what a wonderful young man! A boy and his hummingbird..it’s a beautiful thing!

  70. Hummingbirds are curious. If you’re fairly still, they will definitely come right up to you and get in your face. Don’t know if it’s a “Howdy” or a “What ARE you?”.

  71. Love the boid, the boy, and the MUSIC! Does anyone know the artist and/or title?

  72. Andi in NC says:

    Sounds like Jack Johnson, but I’m not sure of the title…

  73. Graceofbass says:

    My eyes just melted.

  74. 😈

  75. Wonderful!! What a great young man!

  76. That is really precious!

  77. It’s kinda like a real life Jackie Paper and Puff in Puff the Magic Dragon.

  78. It is Jack Johnson, “Better Together.”

  79. Love the video. Like the kid. Like his seeming gentle nature. Want such a boy to marry my teenaged daughter. Perhaps this boy is available

  80. Thanks! Gotta download this one.

  81. Stressfactor says:


    Probably the latter hehehe. Hummingbirds just kill me. They’re soooo much fun to watch. And I honestly believe they have absolutely no idea how tiny they are. They act like they’re “10 ft. tall and bulletproof”. Oh and they are so territorial. Nothing more fun than hanging up a hummingbird feeder and then watch them run each other off of it. My mom had one, one year, who camoflaged himself on the deck lying in wait and as soon as another hummer came up to the feeder the hidden guy LAUNCHED himself up and ran the other little guy off. They’re scrappy little things.

  82. Catsquatch says:

    Absolutely amazing video, that baby trusts that boy.
    A few years ago one of my neighbor kids was playing with a BB gun in his backyard, and accidently shot a grown female Annas hummingbird.
    He immediately brought her to me (being the block Mom and all knowing neighborhood animal lady), so I brought them both inside and inspected her.
    The BB had removed the skin from the back of her head, she was dazed, but still alive. While tending to her wound, I took the opportunity to make the boy feel absolutely terrible about what he had done by explaining to him that all creatures are special and amazing little miracles, and asked him to close his eyes and imagine the skin being removed from the back of his head. Poor kid started to cry, which I was happy to see becasue it meant that he was feeling compassion for the tiny bird. I kept the bird over night in a basket with Neosporin on her wound, and the following day she tried to fly out my window, so I took her outside and she flew off. When he came by that day I told him she had flown away and would be alright, and his whole face lit up like a Christmas tree. He got rid of the BB gun, and never did anything like that again. I saw her several times after that humming around my yard and feeding from my flowers, and I got to see her babies that she raised in my avocado tree.
    Sometimes ya just hafta instill compassion in kids, even if they arent yours.

  83. How adorable!! Both the young man and zee bird. Love it! Definitely brightened up my day.

  84. Cuteful

  85. bookmonstercats says:

    What a wonderful young man. He really believed in what he was doing.

  86. Hey, the kid brought him over in the first place for help and didn’t run away and pretend it didn’t happen. He also admitted to being the shooter.

    He wasn’t exactly a bad kid to start with.

  87. I just (like, five minutes ago) got a call from my bank that someone had stolen my ATM number and almost all my money (all this morning!) I will get the money back but it will take a few days, and I was bummed and muttering “What’s wrong with the damn people in this damn world anyhow…”

    But luckily all is not lost. A lovely, well raised young man and his hummingbird pal have restored my faith. Thanks, friends.

  88. how fun! =o)

  89. Kar – “Hummingbird Boy” ROTFL!!

    Why does that bring to mind a circus sideshow? (No offense to this sweetheart!)

  90. This made me cry happy tears.

  91. I wish we lived next door so we could laugh and play everyday!

  92. Hmmm, they say the three hallmarks of serial killers are pyromania, lying/stealing, & cruelty to animals. So, we’ve got ourselves a boy who is adorably caring towards animals, & is obviously respectful & not embarrassing to his parents. Quick, what’s the counterpart of pyromania? ..thinks.. Ummm…..Recycling? Habitats for Humanity? If this kid does either of those, he’s for certain a serial cuter.

    ……….That joke was long-winded & stupid. -_-x I hope it makes you at least chuckle & not groan.

  93. now that’s a nuff! However, I know by personal experience that you are WRONG! Lalala, happy hummer. Cute young man. Freedom, friendship, and big fuzzy hops of joy. I’ve rescued and released birds. I knew one crow by his odd white claw and he lived on to raise a family of his own in my neighborhood after living on my hospitality for two months. These creatures can and do go on to live a proper life, even if it’s a short one sometimes (as is common for wildlife).

  94. Better still, a woman in california has a hummingbird webcam, you can see the eggs laid, brooded, and hatched, and the tiny birdies growing up! http://phoebeallens.com/

  95. SO cute. I had a smile on my face through the whole thing. So sweet that they cared enough to help this little birdy.

  96. Wildlife Clinic says:

    While I find the video adorable I just want to let everyone commenting & watching to know that 99.9% of the time when you “rescue” a baby bird you are really taking it away from its family and natural habitat. In almost every case it is a better idea to leave the bird where you found it. Even if you take it to a wildlife hospital its chances of survival are much less than if it was left in the wild. They need constant feeding and care that they get better from their parents than anyone else. So please, if you find an “abandoned” baby animal, just realize that its mom or dad is probably really close by and you won’t be saving it if you take it away, you’ll be kidnapping it.

  97. He let it go, and says when he goes outside it sometimes comes over and stares at him before buzzing off. So apparently there is a way it could survive in the wild.

  98. @wildlife clinic: what if there’s a cat lurking nearby?

  99. Loved this! Love the boy’s tenderness and appreciation for nature.

    I saved two little ones this summer after they hit my windows.

    They do hover in front of me all the time. I “shower” them with the hose and they love it – doing quarter turns like an aerial ballet.

    As for predators, I’ve heard sharp shinned hawks can get them…but not often. However, I just this morning witnessed a male Anna’s hummingbird chasing a hawk out of my yard. What a hoot!

  100. I think that he brought it to you at all indicates he felt compassion for the bird.

  101. For the record, this bird was injured, not just alone.

  102. This video is so sweet and that guy did a great thing taking in that little bird and taking good care of it.
    His parents should be proud a lot of young men could learn from him.

  103. YES! I mean yes … (with their haminals as well of course)

  104. Marianne H says:

    I think this vide is one of the sweetest ones I have ever seen!This guy cares about life and want to try and help it along.
    I resent the attitude that all things in nature that are “non-human” should be left completely alone to fend for themselves at all times with reference to “nature”. One impoertant part of “nature” is caring and if this cool guy hadn’e taken this lil hummingbird in it would most likely have died right away in agony or had a worse life. We are one big floofy biomass here on this wird earth and we cannot afford to ignore and kill that much more of our neighbour anipals…

  105. That young guy will make a great father some day. such a tribute to his parents.

  106. No hummingbirds outside of the Americas. If that is a female ruby throat-ed hummingbird, I’d bet this is in the SE US somewhere.

  107. Because this video “is not available in my country” i can’t watch it 😦 , does anyone have a different link?

  108. Attention to all men out there: THIS is what most sane women find attractive and sexy–NOT a six-pack or money.

  109. Yes! I had a bird rehabilitor tell me to leave it alone even though there were cats around. Idiot.

  110. Oops–misspelling–oh well.

  111. I agree.

  112. Me, too!

  113. This is the most AWWWWWWWWWW video I have EVER seen!!! That young man is a treasure.

  114. Martha in Washington says:

    What Robbie said!!

  115. Like you don’t already have 2 of the bestest boys on the planet! Leave some for the rest of us.

  116. Hell, introduce him to me!!!!

  117. Who is looking at the bird? Did you see that guy?!!! O’ to be a tiny humming bird. I would differently buzz him.

  118. awww… That was a really cool video and kudos to that dude’s parents. That hummingbird and bottlebrush trees reminded me of CA too, which was a bonus.

  119. I agree! I swoon over my man when he gets sweet with my (our) pet rats!

  120. I totally agree!!!! Also, I though, what a nice young man. I bet he has a great heart and will grow up to be a good husband and father!

  121. Amen!

  122. Katie, read the comment above that stated
    “According to the young gentleman’s comment on YouTube, the birdie was ready to be released around 2 weeks after the video. He did so, and now the birdie will buzz him occasionally and staaaaare. Then fly away happily.”

  123. LOL! Perfect!

  124. Kathryn, it might be! 🙂 I have Bottle Brush trees in my yard, also. (The ones in the video with the big red plumes). When I do yard work, I get “buzzed” by hummers all the time. They sound like bumble bees. When I look up, they will hover right in front of my face (saying “hi”) and then zoom off. It always makes my day! I intentionally planted those trees just for hummers. I even have one so when I sit on my couch, I can look out the window and see them. 🙂

  125. I completely agree. I have had the same experiences!

  126. Oh, and I want to add that I have a picture of on Osprey (bird of prey) in a tree on one branch and a hummingbird sitting on another branch. (No leaves so it is easy to see against the sky).

  127. I bet you would do it for the hummer too if you were in that position. 🙂 You have a good heart and compassion. AND I would be right there with ya!

  128. 🙂

  129. I wanted to give him a hug! I bet he will grow up to be a great husband and father!!!

  130. I thought Florida as we have TONS of bottle brush trees! Hummers love’em!

  131. Agreed! And your Katie comment made me laugh out loud!

  132. Best story. I am glad you made that boy reflect on what he did! You are amazing! I wish I knew you!

  133. I had someone MAKE a creditcard with my info. $7500 worth of electronics later my bank called and asked about my in-store purchases in TN. Well, since I am in FL…not me! Years ago, in my youth, my apartment was also robbed twice. I don’t have much faith in people, but this video gave me some hope back. I know I would love that boy and wish he was part of my family!

  134. Thanks for clarifying!

  135. Yep, cuddle my kittens….that will get you everything!

  136. The Cute Avenger says:

    Hate to spoil the moment but….
    … that sounds kinda naughty. :O
    -runs away giggling like a little kid-

    But seriously… What Robbie said x9000! What got me about my husband? How much he loved his cats and niece and nephews. And his love for cute things.

  137. The Cute Avenger says:

    Definitely made me homesick for California (Antioch, to be exact), too! Used to watch hummingbirds all the time as a kid.

  138. [usually i address you all with the @commenter tag but is it necessary with this new system? i don’t know, i’ll check. anyways, onto your comment, the cute avenger.]

    as soon as i saw those bottle brushes i also had a heart-squeeze of homesickness for my northern california hometown 😦

  139. Sorry, hun. It’s awful when you’ve been violated – especially in one’s own space. Most things can be replaced, but the broken trust is irreparable. I remember one day coming home with my daughter and finding our door open and things missing. I wanted to pick up all my things and leave forever. People can really suck, but coming here – as you suggested – sure helps to remind us that so many don’t. 😀

  140. You forgot to tag INTER SPECIES SNORGLING!

  141. It’ll be a close call….

  142. Hmmmm. Guess we’ll have to leave you bleeding on the sidewalk if you’re hurt. Wouldn’t want to interfere with nature, you know.

  143. no, that’s right. it’s spelled “imbecile.”

  144. hey now! not so fast with the “money” part.

  145. Katie is right
    though his heart is in the right place and did so much, all good…..he cannot teach that baby how to migrate, how to know a predator when it sees one
    this is just the way it is
    we cannot all just go awwwww without knowing the reality of life

    This makes me happy in one way, that he learned and appreciated the joy of saving a tiny bird
    but lacked the knowledge to actually release it
    so it is bittersweet for me

  146. Never left a comment before, but couldn’t resist. I could watch this clip over and over. Look how much he loves his hooman!!! Awesome.

  147. @mo: at least the human was thoughtful enough to teach the hummingbird how to fly and feed itself.

  148. sooo cute and wonderful! also, this video makes me laugh because this guy is now *set* as far as chicks go, for the rest of his life. ;D

  149. The Cute Avenger says:


    Then I watched the video of the Giants game where the entire ballpark sang “Lights” by Journey (earworm anyone??? :D) and my homesickness got to the point of making me really really teary. /sniffle

  150. First off, adorable video.

    Second, before anyone else comments that he didn’t release it — he DID. Here’s the relevant quotes from his YouTube comments thread:

    @saxybaby123 Yea after almost 2 weeks he looked like he was ready to go, and I walked him outside and off he went. And now whenever i walk outside he sometimes buzzes over to me and stares at me and then flies off. its definitely a touching experience.

    Thank u. Yea, I think he was attacked by a crow. Those are really the only carnivorous birds I’ve seen around here that will attack a nest.

  151. I was just thinking that. He may need bodyguards for school.

  152. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Since animals/boids live in urban areas, there is no “natural” place to leave them when they are injured or abandoned. I live on a hill, with no trees or grass in front of my house, and lots of (unfortunately) roamin’ outdoor kittehs. I would most definitely resuce an animal in front of my house, but I would call an expert, too. FYI – @Cute Avenger and @Sharpie – I am sitting here in SF on a rainy-ish day, waiting for Game 3 of the World Series!

  153. anonymous coward says:

    is the video link dead for others too?

  154. Shadowtiger says:

    Always makes me smile to see a hummer getting rescued. Ever since one fell out of his nest and nearly hit me on the head, prompting about 48 hours of rehab before we could get him to some pros, I’ve had a soft spot for ’em.

    We were just fortunate that the biology department on campus was doing a major research project on hummingbirds and were able to take him in and release him a few days later. Odds were, his parents punted him out of the nest a few days early.

    Taking care of a baby hummer is not easy. Their high metabolism requires feeding regularly and often. Sugar water is relatively easy to make but hard to keep warm and not risk contamination or spoilage. This young man did what appears to be a fantastic job of taking up the herculean task of caring for such a tiny, needy critter.

  155. Thanks for an amazing video. The young man that helped this little critter out has really shown great character and compassion.

  156. Calli Arcale says:

    Hummingbirds are instinctive migrators; their parents do not teach them to do it. They do it when the day reaches a certain length. So this not something the boy kept from the bird. In fact, there is very little that hummingbird parents teach their children. Once the babies are old enough to fledge, they’re pretty much independent. This behavior probably evolved because of the metabolic knife’s edge on which a hummingbird lives — the parents realistically can’t afford to devote time and energy to a baby any longer than absolutely necessary. They also frankly have no fear of humans or other predators which to lose; hummingbirds are famously fearless. (The Aztecs revered them for this trait, believing them to be the spirits of warriors slain in combat, and women killed in childbirth.)

    BTW, are you suggesting he didn’t release it? The replies above indicate that about two weeks after this video was made, he did release it, and it flew off.

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    GOOO Giants!

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  167. mimzysmom says:


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    That’s what I thought! “Ooooh…. this guy is so going to give Jamin a run for his money…”

    As long as we’re going for a poll, what about those kitten-rescuing marines?

  169. Life has been a little rough for me lately, so watching this video brought on full-blown waterworks. But it made me remember what happiness is, and life’s small joys.

  170. Katie is obviously a person who finds negative in everything! If this boy was my son i would be so proud what a caring young boy and he has taken onboard all he needs to properly feed this animal and introducing it to the outside world and bringing it back inside, job well done! no matter how good a person you are you will always find someone to throw something negative at you!

  171. i made katie go to the corn. if you don’t mind, nikky, i’ll just let you have the final word, even though it’s a bit out of context.

  172. Not so. Hummingbirds mature no matter who/what they think is its mother.

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    I think this video, and that young man, are amazing! Thanks for sharing your story.