The Frog Prince has a Serious Napoleon Complex

“Oh yeah, I’m sure she’ll kiss you first, buddy. I mean, what are you going to offer? Calloused man hands?”

“And by the by, my dizzying intellect is insulted by your presumed horrifying stupidity; I can’t give you warts! I will, however, gleefully transmit salmonella.”

Kermit’s bad cousin, Rebecca O.



  1. Denise A. says:

    Napoleon in straitjacket: “But, I AAAAMMM Napoleoohhhnn!”

    Sanitarium orderly: “Zat’s ze twelfth one todaaay.”

    Bugs Bunny: “Hee hee hee” (dons hat and marches off).

  2. OMG OMG OMG how small 🙂
    Very cute!

  3. Oh the teeensy leetle toesies!!
    *attempts to shrink to same size*


  4. bookmonstercats says:

    Frog has ‘tude. Way to go.

    Here’s a crab about same size, also very cute 🙂

  6. 260Oakley says:

    I guess he toad you.

  7. Ah ze misnuscule Monsieur La Grenouille, his petites froggy legs they are safe from the nomming of ze French chefs.

  8. Next to our front door is a flowerbed. Abutting that flowerbed, just in front of the front window, are several bricks laid into the soil, creating a sort of paving. Frogs LOVE to hang out in this area. When we are coming home, and set off the motion-activated light on the front porch, froggies go into Panic Mode and go hoppin’ all over the place. So we have to dodge the froggies, some of which are nearly as tiny as this pugnacious li’l prince.

  9. P.S. Tiny lizards run all over our garage wall, too. 🙂

  10. @ Noelegy – where do you live?!? with teeny tiney froggies and leeezards?!? I want to come visit!

  11. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    GLEE-fully transmit salmonella?? wow.

    Does NOT play nicely with others!!!

  12. frocks = frog ‘tocks

  13. Hmm, the Croak Monsieur is kinda spicy today.

  14. “Your fingerprints are circular and stupid.” haha!!

    So teeny tiny and cute!

  15. “Your fingerprints are circular and stupid”, said the Frog Prince.
    And Frog Prince prints are suckular and stooped.

  16. Your fingerprints are circular and stupid
    is my new favorite insult. I vow to use it at least once today.

    p.s.: fwoggy!

  17. Ceejoe: north central Texas. But there are drawbacks. For example, it is nearly November and still hitting temperatures nearly 90 degrees F. And we generally get a second “tornado season” around this time of year. Yikes!

  18. And ceejoe, I just remembered something properly Silly.

    Our local GEICO office is in a repurposed house on a major interstate. The house has been painted an obnoxiously bright yellow. On this same interstate, near where I live, are two electronic billboards. One of the ads shows the GEICO Lizard and gives the address of the office (“In The Yellow House”).

    So it could be said that in addition to the froggies and leeezards at my own house, I can also boast the GEICO Lizard as a neighbor! 😀

  19. Calling somebody’s hands calloused man hands is not the nicest thing you could have said for an attempt at a joke.

  20. @david

    >>Calling somebody’s hands calloused man hands is not the nicest thing you could have said for an attempt at a joke.

    i’m sure i’m just taking the bait here, but i love a man with calloused hands 🙂

  21. @David and others from the 10-puppeh-post above this one:

    Wow, the harrumph-ers are out in force today. Lighten up, people! I bet your fingerprints are whorled and pedantic.

  22. Isn’t there some way to get a tiny shiney gold crown on those tiny green heads???

  23. Those hands don’t look calloused at all!!! Silly…

  24. Jill–maybe if we took a gold star sticker, sorta rolled it… No wait! Take a bit of a twist-tie, lay the gold star on it & fold the bottom two points of said star backwards, so as to anchor star to twist tie. Then bend twist tie gently around a pencil to create crown like shape. Add a small rubber band or small piece of string to either end of twist tie , so Msr. Frog could secure it if he has to hop after a princess for zeee keees! Voilà!!! 🙂 I saw this in the latest issue of Martha Stoat-the source for critter creations!

    no, I

  25. Anyway I cannot stop for idol chatter, I have a world to dominate.

  26. So teeny tiny cutie!

  27. My favorite new insult: You’re like a pig without its blanket.

  28. I am mini…in a pair of freakishly giant hands!!

  29. bob drummond says:

    I used to have a green frog once He was much bigger than the prince shown here .He croaked in 1976 after six years with me.I still miss him .I called him Crosby and ,yes, I also had two Turtles named Stills and Nash. Who sez pets have to be warm and furry?

  30. bookmonstercats says:

    @tracylee, don’t forget to say it in a Fronch accent for maximum effect.

  31. Anna von Beav says:

    I don’t comment much, but I HAD TO in order to tell you that “Your fingerprints are circular and stupid” is possibly THE BEST THING OF MY LIFE.

    Thank you.

  32. I WOULD kiss him but I’m afraid I’ll suck him down mah lung. How ’bout… /blows kiss?

  33. Amen Anna von Beav.

    I have some red rope lights around the window behind my bed. Yesterday, my girlfriend said to me in a suggestive email: “Baby, we could turn on the ho lights ; )”.

    I thought that was the best thing of my life.

    But this makes me question it all.

  34. Can I just say, “Truly you have a dizzying intellect.” Princess Bride anyone? Anyone?

  35. yeah, casey?
    next time i’m trying to talk you up i’ll just insult you! or better yet, send you photographs of small, slimy, condescending amphibians.
    no ho-lights for you.
    question that.

  36. Oops.

  37. @casey and yvette: all right you kids, what’s going on back there? i’ll stop the car, i really will.

  38. <.<