Bunday Handout

As part of the National Bunnification Initiative, everyone gets a free bunny!

Full story from Flickr user Susan G.: “My son came across this wee bunny when trimming the grass. A little while later, he set it free to be with his family — away from harm’s way!”



  1. GIMME!!!

  2. victoreia says:

    Teeny bun!

  3. crystalrabbit7 says:


    I actually squeaked out loud when I saw this…my fiance dashed into the room to see what happened, and then he smiled too (-:3

  4. Bunkeh Rabbets says:

    Stubbular bunkeh rabbet!

    Happy Bunday indeed 😀

  5. muttluver says:

    Hmm…….. seems like some people could take offense to a human holdin a wild bun. I’ll get the popcorn ready, just in case.

    And OMG, CUTE

  6. It’s Peter Rabbit! Wild buns are some of the cutest.

  7. How small and cute :)!

  8. Does the bunny have what you would call a “uni-ear?”

  9. Ooh, such a cute bunny morsel! And I heartily approve of the National Bunnification Initiative.

  10. little feets!

  11. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    I like his elegant hand posishe and entirely approve of his disapproval
    (see Hovertext)!!! He looks tres regal.

  12. Not that Bob, the other Bob says:

    Little bun almost got a harecut.

  13. AFAIK you should never go near wild baby bunnies because their parents will abandon them immediately if they smell the human scent in them.

  14. victoreia says:

    Buns learn disapproval young, don’t they?

  15. Actually, I don’t dare show this picture to my friends because they would say that this bunny is going to die because of human stupidity of touching it.

  16. Actually at this size, the bun is probably already weaned. I know he looks small, but they’re not dependent on Mama Bun for long.

  17. http://www.snopes.com/critters/wild/babybird.asp

    No, please, let’s go over this again.

  18. Look at that face. You can almost hear that tiny “harumph”.

  19. Still too young and tender to have developed the proper disapproval outlook on life.

  20. We (fortunately) found a hole with baby bunnies in it before cutting the grass with our old school blade mower (would have been awful).

    Apparently mom bunnies are the worst mommies ever – stop, drop and give birth, then cover over the hole with grass to protect the babies from predators in the day.

    Anyway, I am not spamming, but if you want to see videos of day old bunnies, you can see what I took here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDzke-JlVaQ

    They were so cute. I watched them for four days… then they were gone. Usually it takes them two weeks to mature and hop away, so I hope they were just moved by mom…..

    p.s. Thanks for da bunny!!

  21. crazy weinerdog lady says:

    hovertext CRACKS me UP! lol 🙂

  22. Janeyferr says:

    I hope he’s not a low income bun, that grass doesn’t grow itself you know.

  23. Some people might frown upon handouts, but in this case I think I would be first in line to get my free bunbun. It’s something everyone should have to be happy in life.

  24. I was waitin’ for a BunnDay post!
    I will take 2 please…..I don’t want him/her to be lonely. I can snorgle them alternately 🙂

    thanks for the post!

  25. Yep – once they have fur and open eyes they are capable of making it on their own. CUTE bunbun!

  26. And just in case someone wants to argue that baby birds are not baby bunnies: http://www.hrschicago.org/newbabyfr.html

  27. ooooh ooooh ooooooh super squeeeeee

  28. 260Oakley says:

    Is it Palm Bunday already?

  29. muttluver says:

    Oakley: XD

    N. Fritz: Heh, good call. Mamma buns are called does?

  30. Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve seen such blatant dangling limb.

  31. CariceLaur says:

    Contrary to popular belief, mother rabbits will NOT abandon their babies if they have been handled. They are far too good of mothers to simply dump a youngster just because it smells different.

    Furthermore, if a young rabbit is in a dangerous location, it can be moved to a safer place without much danger to it. I have told others to take a cloth or other soft material, gently wipe it on the young rabbit and then place the baby in a safe spot. To aid in the mother’s search for her young, dragging the cloth from the original location to it’s new location helps. Of course, their sense of smell is good enough they would eventually come across the baby.

    These myths cause many unnecessary deaths in wild animals, and expert advice from wildlife websites are the best way to go. I have been formally trained by rehabilitators and wildlife experts and I still don’t know everything. It’s always best to get advice from those who have the right facts before passing on information to others.

  32. @mikko

    >>AFAIK you should never go near wild baby bunnies because their parents will abandon them immediately if they smell the human scent in them.

    trust me, if wild rabbits were so delicate, they’d be rarer than than unicorns. i’ve picked up (and rescued from my dogs) many wild baby bunnies who go on to live, happy, productive lives. well, most of them, anyways. last summer i found a little nest of them in my strawberry patch. they were treated to a great deal of rat terrier nose snuffling. i kept an eye on them, kept the gate closed and they were fine. that’s the rabbit’s life. just like project runway: “one day you’re in, and the next, you’re out.”

  33. Sure it may not harm the baby, but why take a chance?

  34. Mouf sized Bun morsel.

  35. Martha in Washington says:

    Is this one of President Obama’s new policies? Ok, I’m voting for him again! Maybe it’ll be puppies next time!

  36. Oh no…not a tea bun! (yeah, I went there)

    As for disapproving, maybe not in the eyes just yet but def on the lips. They learn so young, don’t they?

  37. So do I have to kneel to kees da paw? Ok.
    Is it just me or is wee bun eyeing that blade of grass with a “THIS isn’t clover!!!” look in his/her eye?

  38. ** waits in line until it is her time to receive a bunny
    ** takes bunny
    ** goes back to the end of the line
    * repeats

  39. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Bunny Hop:

    oh heck!!! I think I’ll do the SAME THING!!

    *gets in line*

  40. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    and @ Hon Glad: izzit a Cinnamon Bun? 🙂

  41. Somebody else can have mine, I’ve already got a 8lb lop-eared spoiled rotten handful of daily disapproval to deal with.

  42. Oooh, where does the line start?
    Please sir, can I get an extra bun for my little brother who’s home sick in bed?

  43. Bundaaay, sunny Bunday!

  44. @ Annie: Thanks, I’ll take yours, since I did NOT get my Bunday handout. ::Radiates disapproval::

  45. ONO – Please splain am not undershtanding.

  46. @bunny hop

    don’t worry, there’s an endless supply. however, please do not attempt to hide buns in cheeks.

  47. 260Oakley says:

    Yes, definitely no buns in cheeks. We don’t want them to be the butt of any jokes.

  48. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Hon Glad

    Me sowwy. You sed “Mouf sized Bun morsel” ( @ # 34)

    Me question is: is the Bun, a cinnamon Bun????
    (me fav0rite flaverr.) 🙂

    Me try to “shriek Engrish” bettew, next time ???

  49. Awwwwww!

  50. What is the limit on the bunnehs? Is it one per guest? Is it just what you can carry? Is it just what you can tote in a shopping bag? Are carts allowed? Wheelbarrows? A pickup truck? A semi?

    These questions NEED answers, I gotta figure out how much space I gotta have for housing, sleeping, potty, and recreation areas! How many tiny little pillows, how much food, chewies…

  51. Take this *hands out item* it will help you on your way..

  52. warrior rabbit says:

    TJ, I was waiting for that one… Amazed it took until #51!

  53. Thanks to those who debunk the “mamas will abandon their babies” myth. The mother will just clean the icky human-smell off of her babies and go on about her business. If she feels they are threatened, she will move the whole lot of them to a new location.

  54. Thank you guys so much for the concrete information!! I now know exactly what to do with the nests of baby buns so often found out in the countryside where I live. Just wipe em’ off and put them back!!
    I will also feel tons less guilty about the pre-homecoming snorgle I give them ^_^

  55. I will take one oreo cream bunneh plz. *Takes bunneh and snorgles it*

  56. @260Oakley

    oh no, i’m much too smart to go for the easy wisecracks.

  57. O NO He/ She/ It Di-unt!!! says:

    @ mamabear: I entirely sympathize with your asking whether one might bring a semi for bunny-buns. Makes sense to moi.

  58. I may be palm sized but I disapprove with the best of them.

  59. Er…

    “… he set it free to be with his family — away from harm’s way!”

    The lad set IT free so that HE, the lad, could be with his family and out of harm’s way.

    The wee bunny doesn’t look at all harmful to me.

  60. Now this is a government handout I could enthusiastically support.

  61. O No – I was just being dim but the light bulb above my head is working now 🙂

  62. Mmmmmm…Tapas!

  63. Aww..Larry he isn’t a snack! 😦

  64. cassandra says:


  65. (said in Oprah voice)
    “you get a bunny! AND YOU get a bunny! EVERYBODY gets a bunny!”

  66. Cute?
    I should think not.
    That, gentlefolk, is a bunny shuriken caught mid flight before snozzling some poor soul helpless.

  67. O NO He/ She/ It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ HonGlad: the bulb above MY head, works similarly to the one in the ‘frig:
    unless somebody’s standing RIGHT THERE, and the door’s open,

    THAT bulb is just kinda flickerin’….!!!! 🙂

  68. i so wantz anotha bun!!!!!

  69. Uh, something that’s not an issue for one animal could very well be an issue for another animal. I’m not saying baby bunnies will be rejected if handled because I have no idea, but that link is totally irrelevant.

  70. I mean, it is true: baby birds aren’t baby bunnies.

  71. come on its so cute


  73. awww that’s so itty and bitty!

  74. its sooo cute and tiny.its calm in the dudes hand too.so ADORABLE!!!!!!

  75. Katherine says:

    oh my gosh….. cuteness!!!!

  76. please spread the word that if you touch a wild animal.. such a a baby animal.. such as a baby bunny.. and “set it free” to its family the mother wont want it anymore because it doesn’t smell like her baby it smells like YOU. so next time resist the cuddly lil creature and beckon it back into its hole with a piece of cardboard.

  77. It’s soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo CUTE!!! 🙂

  78. It’s ADORABLE!!!

  79. 77 comments and nobody’s made the obvious joke. I shall take it unto myself.

    “It’s dangerous to go alone! Take this.”


  81. I want it. *grabby hands*