High Five!

Internet floater (literally!) whale + dude just made it’s way over to us. It may be related to the SF Chronicle article about a detangled whale saying thanks. Time to check Snopes.

Sent in by the fabulous Nina Belanger.



  1. “Nice to meet you, I’m a whale.”

  2. Whoa!

  3. Absolutely beautiful.

  4. Breathtaking!

  5. 260Oakley says:

    “Long time, no sea!”

  6. I read that in Borat’s accent…

  7. That Snopes story about the divers freeing the trapped whale is one of the most amazing things I’ve ever read. I’m so glad it’s true! I’m all teary-eyed now.

  8. The Snopes story made me cry. So nice to hear when good things happen in the world.

  9. @260oakley

    wow. i mean, WOW.

    (and with a little wave, moby was gone.)

  10. If you want to see a moving documentary on the whaling industry and dolphins in particular, then you should definitely watch “The Cove”.
    I watched it on Netflix but check out the video on their website and you will see.

  11. I’m a blubbery sobbing mess! Save the Whales!

  12. That’s one of Marco Queral’s photos. There’s no tangling/detangling involved.

  13. Queen of Dork says:

    Holy Crap! Is that photo real? Is that diver holding a can of beer in his right hand? Am I dreaming? Wow! Whales and dolphins just rock the world with their awesomeness. I LOVE them!

  14. A.W.E.S.O.M.E!

  15. Some days I wonder if there are and redeaming qualities left in humanity. I read the story on snopes, and cried. Thank you – I really needed this today.

  16. I envy that scuba diver SO MUCH!

  17. 260Oakley says:

    You know their meeting like that was a total fluke.

  18. Thanks, meg and benj.
    Whale of a tail from the snopes opera, but nice pic anyway: I still made a whale-song cute-attack noise: ahem: BlupclickbrrrrakkkkEwwwweeEEEEEEEEooooo.

  19. *tale*, dammit!

  20. @ 260Oakley:

    That pun of yours made me say “wow…”, lol.

  21. My father thought this was shopped. In lieu of this, I actually DID shop it.


  22. “hey man, how ya baleen!?”

    awesome photo

  23. There was a really great Radiolab episode with that story in it.

  24. Put it there pal !

  25. Thank you! Not only for the picture, but the link to Snopes that told the story. Incredible!!

  26. patty cake patty cake bakers man !

  27. Get ready for the most hardcore game of ‘slide’ ever!

  28. Stephanie says:

    Benjamin, thanks for the Marco Queral link — more great pictures there.

    Re: the whale rescue story, I found this longer Reader’s Digest version here:

  29. Ditto on the Snopes story comments. This is the kind of stuff that makes life LIFE. Anyone who’s had an encounter with any wild animal knows how profound that feeling is. It’s true – you can never be the same. And yet I can’t imagine this…a magnficent, fabulous, glorious, beautiful whale! There are no words for this joy. LUCKY diver!

  30. bookmonstercats says:

    The only thing that overwhelms me more than 260O’s puns and NOMTOM’s narratives is something like this. Brushing tears away right now.

  31. rescuers: You’re the best! So good to read that people are willing to risk their lives to save a beautiful whale!

  32. Now thats a awsome photo and that person had the best experience ever:)

  33. Aquard moment # 200:
    My belleh is ready! Where is the snorgler I ordered?

  34. cambridge_rat_mom says:

    “its” way not “it’s” way. it’s = it is. sorry I’m a technical writer/editor 😦

  35. OMG really COOL!

    Wish to experience something like that….

  36. PrincessFiona says:

    I love a good “fishing” story…this is one of the best!

  37. I never know there is a Melanesian whale.

  38. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ok, I”m enjoying the profundity and also 2600’s excellence.

    Would anybody mind deeply, if I try one teensy little punchline, directed at the
    Peanut Gallery?

    “Ya shoulda seen, the one that got away!!!”

    (runs and hides from rotten vegetation being thrown at me)

  39. ~sniff!~ So happy, I’m weeping with joy, what a fantastic story!

  40. Er, could you give me a tow?

  41. This is so beautiful, and yet so sad when I remember there aren’t many whales left. I can’t believe humans are still killing those beautiful peaceful creatures just for their taste. This is what really makes me cry..

  42. @theresa

    “Nice to meet you, I’m a whale.”


  43. @benjamin

    >>That’s one of Marco Queral’s photos. There’s no tangling/detangling involved.

    wow, beautiful! the image is still a good illustration for the story. i bet whales have pictures of scuba divers on THEIR cuteoverload.coms.

  44. @260oakley



  45. Looks like the diver has a microphone and is about to interview Ms. Whale.. and I LOVE Snopes.com— where else am I going to get the skinny on kidney-stealing and such? (http://www.snopes.com/horrors/robbery/kidney.asp)

  46. Thanks, Stephanie!

    Great photoshopping there Lyssaboo. But why a doctor? Hmm, more questions abound. 😀

  47. Jim March says:

    In that pic here on CO, look at the whale’s eye – he’s looking right at the diver.

  48. Whale: “EHN!!!”

  49. Oh my. I read the story and now I’m all teary. The photo is amazing as well. Isn’t it too bad that life can’t be like this all the time?

  50. I think this deserves a rescute tag in recognition of the bi-speciest efforts to free this handsome fellow.

  51. Absolutely beautiful.

  52. Wow – what a great photo – this is awsome – to be able to be with ” A Great One ” and get such an awsome photo.

  53. I don’t understand. Is that an actual image of the whale in question? It wasn’t on the Snopes page and I could swear there’s another flickr photo like that (of a humpback calf “dancing” with a photographer, while Mom looks on)

  54. Kristabelle says:

    Marie – that’s one of the doctors from the show Scrubs – he was always “five-ing” people. Lyssaboo – you could have used Barney Stinson in there too! Whale-five! 😀

  55. “I speak Whale” – Dory the Fish

  56. I’m with everyone on the story via snopes. I can’t stop the tears from the beautiful story…

  57. @Lyssaboo – All right, why a doc? Why a doc, why-a no chicken? (shamelessly stolen from Chico Marx)

    actually looks more like a low five to me….

  58. Aww, this is absolutely beautiful.

  59. Whale’s like “yeah homie!”

  60. Dangit Cat, you beat me to it! The way this story is told on RadioLab makes me tear up almost every time I hear it.

  61. OMG – The Todd!! Awesome! Detanged-and-Thankful-Whale FIve.

  62. *Detangled

  63. That’s Todd (aka The Todd) from the sitcom “Scrubs.” He’s prone to give high-fives given any situation.

  64. Lillykitty says:

    Whether or not the photo and the story are connected is of no importance to me. They’re both beautiful. Thank you for sharing.

  65. HOW BADASS IS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!! They are livin life I SAY!