Horrified by Being Called a “Cougar”, Muffy Takes Drastic Measures

“Wow, I am seriously regretting that brow lift…Can I get some eye drops?”

On the plus side, she kicks ass at staring contests, Scott W.  Photo by Hauke



  1. Seal pointage! I love it! And those big blue eyes…

  2. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    YAY a *plink*plink TAG!!!


  3. victoreia says:

    Mine! [running with kitteh]

  4. Sinatra was Old Blue Eyes this sweetie is Young Blue Eyes!

  5. 260Oakley says:

    “Kit” girl, Clara Botox

  6. Snorgle-worthy babeh kitteh!

  7. Denise A. says:

    O Oakley, thou hast outdone thyself. Do I spoil it if I help the youngsters get the reference?


  8. So 260O, how long does it take you to come up with these? I mean, is it like instantaneous lightning bolt inspiration or do you have to think and think and think “what would be a good pun?” Because seriously, whatever you’ve got should be bottled up and marketed for the continuation of the species!

  9. 260Oakley says:

    @Denise A.
    Thanks for the link to the Bowvine Miss Clara. But I would like to state for the record that I first learned about her in film class, NOT by going to any of her premieres.

  10. 260Oakley says:

    @N. Fritz
    They come upon me punawares.

  11. Denise A. says:

    Tee hee. The Shakespearean is just a mark of reverence. As for the youngsters, perhaps our comments will inspire a new generation of classic film buffs. And Warner Bros. connoisseurs.

  12. Mesmereyes

  13. Look at her cute blue eyes :)! AWWW

  14. she is definitely winning the staring contest we are having right now…

  15. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ HON GLAD:

    (Announcer Voice: “And the crowd goes WILD with enthusiasm”)

    Vocabulary Kin B Fun.

  16. What a sweet lil bean.

  17. I’ve always been a sucker for a seal point.

  18. On tonight’s episode of CatNip/Tuck

  19. OMG…looks just like my new babeh!!! who named herself, loosely after a disaster with a similar name, CATrina! I love her anyway! She can be soooo sweet ….then full ON mode kicks into gear and WOWIE ZOWIE …she’s running at full speed.

  20. She makes me laugh hysterically with her silly kittyan antics and that’s the BEST medicine there is on this good earth. Her purringks are music to my ears!

  21. @N. Fritz. You wonder about 260Oakley and her continued, deadly punnage? After studying her for quite some time, I realized that she is actually a random data generator instituted by the Borg for their nefarious use. As we fall down on the floor, doubled up and limp with laughter, they zoom in and harvest us for the hive. Be afraid; be very afraid…..

  22. O NO He/She/IT DI-unt!!! says:

    yay flutterby and CATrina !!!

  23. CATrina, bwahahaha. Oh what a cutie pie! Smooch.

  24. @260….you are the most puntaneous person I’ve ‘seen’.

  25. I love it when kittayns are at that slightly wall-eyed, vaguely worried expression age. And the fact that this is a Meezer makes it even sweeter. I want to kiss her li’l chocolate nose.

  26. I AM WEIRD

  27. 😈 I so want to snorgle that kitty 😈

  28. flutterby says:

    Teh kitty above iz not mine, just looks like a spitting image of her (no pun intended).

    My brother is going to take some pics, so maybe I’ll submit if CO-worthy!

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    What a gorgeous kitty! Mine just finished eating his din-din and did his usual hop, skip and run, happy prance, licking his chops from the kitchen to the couch where I was sitting. And I said my usual, (to him) “Did you just have yummers? What a good boy! Did you just eat yummers? Such a good, furry, baby boy!” (I know. I’m quite pathetically owned by my cat). Yummers? mmmmmmmm! Were they yummy?! Good baby boy! Mommy loves her wittle skoodle boodle!…(and so on). (blushes furiously). he-he. can’t help it. My cat is adorable.

  30. Fathered by Marty Feldman!

  31. 😆 Sounds like your kitty is one spoiled boy (but who’s kitty is not) as well as being so adorable, Queen of Dork 😆