Oh, My Head!

Unngghhh… That’s the last time I mix tequila, vodka, Red Bull and carrot juice again!

Hare of the dog, Scott T.?



  1. Aww, poor little fella!

  2. Awww, he’s so cute. I love how bunnies lay down, One minute hopping out of control, the next minute *Flop*

  3. Wow, clean bathroom and cute bunny

  4. poor little thing…

  5. Nobody puts Bunny in a corner!

    *snorgle snorgle snorgle snorgle*

  6. Ooh, bunneh, I hope you don’t wake up the next day with mysterious, inexplicable bruises that no one seems to know how you got. 😯

    No, I don’t say that from experience. Why do you ask?


  7. *high-five* to Lizzy!

  8. Clean bathroom, Barry? Did you not see the giant dust bunny in the corner?

  9. Life is just a bowl full of hare-y’s.

  10. LOL cute bunny indeed 😀

  11. Martha in Washington says:

    Poor Bunneh! What were you thinking! Never, NEVER mix vodka and carrot juice!

  12. MamaDawn in Tulsa says:

    To quote George Carlin: “one tequila, two tequila, three tequila, floor”

  13. Personally, whenever I find a pet on the bathroom floor my immediate reaction is worry but I suspect in this case sweet bun is holding that pesky floor down so that it doesn’t wobble away.

  14. Sasha's Mum says:

    Bunny is collapsed with exhaustion because she just finished her chores, namely, cleaning the bathroom. Obvy.

  15. *in hushed British documentary narrator voice*
    The elusive lagermorph is prone to retreating to its warren late at night or in the early hours of the morning. They can be found here in a near-comatose state, hibernating in their burrow away from any light, sounds, or smells that may disturb it. They will surface in the late hours of the afternoon, during which time they may be observed enjoying a day filled with barley and hops.

  16. *pout*
    My train is stuck in the Moderation Station. 😦

  17. um. cleanest bathroom floor ever?

  18. Brinnan, I get mysterious bruises all the time, but not from drinking. I’m just a klutz with a bad memory. 😀

  19. AuntieBellum, I get those kinds too. 😆 The others just happened once. But they were extensive and expansive enough to raise some eyebrows. 😯 Especially the two on my forehead.

  20. Bunny is in the corner, composing a Dear John letter.

  21. Yeah, strangely enough I only glanced at the bunny and thought “what a spotlessly clean bathroom”. Shows where my focus is.

  22. @brinnann

    >>*pout* My train is stuck in the Moderation Station. 😦

    i might regret saying this, but i wonder why you guys don’t just read other peeps’ comments while waiting to read your own. it might be stuck in moderation but we will all rejoice when it goes live and it won’t be long before it does!

  23. 😳 I’m sorry, Sharpy. I’m just whining. 😦

  24. GingerBean says:

    oh bun-bun, won’t you ever learn? and I concur on cleanest bathroom ever. wow.

  25. @margot:: …dust bunny… *snerk* Well played!

  26. Retired Hippie says:

    @brinann – just how did you explain the bruises on your forehead?

  27. Hyura: “um. cleanest bathroom floor ever?”

    Word for word my exact reaction – except I was going to leave out “floor.” ;D My mind is officially blown. Cuuute “dust bunny” too. Har!

  28. Scrubbing Bunnbles

  29. Retired Hippie, I told the truth: For the first time ever, I got drunk enough to black out (and have no intention of repeating the experience). I don’t remember anything after a certain point, though my boyfriend tells me I was coherent when they put me in bed. I woke up the next day still dressed, but with my face washed and my contacts placed properly in their case and in the bathroom closet. What I think happened is that I was still conscious when I did all this, but judging by the size, shapes, and placement of bruises, I must’ve fallen while I was in the bathroom getting ready for bed. Perfectly round bruise on my upper arm had to be from the door handle, and the ones on the backs of my hips were the exact height of the bathroom counter. The ones on my head could’ve come from the counter, the door, the wall, the floor…Who knows? I think I may have even given myself a wee concussion. 😯

  30. marie, i just noticed the toilet now, and yes, i stand corrected. it is simply the cleanest bathroom (not just floor), ever.

  31. Awww – my bunny loves tile floors. They are cool on her furry tummy.

  32. When I was little we had bunnies. In the summer we’d take 2-liter soda bottles, fill them with water, and freeze them. The buns LOVED to lay next to them to keep cool.

  33. And that’s why I stick to wine, and avoid mixed drinks!

  34. warrior rabbit says:

    @sharpy I read all the comments first, then post. (Shocking, I know.) So then I have nothing to do while awaiting, um… release. (Though I don’t think I’ve been moderated in a while.) I mean, you don’t expect me to do actual work in the interim, do you? Tsk. You and my boss, so demanding.

  35. It’s the carrot juice that does it…

  36. Warrior Rabbit, I do that too. That way I run a much lower risk of repeating what someone else may have already said.

  37. Oh Bunny stick to sarsaparilla next time.

    Confession time: I woke up with a black eye bruising and a spoilt Christmas

  38. Hon Glad, thankfully no Christmases were spoiled, but the same night produced a broken nose and consequent black eyes for my boyfriend. 😆 Boy were we a sightly pair!

    *sits with rapt attention* Soooooo… We can haz story Hon Glad?

  39. I have a confession myself: While y’all are all praising the cleanliness of the bathroom, I am scrolling quickly past it. Bathrooms creep me out. 😳

  40. Hare she blows?

    That picture and caption are buntastic. 😉

  41. Poor, poor bunneh. Bad hare day? (*snork*)

  42. Retired Hippie says:

    Briann…so glad no major injuries resulted from that and props to you for telling the truth. I’ve done the “drink so much you don’t remember how you got where you are” thing before. And I’ve done the “drink so much you give yourself a concussion” thing before too..well, actually the concussion was from the drunken fool on the dance floor flailing his arms. Wacked me upside my head so hard I went stumbling across the dance floor before I fell head first onto a table…then the floor. In a strapless formal gown. Truly, a sight to behold.

  43. Retired Hippie says:

    Oh…and yes, Hon Glad….we can haz storee plz? *sits rapt with attention*

  44. you peeple are cracking me up… I only had that many drinks *once* – never did it again, and it was years ago, back in college – it was be/c of mixing together too many kinds of alcohol. groan…

    Sharpy – I’m with brinnann and warrior rabbit on reading first before posting. Can’t you just give us a list of words or phrases that trigger the Moderation Station, and stop us all from whiiiiiiniiiiing…. 😉

  45. O No He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ ceejoe: once upon a time, sharpy did so….the specific item that she (?) listed which comes to my own memory, from the list was:

    “Be kind …..rewind”.

    Odd Things on CO

  46. @ceejoe, brinnann and warrior rabbit and just about everyone else in the peanut gallery 🙂

    i see what you’re saying. it all looks different from back here.

    you may continue whining 😉 and i will continue learning 🙂

    and i wish i could give you that list, but it’s a really long one and they don’t all make sense. it’s not just words, it’s some mysterious ESSENCE. i think the Moderator2000 does respond well to sacrificial offerings left at the gate.

  47. Retired Hippie, you had me going 😯 through your story. Until I got to “in a strapless formal gown.” Then it was 😯 , 😯 , 😯 , 😆 .

  48. *digs in desk drawer for sacrificial offerings*

    I have some really pretty paperclips with a damask tab on top. Do you think that’ll work? And a Halloween kitteh pen that meows and lights up blue eyes when you push his head.

    *bows before Moderator2000*

    I also have a bowl full of peppermints, flower-shaped sticky notes, and star-shaped sticky notes…

  49. Well girls and boys are you sitting comfortably – It was when I didn’t really drink I was mixing Brandy and whiskey (don’t mix the grape and the grain) I stepped outside the cold it hit me and I hit the pavement. My friends who were pretty sozzled tried to take me into a club the bouncer threw me out, they then tried to get a taxi to take me then they phoned my dad to collect me and I got home. My shirt was ripped my arms near pulled out their sockets and a black eye. I didn’t get spectacularly drunk again till my 21st but that’s another story. 🙂

  50. geez, I don’t have much to top brinnann… how about a metallic balloon with no air remaining that says It’s Not The Age It’s The Attitude! looks cool pinned up on a cube wall…
    that’s it for my offering /deep bow/

  51. The bathroom looks perfectly fine to me. No need to get plastered.
    Poor wee bun, I have just the cure for you. Vinegar and Windex tea, with a slice of pickled herring pizza. Down the hutch!

  52. Ceejoe, you can borrow my purple and orange pens, and my fig-scented candle that’s never been lit.

    I’m saving the baby that came out of last year’s Mardi Gras King Cake. We may need it later if our offerings do not appease.

  53. Retired Hippie says:

    @ Briann – and I’m proud to report there were no “wardrobe malfunctions” as a result of that incident. 😉 It did earn me the nick name “Grace” for the rest of the semester though.

  54. That is a brave bunny mama leaving the lid up like that! My buns hop up onto everything, so I keep my closed just in case…would hate to find them splashing around…

    @Oakley, your “Dear John” letter Cracked. Me. Up. 🙂

  55. Nikki – Yep, it’s definitely “closing time”.

  56. @brinann: I imagine that last comment about the baby will raise some questions, not to mention eyebrows. When I taught English overseas, I described King Cake for my students and made them draw what I was describing. They never knew what to do with the baby! 🙂

  57. N.Fritz, I kinda figured it would. 😆 Unless you’ve seen it for yourself, you can’t imagine why (or how!) there’d be a baby in a cake.

  58. Goldie Cat says:

    I find my kitties lying on the bathroom/kitchen floor because the tiles are much cooler than the rest of the house.

  59. Worried for the buns says:

    I agree with Nikki! Close that lid! A bun might jump up and fall in head first unable to get out :(. Would hate to say goodbye to my house bunny like that.

  60. janet2buns says:

    HRH Queen Phoebe likes to lie *behind* the toilet, especially in the summer. I guess it’s because there’s cool porcelain above and cool tile below.

  61. bookmonstercats says:

    @Frank, I was about to make the same comment about the carrot juice.

    Many years ago, I went on a hen night for a friend, where I didn’t know any of the other “hens”, so somebody kindly advised me to have a couple of “Red Witches” to loosen me up and conquer the shyness. The ingredients were something like the ones listed above, minus the carrot juice (probably – it was in Liverpool). The only thing I remember afterwards is that I became drunk from the feet upwards. Never again.

  62. Hugging your toilet bowl all night is the door to the adulthood, little bunbun! 😀

  63. Awwww……too much fun will wear you out little guy 😉 So tie, tie!!

  64. poor little drunk bunneh!

  65. wow that is a really clean bathroom!

  66. As far as sacrifices to Mod2000 go, I’ve got a lovely bunch of coconuts! 🙂

  67. Rachel of Cyberia says:

    Larry Miller! The five levels of drinking! I love that bit. “Who’s Ruby?”

  68. Hyura – Lol!! No kidding.

    I mean who are these people? You could do surgery on that floor! Pristine bathroom AND cutest rabbit ever? Might not be the lottery but it’s close enough. 😀

  69. ‘…and THIS TIME, I mean it!’

    Lol, great hover text. Must have been taken from the excellent Larry Miller’s, ‘5 Levels of Drinking’ routine! 😉

  70. superbunny says:

    Really funny caption. As you can probably tell by my name, I LOVE bunnies!

  71. superbunny says:

    Oh, and by the way, my animals (a whippet and a Siamese) NEVER look for cool places, always the warmest place they can find, either on top of a heat register or in front of the fireplace.

  72. Killer Klown says:

    Hee. Actually, none of my buns – nor my Husky – ever liked tile floors. Floofy feet + linoleum + hyperactive critter = self-propelled hockey puck.

  73. Our bunny likes to lie behind the toilet.

  74. lol @ self-propelled hockey puck! I’ll have to remember that… I have all wood or tile floors (easier to clean in an animal-centric household), and I also have several skittish kittehs (previous foster kittehs, so don’t know all of their backgrounds or what makes them such scaredy cats), so every time the doorbell rings, it’s mass confusion and panic, trying to get a purchase and run to hide. I always want to laugh at the ridiculousness of it all, but I know it’s not funny to them… (bad mommy!)

  75. Hyura…its not clean there is a dust bunny in the corner! 🙂

  76. Killer Klown says:

    Yeah; the buns have learned that the sound of the refrigerator=possible carrot/lettuce/basil treat, so they come running every time they hear it. Most of the time they remember to stop at the threshold where carpet meets linoleum, but every so often one misses the mark and goes skittering in; then it’s furry feets flying all over the place as he scrabbles back to ‘dry land’, or whatever his little brain parses it as, and I get this most disgruntled ‘Dude, WTF was that??’ look.

  77. Talking to God on the big white telephone, yurrp oh God, yurrp oh God.
    Shouting Ruth down the big white telephone. Ruuth splatter splatter.

  78. My first two cats liked to chase each other through the house, which had wall-to-wall carpeting. Then they arrived in the kitchen, which had linoleum. Sam, the athletic guy, always kept his traction and could jump onto the counter without breaking stride. Penrod, who was more of a klutz, skidded on the floor every time and could only stop by hitting the cupboard door. While he got his brain together again, Sam would jump past him and take off again. Repeat indefinitely.

  79. I’m keeping one of my kittehs at my boyfriend’s house, and he only has wood and tile floors, which she’s not used to. I think she rather enjoys sliding through the house at top speed. 😆 Especially lat at night. 🙄

  80. *late

  81. @kathyp

    Have you had a kitty named Jashber yet? Or Wistful Duke? Props for the Tarkington inspiration!! I can’t believe no one has made a movie of those books.

  82. Little tired bun-bun! I want to pet it.

  83. “Thank you toilet bowl! Thank you for being cool on the side. You’re the only friend I got.” (Apologies to Bill Cosby).

  84. I think she needs a little hare of the dog.

  85. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!!! says:

    brinnann: the contents of your “drawer” are….impressive ….

    *gets boggle-eyed just thinking about them*

  86. Queen of Dork says:

    I have an Easy Button that was given to me by a Staples rep who visited my work. Will that work?

  87. xD Adorable
    Reminds me of my sisters bunny :p When he was here to stay over he didn’t like any place as much as the toilet :p (He even did his doodoo there, but let’s just forget about that …)

  88. That bun bun is POOPED! ha ha…. get it?

  89. Whoa, spoiler alert! First scene from Hangover II (where little boozin’ bunny is replacing Mel Gibson)

  90. Such libelous statements about such a cute bun. The fuzzy litttle personal bathroom attendant has exhausted himself scrubbing the room spotless and remains on “duty”. (Does he do windows?)

  91. Adorable 🙂

  92. awww its a bunny hangoverD:

  93. My dog loves to slide across my hardwood floors, and I suspected he does it on purpose. However, when he sacks out for the night, only cashmere or warm wool will be warm enough to sleep under. I used to have a second dog, and he loved to lay on the cool hardwood floors, and didn’t want anything covering him. Here’s the dilemma – why does a black dog prefers to be as warm as possible, baking in the sun while a white Maltese prefers to be as cool as possible? Never could figure that one out. Bunny is adorable in the bathroom.