A Very Misleading Picnic Lunch Featuring Delicious Lardo

“Ciao! Il benvenuto! Come, sit! Sit! I so glad you here for lunches on this most beautiful day with me, Delicious Lardo!

Perhaps not the salty goodness one had in mind, Tara I.



  1. tasty!

  2. harumph! This is how you treat a guest at a picnic? Now stop thinking about bacon and sausage rolls and pick me some tasty grass. Chop chop!

  3. skippymom says:

    Hmm, pondering which wine pairs best with Lardo….

  4. victoreia says:

    Nose beep!

    And do I detect a leetle bit of tongue?

  5. skippymom says:

    Now that I’ve read it a few times, I’m confused. At first I thought his name was Delicious Lardo and he was referring to himself. Now I’m wondering whether he is speaking to the delicious lardo.

  6. freetomato says:

    If John Turturro was a peeg, this is what he’d look like.

  7. O No He/She/It Di-unt!!!! says:

    cuteness, indeed! Even as a cataphile, I kin appreciate the cuteness of the banky and the basket, and the teensy weensy claws and even the peeg leeps.

    But thank you skippymom for breaking the silence in the room!
    ‘cuz unless they’re specific to some tv series on which I’m not hooked, I generally “get” NTMTOM’s stories and luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuv ’em.

    But iz I horribly stoopid? Me no get dis-heah stowwy. 😦

    Wait — don’t answer that TOO quickly — I kinda left meself open, they-uh….

  8. Peeg leeps! Molto delicioso! I’ll have lunches with you any day.

  9. Cote king says:


  10. Anonymous Coward says:

    you just have to love that lower lip and the overall “country cousin” look peegs always display. for some reason, they always remind me of that swindler character (the one with the white hat) in “green acres”.

    you know, the guy who sold the… (googles it) Douglas their “country manor” *cough*…

    not that i am saying that peegs are con artists in the animal world — that role would fall to the cats.

  11. 260Oakley says:

    Nice pignic basket.

  12. Peeg ON a blanket!

  13. Andi from NC says:

    LUV the peeg tongue!!!!

  14. He’s got the pickenic basket but his he smarter than the average peeg!

  15. Okay, what’s not to love about this peeg? The earnest expression, the peeg lips, the tiny claws. Yes, I will have lunch with you Mr. Peeg!

  16. How can you say no to a piggie on a blanket in a basket?

    And LEEEPS alert!!

  17. “Twiglet?”

  18. He reminds me of Gary Oldman in the Fifth Element – Google “emanuel zorg” to see what I mean!

  19. Martha in Washington says:

    Mi piace questo peego! Lui e’ molto bello!

  20. Eet ees not a pig! Ees a tribble! Why does peoples not understand theess?

    This adorable tribble is just waiting to inhabit someone’s hand/lap/whatever so he may purr and trill and have a tranquilizing effect on that person’s nervous system (thank you, Mr. Spock). It’s … it’s … just what tribbles do! Even if they have to hijack a picnic basket.

    My hand/lap/whatever is right here, adorable tribble, anytime you need to calm some human’s nervous system.

  21. jenjen—i agree! I just hope Mr. Shadow doesn’t try to crash the picnic!

  22. Pwease, sir, I wanz some more

  23. She looks like a Easter egg :P!

  24. @Freetomato

    Genius. Yes. Turturro. Spot on.

  25. Piggie Turturro on rabbits:
    You hippity-hopping, carrot-chomping, lagomorphic, fast-breeding, big-eared bunnignan floofpile

    Spike Bunny on guinea pigs:
    You short-ear cavie ginny radish-breath pinky-lipped Peruvian ball of ham.

  26. what a sweetie piggeh! I love piggeh noses and leeps.

    The timing on this is incredible. One of my piggeh girls, Suzi-Q, went to the rainbow bridge Monday night. So this makes me all teary-eyed and sniffly. Hope nobody comes into my cubicle for a few minutes. The little ones get sick and then go downhill so fast… that part is very hard for me… I wonder now how her sister, Cupcake, will do without her.

  27. aww, Ceejoe, I’m so sorry! Piggehs are the greatest pets, all snuggly, and that noise they make that sounds like a drippy faucet! I bet you made Suzi-Q just as happy as she made you!

  28. There was a picnic but I eated it.

  29. warrior rabbit says:

    A wheek-wheek of sympathy to you, ceejoe. Sorry for your loss.

  30. TrixandSam says:

    @ Oh NO:

    Lardo is a type of salume (Italian charcuterie) made by curing strips of fatback(aka, peeg fat) with rosemary and other herbs and spices.

  31. This is the first time i have squeee’d (or maybe wheeked?) out loud looking at CO. You made me scare Matilda, my very darling piggie who is lounging just a few feet away. I am not normally inclined to squee-out-loud, but the little piggie grin did it for me. What a cutie!! What wheeskers! What sweet toesies!

  32. @TrixandSam: You left out the part about how lardo is delish. I had a Lardo pizza a few weeks back. Seriously, who knew strips of peeg fat could be so good?

  33. @ceejoe: I’m so sorry for your loss. Suzi-Q will forever be in your heart and I hope Miss Cupcake won’t miss her too much. *hugs*

  34. TrixandSam says:

    @zhimbo: you are correct! In my attempt to inform, I neglected to opine. Lardo is deeee-vine!

  35. My piggy had to be put to sleep today – he was only two. 😦

    I don’t think I’ll ever get over it. These animals are just cute and so full of character! Love them to bits.

  36. Peeg! C.O. doesn’t post enough guinea pigs. They are adorable, cute and it’s fun to say “guinea pig”! So sorry to those who lost peegs recently. I have two peegs and they intrigue my dogs with their noises and they get all “baroo?” with cocked heads. 🙂

  37. Peeg in a basket! Animules look sooo cuuteee in posed baskets. I have never been able to get one of mine into basket–not my kittehs, puppehs, peegs, buns. Sigh. Congratulations!

  38. they won’t wear hats either. Too independents.

  39. Poor pig, being called “Lardo.”

  40. My next peeg is *so* being called Lardo.

  41. Ronniewon says:

    Peeg! I’m so sorry to hear about those that lost piggies recently – they are such special creatures. I would love to see more piggies on CO.

  42. @ceejoe and Holly, {{{{Hugs}}}} So sorry for your losses.

  43. thanks to all above for the nice thoughts and hugs. Cupcake seems to be doing ok so far – normal activity and eating.

  44. Peegs are the best pets! So sorry for the grieving peeg parents. I lost my Aggie last summer, so I know how you feel.

    @ Anonymous Coward – I believe you mean Mr. Haney, who lent his voice to the nefarious Sheriff of Nottingham in the Disney version of Robin Hood.