Sleepy Twitchy Bunday

Thank you, Mr. Clooney, I would like another carrot… unfth… zzzzz…

This cloud was the perfect place to have a picnic, Your Majesty… grrzgh… arth…

Why is Mr. MacGregor juggling in a strapless evening gown?… ehnf… pthhh…

We’ll let her sleep in a few more minutes, Mai E.



  1. Aw. Perfect post for a sleepy Bunday morning. My little Pixie does this too and it always startles Pallina. Cute.

    Mr. McGregor in an evening dress. Snerk.

  2. Belly snorgling to commmence in 3….2….1!

  3. Gorgeous. Just gorgeous.
    Dreaming, feetsies flailing, of frolicking in a field of crispy carrots.

  4. The paws! the floof! the twitches! Squeeee! 😀

  5. Sighs…looks so comfortuhbles! Looks like a good idea–I’m going back to bed. Bun-bun you wanna snuggle?

  6. snorglepup says:

    I love the smell of warm bunny in the morning.
    I’m sure I can sneak in a snorgle before the feets wake up and leave grass stains on my face…and scratches. Please no scratches…

  7. LoveyKittyMum says:

    00:04 precious tiny bunny toofs!!!!….awwwww…..

  8. Queen of Dork says:

    Lettuce. Lettuce. Lettuce. (cabbage). (umpf) carrots? (flying). cabbage. (oof)….

    cabbage. lettuce. sprouts.

  9. Totally reminds me of my crazy sleep-talking uncle.

  10. O No!! He/ She DI-unt !!! says:

    (smilingk about Sleppy Bunneh and Sleppy QoD)

    Also @ Nikki & NTMTOM:

    Farmer MacGregor….JUGGLING
    (and wearing an evening gown).

    That’s Meg’s NTM: “takin’ it over the top, just…..

    (pause, for Dramatic Effect)

    ONE STEP……………………..beYOND!!!”

    (Relevant Earworm Division:

    The album One Step Beyond was released (by the band Madness) in October 1979; included the song One Step Beyond. Since there’s a Sleppy Bunneh in the House, and since it’s early on a Sunday morning and the weather outdoors is lovely …I’m gonna choose not to “link ‘er up”. But for a fun mood at the right time, it’s a nerdy/cool/ kooky bit of joy.

    PS — indepth detail here just in case —

    according to the deeper-research website I located, there is
    one moment of the song intro, which the band

    — I’m quoting the music/ research webpage here —

    ” lifted straight from Dave and Ansil Collins’ 1971 song called “Monkey Spanner”……

    the rest of the introduction [section of the song] was
    Cathal “Chas” Smyth’s own invention

    The End.

  11. Apparently twithiness is contagious, because the cameraperson seems to have become rather twitchy at the end there, too!

  12. Twitchiness–I mean twitchinesss!

  13. gosh what a fuzzball! dreamingk of dancing carrottz.

  14. 260Oakley says:

    Bun enjoys his hayday before he has to bale.

  15. warrior rabbit says:

    Bunneh dreams of delectable smorgasbord: Mmmm… alfalfa…. nibble nibble… baby carrots… chomp… ooh, cilantro… parsley… apple chunks… nanner… this place is the bomb! Can I come back tomorrow night?

  16. Sleepy bun bun ZZZZZZZZZZ!

  17. Very cute! 🙂

  18. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Bunny leeps! Bunny leeps!

  19. A wittle, twitching, amorphous blob of cute!

  20. Martha in Washington says:

    I would like to dream of Mr. Clooney, too, please.

    Also, can I lick the extra butterscotch sauce off of bunneh’s face?

  21. Sleep noms! Soo cute!

  22. so sleepy . . . and yet still so disapproving . . .

  23. *Bono voice*
    Bunday, twitchy Bundaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy
    Bunday, twitchy Bundaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyy!!

  24. So that’s what dreaming of eating sweet corn looks like.

    I dreampt last night that I killed someone, glad it was just a dream.

    Skippymom – You are one of, some of the peeps I’d like to meet, but as I visualise most of us as glamorous and I am sure get the genders wrong, I think it would take some adjustment after the initial supprise. 🙂

  25. That was SO me this morning.

  26. @Hon Glad, of course most of us are glamorous! ALL of us are glamorous, and in an old-Hollywood way, not in the trashy way of recent years.

    Why here I am, now!

  27. Katherine says:

    her belly looks so soft I can almost feel it against my hand–what a little ploofy fluffball.

  28. But where are your eyes and ears???!!! 🙂

  29. Oh Theresa, you never fail to crack me up. You are one of my all time favs here in our wacky little world of CO. 😀

  30. OMG

    Must Nom Belleh

    Om Nom Nom Nom (Fluff Coma)

  31. *curtsying*

  32. (The Original) Mel says:

    Dear The Honorable Gladys Anstruther: I am glamorous I will have you know. Harumph.

  33. I wanna snorgle him under the chin…SO badly!

  34. Oh the floofiness, the cuteness, awwwwwwwwwwwwww.

  35. What a coincidence!!!

    I sleep the exact same way as this bunny

  36. (The Original Mel) – Did I see you on the front cover of Vogue ?

  37. i use to sleep like it once 😛 lol

  38. Restless leg syndrome?

  39. katelynnb says:

    Did said bun just roll out of the basket in a happy sleepy place?
    Wish we could all enjoy such rest 🙂

  40. new post, please, please, please, for Monday’s sake !!!!

  41. toborzgrrl says:

    gah. Blair Witch Bunny. Dramamine, anyone?

  42. (The Original) Mel says:

    Hon Glad – Vogue rejected me because I’m too glamorous. 😉

  43. stormi's mum says:

    Must snorgle bunnie belleh before I splode!!!

  44. I so want to kiss that belly!!

  45. Bunny dreams…rows & rows of lettuce, carrots, parsley…a field of dreams.

  46. I approvezzzzzzzzzzzzz…………….