¡Ay Chihuahua!

OK, more like ¡Ay Golden Retriever! but that’s not what you’ll say after you see Carrie and partner Jose Fuentes dance the merengue. Carrie comes from Chile, where they have plenty of reason to dance these days. (Caution: Loud audio)


  1. Best. Video. EVER.

  2. Oh.

    This is amazing! I can’t get over that beautiful dog! She has such perfect rhythm and SUCH a happy waggy tail!! Ole!

  3. *Gives a standing ovation and throws puppy treats at the tiny dancer*

  4. I think that dog has better balance on two legs than I do.

    Yay, miners, and yay, dancing perro!

  5. Doggies have 4 legs for a reason. I would worry about this little fellow’s hips. As far as dancing, the one is the best I’ve EVER seen and still makes me smile is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqbVbPvlDoM

  6. I nominate this dog for Best Dog Ever!

  7. Editing gets me every time. “the best one I’ve ever seen and which still makes me smile is here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HqbVbPvlDoM


  8. I can’t dance that well. Nor can I wag my tail the whole time I’m doing it, either.

  9. /big goofy grin on face/

  10. Bottle Green says:

    I must admit I found that vaguely creepy, but I can certainly respect how well trained that dog is.

  11. Ana Félix Pires says:

    That’s so cute! I wish I could dance that well! 😀

  12. good dog

  13. I agree, somewhat creepy… I mean, yay dog and all, but also, strange video

  14. Oh…give it a rest…she’s perfect!

  15. Oh – thank you Bottle Green and Cashew ! I was beginning to think I was the only one creeped out by this !

  16. Get her on Dancing With the Stars!

  17. Cute dog but rather odd to dance like that with it. Borderline creepy to me, too. Also, that must be very hard on the dog’s hips and back to up on her hind paws that long.

  18. It’s astonishing what dogs can train humans to do . . .

  19. Ay, yay, yaaaaaay!
    Que linda bailarina!

  20. That’s just disturbing….
    Amazing how far a dog will go to please its master.


  22. I just have to say that Not That Mike The Other Mike is the best poster on this website and he gets my vote for supreme overlord.

  23. It takes a lot of love and patience to teach a dog that dance, and from the healthy sheen of her coat and the delighted wag of her tail the entire time, the owner piled on love to spare and she had fun the entire time. I would say this is less dog and master and just a pair of friends enjoying a salsa.

  24. @gra55hopper19

    >>That’s just disturbing….
    >>Amazing how far a dog will go to please its master.

    feh. that dog has no master, that dog is a dance partner with a great job! just enjoy it!

  25. fantastic video, but Kaber is right. the video of Rookie and his partner is the best. click on Kaber’s link if you haven’t seen this clip before- it’s the best!

  26. @scout c

    >>Cute dog but rather odd to dance like that with it.

    dancing with dogs is a worldwide agility activity and competition. trust me, that dog is talented and loved.

    check out the commentary on this video of a real champion.

  27. @cashew

    >>I mean, yay dog and all, but also, strange video

    someone needs to step away from the dial on the bummer machine. sheesh. enjoy it! no one is getting hurt! let’s celebrate the lives of the 33 rescued miners with one of the wild and wonderful things we get to enjoy in life here on earth!

  28. @MJ

    >>I was beginning to think I was the only one creeped out by this !

    oh come ON! don’t be such a grouch! load up on the cute and take a hike up happy mountain!

  29. I don’t see anything disturbing or creepy about it.
    I guess creepiness is in the eye of the beholder.
    All I see is a happy doggy dancing better than 3/4 of the people I know, and that includes ME 😉

  30. That… is remarkable! Wow. The thing that gets me is that it’s not like the doggy is doing trick after trick, but the whole thing has a real flow to it. Daaymed. Even the dogs are good dancers in South America!

  31. O No He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    🙂 🙂


    both Nikki’s standing O and @ Muffy’s perspective!!!
    Ya made me do a Big Goofy Grin. Thanks!!!

  32. O No He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    PS: while I spent time convincing this computer to listen and do my bidding above, I ended up, forgetting (briefly) my Original Desired Comment.

    (ahem). “Hey, NTM!!!
    (wolf whistle)
    “Nice exclamation points there, BAY-beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!”

    (another tacky wolf whistle)

    All in luuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuvv

  33. happypiano says:

    I’m also wondering if this will cause hip problems later on for the puppeh =(

  34. That is so cool. The dog looks healthy and loved. The wagging tail convinces me the dog enjoys the dance. I am sure afterwards doggie is pampered with a nice back rub and leg(s) massage. And yes, doggie can dance better than me.

  35. If he started dancing with his dog because he didn’t have anyone to dance with, he’ll have plenty of partners after this! 🙂 The dog really seems to like dancing with his owner and clearly loves him very much, which was heartwarming to see. I’m with ffleur, they probably do take a good care of him. The dress is creepy, I admit that much. 🙂

  36. tesstricks says:

    I laughed ’til I cried! Much love to Chile!

  37. That dog dances better than I do!

  38. I just want to point out that saying it’s creepy isn’t necessarily a negative comment and I don’t think it needs to be taken as such. I find it kind of creepy as well, but I still think it’s adorable and the dog looks like she’s having a great time. It’s just weird to see a dog trained to do such specific, controlled movements I guess!

  39. Amazing! ^___^

    I think it’s this dog and if so it’s a natural talent.

  40. Linda Stuart says:

    Aw, man, everyone has more rhythm than I do! Kudos to the trainer. You can tell it was accomplished with love!

  41. OMG! That was absolutely amazing! Must have taken forever to get the routine down and I’m sure the dog totally loves the attention!
    I Love it!

  42. Beautiful dog, and she has the Merengue rhythm down pat!

    And in case you’re wondering, the chorus in the song goes something like – “Everyone wants to dance the doggy dance”

  43. kibblenibble says:

    The waggy tail tells the story for me! 🙂

  44. Happy tail!!!

  45. my mouth is still hanging open! and I was so glad to see the dog had the happy tail — so much better because of the joy they share doing this!

  46. I do find it a wee creepy, but let’s face it: if cats (and my own capricious, autonomous puppy) have taught us anything, it’s that an animal DOES have the right to say, “eff this!” at any point in the game. If the owner is withholding food for salsa-dancing, yes it’s bad. But if not, it’s the dog’s own call to decide whether to play along or to stomp off the set.

  47. @nyah Not sure I’m doing the linky thing right but yes, that’s Carrie and Jose Fuentes. They were on Letterman a couple of weeks ago, when this video was first making the rounds:

  48. Oh yay, I’m not completely brainless …

  49. Martha in Washington says:

    The happy, waggy tail; the shiny coat; the ear scritches at the end; the obvious love–YAY dog and dancing man! (Do you have his number BTW. I’m thinking I need dance lessons)

  50. @MAL

    ohhhhh. they’ve been on letterman already?

    i don’t like it anymore.

    *claps hands twice*


  51. thats one happy dog i assure you, here in chile they have showed the dog a lot in the news and trust me the dancing its not her only skill
    and we sure have reasons to dance this days 😀 i wish we all had such a pretty dace partner lol

  52. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    RED ALERT/ threadjack …

    Fri was QueenofDork’s BIRTHDAY!!!!! woot and also woot!!!!

    to extend felicitations to her, peeps!!! 🙂

  53. kibblenibble says:

    ♥ Happy B-Day, Queen! We love you!! ♥

  54. I vote happy dog ALL the way. And based on the video in Spanish, the guy seems really sweet and enamored with his perrita.

    AND she dances, like, a million times better than I do.

    AND happy birthday QoD!!

  55. I just achieved my biggest smile in MONTHS! Cheeks hurt!

  56. Annemieke Loos says:

    This is not natural behaviour for a dog and I think it’s a mistake to place this video on C.O.. Since when are dancing bears for instance funny? The waggling tail of this dog has nothing to do with the dog having fun, he is just balacing himself with his tail. Not so cute…

  57. I’ve seen lot’s a canine freestyle (that’s what this sport is called), but never saw anything like this! Anyone who has a clue (ahem, this would exclude some Loosie posters) about dog training and dog sports like freestyle knows that you don’t get this kind of performance by abusing the dog. Educate yourself before running the mouth, eh?

    And its great to see a guy dancing with his dog! Jose needs to be added to the Hot CO guys list along with Jamal (or Jared, or whatever the cute baboon dude’s name is), and the floppy kittin rescue dude… 🙂

  58. And throughout the whole dance Carrie is beaming that big smile. Wow. Whatadog. 😀

  59. BatBlaster says:

    Wait did i see this on the news

  60. that is pretty cool. I can’t get my dog to get off the floor.

  61. All the nuffers should check the video Nyah posted. This is not an mistreated animal.

  62. have you guys seen tina and chandi?

  63. The second video is even better.

  64. KittyMarthaPoo says:

    This is just incredible. Carrie looks like the happiest dog in the world, she can’t keep the smile off her face & the wagging of her tail, and such a shiny coat. Her owner is an incredible trainer.

  65. These videos make me want to dance and actually bring tears to my eyes to see the amazing connection that dogs have with humans! Love it 🙂

  66. what a pro! smiled the whole time, never looked down at feet… I can’t dance like that.

  67. Hehe! I chortled with glee for three minutes and nine seconds.

  68. And a good time was had by all!

    Happy belated birthday, QoD!

  69. bellamaca says:

    holy crap hahaha best.dog.ever.

  70. That is one happy dog! Imagine the hours they spent together to learn those steps. Amazing. Thanks for the smiles!

  71. omg I laughed and cried! awesome!

  72. Can anyone translate the video Nyah posted?

  73. Wow, best video ever….dogs rule!! Wait a minute, Dancing with the Stars better watch out, this duo could show them a thing or two.

    Go Carrie!! 🙂

  74. Jesus, people, get a life. The owner obviously loves the dog and she’s healthy.
    What creeps me out is people who have to come on every blog and crap on everyone else’s parade. But I guess that’s a part of the deal. Way to go, pup!

  75. @Illise

    >>thats one happy dog i assure you, here in chile they have showed the dog a lot in the news and trust me the dancing its not her only skill
    >>and we sure have reasons to dance this days 😀 i wish we all had such a pretty dace partner lol

    yay! how does it feel to be a nation of celebrities? the world is your dance partner these days!

  76. @bagoguts

    >>And its great to see a guy dancing with his dog! Jose needs to be added to the Hot CO guys list along with Jamal (or Jared, or whatever the cute baboon dude’s name is), and the floppy kittin rescue dude…


  77. TO Chili I say YAY for the rescued miners and Gracias for your example in how to rescue your people and to the miners for your example of how to live graciously under pressure.
    This dog is truely Linda y Perdita Ballerina.

    and to QoD Happy Birthday.. we love you! Purrs and Head butts from Lilac and Little one

  78. Yea, this merengue one doesn’t appeal to me as much as the one in the competition does — the one with the Grease song. Somehow that dog seems more like a dog dancing, and this merengue one seems more like a dog made to be like a human… I can’t put my finger on it better than that, but I too find it creepy and unappealing. The dogs seem happy enough in both, but in the one from Grease, the dog is being a dog. Wonder whether that makes sense to anyone else…

  79. if she is waving her tail is because she is having fun, she is the best merengue dancer ever, i’m concerned about the hips though.
    The Merengue she is dancing to it’s call El Baile del Perrito (The doggy dance) by Wilfrido Vargas, here is the music video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxjf_Wnc0SU LOL disturbing

  80. I love Carrie the dancing dog. Rookie was awesome too, but I think Rookie has gone to the rainbow bridge. Wish I could have understood that video interview with Jose, but it seemed obvious he lubs that dog.

  81. LOVE IT.

  82. @ana banana

    >>The Merengue she is dancing to it’s call El Baile del Perrito (The doggy dance) by Wilfrido Vargas, here is the music video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hxjf_Wnc0SU LOL disturbing

    what a great video! if it doesn’t wake my dogs up at the volume i’ve got going over here, it’s not disturbing at all! although all that new-fangled thrusting makes me worry for the dancers’ hips!

    i know zero spanish, but is there a pun on “perro” for dog and but(t)?

    (when i find out who that Hermano guy is, he’s a dead man.)

  83. @Sharpy

    I think el baile del perrito is more like “doggy style” dance rather than doggy dance… that’s why the camera focus on the butt…
    Don’t you think that the clown that is on 00:06 looks like Bill Murray?

  84. There’s another CJ on these threads. Impostor! (Or just very common initials ;))

    I agree with the positive comments on here. Happy, wagging tail, happy dancing dog! Why is everything construed as animal abuse?

  85. El Baille del Perrito= the dance of the little boy dog.

    Take from it what ever meaning you want but the dance motions of that video are pretty self expklanitory. Not sure if that was the meaning of the song because I couldn’t figure out all the words. But that is how the singers and video choose to portray it.

  86. Now who’s not letting their perky flags fly?

  87. “Perreo” is a slang term for what can only be described as “butt dancing”, that is to say, not facing your partner’s face, but your partner’s… rear.

    I don’t believe I have to elaborate, as anyone who’s had a boy dog (or even an alpha girl dog) can surmise why that particular mode of so-called “dancing” got its name…

  88. @Sharpy i feel amazing, its so cool that chile is known around the world for the good things specially after this year earthquake
    i need to learn how to dance now lol

  89. Wow really says:

    why is NTMTOM posting so much? I hate him. He always posts dumb crap.

  90. warrior rabbit says:

    @wow really, all I can say is, “Wow. Really?” Not to denigrate the other posters, but NTMTOM is the sharpest. He’s witty and entertaining. He crafts a narrative (like the triple hmmmph) that is always amusing. He is, I believe (mostly based on the number of marriage proposals and swoons I see), the popular favorite.

    You have choices. This is not the only cute-oriented site. Go find a dull one and wallow in it.

  91. Queen of Dork says:

    Wow really: NTMTOM says the funniest things! He seems to look at the picture and then tell these awesome stories and poems which NAIL the image. Meg’s posts are always uniquely Meg and you can tell right away it’s her. Prongs and Sharpy rock the qte world here, too. I think the entire CO staff is quite fantastic and seem like such cool people. I don’t understand how anyone could think otherwise. And say mean things about them. How could you call anyone from that staff “dumb?” Certainly, they and many people who comment here are bright and kind-hearted.

  92. Martha in Washington says:

    @wow really–yeah! What she said! NTMTOM is the coolest ever! And Meg and Prongs and Sharpy (and Theo, too) are all super great too!

  93. kibblenibble says:

    Yeah, this is definitely NOT a place to criticize NOMTOM. That said, of all the interesting topics that have emerged in comments here, the “doggy style” dance is one of the most…erm…unique. No syrupy sweet site, this. Generally funny, kind, and friendly, but I love the gentle edginess. CO is my happy place. 🙂

  94. Very Smart…

  95. The video is adorable, and the dog is even more adorable, but I do worry about her back and hips from all the time she spends on two legs. Also, a couple of the moves–bending the dog back–would be hard on her spine.

    My 18-year-old cat has back problems and limps (she is on pain meds) because some of the things she liked to do when young caused her to have impacted vertebrae. She liked to flip while leaping in the air after string and wand toys. I didn’t make her flip, and she really enjoyed it, but now she hurts when she walks and limps badly.

    So, yes, I really enjoyed the video, but I still think Carrie’s back and hips could suffer in the long run from too much time upright like that.

  96. Queen of Dork says:

    tblue: I can’t help but wonder if maybe your cat did flips and things because she was a young cat at the time when she did those things? Perhaps a playful kitten joyfully trying to catch her toys? And maybe now she has aches and pains because she’s old? Maybe at the age of 18 yrs, she’s…well…just getting along in age and as anyone who is old could attest to, ummmmm, when you get old, your body just gets…well, old. And things begin to hurt from general and natural wear and tear over the years. I’m very sorry to hear that your cat limps and is old. I myself limp sometimes and am old. Life can be such a pain.

  97. @Wow really — your post is the only dumb crap I see here. NTMTOM is very well-loved on this site. If you can’t handle his stuff, go sort yourself out at http://www.fupenguin.com/ where the postings are more on your level.

  98. That is one happy dog. Dogs smile, and that is one big smile. Happy to please her master.
    As for those who don’t like the postings, you don’t have click on anything. Free country. NTMTOM is a hoot. He has a great sense of humor and knows how to bring smiles to everyone. Keep’em coming Mike!

  99. Wow really says:

    Oh well, guess that he can’t please everyone.
    And sorry but I have been coming to this site everyday for longer than most of you, so I am not going to stop visiting just because there is one crap poster and a few people tell me to.
    PS- I am allowed my own opinion, even if it is different than yours. I know. Shocking. Wait until you get out into the real world! All sorts of people have all sorts of opinions!! O__O Pure craziness!!

  100. snorglepup says:

    The “real world” is so over-rated. This is our warm, fuzzy escape from this reality of which you speak. Some of us resent it oozing into our happy place.
    Quick, somebody pass me a kitten: belly up.

  101. Queen of Dork says:

    *hands snorglepup a fluffy kitten*

  102. @wow really

    wow, really? i thought you were just trolling. opinions are fine, but courtesy goes a long way around here.

    no, no, after you!

  103. My apologies, “wow really,” I thought you were a first-timer who just wanted to crash the mood.
    But seriously, if you’ve really been a long-time visitor, why not be a bit more civil toward the magnificent peeps who work on this site to help brighten millions of people’s moods every single day? Yeah, the real world is ugly, there are people dissing each other and such. That’s why we have Cuteoverload to remind us of the lovable things that make this world worth inhabiting, no?

  104. @queen of dork
    As long as you are distributing floofy kittahs, can I have a one too?
    I am a quart low on snorgles these days.

  105. @q of d…
    In fact if you bring the kittahs, I’ll bring homemade popcorn balls……

  106. Oh man, I had to come back and watch Carrie dance one more time. She’s the canine dancing queen of Chile!!!! Absolutely awesome and full of joy, which in turn, fills my heart. I sat yesterday through the amazing assortment of nuffers and bummers, even one who had the nerve to diss NTMTOM!!!!

    I also have something new and joyful in my life. I have the most anerable babeh laying quietly in my lap right now….shhhh…I’m enjoying a clawless, bloodless few moments.

    Teh babeh is a blue-eyed seal-point Heinz-57 kitteh I named Katrina (yup, after the hurricane).

    I will take a picture when she is not laying on a blood-spotted (mine) towel.

    Oh oh, gotta go…she’s waking up and straaayyyyching. Done recharging, so I’ll be in for it again.

    Happy birthday Queen of Dork! Mine was on the 12th, so we’re close that way.

    Later, all.

  107. @simi

    someone posted this video earlier, but i thought it was very sweet. if anyone is afraid of animal cruelty on CO, do some research. even though i don’t speak spanish, i can speak a little canine and in the video the dog blinking is a good indicator that she is happy.

    “When dogs deliberately blink to one another, this is seen as a pacifying or submissive gesture to the dog receiving the blink. These simple blinks are used to signal that there is no threat and are used to avoid conflicts and fights.


  108. The Merengue doggy style…. erm that sounds like a perversion.

  109. Congratulations, Flutterby! Heinz 57 kittehs are the BEST!

  110. snoopysnake says:

    I looooooooooooooove Carrie! What a dancer and smiler! She seems like the happiest dog in the world. I want more!

  111. You can see from the video in Spanish that being up on two legs is something Carrie just does naturally all the time. It may be bad for her hips, but she’s so happy doing it that I think she’ll have a better life dancing and doing what she does. Much better than dogs that spend all their lives lying on a couch alone. It does make her dancing look really human, but that’s obviously just her natural quirk developed a lot further.

    P.S: I want her! I think she’s the best dog in the world.

  112. snorgulator says:

    I’m going to go out on a limb here, and say that possibly this is the Best Cute Overload Post of All Time…

  113. Queen of Dork says:

    Odie: I was kind of thinking that too. I was thinking, maybe that’s an unusual thing for a dog to do but maybe she’s loving life. I thought about how it would be to never do anything out of the ordinary, just be really, really safe all the time and just kind of sit in one position or something and never try to experience life in any other way. Yes, perhaps the joints and muscles would not ache quite as much later in life but gosh…how boring! It would be like, “Well, what did I do all my life? I sat perfectly still and safely on the couch.”

  114. Judy Belanger says:

    This has to be my all time favorite Cute Overload!! Thank you NTMTOM!! She is amazing

  115. AuntieBellum says:

    If you can’t express your opinion in a civilized and polite manner, then it’s not welcome here. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been here. Longevity doesn’t entitle you to be rude. And I say that as someone who has been commenting here since the first year CO existed.

  116. warrior rabbit says:

    Just so, AuntieB. I think the ‘I’ve been here longer than most’ is BS anyhow. If so, why wait almost 2 years into NTMTOM’s tenure as a poster to complain? I mean, talk about a delayed reaction! (Remember when he was ‘just’ a commenter like the rest of us? Ah, memories…) Here’s to NTMTOM for excelling, being promoted, and then kicking ass.

  117. OMG! I’ll bet they heard my SQUEEEEEEEEE up at the space station. What a happy, talented dog. I think my smile might be permanently glued to my face.

  118. Strawberry_Thief says:

    She’s gorgeous and all, but I would worry about her getting arthritis in her hind quarters when she’s older – dogs aren’t meant to be able to do this.
    She’s beautiful, but the more I watch this, the more I find this creepy more than adorable.

  119. How about positive story?
    My wire-haired dachshund, Tinkerbell, sat on her hind quarters (upright) all day long. She sat that way in front of the window waiting for my Mom and Dad to come home from work. She sat that way watching television. She sat that way begging for treats. She had NO back problems and lived until she was 15 years old. I’m no veterinarian, but I’ve always thought that maybe she *strengthened* her back with all that sitting upright.

  120. bookmonstercats says:

    Dancing doggy is young and healthy and for her it’s just playtime. When she decides she’s had enough she’ll stop doing it.

    The dog-thing (sorry, can’t recall what it’s a mixture of) in Stephen King’s Roland the Gun-slinger series of books is trained to walk forward on its hind legs, say a few words and bow, at a function. I thought this was just a bit of The King’s imagination at work, but having seen this, I’ve changed my mind.

  121. That was totally fuggin amazing!

  122. I love this doggie : )

    My rabbit Finnegan is my favorite dancing partner!!!

  123. thedollysmama says:

    Sheesh, I wish my husband could dance as well as that dog. And the dog looked happy about it, too. What a lot of training the man has put into his pet! Go, dog!

  124. flutterby says:

    Hey Annie! I love your dancing bunny…so cute!

  125. luvstehQte says:

    @annie–you and finnegan have some great moves, but maybe your bun would be even more suited to some hip-hop?

    (hey, it’s not like i’m oakley, OK?)

  126. The guy’s pretty hot but his date’s a real dog
    ba dum dum

    I can’t believe no one else hasn’t already made that joke….

  127. OHH! I love this, it’s the best trick EVER.

    Take it from me, if she didn’t want to be doing that, she wouldn’t be. I have a smart princess just like Carrie. She’s doing something she likes to do and does naturally, her owner just had the sense to turn it into a great trick. Just like how I took my dog’s natural inclination to “talk” with her paws and channeled it into a couple of cute handshake-type tricks.
    She probably saw her dad walking on two feet and tried it out. My dogs both imitate people behavior- they try to turn the doorknob, my little girl tries to communicate with me through her voice. She’s just a very smart girl who found a really great way of getting her daddy’s attention.

    As for the gauche, classless… *person* who stomped their big fat tantrum through here, you really should learn some basic social graces before interacting with others. Or does being a socially nonredeemable jackass work in your “real world”? I imagine real, live people don’t appreciate you drooling all over your front in real life either. People don’t like it when you’re rude to them! Shocking! Pure craziness, right?

  128. Do they perform at bar mitzvahs?

  129. I saw this on Sabado Gigante!

  130. Wow, a magic dog!!!!!

  131. muttluver says:

    I do think Wow Really’s entitled to their opinion, and can see why they’d say that. I also think they made a very bad decision by phrasing it the way they did, and most of all, by posting it on here–any longtime poster would know that Nomtom is adored.

    @Simi: HAHAHAHAHA! If I recall correctly, Nomtom is the CREATOR of fup. XD Maybe Wow should check out the daily squee.

  132. I can just see it: “The good news is that your new dance partner is a gorgeous blonde. The bad news is that only another Golden Retriever will care.”

  133. I don’t know… it’s a little more creepy than cute.

  134. Sigh. This is my dream. I have secretly been trying to teach my German Shepherd to dance. This makes me both hopeful and hopeless at the same time!