So How Do You Work These Things?

Is there, like, a manual or something? ‘Cause I’ve kind of got the front ones figured out, but the back ones… Well, they are supposed to be pointing down, aren’t they?



  1. OMG, the redonculous wrinkles, the adorable chubulence, the fat little tocks, the stubby little legs, and the itty bitty baby growls! It’s like winning the Publishers Clearing House grand prize of teh cute!

  2. **head explodes into skittles, rainbows and unicorns**

  3. Awwwwww… he is so roly poly… and thse little growls So Cuuuuuteeee!

    Sigh reduced to gibberish by the cute again!

  4. I wanna scoop him up, lay him against my shoulder, pat his little rear and tell him “there, there soon you will figure out this walking thing”.

  5. WOW

  6. He was trying to be fierce…he so didn’t succeed. *cuteness*

  7. OMG, want one so bad. What a wittle roly poly.

  8. fish eye no miko says:

    Aw! So cute and wrinkly and soft-looking!

  9. gloom raider says:

    He looks like he’s wearing baggy pajamas! Too cute!

  10. OMG he/she *almost* has it sussed at 0:16 – 0:19…. only to fall over again! 🙂

  11. LOL!! Reminded me of Bambi trying to ice skate!

  12. omg, i want to nom those chubby little tocks!

  13. The ad over this video was highly annoying and I couldn’t figure out how to close or minimize it.

  14. Now I have the Roly Poly Oly theme song stuck in my head.
    Also… AWWWWWW!!!

  15. Hip problems?

  16. Half growl, half purr, full splayage.

  17. Oo, the growlingks, the growlingks!!

  18. So.. not trying to be a nuffer, seriously.. but this doesn’t look right. Is this normal?

    He’s awful cute either way… I just wanna know if this is normal?

  19. I’m afraid there’s some sort of hip/neurological problem here — look how big she is compared to the hand at 0:08…shouldn’t she be able to walk by now?

    Though I’m no vet, so…::shrug::

  20. Teehee, I love the little Chewbacca noises he was making. And the fact that he looks like a weeeeee tiny Jabba made it even better 🙂

  21. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Ya gotcher wrinkles on the Front End; and ya gotcher wrinkles on the Back End!!!!

  22. heeellllpless!!

  23. (Tune of “Baby Baboon”)
    Baby Bulldog, its a Baby Bulldog
    Baby Bulldog, its a Baby Bulldog
    Baby Bulldog, a dog in a fog,
    Its a Baby Bulldog, looks a bit like a hog,
    It’s a Baby Bulldog, with back legs like a frog
    Baby Bulldog, Baby Bulldog, Baby Bulldog!

  24. Too cute for words with the wrinlularity, growlingks and wobbles!!

    Awesome puppeh, lucky hoomans!

  25. i think that was a kid’s hand, so the comparison may not be accurate. It’s a kid’s hand first, and then mom’s hand last.

    so wrinkly and cute!

  26. Yes, the manual would be helpful; he needs to engage the Stabilo-Pup traction system.

  27. fierceness = fail. Adorableness = big win. Puppies trying to pull of the big, scary growl always makes me laugh.

  28. Oh EM GEE. SO much chub!!!

  29. JH: Bulldog pups are so big that they’re primarily born by C-section, so I don’t think this little dood has any problems. He’s just a youngun’.

  30. ya this doesn’t look normal to me. it is hard to tell how old the pup is w/o looking at its teeth, but judging by the hand comparison this is definitely not a neonate. by the time the eyes and ears open this pup should be able to have full function of its legs. i’m not trying to be a debby downer over here, i am in 2nd year vet tech school and find this interesting.

  31. I was doing okay, till the Mom’s hand turned him around and presented his full face, with “OOH,-I-got-cuddles”-grin, towards the camera. Then I was barfin’ rainbows, candy hearts and glitter all over the keyboard.
    *Sigh* How do you clean up this stuff, anyways? Where’s that rabbit dust mop from a few posts ago?

  32. TracyFlick says:

    it’s a baaaaaaby

  33. I am reminded of James Herriott’s description of a litter of puppies. It included the phrase ” . . . grunting obesely.” Yep.

  34. By the way, I mean that entirely as a GOOD thing.

  35. Juno, I agree. Puppies are MEANT to grunt obesely. then we know they’re getting enough milk. And other stuff.

  36. Martha in Washington says:

    If Mr. Chubby McGrowlerpants lived at MY house he would never learn to walk because I would pick him up and carry him around in my (obviously over-large) pocket all day, every day!

  37. I picture him with a set of tiny wings, like a furry little cherub. 😀

  38. All the little growls and “ENH! ENH! ENH!” Cute.

    I think the hand on the pup belongs to a child, so that’s one reason why the pup looks big in comparison.

  39. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Oh my Gawd it was foolish of me to watch this at work. FOOLISH.

  40. Squirmy McSquirmersons!

  41. Mary (the first) says:

    Maybe it’s just as well he doesn’t have full control of his legs yet, because if he did he would be advancing on Manhattan or someplace to vanquish it ( judging by the fierceness of the growlies!) As for the wobbliness concerns, I’m no expert but I assumed watching him that the blankie was foiling his attempts somewhat. Probably on a firm flat surface, he’d have this balance thing figured out in no time. That’s my guess.

  42. Ok, I seriously just bounced up and down in my chair making weird chimpanzee noises as I watched this.

  43. Mr. Chubby McGrowlerpants, Squirmy McSquirmersons. Oh you people are roo much. LOL

  44. 4leafclover says:

    GNDtn, your post made me laugh!! 😉

  45. Well-played, CO. You hit play thinking it’s all about the wrinkles, but you end up with spectacular splayage and ‘tocks for Tocktober. *sarcastic clapping*

  46. 4leafclover says:

    “I’m off to terrorize Tokyo!! Alas, ingenious fuzzy blanket has foiled me again…”

  47. LOL! he’s slipping on the towel/blanket that’s why he can’t walk and why he’s so mad!

  48. Daphne Moss says:

    Is it wrong that in the midst of my happy noises over the cuteness, I do much want to take a scrub brush to poop on the walls behind the young master Squirmer McCrawlersons?

  49. Oh my goodness! He has the cutest tocks EVER!

  50. awww is a widdle fewoshus puppie wuppies.. yes it is.. yes it is.. da puppies is da cutie wutie.. with aww da winkles on da tushie.. winkles.. fewoshusness.. ummmmmmmm..

    *this is my brain on qte*

  51. Not a whole lot of things make me laugh out loud, but this little cutie did. How can anyone expect those tiny legs to hold up that many wrinkles and that much chubulousness? He needs someone (ME) to carry him, I think.

  52. Where did they get the oversized velour jammies?

  53. Swimmer Syndrome. Most pups will get over it by themselves.

  54. What a spectacular little fatso!! The growls and the wrinkles were too much to begin with but when his little face was turned to the camera and we got a glimpse of his sweet pink nose and mouth, well that just about did me in.

  55. Stressfactor says:

    No worries peeps. A little glance over at the owner’s YouTube account affirms several things:
    1) Chubby McWrinkleson here is a girl (Grrrl power!). So I suppose that makes her Chubbette.

    2) She was only about two weeks old here so she’s still pretty young.

    3) Eventually her back legs strengthened and she was fine.

  56. Chubby Hugs says:

    Too fat to walk. There are days I feel the same way.

  57. Plenty of chubb roll for everyone, I like the way their noses are just a smudge at this age.

    Bulldogs do suffer from Hip Dysplasia but it is treatable.

  58. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ GNDTn: …..andjerpointis????

    That happened to every last one of us….(:) )

  59. That’s what happens when you source your legs from different vendors

  60. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    my typing was SUPPOSED to have created this

    (:) )

    (she makes Valiant Effort # 2 while fingers are crossed.
    Not an easy thing, typing, with fingers crossed…….)

  61. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:


    ok laptop, you have ONE MORE CHANCE

    (cue the suspenseful background music, please…)

    ( 🙂 )

  62. Okay, no worries, watching this I turned into a puddle, but it was worth it…

  63. oh. my. GAWD!!!!1!!!1!!! I are ded from cuteness.

  64. 4leafclover says:

    I love the reproachful look at the beginning and the 4 legged flop at the end!! Plus there is some bottom wiggling at about 10 seconds in… Too cute!!

  65. You’ve got instant messages….

  66. I agree with JH….The pup appears to large and old enough to be walking with no problem, especially with good material to walk on. ~~~~ worried about pup ~~~

  67. Oh that little puddle of wrinkles is going to be tie-tie after all her effforts to stand on all 4 paws…..I think I lie down and nap right now – this walking stuff can w-a-i-t ‘t-il later…….snore…snore…

  68. Stressfactor says:


    See my post above.

    If you go to the YouTube account you will find that the owner reports that the puppy was only two weeks old and that her back legs strengthened up fine and she is perfectly happy and healthy.

  69. Well, thank you CO. I am now useless for the rest of the day. When my boss asks me, I shall very firmly point at this video. Sigh….. soooooo cute!

  70. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ snurfles: Excellent strategy there!!! 🙂

  71. Oh I saw this just this past week. SOOOOOOO cute!!! Love all of the wrinkles and the frustrated puppeh growls lol.

  72. killed by the hovertext


  73. Wow, so not a bulldog fan, but as puppehs? OMG CUTE.

  74. cute overloaded . . . puddle mess at desk . . . i can smell the puppy breath and earage. plz scoop me up for lunch on your way out.

  75. LuvFurBabies says:

    The baby snorts…those baby rolls…that baby face…

    Stick a fork in me….I’m ALL done………….♥♥♥

  76. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ prinsas: “bref”, pleeez, ma’am!!! 🙂

  77. Absolutely, Wrinklelicious!

  78. Those little growls, little rolls….oh my goodness cute overload!! Cute Overload!

  79. That puppy is purring!

  80. @Daphne Moss: I did not even notice that until you said something, and yes, you may scrub it down, thank you!

    This little guy IS cute, too bad he won’t stay that size!

  81. She’s gonna turn into an adorable widdle square-shaped tank capable of taking people out at the knees!!! Such a cutie.

  82. superbunny says:

    Had to stop it midway. Couldn’t stand to watch it struggle.

  83. @superbunny

    >>Had to stop it midway. Couldn’t stand to watch it struggle.

    i know it looks frightening, but we don’t post things that involve cruelty. take a second and read the comments. or take a second and go to youtube and see other videos of the same puppy terrorizing its mother a little while later by leaping on her over and over. it’s okay to watch.

  84. 0_0 That is so adorable! He’s like a little claymation piglet!

  85. warrior rabbit says:

    Claymation piglet! Ha ha ha ha ha! Love it.

  86. It’s 43 seconds of “DAWWWWWOMGKAWAIIKAWAII!!!!!”

    *Pukes up rainbows, candy, unicorns, hearts, stars, crescent moons, pink fuzzles,
    and chibi anime characters*

    Where’s the bunny mop?

    (If you don’t already know, kawaii or KAWAII as I’ve typed it, means cute in Japanese. I’m not Japanese, I just like anime so I’ve been using it to describe cute things lately. Someone online told me not to say it again. Haha. Right. That’s like asking me not to breathe.)

    Sometimes I wish puppies could stay puppies forever.

  87. She does have the cutest little case of bumwiggles I ever did see.

  88. Ferocity fail, but a Squee win fo sho. And those growlingks…oh, how I adore the growlingks.

  89. warrior rabbit says:

    @Mini Wolfsbane, ‘kawaii’ has been used here for years. No worries. It’s sort of standard!

  90. The little Myrmidon says:

    Love the growl-ettes.

  91. O No He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    @ Mandy Mo:

    “ferocity fail” = Bwa ha and also, HA!!!

    Might one borrow this phrase????

  92. O No He/ She/ It DI-unt!!!! says:

    and @ MiniWolfsbane

    In re.your observation:
    “Sometimes I wish puppies could stay puppies forever.”


    huh? they DON”T??????