Deja Pee-Yew

Stop me if you’ve heard this one before: This video is a bit like the “kitteh surprise” video from last year — only in this one, kitteh might have a little surprise for you.

Submitted by our very own Theresa, who would like you to know she’s not on Facebook. 😉



  1. very cute, and . . . the leetle clawsies!

  2. very cute, and check out those claws . . .

  3. warrior rabbit says:

    I become more and more enamored of these little stinkers every time I see ’em.

    Also, another Parry Grip song seems apt:

  4. HammerTime says:

    OMG. I want one.

  5. MoonCatty says:

    Yes… ‘skunk surprise’ would be different than ‘kitteh surprise’… but OMG this bebeh McSkunkersons is just as precious and cuuuuuuuuute!!!!

    Boopable leetle pink nose, tiny claws, fuzziness, and penchant for toe nomming… I’m melting… melting…

  6. Never leave your kitten shopping to the last minute. That was all they had left!

  7. The TEEFS. OMG the tiny teefs!!!

  8. So so cute, and oh so tinyyyyyyy….
    Shocking lack of modesty tail tho. 🙂

  9. Bite Bite Bite says:

    I inadvertently trained my cat to bite me by doing the same thing. Beware, Theresa. Learn from my mistake.

  10. Awww this little baby needs one of those t-shirts that says
    Li’l Stinker!

  11. I kept WAITING for the surprise–but it never came. (a big stink, I mean)

    What was the white wandy thingy for?

  12. That must be one tasty brand of nail polish.

  13. I love how the little guy bites his own foot and spits it out again:
    “Patooey! This doesn’t taste nearly as good as PINK NAIL POLISH! OM NOM NOM NOM!”

  14. Immodest skunk: Great unfulfilled potential for Privacy Tail. :mrgreen:

  15. PS: Check out this team:

  16. A little skunkling! So soft and bitey!

  17. @ warrior rabbit Thanks for the earworm. I’m going to sing it tonight to Moiselle Mouff the skunkette who always comes to do her rounds of my back yard.

  18. awwwww how adorable! I love how all animals love to “play” a little. He’s a cute little stinker for sure! 😉

  19. Their markings are so beautiful. My nightmare, though, is to open the door for my dog one morning to let him in after his morning patrol and find that he’s been “had”.

  20. Stinkin’ cu—no, I won’t say it! I won’t!

    So sweet, so fluffy! Stinky McNommersons there has stolen my heart.

  21. That pink manicure isn’t going to last long if she continues to let her fingers be chew toys.

  22. debg: I think it’s either the wrist strap from the video camera or a hoodie tie. But you are right, it does look unusually stiff.

  23. I *luffs* heem ❤

  24. Yay Theresa!! I think this deserves a new tag in your honor: Stinkin’!!!

    And what is the dealio with that curvy white probe thingy?!

  25. I saw my first baby skunk a few years ago – it was playing in the tall grass near the road with his Mom. I think they are adorable, had no idea you could make a pet out of them. Soooo cute<3!

  26. Am I the only one who wants to see that fab pink nail polish on the teensy skunk claws?



    So super cute…I want a baby skunk…

  27. well, that’s a first. I never thought I would ever hear anyone talking baby-talk to a skunk! It’s cute, but I’ve heard they still smell like skunk even if you remove the scent glands — I have no desire to find out if that’s true though.

  28. BatBlaster says:

    I thought they removed he glands so they DON’T stink, desoite when as pets people call em stinky or somethibn

  29. I giggled through the whole video. So…skunks are rodents, right?

  30. That young woman has an excellent purr. I am surprised no one mentioned it.

    Baby skunk!

  31. @Ratchic: No, they’re mustelids.

  32. I lived for many years on a canyon populated by a great many skunk families. Not only do they make unexpectedly excellent guard animals (they learn that you belong there, and scare off everyone else, including a prowler I heard snooping around one night who got “spritzed” by my guard-skunk); but when the babies are young, they engage in the most adorable play sessions. One of my favorite games to watch was the “Reverse Jousting”. Two little skunks would pace off from one another, look over their little shoulders to line themselves up, and then both start running backward at each other as fast as they could, colliding with quite a crash (tails up, of course). They never sprayed during these games, but I assume that was the point of the practice. 🙂

  33. how cute is reverse jousting!!!!!

  34. Skunk babies are SOOOO CUTE!!! I’m very jealous. Look at his happy little face.

  35. *asplode* It’s a bebeh skunk, people..and…and…it was getting widdle belleh skritches!

  36. That my friends is the sounds of yet another victim of Teh Lobotcutemy™. The cute has done dissolved her brain.

  37. Sorry, gotta nuff.

    Baby McSkunkersons are absolutely freaking ADORABLE.

    But they’re wild animals, they don’t belong as pets, it’s illegal to have them as pets in most of the US, and they carry rabies. Bad precedent to set.
    Nuffing over.

    I did wildlife rehab for a while. The behbeh skunklets were knock you down cute. But you did NOT want to show them their bottle then realize that it was too hot for them to drink. Behbeh skunklets got a TEMPER!

  38. Zee teefs of Pepe
    Want to bite you
    All the day leefs long…..

  39. This video STINKS…lol just kidding! How can you not like a baby animal?! 😀

  40. It’s a skunk and kind of rodent-y…don’t like rodents…skunks can stink on ya…shouldn’t find it adorable…and yet, and yet….geez, it’s just precious!

  41. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    @Nikki It was the camera strap hanging down

  42. @Hap 😀 You did not bother those skunk families so they must of thought of you as another skunk 😀 A strange looking skunk, but another skunk 😀

  43. @Theresa 😀 What a little cutie 😀

  44. MoonCatty says:

    @Wendy #30

    Excellent mention of this gal’s wonderful, melodious purring! High marks on sweet, responsive baby talk too… always in tune with what baby Flower is doing!

    Although her pink nail polish has taken some hits, it does tell a story of priorities. Adorabuhl Bebeh McSkunkerson’s nomming always takes precedence over a perfect manicure!

  45. Deadly cute! 🙂

    But what killed it for me is the stupid, annoying baby talk. I mean, it would have been alright for 5 seconds, but not the whole way through. Should be overlayed with lullaby music instead.

  46. BatBlaster says:

    @Ratchic: mustelids, like a weasel or ferret. Mustelids are part of the order carnivora, which includes cats, dogs, bears, raccoons, meerkats…
    I saw a wild one once. the videos i have of it consist of me telling people not to provoke it on fear of its ahem… chemical weaponry

  47. “Skunks” are cute, but in French they’re called “Moufette”, which I think much better expresses their adorability.

  48. I would very much like to have guard skunks. Very much.

  49. I don’t think this woman is really setting a precedent…many people have pet skunks, she’s hardly the first one. Also, most pet skunk owners obtain their animals legally from breeders. So, I’d venture to say your nuffing is uncalled for.

  50. He’s prolly too tiny to have any juice in his tank yet, but I would have loved to have seen him be like “Leaf me alone, lady!” *Pooooot!*

  51. This summer we were at an amusement park, and a couple had their skunk in a stroller. I didn’t see it, but my kids chased them down and asked for a peek. They may be stinky, but they are cute. I grew up in Pennsylvania, and the scent of skunk often wafted through the air, but I never smell it here in Maryland.

  52. I think this woman was the basis for Sims talk.

  53. Skunks are adorable. I understand that as pets they are difficult keepers, requiring a highly specialized diet. Having said that, i think they are KEEEE YOOOOOT

  54. So. Incredibly. Adorable.

  55. @barbarella

    >>But what killed it for me is the stupid, annoying baby talk.

    whattya say, NTMTOM, a tag along the lines of “If icky girl keep talking that way, big stwong man gonna kick all her teef wight down her thwoat”?

    big stwong man

  56. Rappenwolf says:

    I am sitting here with the biggest smile on face, just a fool for cute.

  57. okaasan59 says:

    So cute! I’ve always loved skunks.

    I also love Theresa’s growly purring!

  58. Biloca Fernandes says:

    Simply precious!!!

  59. This video had me at hello. Obviously bebeh McSkunkerson is adorabuhls, but his mom and her baby talk was SO relatable. I talk to my dog like this (I even go “whosh a bubba?” like skunk mama) all the time and think it makes total sense.

  60. No way on the green earth would I tickle a cute baby skunk like that with its gunsight aimed at my face. My cousin found a nest of baby skunks and held one up, thinking they couldn’t spray yet… and got a big wet blinding surprise.

    Bill Bryson wrote, “Being sprayed by a skunk is the worst thing that can happen to you that doesn’t make you bleed or put you in the hospital.”

    Very cute, though. But wild animals, not pets.

  61. the “probe” is a camera strap, the cheap kind that usually comes with the camera.

    This is one of the reasons I prefer a neck strap for my camera, that I actually keep around my neck. (to prevent camera droppage)

  62. martha in mobile says:

    My mama had a pet skunk when I was little. She was very sweet and spent each evening in the kitchen, begging for food as we were cooking dinner. When she was annoyed, she would stamp her little feet and turn around. Being de-scented, her efforts were futile. My father traded her away for a case of beer when my brother was born. I wish we had kept the skunk and the beer.

  63. warrior rabbit says:

    He’s not a pet, he’s a rescue/rehab. The info at the actual vid says his name was Goober and he’s now back living in the wild, and they miss him terribly. As would I. But yay for Goober!

  64. so cute! the skunk wasn’t bad either.

  65. fleurdamour says:

    OMG, it’s cute. Hope it had its ‘stink gland’ removed, though, or she’s right in the line of fire.

  66. Oh my land, that is the cutest little thing. He actually looked as if he was truly having fun. I want to ticklet his tummy! (sigh)

  67. tickle

  68. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ marthainmobile:

    I am now visualizing and thoroughly enjoying the idea of a petie le pew
    “stamping her little feet” ….Thanks for that!!! 🙂 🙂

  69. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    “a petite La Pewe” 😉

  70. Yay Theresa! NO Facebook… I thought I was the only one.

  71. OMG cute!

  72. We had a pet skunk when I was young. She was bought from a breeder and we had a license for her. Yes, she had her scent gland removed. And yes they stamp their feet. It’s their way of warning you to back off or else you will suffer the consequences. Although I don’t think I’ll ever make a pet of another one, I’ll always have a soft spot for the little stinkers…

  73. @ONHSID:
    Look at this little guy, trying to get his mom’s attention:

  74. I’m dying
    I’m dying
    I’m dying.

    I’m ded.

    Why don’t i have sweet bebes like this in my life? What am I doing wrong?

  75. @Avi: I know I’m being silly but after smiling until my face hurt watching the little stinker, I got an even BIGGER smile when I read your “Sims” reference. I’m a total Sims addict and it’s so rare that I hear anyone I know mention them in any way because none of my friends play the game. Thanks for making my evening even better (I didn’t think it could get any better after Goober!)

  76. All I could think of is “Awww…cute… RABIES RABIES RABIES!!!”

    We did actually have a coworker find a baby skunk and keep him as a pet–he had rabies and now ALL the family has to have rabies injections and their dog might have to be put down–He’s aDORable, but I wouldn’t touch him!

    Although if you got him from a breeder that’d probably be okay 🙂

  77. I had no IDEA skunkles were so cute!!!

  78. Theresa’s got such a cute little trill purr!

  79. She should be drinking a Bloody mary..Tomato juice will get rid of the skunky smell.Or maybe they use the skunk odor to cover up other smells in the house?Mebbe?

  80. I been sprayed before out in the woods. I think they look cute but from a distance.

  81. Good one Sharpy – you beat me to it 😉

    Skunks raised specifically as pets – as opposed to being taken from a wild mom – have been known to make great pets. Just have to remove the spritzing apparatus when you get them neutered (also required!). A friend had one for many years, who remained playful as a kitten the whole time. This little cutie made me think about getting another ferret (a relative mustelid) with similar requirements, but they are so time-intensive – more like dogs than cats – so I’ll have to pass for now :-(. So sweet though!

  82. When I was growing up I had a pet skunk we named it Flower after the skunk in the movie Bambie we got it when it was just a baby and had it fixed so it couldn’t spray any smelly stuff and it was cat box trained it had a collar and we took her for walks it made a very good pet

  83. Regarding smelliness: Some people say that skunks still stink with their glands removed and some say they don’t. My understanding is that skunks have a musky, non-skunky odor after their glands are removed and whether or not that odor is “stinky” is up to personal preference.

    I used to have a ferret and some people thought she was stinky, but I thought she smelled nice.

  84. I’ve spent some time around baby skunks that had their scent glands removed. They didn’t STINK…but they definitely had an animal scent. It was nothing like “skunk spray”! They are really entertaining little fuzzy-wuzzes.