The Ties that Bind…?

Ma, you knew I was gonna leave the nest eventually. And as adorably aggressive as the thought behind this may be, we both know that Elmers is only delaying the inevitable.

Smooches, Jenifer T. Photo by Leon S. Tucker



  1. Aaaaaaaaaw.

  2. GASP. First…???

    Also, now I want a pet hippo. My poor husband will have to deal with a menagerie if I get everything I want. 😛

  3. There is something about the hippo’s completely ridiculous disproportionate teeny-ear-to-ginormous-rest-of-body ratio that kills me every time. I just want to touch those sweet little ears ever so gently.

  4. Mama Hippo’s thinking… “baby kisses are the bestest…”.

  5. Smoochie Woochies.

    Baby Hippo Breff

  6. That little baby could fit right inside his mommy’s mouth, if she was hungry hungry!

    Self promotion: Check out my hippo animal shirt 😉

  7. Eye capsule olympics, aquatic edish

  8. For goodness sakes
    I got the hippo hippo shakes!

  9. That is the sweetest! I love mothering in nature. And that they are both smiling! 🙂

  10. S.W.A.K!!! (really tickles the lips when you do it right) 😡

  11. Awwwwww! 🙂

  12. Andi from NC says:

    warms my heart…..

  13. So freaking darling! Beep beep boop!

  14. marvincat says:

    BLISS! 🙂

  15. Snugglebunny says:

    Best. Mommeh. Hippo. Evah.

  16. PS: Super PLINKS from mega-eye-capsules. :mrgreen:

  17. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Ofishe Policy:


    and babeh hippos and babeh rhinos are even BETTOIS!!!!

  18. So very adorables!!!! Wish more humans would pay attention to this site!! I have a soaker tube, sadly not big enough for a babeh hippo. Big enough for a few penguins!!!

  19. Meriweather says:

    A beep. A blorp.

    A bleep?

    A borp?

  20. @occula definitely. heavyweight divizh.

  21. I want a hippopotamus for Christmas…

  22. @O NO


    i know,right?

    babeh hippo says, “you are SO cute!”

    mama says, “no, YOU are!”

    “no, YOU are!”

    “no, YOU are!”

    “no, YOU are!”

    “no, YOU are!”

    times infinity.


    (and reference to…everything ever with a title, apparently)

  24. The only animal that scared me when I was in Africa was the hippo. We camped by a river full of them and the honked loudly all night and kept us awake. Plus they’d come crashing out of the water and make the ground shake. (And have I mentioned how loud they are? I have? Well it’s worth repeating.) Cute in a photo but kinda intimidating in person. I’ll admire them from a distance.

  25. Adorable pic! Weird & not-too-funny captions…

  26. So lovely 🙂

  27. If the insane ear-to-head ratio didn’t keel me, the smilingks would.

  28. PLINK

  29. fluffernugget says:

    Has everyone or anyone seen Jessica the Hippo. Cute and strange.

  30. Enough with the “first’ business!

    Cute pic.

  31. Why are researchers not aggressively pursuing a shrinking ray?! I NEED a miniature house hippo!!

  32. I must say, my mouth did not close the entire time ‘Jessica the Hippo’ played and my squees, exclamations of “OMG, OMG, OMG” and shrieks of “Look honey! Look hooneeeey!!!” could be heard in the next county.

  33. mom, Mom, MOOMMm,,,,what …hi.

  34. I am tewtally down with getting a house hippo. Would freak out my cats but so be it.

    Decca, I’m always amazed how the statistics about hippo-related homicides but with those teeth, it makes sense.

  35. @decca

    >>We camped by a river full of them and the honked loudly all night and kept us awake.


    hippos HONK?!

  36. @samrock

    >>I want a hippopotamus for Christmas…

    WARNING: superloud audio after you click. but still a very cute song.

  37. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Hippos are bleeking adorable until they open their mouths. Those teeth… they terrify me.

  38. @Sharpy, the traffic gets pretty heavy on the Zambezi at rush hour. :mrgreen:

  39. MoonCatty says:

    Such a sweet photo. Such off-putting captions.

  40. @theresa

    HAW X 10!

  41. Kar, I was amused that we crossed the river in an inflatable boat with no life preservers or other safety devices. Water full of crocs and hippos. On the jungle cruise ride at Disneyland you get a five minute safety lecture. In Malawi, it’s take your chances.

    Sharpy, hippos make an amazing noise. If you’ve ever seen The African Queen there’s a great bit with hippos honking and Bogart doing a hippo impression.

  42. Smoochers! Cute…the picture I have the momma giraffe kissing the top of her little goomers head.

  43. warrior rabbit says:

    They play Jessica on Animal Planet frequently (well, I’ve seen it at least three times… note that I watch it each time). I can’t fault her passion for yams — I love them, too. In the documentary, she had a potential beau who was killed. I wonder (since the film was a few years ago) how she’s doing now, and if she’s found a mate yet.

  44. flittertwit says:

    …wants a stuffed toy hippo like Abby’s on N.C.I.S. It poots when you squeeze it.

  45. flittertwit says:

    Oh oh…. moderation machine doesn’t like ‘poots’ LOL

  46. @decca

    you sound like my kind of adventurer! what a cool trip. i haven’t seen the African Queen since i was a little kid… I’ll have look into this honking hippo you speak of.

  47. LAST!