Lock All Doors, and My God, DON’T! GET! HYSTERICAL!

Dr. Von ScroungeParts’ recent experiment of fusing two separate species – the ravenous Cid with the very surly yet strangely apathetic Puddy – has gone terribly awry. We implore you to take cover and be on the lookout: The Cicadacat is weird and dangerous.

It’s Kismet, Pam W.




  2. That is some serious stinkeye right there. *Ducks for cover.*

  3. Oh my gosh, I SOOOOO needed this pic today!!!! LOL

  4. Elizabeth says:

    We are NOT amused.

  5. Martha in Washington says:

    If I were Pam, I’d join the witness protection program cause that cat knows where you live!

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    He kinda looks like an owl…

    Waiting for the inevitable barrage of “why bathe a cat” comments. I’m guessing the first will be at around #27.

  7. Shygrrl74 says:

    Floof sez wet kittayn (soaking tackle of human in 3…2…) , eyes say unamused owl…

    Mirrors my own mood today, catharsis has nevar been so cute…

  8. First, they fed it after midnight. Then, they gave it a bath.

  9. Warrior Rabbit, should we start a pool? I’ll take squares 21 and 34.

  10. omg.
    wish i could make that face to make peeps bow down.

  11. Aidan, that’s one of my favorite movies.

  12. Anyone ever see “A Muppet Christmas Carol” ? This cat looks just like Old Joe, the spider who’s a fence for Scrooges personal items after he “dies”.

  13. Be afraid!
    Be very afraid!


  14. MJ, brilliant!

  15. Yowza! I don’t get the cicada reference.

  16. skippymom says:

    What the *$%&^@)(*&!!)**@** kind of animal is that?

  17. Teresa in KC says:

    That is one pi$$ed puss.

  18. skippymom says:

    Very nice sink and countertops, by the way.

  19. Kris, I didn’t want to ask. I’m glad you did.

  20. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Elizabeth/ # 4: you got to my chosen text, before I saw the pic!!

  21. What did they wash him in? Ugly Sauce?

  22. Looks more like an OwlCat to me

  23. TrixandSam says:

    @Kris and @briann:

    Google the 17-year cicada. Try to find a head-on picture and you’ll get the connection!

  24. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Prongs !!!

    !!!!Nice!!!!Use!!! of !!!!!!!

    (*NOTE: NOT a sarcastic statement; meant in genuine enjoyment!!*)

  25. If choo-choo bear was black and white…

    Don’t know what I mean? Go see Something*Positive: http://www.somethingpositive.net/sp09162002.shtml

  26. It’s a real-life Bill the Cat! “Ack! Thbbft!”

  27. PS: Leo Bloom anyone?
    “I’m wet! I’m WET and I’m HYSTERICAL!”

  28. I don’t like pictures of wet cats, usually, but this one is extra ugly!

  29. @martha in washington

    >>If I were Pam, I’d join the witness protection program cause that cat knows where you live!



  30. skippymom says:

    The more I look at that face, the more it looks like my mother’s husband, Ken.

  31. Ok why did u wash the cat. (just kidding)

  32. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Theresa: YES it looks like Bill the Cat.
    That didn’t occur to me, ’til I read your mention of it!!!

  33. Veechann, your statement’s a little worrying.

  34. Elizabeth says:

    @O NO–That’s what the cat has written all over its poor, wet face. 🙂

  35. According to the look radiating from that one very pissed kitteh, be afraid, be very afraid.

  36. Kitteh don’t like!!! D8

  37. Gail White says:

    How could you treat this poor owl so?

  38. PS A leetle question: Is it just possible that “Dr. Von ScroungeParts” could be a typo for “Dr. Von ScroungePANTS”? Because, you know, Von ScroungePants just makes so much more sense. :mrgreen:

  39. I nearly snorfed my ice cream! Poor kitty is going to make someone very, verry soorrry!!

  40. I somehow doubt Pam lived beyond 2005….

  41. Kitteh is covering the evidence with his blue towel. It really says “RIP Pam 2005.”

  42. Woofy'sMa says:

    I burst out laughing as soon as I saw it. That is one really ugly owl or one really pissed off cat. I need to look at this every day.

  43. Oh my gosh! This picture is hilarious! Although that poor kitty is NOT happy! I’m surprised the owners were actually able to snap this shot!

  44. Poor Puttytat! He-he-he! (in tweety bird voice)

  45. Oookay. So as part Cid he is emerging from slumber with a ravenous appetite, and as part Puddy, he is weird and apathetic. Which means…we’re all in danger! That actually makes sense to me now. No, there’s no Fancy Feast here….

  46. I so love pictures of wet cats and I so love exotics and persians XD
    This is just the kind of start I needed for this day.

  47. i am the pam in question, and yes…i’m still alive!

    this is my adorable, sweet, fluffy (although that would be hard to prove from this photo) persian cat, “kismet”. it was her bi-weekly bath day, and as i was ready to take her from the kitchen sink “tub”, i threw a towel over her head. the look of despair on her face was priceless, so I ran for my camera. i was only able to get this one photo.

    (I swear…no persians were harmed for this photo…she looks much more miserable than she actually was). 😉

  48. LOL! Thanks great picture 😀

  49. hilarious, theresa #27!!!
    (that was one of my father’s all time favourite movies!)

  50. Pam – It just hit me how much she resembles the gorgeous cat whit the wild whiskers, is she by any chance the same one? 😀

  51. Could we please see a photo of kismet (aka “owlcat”) all dried off and fluffy? 🙂

  52. @whiskers #25 – I love Something Positive and choo-choo bear! So true…

  53. Rumi, click on her name. It’ll take you to her website. Go to the tab marked “Other Stuff,” and halfway down the page is a picture of floofy Kismet! (Or at least, I’m pretty sure that’s Kismet.)

  54. Looks like Marvin the Martian with a bad hair day!

  55. Wow, s0nnia, you’re right! He sure does! 😆 Awesome comparison.

  56. Wow, that’s me when I use to PMS! Holy moly rocky…looook out.

  57. What the heck are Wings’n’Things? It sounds like some franchise restaurant that has wings special during football season. In fact, I think we had one down in Orlando.

  58. Oh Em Gee! It’s coming to get meeeee!

    *runs away arms flailing and runs into locked door*


  59. yes, medusa! she is one and the same! 🙂

  60. here she is, sans moisture.

  61. oops…i was trying to upload a photo…any hints?

    liek taht

  62. Nothing spews vitriol like a wet cat.

  63. Looks like late-stage Brundlefly to me.

  64. warrior rabbit says:

    I think you just have to paste in the URL, in this case (I might be wrong):

  65. thanks, warrior rabbit!

    well, that’s my kitty sans moisture! 🙂

  66. 😈 Kismet looks not too pleased with you, pam 😈

  67. @starling

    >>Oh Em Gee! It’s coming to get meeeee!
    >>*runs away arms flailing and runs into locked door*

    i just did a spit-take.

    i’m a sucker for physical comedy.

  68. please. attendez-vous:

    you put zee <img src=” in front of the URL and then add the “/>

    et voila!

    like that

    yikes! stare much?

  69. thanks, sharpy!!

    quite a difference from her wet photo, huh?

  70. flittertwit says:

    Gorgeous kitteh, Pam!

  71. thanks, flittertwit! i love her to pieces!

  72. is that a gremlin?

  73. Why would anyone panic?! The kitteh haz a towel, so you know that things will be all right. Right? Douglas Adams?

  74. Yech, I think I pulled one of those out of my shower drain once. It gave me a bad look and walked away.