I Wish I Was in Dixie (Cups)

Ooo-ooh, here’s two cups full of fuzzy cotton
Now what was I doing? Oh, I’ve forgotten
Look away
Look away
Look away
They’re too cute.

Via HuffPo via Geekosystem via The Daily What via Buzzfeed via Disapproving Rabbits via alert reader Warrior Rabbit!



  1. Don’t you love their noses? LOL!

  2. The leetle tongues. They keel me!

  3. That video caused a reaction that almost got me in trouble at work. I’m having trouble recovering…

  4. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    NOW THEM’s the kyoooooootest and twitchiest lil’ nosies, Ah dun
    ebber seeeeeeeeeen!!! 🙂 🙂

  5. Syncronized nose twitching! 😀

  6. How do I kill an earworm? Is there a spray or something? Or does it require continuous repellant and treatment?

  7. Poor brinnann, the only thing I found that can kill an earworm is another earworm.
    Ad infinitum….

  8. @ Brinn.. LOL I have been singing that song in my head ever since i read this post. Heheheheheh!

    only not in my voice but in a cartoon southern guys voice.. you know the one .. he looks like Colonel Sanders

  9. MY go to earworm killer is ..
    This is the song that never ends …

  10. I have no idea why, but this popped into my head as a suitable replacement.

  11. Cup o’ Bun. In fine supermarkets everywhere. Just pop the lid and enjoy!

    Another fine product of The Mitsubishi Industrial Concern.


  13. Brandi7920 says:

    Does it get any cuter than disapproving bunneh nosicle twitchingks? Seriously. Does it?!?!?

  14. When their nose twitching is synchronized, all is well with the world.

  15. 260Oakley says:

    Yes winosaurs, this is the correct way to serve cabunnet sauvignon. You must let it breathe before you drink it.

  16. I want to know what they are smelling that requires so many sniffs! It must be awesome!

    …though on a serious note, for anybody with a rabbit, do their noses do that ALL the time? Is it a bunny phase they grow out of? Its so cute!

  17. 260O, would you happen to know of a good pinose grigio?

  18. Cashew, I was wondering that too. I had bunnehs when I was a wee ‘un, but I don’t remember if their noses twitched all the time.

  19. I am THIS CLOSE to deciding I would like a bunny when my dog and two cats cross the Rainbow Bridge!

  20. The noses! The noses!! THE NOSES!!! (Can’t find high enough pitch for my voice to convey this cuteness.)
    Especially when they’re in perfect alternating synchronicity (PAS).

  21. This wine definitely has a nose (or noses)!

  22. 260Oakley says:

    I recommend you go with a white zinfansmell.

  23. MrsShortShoes says:

    Oh the Nosies!

  24. Cosmeoflower says:

    hmmm yes most satisfactory.

  25. Teenygozer says:

    Huh, apparently Keith Olbermann discovered Cuteoverload in the last week or so. I wonder what else of teh adorkable will pop up on his show!

  26. Rule of cuteness: Twitchy noses?

  27. EYEBALL!!!

  28. Gail White says:

    I think these syncopated noses need some music to go along with all the switchin and twitchin.

  29. Pat Trenner says:

    Cashew and Brinnan,

    Bun noses twitch out of curiosity, even when there are no odors to investigate. It’s sort of a rhino-reaction: “Huh? What’s up?”

  30. Yes their little bunny noses twitch all the time! Its adorable!

    I have never commented on here before, but I recently acquired a bun (Ron Weasley) and felt the need to chime in with my expert opinion.

    (Apparently the twitching has something to do how they dont breathe out of their mouth – but best just to pretend its to be extra cute).

  31. Synchronized muzzlepouches! 😀

  32. @brinnann

    >>How do I kill an earworm? Is there a spray or something? Or does it require continuous repellant and treatment?

    if i want to replant an earworm, i go straight to “riding on a pig, baby monkey.”

    someone recently posted a great site just for removing earworms, but now i can’t find it AND i’m singing “backwards on a pig, baby monkey,” so i’m done for the day.

  33. Double Peeky McPeekersons! STINKIN’ cute!!

  34. Ok, I have to ask…does anyone actually survive this kind of cuteness attack? And how am I supposed to continue to do my job when I’m lying on the floor drooling. What about the brain explosions? Well?

  35. Ah, if only Teho were here. Teho was Lord of the Earworm!

    But it is true that only an earworm can replace another earworm. So, ladies and gentlemen, without further ado:

  36. All the time??!! Thats it, no bunny for me! I’d be ded of teh qte.

  37. My personal earworm: I torture my students with this song once a semester. Fair warning, the video is beach themed which means you will see scantily clad women (oh, and an orangutan at the end)

  38. @theresa

    >>Ah, if only Teho were here. Teho was Lord of the Earworm!

    last i heard teho moved into his soundproof underground bunker (code name: “the worm hole.”) he’s putting the final touches on an earworm eraser spray (code name: “wormaway.”) the ad department is under strict orders to keep the new jingle under wraps (code name: “wemoweh,” aka “the marmie sleeps tonight.”)

  39. I really don’t need a bunneh. Why? Oh why, CO do you do this to me? This recent flurry of bunneh activity makes me long fer one of mah very own!

  40. Adorable…

  41. Sharpy FTW! 😆

  42. Sasha's Mum says:

    I wish I still remembered my Morse code … coz I’m pretty sure they’re using their noses to send us a message. Mind you, it would be in Japanese.

  43. Sharpy!!1!

    I just got that earworm out of my head from the CO daily calendar on October 1.



  44. I hear noises in the background, like there are people in the room doing other things, and I don’t understand. How could you be in the same room with those buns and do anything other than STARE AT THEM???

  45. warrior rabbit says:

    Yes, bunny noses do that all the time! It is a little mesmerizing…

    I don’t know, Theresa, if you’re going to go modern Muppet earworm removal, I might stay with the bunny theme and use this one:

  46. *in best Mr. Miyagi voice* Uuuuuupp! Dowwwwwwwwnn! Uuuuuuuuupp! Dowwwwwwwwnn!

  47. muttluver says:

    -mouth falls open-
    -gapes like fish-
    So…. cute!

    Was this the website? http://unhearit.com/#

    Warrior rabbit, that video has traumatized me! Traumatized me for life, I tells ya! Poor baby bunnies…….

  48. janet2buns says:

    Cashew: It’s also a good bunny barometer of their stress levels. Slow twitching indicates a relaxed bun. A very stressed bun’s nose will twitch so fast it seems to vibrate. The eyes will also bug out. It is then the job of the bunny’s indentured servant to figure out the problem and STOP EET !

  49. @muttluver

    >>Was this the website? http://unhearit.com/#

    that it is! thanks you!

  50. @auntiebellum


  51. @Cashew, I have a horrifyingly dorky confession to make. I play a game with my two bunnies which they actually seem to enjoy. I will get on the floor with them and put my face down on their level. I then start twitching my own nose (actually is less of a nose twitch as it is a combo of nose and upper lip) to match their nose speed. Once we are all three in sync I then change up the speed of my twitching and without fail, they either slow down or speed up to match me. It’s hilarious. Naturally, I NEVER do this when others are around, but I have to admit, it’s pretty adorkable.

    What is really remarkable to me, though, is how the heck the owner of these two cuppa buns actually got them to stay in those cups! Pallina and Pixie would never in a million years stay put.

  52. Put your right nose in, Put your left nose in, and shake them all about !!!

  53. Banished to the Moderation Room. Sigh.

  54. Thanks N. Fritz, I’ve always wondered what that song was called! 😀

  55. oh my tooooo cute!! i loff the nosies so much!!

  56. Queen of Dork says:

    The noses look like separate entities from the rest of the bun’s faces, as though they have tiny little schnoz brains of their own.

  57. BF says, and I quote: “They are so goddamn cute.”


  58. @QoD: “Schnoz Brains”! heheheheheh

  59. Totally sweet. Could hardly watch it to the end.

  60. ….no tengo dinero…….la la la la la la……….beep………

  61. The advances in animatronics are truly wonderful these days. I almost believed those were real wabbits.

  62. PrincessFiona says:

    That’s not what I meant when I ordered 2 cinnamon buns…

  63. @n. fritz

    wow, it’s a good thing that video is obnoxious enough to offset the earworm’s damage.


  64. @nikki

    >>It’s hilarious. Naturally, I NEVER do this when others are around, but I have to admit, it’s pretty adorkable.

    you know, that sounds like a lot of fun. once i found out that canines can say “i love you” by blinking, i’ve been having blink parties with all my pupdogs! if you blink at a dog slowly, it relaxes him/her and it helps them go to sleep.

  65. @amy

    >>BF says, and I quote: “They are so goddamn cute.”

    bonus points for boyfriend squees!

  66. @Sharpy – you’re in rare form today – love the Teho update!
    @Lerrinus – You’re welcome!
    @MamaLana – I played it for my students yesterday and dedicated it to the chancellor who fired me and 13 of my colleagues (effective January) because of “budget cuts”

  67. tonicakes says:


  68. It looks like they´re doing some kind sign language with their nosicles. A novel form of communication perhaps?

  69. schnozzflapping! the lazy way to wave.

  70. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Because I was raised on Disney, I can only assume that the darker one is a boy and the lighter one is a girl…

  71. deathqueen38 says:

    i first saw this on dissaprovingrabbits.com. i love their little noses!!!

  72. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    @ N. Fritz – another disclaimer for your video… Ron Jeremy as bartender LOL

    Oh and BUNS! I can not have a bun either as my weiners will devour it. So WHY CO must you torture me sooooo????

  73. Pat Trenner says:

    Nikki, did you pick up the nose-twitch game from the Lagomorph Language Web site?

    So how are Pixie and Pallina getting along?

  74. Um…the buns are cute but the vid is TOTALLY boring….completely snore inducing!

  75. do bunnies talk with them noses?

  76. *gets up from being ded TWICE from this video yesterday*

    *dies again*

    Yer killin me! Syncopated nose twitches!

  77. Mocchachino and caramel frappe!!

  78. The killer rabbits of Caerbannog! Run away! Run away!

  79. doomchild says:

    You know,
    they could have Johnny Depp walking naked in the background, sipping wine and talking dirty, and I wouldn’t have noticed.

    might have to rewatch the video just to check they didn’t…

  80. Bunnehhs! Bunneeehhhs!! Squeeeeee!

    Now that’s what I can a sweet drink! Might have to get me some after work.


  81. fifthsonata says:

    OMG I thought they were toys until the one on the left moved!!!

  82. @doomchild

    >>they could have Johnny Depp walking naked in the background, sipping wine and talking dirty, and I wouldn’t have noticed.

    i could have sworn i marked that video ‘private!’

  83. I have seven bunnies at home that love to nose twitch. crazywienerdoglady, try getting a french lop or flemish giant bunny. They would be lots bigger than your wiener dogs. Also N. Fritz i love that song but i can’t figure out the spainish part the girls sing? Any ideas…

  84. my sister had the best quote in response to this video: “excuse me waiter, there is a hare in my cup!”

  85. OMG – DED, I tell ya’ – I am TOTALLY DED!

    Slayed by teh twitchy bunnular nosicles

  86. Cashew – pretty much yes. Except when they are asleep. My bun sleeps with her eyes open (many prey animals do) and the only way I can tell when she drifts off is that her nose slows and finally stops.

  87. I can tell when my rabbit falls asleep when she starts twitching and starts melting into the ground in an asymmetrical manner… it’s cute!

  88. They look like they’re talking about me. They think I don’t know, because I don’t speak bunnyfluffles, but they’re staring right at me, and it’s so obvious.

  89. @Pat Trenner, thanks for asking. Pallina has completely adopted Pixie has her new best friend. They are like velcro. Always grooming each other and snuggling. It’s so adorable.

  90. The nosicles! The NOSICLES! (Can you call them nosicles if they’re not moist?)

    I wanna spend all day petting the little nosicles!

  91. Sadly, my rabbits would have been able to get out of two cups like that. They’re so sweet!

  92. crazyweinerdoglady says:

    @Chris B. are you wanting the actual Spanish or the translation? Basic Translation: Let’s have tequila, beautiful lady, I really need it now, I have no money, sir, can we work it out.

  93. Thank you crazyweinerdoglady. My spanish is very limited. I always wondered what it meant. If you really want a bunny, check out adopting a big one. I had 12 lb white new zealand bunny that scared the deliver guy more than a rottie…:-)

  94. They should win the Nobel piece prize for uniting the world in cuteness: spread buns in cups, not war!

  95. I do the nose-twitch conversation with my Finn, too! He’s sitting by my feet right now preening. My darling is probably the only approving rabbit on the planet. : )

  96. Make mine a decaf.

  97. paige turner says:

    ew, rodents

  98. So sniffy. I love it. I hope they can get out of those cups when they want to though.

  99. HEY! There’s a HARE in my drink!


  100. warrior rabbit says:

    @Paige #97, actually they are not rodents, they are lagomorphs

    the more you know (da da da daaaaaaa)

  101. Wow! We have a bunny but we got him after he was that tiny! Makes me want to get more hehe