Gareth Grey and the Roomba of Doom!

One by one, the initiates flew in all directions as the Vacuumodium continued its ceaseless unpredictable lurching. At last only Gareth and his bitter rival, Cedric Blackmon, clung for life as Prosciutto von Rosawurst, the pink lord of the Kitchen Lands, watched from on high with his hellhound Trixie. “Give it up, urchin,” sneered Blackmon. “It is my destiny to face the Final Challenge of Ish-Kabongg, not y–”

And with that, he was gone.



  1. Well if that hilariously dramatic music doesn’t signal Impending Doom, nothing will. So cute.

  2. And “Proscuitto Von Rosawurst, Pink Lord of the Kitchen Lands” was particularly brill, NTMTOM. 😀

  3. I always think of Buster from Arrested Development when I see a roomba. “Oh! You’re hungry!”

  4. oh my, that was dramatic.

  5. This is an encore presentayshe. Don’t remember when but I do remember that some people commented on the topless kid. It is absolutely hilarious to watch.

  6. King of the Roomba
    Only one shall prevail!

    Love the music, its so Kirk vs Spock!

  7. I second Nikki’s observation of “Impending Doom” from the music. We can haz tag?

  8. flittertwit says:

    LOL!!!!!! What a start to the day…such drama and story, as presented by the one, the only, bestest storyteller, NTMTOM!!!!

  9. 😆 OMG I just noticed the title on the video: “Sacrificial Kitty Dance.” 😆 (I wish there was a way to post an emoticon for LMAO.)

  10. So hilarious. I love the way the kittens are not the least bit afraid of the Roomba of Doom. And I love the music.

  11. JohnnyJohnny says:

    You know what would be better? If the kittens on the Roomba where smoking.

  12. Yes, I think this is a re-post because I remember thinking what kind of crazy household that must be–a bunch of kittens, a topless kid and then a big dog–who knows what else is there that didn’t make it into the camera frame?

  13. 260Oakley says:

    Are we listening to Stravinsquee’s “Rite of Sproing”?

  14. LaureninGeorgia says:

    If a Roomba could seriously contend with that many kids – I mean kittens – at least one dog and one goat – I mean kid – I would get one.

    Back to my large coffee

  15. But what are they being initiated into? I simply must know, NTMTOM!

    p.s. also, I love you. I love you with the fierce and cuddly love of a hundred kitten hearts.

  16. Kristin C. says:

    Roomba’s all: “Would you like a kitteh?” *splat* “Here, have two!” *splat*

  17. WHEN is this going to be a gameshow?

  18. I second tenkits declaration of pure love for NTMTOM!! Mike, you are just the right amount of “Not Right!” and I so adore it! In other words, Tee hee hee!!

  19. oh my that is delightful. i’ve been begging for a roomba for a while now, mainly to pick up dog hair, but also to see how my little girls (dogs) will react to it. i imagine they’ll be terrified, anything scares them.. garbage cans, piles of leaves, shaking ice in a cup, blowing raspberries anywhere near them (the pooty noise with your face). i can see them now, crouching down and crawling away. what brave little kitties those are though! much more fearless than my furbabies.

  20. Thanks for the hint on the music, 260O! Got me sucked into a internet wormhole on the riots that piece of music initially caused. The more you know!

  21. Martha in Washington says:

    FIVE! They get FIVE kittehs… AND a DOG! Life is SOOO NOT FAIR!!


    @260O–Strivinsquee is now my new favorite composer!

  22. Is he the great-grandkitten of the Hang In There Kitty from the famous motivational poster?

  23. Wheeeeeee…..!!!!!!!!!

  24. “Re-mew! Re-mew!”

  25. Ahhhhhhemmmm! ::Clears Throat::

    There were Five on the Bed and the Little one said
    Roll Over… Roll Over
    So they all rolled over and One fell out.

    There were Four on the Bed and the Little one said
    Roll Over… Roll Over
    So they all rolled over and one fell out.

    There were three on the Bed and the Little one said
    Roll Over… Roll Over
    So they all rolled over and One fell out.

    And Ecetra… And So Forth…

  26. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ KittyAd: 🙂

  27. @amanda

    >>I always think of Buster from Arrested Development when I see a roomba. “Oh! You’re hungry!”

    “That’s what you do when life hands you a chance to be with someone special. You just grab that brownish area by its points, and you don’t let go no matter what your mom says.”

  28. Copperbat says:

    This house looks like a three-ring circus! What a blast it must be to live there. 😀

  29. Hurray! 27 posts in and no nuffers! I was just sure there’d be cries of, “Those poor kitties!”, or some such nonsense. I thought it was awesome and obviously the kittehs either enjoyed it or couldn’t are less. In either case, they were not glued to it, or forced to smoke cigarettes, or were trying to sleep. I wish mah kittehs were so relaxed.

    As an aside, I simply MUST start carrying around a recording of this tune and play it as my theme music whenevah I exercise, or work, or drive, or…heck, just all the time to announce my epic-ness!

  30. Crevice tool! Crevice tool!

  31. @brinnann

    >>(I wish there was a way to post an emoticon for LMAO.)


    you can borrow this one!

  32. Amanda and Sharpy, at least these kittehs seem to be safe from loose seals wearing yellow bowties.

  33. I love how it pushes that one on the ground, and he’s all “Meh. Roomba pushin’ me. Whatcha gonna do?”

  34. katfighter says:

    This killed me the first time around, but the addition of the impending doom score makes it a thousand times better. I didn’t know that was possible.

  35. Martha in Washington says:

    I just went back and watched it again and there are SIX! kittehs. I’m calling the fairness police. This is an obvious infraction here!

  36. bookmonstercats says:

    260Oakley @#13, brilliant as usual, but even more so today. I was trying first for Mars the God of War from Holst’s Planet Suite.
    I will never be able to watch The Rite of Spring, or listen to the music again without thinking “Stravinsquee’s “Rite of Sproing””, so that’s me barred for life from Covent Garden.
    Brilliant co-ordination at 21 seconds, when first kittayn falls off the roomba to a crescendo, followed by second kittayn to the timps. *Bravo, encore Maestro……. (etc)*

  37. Award for best use of Stravinsky on CO!!!

  38. 260Oakley says:

    Wouldn’t you love to see a ballet company performing the “Rite of Sproing”? The dancers could leap out from behind things, knock one another over, and then do bunny kicks with their feet.

  39. Wait, am I missing something. Was their a post “Rite of Sproing?” Or is this just a CO fantasy?

  40. “Rite of Spring” !!! Mega-Mega-Mega-WIN!!!!!

  41. @mamabear

    >>Hurray! 27 posts in and no nuffers!

    keep your fingers crossed!

  42. @kirsten and amanda

    >>Amanda and Sharpy, at least these kittehs seem to be safe from loose seals wearing yellow bowties.

    good point! but now i’m worried about the claw and the giant banana peel!

  43. @prinbsn, Or indeed on the Internets!

  44. @Mamabear, it’s “The Rite of Spring.” a ballet score by Igor Stravinsky. It caused a riot at its first performance in 1913. :mrgreen:

  45. They need another roomba then the kitties can play bumper roomba.

  46. Are you kidding? It’s a Bluth family celebration. That’s no place for children.

  47. @260O… LOL it would look like a scene from Men in tights.. where they would be leaping and sproinging and crashing and bashing, and slipping and sliding, and….

    Opps sorry I got stuck in Dr.Suess mode there for a second.

  48. okay i have watched this like at least five times now and the music is as some one else said timed perfectly.. I just love it .. IT is sooo funny!

  49. Stephanie says:

    Too cute!! I love it!!!!

  50. Roomba of Doom = “Doomba”?

  51. Thanks Theresa! My son is one of them young whipper snappers who is handy with technology. Ima have him get that recorded onto my own personal mini sound system-thingy.

    The Crevice Tool thing was facinating/scary, lol! I didn’t know whether to sing along or hide. Did anyone else think the chick who was in the video looked remarkably like Diana Scarwid? That’s the woman who played the grown up version of Christina Crawford on the movie Mommie Dearest. Really, go look her up on IMBD, it’s a bit uncanny. I kept waiting for her to turn to the camera and scream, “I am NOT one of your faaaaans!!!”

  52. The big pink thing scares me.

  53. I’m pretty sure that we played this game as kids. The last person thrown off the merry-go-round won.


    It seemed appropriate… how does consumer reports rate cat hair vacuuming ability? Bonus.. kitties in the video!

  55. @ Theresa: Roomba of Doom = “Doomba”? LOVE IT!!!! 😆 😆 😆 *hugs*

  56. Well, someone’s gotta clean up all the dustbunnies…er…kitties! 😉 So cute!

  57. What cracks me us is the part where the roomba collides with the kitten sitting to the side, and said kitten just slides… no mess, no foul, no big deal.

  58. oh, and btw… that big pink thing scares me too.

  59. Hahah! You know, people that have kittens probably buy a Roomba *only* for the kittens, not for cleaning!

  60. Everytime I see this, I have to giggle.

  61. Stravinsky = musical genius.

  62. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    @spb I know, right? Kitteh’s over there just like, “Um… huh? Oh, okay.”

  63. bookmonstercats says:

    @260O #38. I suspect that between you and Theresa, you could probably manage it.
    Now that you’ve said it, it’s even worse. Definitely no live performances of either the ballet or the music for me ever again. Whe else in the audience would be giggling their way through it?

  64. love this video! extra bits of cuteness include:

    1. the Roomba nudging the kitties around and the kitties going “meh”
    2. the shirtless child running through the video
    3. the giant chocolate lab running through the video

    I bet this is one crazy house of love and cuteness. I bet my cats would love a Roomba.

  65. I am become Roomba, destroyer of kittens.

  66. Okay I had to watch this again because it is just full of so much awesomeness you have to see it every day. The kittens being shoved aside and how it seems to randomly deposite them around the floor.

    @ Theresa …Doomba… Snicker!!!

  67. Chaos! Adorabuhl kittehs flying everywhere. I want to go there.

  68. Well, that was hilarious. I love how the Roomba creature just sliiides the kitten out of the way. Obviously these little goomers are use to it. The music is perfect. .@260…as usual perfect. Sure missed you this week! I was going through withdrawls. Thanks for a dose. I sure love the idea of that ballet.

  69. Dave Cornutt says:

    When did Wipeout start producing cat episodes?

  70. That is kitty obuse:(