This Is Not in My Contract

(Man, I hate when the boss brings her kid to the office, ’cause that means I have to make nice with the little pest or I’ll be working Saturdays for a month…)



  1. That music is hilarious. Is it a bassoon?

  2. OMG I was first! *happy dance*

  3. 260Oakley says:

    Looks like they’re dredging the Eary Canal again.

  4. cyberpunkrocker says:

    Nice ‘old-skool’ look of the film

    …Oh, and nice kitteh and goggie too 🙂

  5. warrior rabbit says:

    Mellow dog is mellow,

  6. warrior rabbit says:

    whoops . not ,

  7. Skip–It’s mostly oboe, with some clarinet in the middle. I think there’s a bassoon in the background, just playing some of the boom-chick-y stuff (as we bassoonists are so often stuck doing–but I’m not bitter!).

    What a tolerant dog. But as a hard-core marmie-lover, I especially loved when the kitty came in for his close-up.

  8. Awww Kitty is being so gentle and lovy and the Dog is sooo tolerant… I love that they are all suggling together.

    Ntmtom you forgot the interspeces tag..also Yay Marc Anthony tag!

  9. Lovely video — so cute! And the music is fantastic… but it’s driving me crazy. I know I’ve heard it before, but I can’t think where, and I can’t ID it. Please please please for the love of cheese on toast, someone tell us what it is!

    (I had thought at first it was Baby Elephant walk, but no.. that’s completely different.)

  10. I must second the Yay for the Marc Anthony tag!

  11. You know, I’m thinking it might be from a video game… Grim Fandango or Psychonauts or Monkey Island…

  12. Music reminds me of Peter and the Wolf. I do so like dangly earflaps!

  13. LaureninGeorgia says:

    What kind of dog? Yellow Lab? Pit? All American Mutt?

  14. warrior rabbit says:

    I am sure there’s a story behind the name Peebucks! Love to hear it…

  15. That doggie deserves twice his weight of his favorite food for being so patient and tolerant…and LOTS of neck skritches and belly rubs.

  16. @Cath – Well, I can certainly rule out the Psychonauts possibility. I’ve played it a beezillion times, and while there is certainly a bit of woodwind whimsy in it, this piece isn’t it.

    Puppeh is unimpressed – and I’d wager he’s been through this before . . .

  17. The music is classical (used in cartoons) music… I am thinking something from the 40’s maybe I can see it but can’t get a handle on it. I see some guy tiptoeing up with ghosts or something like that.. totally not helpfull i know.

  18. @ Kris yes similar in sound to Peter and the wolf because of the use of the bassoon

  19. I remember it from the Silkwood Spring widget/game, but I’m sure it’s been used before
    quite the earworm, really.
    Love the pup – has a look of resignation as kitty swats at his ear that seems to say can’t wait till he grows out of this”.

  20. <3<3<3…and more <3.

  21. Methinks the dog is secretly liking it, he’s just acting nonchalant.

    On the music (@cath), I think I can rule out Grim Fandango, its soundtrack is available as a free download from the game’s homepage, and though very similar in style and oh so very cool, it does not contain this piece. Just google Grim Fandango music and you’ll find the page!

  22. Reminds me of my two youngest in their kitten days–they have 5 older feline “siblings,” and nobody’s tail was safe.

  23. victoreia says:

    “Do I get hazard pay for putting up with this?”

  24. I love the old timey filter and accordion music. So cute!

  25. love love love this video! 0:27, seriously!

  26. roflcopters @ “Peebucks”

  27. Sorry lads, for that hovertext…

  28. Thanks for help/suggestions regarding soundtrack ID.

    Sadly, I still haven’t figured it out. Listened to a pile of Psychonauts and Grim Fandango online, and you’re right jiffknee and mie, this ain’t either of them. And Monkey Island was way off.

    I tried using “song tapper” and tapping along with it, but my rhythm is horrible; I get completely different suggestions each time I try, and none of them is right.

    And, yeah, it does remind me a lot of Sonya the duck from PatW, but it’s not that, either. I did enjoy re-watching the video (you know, “just to make sure”).


  29. Love the sweet, patient dog. I would also like to know how his name came about. The kitten is so full of energy and mischief. What a cutie. It cracked me up when he reached for the camera. “Is nothing sacred?” That would be a big NO!

    The music reminds me of shows on PBS, especially some of the old programs on Mystery like, “Rumpole of the Bailey.”

  30. frogboots says:

    KittyAdventures says: “some guy tiptoeing up with ghosts.”

    tee hee hee. whatever that piece is actually called, i think “some guy tiptoeing up with ghosts” is a more appropriate name.

    actually, there’s no phrase or sentence that can’t be made better by including “some guy tiptoeing up with ghosts.”

    as for cartoon music scoring, in all seriousness, ye olde cartoones were often scored by musicians who took an existing piece of classical music and then tweaked it into something recognizable but different. cf, carl stalling score for disney’s “skeleton dance” which borrows VERRRY heavily from Grieg. (cartoon here: possibly only cute to skeleton-fans)

  31. I feel sorry for that ear :D!

  32. @frogbots: I dare say there is no *situation* that can’t be made better by including “some guy tiptoeing up with ghosts.”

  33. Marc Anthony tag!

  34. Lovely doggie, marmie kitteh! Perfect together.

  35. Can’t identify the music, sorry. Incidentally, Carl Stalling was a genius. 😉

  36. skippymom says:

    @cath & KittyAdventures: “for the love of cheese on toast” and “some guy tiptoeing up with ghosts” are my new favorite phrases. I think we could also make some useful new combinations from them. How about “for the love of cheese on ghosts” and “some guy tiptoeing up with toast”?

  37. I just loved the dog’s silent ‘conversation’ in the video. As I translate, it went along these lines…
    “Oh, sure, it always starts with the fake ‘I’m only grooming'”.

    “Hey! things are getting a bit rough, there” *raises eyebrow in protest.

    and finally,

    “If I lay still and play dead, it’ll get bored and go away.”

    cute as the kitteh was, it was the dog who stole the show.

  38. skippymom says:

    “For the love of some ghost guy tiptoeing up with cheese on toast”?

  39. @skippymom 😀

    Some guy tiptoeing up with toast?! Sounds excellent! Especially if the toast is for me, and he’s tiptoeing because he’s bringing me breakfast in bed 🙂

    I’m not sure how I’d feel about cheese on ghosts, though. Sounds like a waste of cheese to me. I do kind of like the image of ghosts walking (floating) around with things on their head, to improve their posture, but do they have to steal my cheese?

    And, yeah, KA’s original “some guy tiptoeing up with ghosts” was awesomely evocative. I can just see him sneaking up behind them in a cartoonish manner. Probably in a cartoonish manor, too, with pictures on the walls whose eyes follow him as he walks by.

  40. !!!

    for the love of
    some guy’s ghost,

    tiptoeing up
    with cheese on toast

    It’s not quite white chickens and red wheelbarrows, but it kind of has a nice feel.

  41. That music, (called “scheming weasel,” which is all kinds of awesome,) is also used in one of my all-time fave videos of cute kitteh Conan:

    Sorry for the non-embedding, if it ends up not embedded. I’m bad at this.

  42. YAY PATRIS!!! THANK Y– ooops, sorry… inside voice…. thank you for saving my sanity with the song ID! I’d seen the (seriously cute) Conan video before, so that’s probably where I heard the song.

    Incidentally, I Googled the song and found the website where it’s distributed. It’s tagged as “Dark, Humorous, Eerie, Bouncy” — which is pretty nicely summed up by “Guy tiptoeing up with ghosts.”

  43. skippymom says:

    @cath, here we go:

    so much depends

    some guy’s

    tiptoeing up with cheese
    on toast

    in the cartoonish

  44. @skippymom: I love it! Brilliantly played!!

  45. skippymom says:

    @cath, Tank you vewwy moische.

  46. that kitten is so lucky!

  47. flittertwit says:

    Wonderful thread. Luff all teh comments… speshully luff teh babeh marmeeeee!! Ear = chew toy to teh little monster. Also, Teho bait!

  48. Eh, the music is OK, but IMO, it doesn’t measure up to:

  49. @Theresa

    >>Eh, the music is OK, but IMO, it doesn’t measure up to:

    you really can’t go wrong with the “monkey washing cat with rag rag.”

    i’ve said that for years.

  50. Oh, the *patience* LOL! 😉

  51. It had to be a marmie. Why do marmies always get into trouble?

  52. Thanks. I thought I was getting better from my sinus issues, and now TEH CUTE has killed me dead.

    But at least I did squeeeeeeee first.

  53. I have a bunch o’ cats and two are marmies….there is indeed something special about the orange stripey cats. 🙂

    So I dialed up CO right before starting work and this video is sooo cute it has caused my brain to melt to the consistency of delicious Kozy Shack pudding. I beleive there will be reduced productivity today.

  54. I am glad someone IDed the music! I love the effects on this that make it look old. So cute! Thanks for the happy pill!

  55. Awesome music, it goes perfectly with the subject matter at hand!

  56. metsakins says:

    Having spent a half an hour rubbing beagle ears at the local humane society, I understand the kittehs actions.

  57. Samantha M. says:

    What a lovely patient old dog, I love his grey flecked muzzle, but I’m a sucker for old dogs. He’s ears look so lovely and soft do you think he’d let me play with them too?

  58. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ patris: I hope that UTube doesn’t have a Maximum Playage rule, on the Scaredy Conan video clip. I’ve kept it on my laptop and am coming back to play it again every couple of hours; and sent it to my best buddy also. His reply?

    “Conan is a manly beast!!!” 🙂

  59. patris – I’m forever in your debt. Thank you!

  60. That dog is so patient. He has definitely been down this path before.

  61. Kitteh: “Hey, it wiggles when I touch it!” bat, bat , bat

    Doggeh:”Oh boy! Here we go again….”


  62. Fearless! That is inspiration for all cats. All you pretty Kitty’s out there….


  63. Is that another poor Pit bull being menaced by a kitten? It’s an epidemic! He definitely has that: “Another day, more nap deprivation” expression, poor guy!

  64. 😆 That dog must think that kitten is his/her baby to let the little meower play with his/her ear like that 😆

  65. kitteh must eat ze eah!