Pining away…

O fresh pine scent!

I yearn for thee! [tiny pink sniffs]

cute kitten

Lil’ Piner just in time for the Fall, but hegekristin89



  1. That peenk nose is like a target for beeping. Or a little kiss.

  2. Awww, just like a model :)! XX

  3. cyberpunkrocker says:

    If it is a Norwegian Forest Cat, it is probably ‘pining for the fjords’

  4. must take allergy meds now… sniff sniff

  5. Naw, look at those eyes, the droopy ears… That’s not pine, it’s catnip and kitty needs a ZigZag.

  6. awww, ear flaps
    *head tilt*

  7. Shygrrl74 says:

    @cyberpunkrocker: never a bad time for a parrot sketch nod!

    Adorbs kitteh! *beeps prosh peeeenk nose button*

  8. I can’t handle the cute!!

  9. I’m lost someplace in the manicured jungles of Wellesley College. I’ve been crying my little eyes out. My nose is so sore. I need a hug. Someone please rescue me. Super Maru where are you?

  10. Beep!

  11. Little-known fact: When you actually bring the Knights Who Say “Ni!” a shrubbery, they turn into tiny, lovable kittens.

  12. MoonCatty says:

    Little kitten angel
    placed from Heaven up above
    Oh strange new world
    with such greenery in it.

  13. Love it!

  14. Loves ’em wee ones when their ears are still at 9 and 3. Sigh.

  15. victoreia says:

    Give me the kitten and nobody’ll get hurt! [shifty eyes][snatches kitten and runs]

  16. Beautiful pic. Did a google search and the camera they used costs around $1500. No wonder pics looks so amazing.

  17. 260Oakley says:

    Kitten’s favorite pine tree is the lovely Douglas Fur.

  18. d’awwwwww earnubs.

  19. @cyberpunkrocker–

    He’s just stunned.

  20. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    A+’s all around!!! 🙂

  21. Aww, lookit the li’l earbuds!

  22. Little Norwegian Forest Cat is waiting for the African swallows to bring him a coconut.

  23. PrincessFiona says:

    DH’s head just asploded from across the room…very dangerous weapon we have here. I have to put on my kitteh vision glasses just to look, again!

  24. flittertwit says:

    Sweet little peenk noscicle and freckled muzzlepowche…I am ded from teh cute of it all!!! ….Pleeze keep theeze babeh kittehs coming, although it makes me yearn for one all teh more!!!!

  25. So that’s why I like the huff kittens! It’s the irresistible fresh pine scent. *deep breath in*

  26. Heh, these comments were over in 3 😛

  27. @Mike, and anybody else who is drooling over that beautiful “bokeh” (the creamy blurriness of teh background in this gorgeous shot)

    While the DSLRs capable of delivering quality like this are still way out of our price range, there are hundreds–nay, thousands–of trusty film SLRs sitting in thrift stores for well under $50 that will deliver the same results. On film, yes, but you can scan your negatives to share online and get gorgeously detailed pixel-free 8×10″ prints that will last 200+ years, so you have the cake and eat it…
    find a Pentax K-series SLR (1970s) with an SMC-Pentax lens, open the aperture nice and wide to get that shallow depth of field (large area in front and behind the subject out of focus, like in this shot) and you are there. Srsly. And the learning curve of a 35mm film SLR is less than that of a DSLR because there’s no software to contend with.

    My Canon AT-1 (1976) with 50mm FD lens cost $15 at goodwill and makes me cry every time the prints come back. I’ll throw down against an EOS 7D user anyday.

    [spits on ground]

  28. I love posting about cats on my blog! How adorable. If only I could always be in a room filled with kittens like this!

  29. Is it pedantic of me to say that the kitten is in a patch of rosemary, which is not a member of the pine family? It is evergreen, though.

  30. Not especially, unless y’all’s puttin’ on airs, usin’ fancy words like ‘pedantic’ an’all, showin’ up us simple folk.


  31. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    yay gigi!!!!

  32. Victoria@ LOve it!!! I would too.

  33. *gasp* Rosemary-scented kitten? It just gets better and better!

    Several years ago, I kept a small rosemary bush on my desk as Christmas approached. It was potted and decorated like a little Christmas tree. People would walk by my desk and have a delayed reaction to the smell. They’d turn around and say, “What IS that smell?” Then they’d have to come sniff the plant after I answered just to make sure I was telling the truth, I guess. 🙂

    Sigh. I used to have rosemary growing in my flowerbed. When the rain came, I’d have the delightful scent wafting in my front window. Then a bit TOO much rain came, and the rosemary died out.

  34. @ Noelegy.. I jast cam pback here to say PMG it is a rosemary scented kitten..

    I love rosemary and have several different varietals around my garden.

  35. erm..
    in the harsh light of day (sunny 16) I realize that I am a total friggin’ nerd…

  36. @Patito Gigante I am so there with you. All I use an old SLR and it takes awesome pics!! Panoramic, close name it. I will never give it up. I was given a digital, tried it. No thanks! Oh, that kitty is too cute!!! I miss my stinky 😦

  37. As soon as I saw the title, I knew I had to jump in a say ” He’s pinin’ for the fjords!”. I should have known I’d be a day late and a dollar short. These COmmentators never miss a Monty Python opportunity.

  38. 😀 AWW 😀 You will no longer be pining, dear sweet little kitty 😀 😈 I will pick you up and take you home with me 😈 (If I knew where you are.)

  39. “Rosemarying” just doesn’t have the same ring to it…