So tie-tie on Caturday Night

I’m so tie-tie I’m gonna nap in this bowl.


OK, now I’m really gonna nap in it:

Via DListed and NTMTOM.



  1. First I will Climb in part way..
    Then I will put my belly in.. and ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ

  2. Oh mah gah!! Twitchingks! ❤

  3. Sweet. Thing. Love him/her(?)

  4. how can the person holding the camera resist picking up this sweetie and snuggle it while it sleeps? or give it a comfier spot at least? Must have a heart of stone. Or stoneware, anyway.

  5. oh my goodness… cute overload….

  6. Can’t — ehn! — get — ehn! — comfterbuls!


  7. Aw. Such a lovebug.

  8. Oh, dear lord! *paw twitch*

  9. anniebird says:

    Someone puleeeeze give that kitten a basket, or a blankie, or something round and cushie!!! 😦

  10. I can’t stand it! I just wanna scoop this baby up and give him a cozier place to sleep (my lap, perhaps?).

  11. Oh yeah, cup rim right in the stomach…so much more comfortabuhls…

  12. I’ll have a cup of kitten with cream … hold the lemon

  13. Eeeee! The paw twitchies in the second video just keeeeled me! *ded*

  14. Step 1. Spot the cup
    Step 2. Check if cup is empty
    Step 3. Sleep in a cup

  15. pretty cute. I would wash the cup out before using it.

  16. Why do kittens/cats always pick the most uncomfortable places to sleep?
    The boxed are always too small or half their body his at the wrong angle or hanging out! LOL!

  17. Queen of Dork says:

    Cute but strange. But then cat’s are really weird and would probably try to smoosh themselves into a thimble.

  18. Queen of Dork says:

    Speaking of cats in strange places, I have a story. (hands peeps teddy bears to hold ’cause sorry, this might be long). I may have told this here before and sorry if I’m repeating myself. A long, long time ago when I still lived with my mom I had this fish tank in which I made a little home for some small lizards I bought. They were really small and very cute. My mom had this cat. The cat was really fascinated with the lizards in their glass tank. One day, I came home and my mom’s cat had somehow managed to get ENTIRELY IN THAT LITTLE GLASS TANK! She looked so strange and it was so surreal to see that big cat in that little tank. She took up all the space in there but there she was, in the tank, merrily messing with the lizards. Happily, I got there in time so none of the lizards got hurt. But it was just such a strange sight that at first I was stunned, then I yelled for my mom to come and see it, then I burst out laughing, and then I took the top off of the tank and got the cat out. I’m still not sure how she got in there

    Another time with this same cat, I was preparing some food and I opened up the silverware drawer in the kitchen and that dang cat came bursting out of there with a lot of clinking and clanking and flatware scattering everywhere! Scared me half to death. She had managed to get UNDER the counter and somehow into the drawer. That cat could smoosh herself into anything. She lived to be quite a ripe old age. I (heart) cats!

  19. reminds me of the great cat stevens. “another caturday night and i ain’t got no bunny, i got a mug here ’cause i just got paid. how i wish i had a comfy place to nappy, i’m in an awful way.” 🙂

    Mmmmm….. Time to enjoy my morning coffee….
    Why is there cat hair in my coffee?!?!?

  21. That is an awesome story, QoD. ❤

    What is it with cats sleeping in strange places? They ignore the cat beds I buy (really, I should know better… :)) and straaayche out on the hardwood floor to nap.

  22. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Both Pics = d’awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    Pic #1 = “Unclear on the concept” of finding a blankie and curling up all comfy.

    *waves & blows kisses to QoD over toward the Left Side of the Nation*

  23. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi O No!

    Saffron: I don’t get it either. I guess it’s because their bones are made of rubber and Velcro. I saw mine the other day out on the back patio. You would think he would be more comfy sleeping in the grass or inside on any piece of soft furniture I have in here. No. He was crashed out on the hard concrete patio hugging my rake. (?!) Huh?!

  24. We can only see the back left of this cage. The cage is to keep it contained. From other patients at vet, from under foot while the humans are cleaning the floor…etc? The grate is to keep kitteh dry, as they REALLY like knocking over their water, food, litter box… Bedding, no matter how cozy, is cold and uncomfortable when wet.

    Kittehs are notorious for cramming themselves into tight and uncomfortable-looking places. It’s very possible that the entire right hand side of the cage is covered in luxurious, fluffy thick flannel.

    Why are some people so quick to jump to the conclusion that something is cruel or sad when they only see 1/4 of the picture? I just don’t get it. Isn’t life full of enough sadness and bad stuff that we don’t need to create our own? Try looking at the glass as half full once in awhile. Not only will it save your sanity, but the rest of us can just quietly enjoy the qte without getting pulled down by you nuffers.

  25. Why are my most astute posts moderated? The mouy-nya, mouy-nya ones go right through. Go figure.

  26. mirriadel says:

    cute, but is that cat alright? it kinda looks like it’s heart is beating so fast, that even it’s head is shaking.

  27. nina let’s hope it’s a pet store and not a grocery… (dun-dun-duhhhhhnnnnnn)

    it is nice tho to see they’ve provided the kitteh with a challenging environment to stimulate its learning instincts. you can practically see the gears turning as she tries all the basic ballet posishes looking for a comfterbuhl that works

    i’m a bit puzzled, why the pan on the cup has to be labeled. kittehs can’t read. not at that age.

  28. @QoD That is an AMAZING story. When my mom was little, she had a kitten who would crawl into the boxspring and squeeze into a spring. Supposedly. 😛

  29. Queen of Dork says:

    Here are some flowers for everybody’s Happy Sunday! My computer seems to be on its last legs. *plays Taps* It takes so long to do anything on this stupid thing so I might be signing off until who knows when. But I hope I give you these flowers correctly for your Sunday.

  30. hmmm. do my acute cute sensors detect — a change of kitty in the second video? look at the shade of grey, and the markings. if so, it is just further proof (as if we needed any) that great kittens think alike.

  31. So floppy!!!!! I’ll take a cup of that. 🙂

  32. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ QoD:

    *”plays Taps” = 🙂 🙂
    bwa ha and also HA.

  33. Him so tie-tie him can’t even hold him ears up!

  34. That is just cute overload. Why can’t they stay that little?

  35. QOD — I shut my poor kitty into an empty kitchen drawer for a whole day once. It had been open, then I (unthinkingly) pushed it shut with my foot on my way out the door. About eight hours later, I couldn’g figure out WHERE the meowing was coming from. It was driving me nuts. No cats outside. None anywhere I could see. Finally, I figured it out, and opened up the drawer. She sauntered out, and OMG did I feel guilty! She was probably about eight or nine years old then, and today she is 20 1/2 years and still going strong.

    So I guess it didn’t do any permanent harm!

  36. @Snowpea, anniebird and Brenda 😀 I would do the same 😀 Gently pick up the little kitty and wrap him/her in a nice soft blanket before putting him/her on a nice soft pillow for him/her to sleep on 😀

  37. warrior rabbit says:

    Mamabear, you do know that the only nuffing came *after* your post, right? There’s not much point in denouncing the claims of cruelty or distress when there are none…

    [actually, that’s my fault. mamabear was probably commenting on a nuffington post before i was able to delete them all. she commented, then i deleted. i left hers in for some reason. –sharpy the mod]

  38. if you watch the other videos that this person has on youtube, the kittens (there are two) clearly have a very loving mamma cat who takes care of them.

  39. Thank you Hyura says:

    I was just going to say the same thing. Many small animals have a rapid heart rate at times. My guess is the little fellow tired himself (or herself) out.

  40. Hmm what is wrong with you. Have you ever been around cats? Cats twitch in their sleep like that ALL the time. And kittens like babies fall asleep between one blink and the other.

  41. Lewis n' Clark says:

    My Clarkie climbed into my sweater drawer, which is at the bottom of my platform bed, and I had shut it. Thank God it was a Caturday; I was around to hear him mewing and let him out.

  42. AAHK!!!! ^^;;;;; ARE YOU TRYING TO KILL ME!!!!!!!

  43. This kitty is obviously in a shelter. I hope someone adopts him/her soon so someone can provide a more warm and cozy bed for babykins. 😦

  44. What kind of cat is it?

  45. Wouldn’t curling into a ball NEXT to the cup still have been more comfy??