The world can’t get enough of Boo. And by the world, I mean me.

Here is another pic, this time in a filingk cabinet, of the FaceBook-famous Pom pup.

More to follow! Promise!



  1. We need a new rule of Cute! “Partially hidden cute is more cute than fully exposed cute!”

  2. kibblenibble says:

    Yes, Mel, I agree!

  3. I recognize that mushroom head!

  4. @Mel, that is a GREAT IDEA!

  5. @mel

    >>We need a new rule of Cute! “Partially hidden cute is more cute than fully exposed cute!”

    yeah, like a subspecies, “cute (coy)”

    (or however you write science stuff)

  6. @Meg It is and so true. Think of all the kittehs in boxes, the puppehs hidden in beds with only their noses showing. IT’S TIME HAS COME 🙂 It only took this photo for me to realize how true it was!

  7. It’s so cute it doesn’t even look real. Honestly, though, I don’t even think the best toy/stuffed animal companies could match cuteness like this!

  8. That dog is quite round.

  9. Hey every body lets play Hide and go Cute!

  10. JessiJamz! says:

    What kind of puppy is this cutie patootie?! I must know!

  11. he doesn’t look like he’s been filed down any

    that must be a floofing cabinet

  12. “Partially hidden cute is more cute than fully exposed cute!”

    Shoppers at Megtoria’s Secret have known that one for years.

  13. Got ya!

  14. Queen of Dork says:

    Gigi: for some reason, your remark just made me want to play that board game Clue. 😯

  15. 260Oakley says:

    You’ll find the sheet music for Rhapsody in Boo in the bottom drawer, right after Pom and Circumstances.

  16. MoonCatty says:

    Boo purposely misfiled himself in the “Kibble” drawer, and awaits his reward…

  17. I love Boo! Looks like a stuffed animal! And I love that this pup has a facebook page. Way to be modern, Boo!

  18. Wait till Metsakins sees this liitle guy she will love it. She is all about organization and filing things in their proper places.

  19. Hilarious cuteness.

  20. he looks like he is planning something bad, maybe conquer the world with his fluffy roundness

  21. Professor Pom in the Conservatory with the pipe wrench.

    Did I get it right?! 🙂

  22. Those gigantic black eyes and adorable little nose…Love love love Boo!

  23. I need a peeka-Boo peeking at me in my filing drawers. ::sniff::

  24. I wish my filing was that cute! Of course i would never want to put it away then either!

  25. But WHAT is he filed under? P for Puppeh? F for Floof? B for Beady??? The world needs to know!

  26. Also, love the way the drawer above him is denting his ‘fro.

  27. Devon in Canada. says:

    This site continually lives upto its name…Cute Overload….and that is what this little doggy is….cute overload…unreal….I can barely stand it….

  28. I just checked my desk drawers and, sadly, no cute little fluffulence was there. Want one!

  29. Flavia A. says:


  30. Why won’t this drawer close?
    Boo’s head is too big 😉

  31. Gaaahh, I am DED.

    Geez, I have only been following Sharktopus on Facebook…must now add this prosh pom as well.

  32. @Meg – We have Caturday and Bunday how about Pom Sunday???? I, for one would love POM SUNDAY! =)

  33. enlightenmentgirl says:

    First-class adoreability!

  34. ali-baba, close. so close.

    it was professor pom in the admin’s cubicle with teh qute.

  35. Anonymous Coward says:

    …and is Boo living with a blue-haired guy and his one-eyed flat-mate?

    just askin’ …

    (har har… yes, i know, don’t quit your day job… i shudder to think what 206oakley (sp?) came up with!)

  36. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    YAY Lizzie!!!

    and I fourth (or whichever # we’re at) the New Cuteness Rule.
    Awesomeness all around.

    also, fuzziness all around.
    (and I DO MEAN, all “a-ROUND”!!!!) 😉

  37. It’ like cotton candy

  38. TrixandSam says:

    @Oakley wins the internets hands-down!

  39. tee hee hee Pom Sunday!

  40. >_< ..Eh, too bad my parents would pitch a fit if I tried to pose Charlie in our cabinet…

  41. Bouldaire says:

    She is adorable.