Philip Morris the Cat

After a long day’s tail-chasing, it’s time to relax with a good friend — and the smooth taste of Meowlboro 500’s. Using only the choicest catnip, the full-bodied flavor of Meowlboro always satisfies. Available in regular, menthol and tuna.

Photo by Lynzy E., bogarted by Andrew D.




  2. miss girl says:

    *gets popcorn ready*

  3. dawnkeyotie says:

    @miss girl. ooooh yea. can’t wait to see the “that’s bad for the kitteh” posts. *eats miss girl’s popcorn*

  4. margomargo says:

    yep, miss girl, dawn. I never click on comments, but I has a feeling this is going to be a good one.

  5. Stressfactor says:

    *Comes in, sits down and pulls out a bag of fresh Carmel Corn. Looks around* What?

  6. So… who likes extra butter on their popcorn? Salt? Caramel?

  7. oooohh…can I have Cheddar Corn….the Caramel sticks to my teeth. I’ll make some homemade RootBeer! 🙂

  8. That guy is so crazy. Everyone knows that ginger kittens prefer Mewports to the other leading cigarette brand. Duh. 😉

  9. I don’t know any of you, but is there enough popcorn for one more?

  10. nice hovertext. heh.

  11. Not a big popcorn fan, but I’ll have a puddin’ if anyone has one on you.

    And some Pringles.

  12. That post is smokin’ cute. Though please tell me that’s not a real cigarette.

  13. Peachyness says:

    Long time viewer, first time poster here… Hello! 🙂
    *pulls up beanbag chair and sits down next to dawnkeyotie, Stressfactor, and miss girl. Begins snacking on miss girl’s popcorn, too. Kicks feet up.*
    Okay, I’m ready too! 😀

    That sure is a cute kitteh!

  14. Extra popcorn (cheddar too!) and puddin’ for everyone! Heck, here’s frozen puddin’ pops for anyone who wants it. *munches*

  15. Now NTMTOM, just because it’s Tocktober doesn’t mean you have to blow smoke up our ‘tocks. :mrgreen:

  16. Tim McDaniel says:

    Anyone wanna share my chocolate-covered bacon?

    Microwave some semi-sweet chocolate chips, dredge cooked bacon through it lightly. When done, take a spoon to the leftover semi-sweet.

  17. BeckyMonster says:

    I snuck in some Swedish Fish from home (too expensive at the theatre!). Can’t wait for this one…

  18. Lewis n' Clark says:

    *passes around cupcakes* and the guy is adorables, too *realizes she just doubled chance of nuffers, so opens the bar*

  19. knittinkitten says:

    That is one cute kitteh! The Surgeon General states that prolonged exposure to cuteness may result in one of the following: loud squeeing, fainting, dancing with glee, repeated outbursts of “aaawww”, and happiness. Please use cuteness responsibly.

  20. Cigarettes are just a gateway to catnip. Next thing we know, we’ll be sending him to boxhab!

  21. Antibellum I have the Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding all ready… because really when it comes to pudding … well this is the cream of the crop! Pun intended!

    Also the cheep stuff for the pudding pult should we need it!

  22. Ohhhh no I did it wrong

    Okay let me try that again

    Kozy Shack Chocolate Pudding

  23. i find this to be in poor taste. this person and all of you that think this is funny or cute are not allowed to touch my cat.

  24. tesstricks says:

    Thanks, mln59!! I was waiting for the first one. Aaaaaand we’re off!

  25. Can we get a COXCU of SHSCG (smokin-hot-super-cute-guy)? And who can afford cigarettes any more? He must be employed, total bonus!

  26. Also if you saw the next picture taken… Kitty has grabbed cigarette from young Mans hand and jumped down and thrown the cigarette in the trash because he is SUPER KITTY (Insert dramatic Prarie dog here) looking out for and protecting silly humans from themselves.

  27. Phage0070 says:

    (Braces for the torrent of anger.)
    For everyone who is going to post how horrible it is that this guy would promote a cute kitten smoking and the horrible consequences, keep in mind that this is something done by a smoker. They are not doing anything to the cat they wouldn’t do themselves. (And of course the cat isn’t going to do it regularly.)

  28. Lewis n' Clark says:

    Why am I being moderated? Gee willikers

  29. Hilarious!

    I’ll be checking back on the comments, though. 25 comments and only one nuffer is quite a surprise. Did people suddenly grow a sense of humor?

  30. “Sturgeon” General? “Tuna”-flavored cigarettes? Hilarious!

    And what a pretty kitty!

  31. I’ve got Sno-Caps and rootbeer — enough to share!!

  32. Oops, just got moderated.

    I commented on how I’m suspecting that our grumpy friends may be starting to grow a sense of humor.

  33. dawnkeyotie says:

    @mln ICEBREAKER!!!!

    @angela w … All things in moderation!

    @ all the snackers. This is nice. We should do this more often! *crunchcrunch*

  34. margomargo says:

    just think, if the smoking stunts the kitten’s growth, he’ll just be cuter THAT MUCH LONGER

  35. You just ate a whole ton of popcorn for a whole ton of nothing. Back to the gym we go!

  36. Today I made it a race, between the angries and the moderatees. The angries won. Everything’s right with the world.

  37. Sasha's Mum says:

    This is actually a demonstration of appropriate safety practices. That lighter is safely a full cigarette-length away from highly flamable kitty whiskers.

  38. @SASHA’S MAMA …Snicker

  39. Its almost like one of those antismoking ads, where the dog is smoking then says ” if they think this is silly, just imagine how it looks when people smoke ”

    That is still one cute kitty!

  40. Hey everyone! A Canadian here. Say, does anyone know the name of the store in Chicago with the awesome popcorn? Barett? Garett? Whatevs: yummy. I could go for a barrel of that right now. We don’t have anything like it in Toronto!!!!

  41. cutepuncturist says:

    I’m not offended by this, but it gives me the same not cute feeling i get from those coke ads that show the polar bear cubs drinking coke. It’s just unwholesome+cute=not so cute.

    handsome soldier+marmie=cute tho’ so that’s something…

  42. cutepuncturist says:

    I just saw the pringles can and realized that it’s probably not the ‘deployed soldier in afghanistan found something to love’ pic i thought it was. without my little narrative i am finding it much less cute!

  43. My old kitty used to LOVE menthol cig butts (my mom smoked them). He’d steal them out of ashtrays if we didn’t get rid of them right away. After he died, we found some of his “stashes” under various pieces of furniture a little while later.

  44. He would literally walk around with the butt of the cig in his mouth. Hilarious but obviously not healthy for him, so we’d have to confiscate….

  45. mmmm… more soldiers, please!


  46. Kozy Shack, peeps! Chocolate and rice!

  47. MoonCatty says:

    OMG! This is shocking, terrible… EVIL!!! I would never give a cigarette to an innocent puddy tat!

    My cats are all pipe smokers. Much classier for the kittehs!

  48. fluffernugget says:

    @Birdcage that would be The best caramel corn ever. Yummy.

    Oh yeah! Cute kitty!

  49. flittertwit says:

    Marmie = Teho bait! Lovin’ teh commentroversy vs. popcorn and pudding parties!!

  50. Malle Babbe says:

    I don’t know about you guys, but the sight of a cat in the throes of a min fit would be equal parts frightening and adorable.

  51. Malle Babbe says:

    Nic Fit

  52. Roser42697 says:

    Consider: Its his friend’s cig. His friend’s lighter. They are all sitting out on the porch because kitten-owner doesn’t allow smoking in his house where he and dear kitty lives. The kitten seemed overly interested in the cig and the amused humans took advantage of a funny photo op. The kitten never touched the cig. The cig never touched the lighter. Not an impossible scenario.

    A cig and a kitten in the same photo does not automatically mean they are blowing smoke into its lungs and forcing him to chain smoke until he likes it.

    I’m also surprised it took this long for people to start bitching!

  53. Smoker may not be adorable (yeah, anti-smoking fiend here) but that kitty sure is!! Thumbs up from me.

  54. *arrives with big plate of rice krispie treats and starts passing them around*
    *sits down and gets comfy*
    Extra-Cute Kitty! Squeee!

  55. I cannot *believe* it took 21 comments ’til the nuffing kicked in.

    How are we ever going to beat the 3570 comments on the Fat Cat on a Couch commentroversy!?

  56. @cutepuncturist #4

    Presence of Pringles does not discount deployment scenario – Uncle Sam allowed, heck, actually encouraged, McDonald’s and other franchises inside Baghdad’s Green Zone… and who says cute soljer didn’t get them Pringles in a care package from home?

  57. Puddin’ heah…get yer puddin’…now available in delicious butterscotch and minty fresh menthol. 🙂
    p.s. – kitteh so sweeeet!

  58. That dude is cute. But he needs to stop hanging around with smoker cats ok.

  59. I don’t mind my kitty smoking as long as he doesn’t smoke MY cigarettes!
    Let him get his own! 😉

  60. Gee, now I want Pringles.

    And as far as nuffing goes, yea — clearly the cat is not going to be able to light the cigarette (it takes an inhalation while holding it to a light)… so here, I think it may just have been a photo op. Maybe if it didn’t stomp it out (see post above), the kitten made an “ugh” face. 🙂

  61. Ceci n’est pas une pipe, ou un chaton.
    C’est un epaulet.
    Rene Meowgritte

  62. Lewis n' Clark says:

    18 Lewis n’ Clark 10.01.10 at 2:58 pm
    Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    please tell me why? I honestly don’t know

  63. I’ll take the cigarette, the cat, and the man please!

  64. NO MIRIAM HE’S MINE (ok you can have the kitty)

  65. Kate (Buddy's mom) says:

    No commentroversy, in my mind, will top Buddy’s “fat cat on a couch” thread. It’s not everyday that complete strangers demand your arrest. 🙂

  66. I think margomargo has the right attitude. Somebody scoot over and pass the snacks. I’m in for the rest of this one.

  67. Martha in Washington says:

    @Tim McDaniel–did you know that vampires crave bacon and chocolate after they have “transitioned”? Are YOU a vampire, by any chance?

    Cute guy in photo definitely looks Marine to me. And think of all the fun of helping him get over his “oral fixation” that most smokers have.

  68. Not a nuff, but I actually quit smoking for the sake of my cat. I don’t have kids and I live alone, but my little bean coughed when I was smoking, and I knew his poor little lungs were being affected, so I quit. And that’s a really cute kitten!

  69. Queen of Dork says:

    I wish I had a sweet kitten on my shoulder. I just have my big, grown, black cat sitting on the floor yelling at me for not feeding him caviar and smoked Pacific salmon from Seattle as specified in The Contract he brought with him (and wrote himself) when he moved in. Well, I think I’ll probably have to bring my own bowl of popcorn to the party because I like mine with salt, brewer’s yeast and a bit of sugar which most people find a bit…well…okay. It’s weird. (But delicious!)

  70. ROFL@Hovertext

  71. victoreia says:

    @Meg: I think we’ve chased off more nuffers than we knew we had!

    [breaks out Sno Caps and popcorn, and root beer.]

    Pity the Teho-bait doesn’t seem to be working….

  72. Anybody need a refill while I’m up?

  73. Entropy's Bitch says:

    *offers cheese and crackers* NMTOM, you’re incorribigile…incorrigib..terrible. *stirs another martini along with the sh***

  74. @Martha in Washington #66

    Marine? Don’t think so. Hair’s too long…

    But I’ll take him anyhow. And the kittpaulet too.

  75. Teresa in KC says:

    @Martha in Washington – always great to meet another JR Ward fan.

  76. AWW 😦 Get that nasty cigarette from that cute little kitty 😦

  77. dawnkeyotie says:

    this is MUCH more like it!
    @miss girl.. another refill, please?

    even smoking kittehs are cute!

  78. @tesstricks

    >>Thanks, mln59!! I was waiting for the first one. Aaaaaand we’re off!

    HAW! you guys are making my job a lot of fun right now. 🙂

    and it’s min59 out of the gate, and min’s taking the lead, but who’s this pulling up the rear?

  79. Am I too late for the party? I’ve got a huge dish of homemade banana pudding (the kind with the vanilla wafers.) Brought my own seat, too (drags (no pun intended) in fainting couch, perfect for enjoying melodramas and good snacks.)

    This is fun! We should do it more often. 🙂

  80. @margomargo

    >>just think, if the smoking stunts the kitten’s growth, he’ll just be cuter THAT MUCH LONGER

    OOOH!! you’re brave!

    (i’m hiding over here with my Neccos)

  81. OK N.Frizt :I am in…move over and hand over those deelish snowcaps with
    rootbeer oh yum…sorry all I have is apples….
    This kitty is prosh…my doggie gets really really close to my boyfriend’s
    cig and then sneezes in bf’s face too funny…Nuffers it is not a daily thing
    but a funny once in awhile thing…

  82. @sasha’s mum

    >>This is actually a demonstration of appropriate safety practices. That lighter is safely a full cigarette-length away from highly flamable kitty whiskers.


  83. @jennifer

    >>wtf is cute about this?! exposing your animals to second hand smoke isnt funny. morons.


    oh, wait. you’re serious.

    you’re serious?

    OHHHHH, you’re dressing up as a troll for halloween?

    i love trolli gummy bears! come on in, ’nuff right down!

    hey, where’s my big bowl of crack?

  84. @cutepuncturist

    >>not cute feeling i get from those coke ads that show the polar bear cubs drinking coke. It’s just unwholesome+cute=not so cute.

    you mean, from the ADS that show a CARTOON polar bear cub drinking PICTURES of coke?

    i’m sorry, maybe you haven’t been introduced, cutepuncturist, meet reality. reality, this is cutepuncturist. she’s new here. go easy on her.

  85. @mooncatty

    >>OMG! This is shocking, terrible… EVIL!!! I would never give a cigarette to an innocent puddy tat!

    >>My cats are all pipe smokers. Much classier for the kittehs!


  86. soxfan413 says:

    Who doesn’t love a good commentroversy?! Oh no, there’s an unlit cigarette near a kitten. How utterly unacceptable and offensive. And it becomes even less cute when we realize the guy might not be a Marine.
    I could use some popcorn, wif lots of margarine and salt and maybe even a little bit of pepper. Mmm.

  87. @mindy

    >>Really have no clue why anyone thinks this is cute.

    you’ve got a good point there. nothing a good hat wouldn’t cover.

    meg? we need to change the name of the site. i’m thinking “”

  88. dawnkeyotie says:

    did any of you consider that it’s the kitty corrupting that marine? huh? HUH?

  89. Shame on him – contributing to the delinquency of a meeeooowwwner.

    Love the smile on the cute guy:)

  90. Martha in Washington says:

    @Teresa in KC–I’m SOOO glad somebody caught that. So, who’s your favorite? Mine’s Butch.

    @sharpy–you’ve got some great zingers tonight! “Sarcasm–just another service we offer.”

  91. GASP….a smoking kitty? is it not enough that they immobilize with their cuteness and chew at our heartstrings? Now we must contend with second hand kitty-utness??? I can’t take this any more…….starting tomorrow I am on the patch!!!!

  92. Rockie's Mom says:

    As soon as I saw there were over 100 comments on this I immediately got myself something to drink and some chips before sitting down to read the commentary.

  93. Teresa & Martha – yay JR Ward fans! Rhage is my man… and so’s Wrath… and V when I’m feeling like a baaaad girl. Too many vamps, so little time. LOL

    And maybe this soulja boy during the daylight hours. Yeah! 😉

  94. Before I even read the comments and get mad- lulz lulz lulz. Nuffer bait and cute. Of course kitteh is smelling it. That’s what kittehs do.

    Men of CO racks up another month!

  95. + PRINGLES? And- is he a- SERVICEMAN? Nothing beats a cute guy in uniform having a sweet moment with a cute baby animal.

  96. What I want to know is, why did they ruin a perfectly cute cigarette with that stupid kitten? Ugh, some people have no taste.

  97. Okay Peeps I am back from watching Fringe on Hulu…. and I remembered.. Hey it is Friday night… So I ran out and got us some beer and Pizza!!!

  98. And some Margarita pitchers for those of us who don’t like beer!

  99. Wow, it’s 2010 and there are people who still comment about *doing things they aren’t actually doing*. Do you people still say “too funny”, too? And “cool beans”? Does time stand still here?!

  100. My reactions upon seeing this pic-

    (Thinking) Cute guy, cute cat. Wait… What? (Insert closer view of pic here) Wow… I can not -wait- for the commentroversy this is going to start. Where’s my popcorn? … Crap, does that make me a bad person for getting excited about that? (Sees everyone else settling in for a fun time.) Aaaaaaand I’m absolved of all sin.

    Yeah, I’m late to the party. Went to bed early and didn’t get to check my daily picturesiteaddictionthiniges until a spontaneous case of AughCan’tSleep! attacked me. Are there still any snacks left?

  101. How very Now Voyager. Bette Davis “Oh Jerry, don’t let’s ask for the moon. We have the stars.”
    For those who don’t know what I am talking about, smoking was seen as sexy Jerry
    (Paul Henreid) puts two gigarettes in his mouth and lights them passing one to Carlotte (Bette Davis) phallic symbolism ,nudge nudge.

  102. Charlotte

  103. I have nothing wrong with this picture. It’s cute. orange cats are the best.
    but intentional nuffbaiting is lame.

  104. Readerlady says:

    Can’t figure which is funnier – the pic, the hovertext, or the nuffers. Got more popcorn if you run out.
    Our ginger boy still has his kittenish looks and nary a leaf in the house. We call him the Golden Child.

  105. ❤ Hon Glad!

    Geez, I dialed up CO and was hunkering down for some good ole' fashioned commentroversty and discovered I missed popcorn, Pringles AND Kozy Shack! 😦
    I will pour myself a cuppa and have some pancakes with Vermont medium amber maple syrup and a rafter of turkey bacon.
    mmmm….turkey bacon……

  106. dawnkeyotie says:


  107. *dies lauging*

    Now look what you’ve done, you’ve keeled meh.

    *shuffles off mumbling “braaaaaaainz”*

  108. soxfan413 says:

    Pamela058, it looks like they ARE outside…

  109. @ Roser’s post:

    Best post yet. Especially the, “…A cig and a kitten in the same photo does not automatically mean they are blowing smoke into its lungs and forcing him to chain smoke until he likes it…”

    I too missed the snack party. I do, howeveh, have Benton’s bacon, home made apple/creme chese crepes, and fried eggs to share if anyone’s still hungry!

  110. @ Hon Glad and that was an aawesome movie.

  111. Trolls and Nuffers the crunchy breakfast treat!

  112. warrior rabbit says:

    This commentroversy is anemic! But the buffet table looks damn good. I’ve been trying to lose weight, so I was just gonna observe. Then I woke up hungry and caved. I brought some Chuao chocolate bars… and I’m heading for the fried egg and chocolate-covered bacon. I might even huff a marmie, despite the catcinogens and the Sturgeon General’s warning..

  113. Aww. No commentroversy? And i usually find those so amusing…

    It’s still a cute kitteh. 😀

  114. Queen of Dork says:

    Well, to add to the bummer factor: The cat Boots, (who I at first thought was a girl and called Loretta) who used to come to visit all the time through my cat’s door, is gone. (sob) It seems he and his daddy have moved away. I’m soooooo missing that cat and his sweet personality and his musical meow. *sadness and tears* 😦

  115. Aww QoD So sad for you.

    And your kitty will be missing his playmate.

  116. Queen of Dork says:

    KittyAdventures: I’m bummed beyond words. It’s so easy to become so in love with and attached to an animal. They have such personalites and you feel like they are such a part of your world. You just love them so dearly. *sigh* I’ll miss Bootsie-poo but SamKitty is still here to love and hug. (when he’ll let me).

  117. My parents would always babysit my dog when I went on vacation. My dad was a smoker, and once when I came back, he had taught her to hold a cigarette in her mouth. It was hilarious. He also taught her to sing “Let Me Call You Sweetheart” with him. There was nothing she would not do for my dad.

    The kitten isn’t actually smoking, and smokers are outdoors. So how is this harmful to kitteh again?

  118. lemurland says:

    What happened to mareejuwanna flavored? Seriously, those are the best kind o’ smokes. Now “decriminalized” in Caleefornia.

  119. hmm…I enjoyed the party and it seemed quite lively! Anyone care for some zebra popcorn ( chocolate and white chocolate stripped) and some dr. Pepper? It seems nuffers still gotta nuff, even though the cigarette is clearly NOT LIT!
    o0h pringles!

  120. I think the pringles are cheddar cheese flavored. I went to the store and (gasp) no pizza flavored ones! Oh, Ralphs how could you?

  121. Saffron – Thank you so much, it just shows the old alzheimers hasn’t quite kicked in I remembered right.

    Queenie – Sam kitty is just going through his contract subsection four paragraph six,
    ‘loving’ a rub round round the ankles on the last tuesday of the month. Soree!

  122. flittertwit says:

    Ahhhh…the commentroversy and most excellent food offerings continue today. Awesome!!!!! My stummik made teh most amazing grrrrroooowwwlllll at Mamabear’s apple cream cheese crepes and fried aigs!!

  123. LeAnn Not At Work says:

    Anerable kitteh. Cute guy. Don’t like smoking, but I don’t squawk about it.
    PS. Y’all need to try carmel corn mixed with cheese corn. THE BEST!

  124. Surely the kitteh smokes kippers!
    OI! it is state fair time in TX…Fried snickers, Fried green tomatoes, Fried margaritas (completely yummo, served in a salt rimmed “glass”, natch), Fletcher’s Corny dogs, as well as Fried butter (I kid you not)! For the “health concious” we have Candy Apples 🙂 ! J/k..there are some un-fried things. But why bother?! Now…can I take your order? 🙂

  125. Queen of Dork says:

    Hon Glad: Have SamKitty and your tuxie boys been comparing notes?! Help me!

  126. MommaMackie says:

    I have to say that this has been an excellent commentroversy! No real nastiness or profanity. Lots of good eats and drinks! Outstanding, peeps!

    And, oh yeah, good luck and God bless to the young soldier and the cute little strawberry blond draped over his shoulder! They look so happy together.

  127. warrior rabbit says:

    I went to this restaurant (Currant) and ordered their popcorn surprise appetizer. I guess it’s different every day, and on that day it was popcorn, feta, and olives, with a little bacon crumbled in. Unusual… and delicious!

  128. I’m still recovering from the sadness of the monkey riding hog post to be concerned about this.

  129. kibblenibble says:

    All this talk of munchy snack-food-stuffs is making me hungry. Must find something crunchy and salty STAT. But before I leave, I must say.
    “Awww, the kitteh looks so soft and fuzzy!!!”

  130. will try not to give the popcorn eaters the satisfaction of comment-ro-versy, but yeah I was left out in the cold. Nothing spontaneous or charming to make the pic worthy of this otherwise eye-popping website.

  131. Ehh, cats will sniff anything you put in front of them. Even the same finger they sniffed 5 seconds ago.

  132. Ali-baba, there is also now fried BEER available at the gourmandacious Texas State Fair. I’m not exactly sure how it works, and I would think the deep fat frying would cook out the alcohol, but…you know how it is in Texas, give it to us and we’ll fry it! 🙂

  133. warrior rabbit says:

    I read about the fried beer! I’m intrigued. And also hungry.

    I also read that the Scots, not timid about frying things either, now have fried pizza. Hmm.

  134. Do we know for a fact that’s NOT Teho? Hmmm??

  135. ummmm, smoking is bad, mmmmkay?

    smoking = notsocute

    kitty = very very cute

    all told, kitty’s cuteness slightly leads smoking’s notsocuteness 😛

  136. Noelegy—think they do it like the fried margaritas…mix it with funnel cake batter, fry it (some alcohol cooks out), then serve it in a glass with more beer poured over it. I may get that next time, to go with my fried bacon & Belgian waffle. Care to join me? 🙂

  137. And Sharpy, are you going to let snooPINGAsusual’s comment (105) go unanswered?! (I went out and got some 3 Musketeer minis just for the occasion!)

  138. Yes N Fritz, I thought snooPINGAsusual was treading on very slippery ground if he/she wants another comment posted. Hears Sharpy making fine adjustments to the Moderator machine, wack clank boing}}}}}

  139. @QoD

    i’m so sorry.


  140. >>Holy dang, that Sharpy character is srsly fckin annoying.

    excuse me, could you just step back a bit? you’re getting spittle on my throne.

  141. *bows before Sharpy’s throne*
    “Welcome back, your Moderesty!”

  142. darkshines says:

    I don’t want any popcorn, but I would do anything for a pahsickie right now…….. 😛

  143. annoyinglittletwerp says:

    @Birdcage: It’s Garrett’s Popcorn.
    I walked by the shop located on Theatre Row(Starting at around State/Randolph) today and the smells were to die for!

  144. Cute kitty! If the kitty could talk ‘Are you kidding me? people actually put these things in their mouth? Yeah, right’.

  145. Gah I keep getting moderated…

  146. Scarleybelle says:

    Yay! Sweet kitty AND cute guy! You know, fairly high on the Jamin-is-the-hottest-of-all meter. Curious kitty is off the charts cute! but–Don’t do it, kitty! Cee-ga-reets are evil-bad, espeshly for leetle ones!

  147. oh my Lord, I shudder to think what stale tuna cigarette smoke smells like!

  148. hey guys – I brought the pizzas – dont normally join the crowd – but I as soon as I saw the pix – figured people were going to get up set. So got a party pepperoni, a party with pepperoni, mushrooms and green pepper and a large with slice tomato, green pepper and mushroom – who wants what.

  149. Queen of Dork says:

    I would like slice of the party with pepperoni please. And a glass of something to drink. Thanks Tracey!

  150. @n. fritz

    >>“Welcome back, your Moderesty!”

    thank you! i was very busy behind the scenes today 😉

  151. @tracey


    oh, that sounds good, thank you! i brought cupcakes!

    can i have a coke?

  152. I was having a bad day, and now, its like a miracle! Everything just got so much better. Gosh, guys, you’re terrific.

  153. >>Do we know for a fact that’s NOT Teho? Hmmm??<<

    LOL. I have it on *quite* good authority that it is not. 😀

  154. Queen of Dork says:

    Hi Jaye. I’m hoping Theo is doing well! 🙂


  156. The fact that I smoked in my apartment may be part of the reason that my cat got cancer and eventually died from the lymphoma. She’s been gone a year and I still miss her terribly and my daily visits to cuteoverload are always something that put a smile on my face. While I don’t think that the person who sent this picture in is a terrible person who is trying to kill his kitten, I do think it should be stated that cigarettes are harmful to people AND animals. I don’t mean to sound dramatic and I do have a sense of humor but I don’t think this picture belongs on this website.

  157. @Creole, you’re the one who doesn’t belong on this website.

  158. bad influence, eh? LoL!

  159. Q of D: Yep, he’s doing great at his training–and I see him next week, woo hoo!

  160. What a gentleman… would be impossible for the kitty to light its own cig without thumbs !!

  161. soxfan413 says:

    I’ve had a comment awaiting moderation for well over 24 hours. Huh. I guess it’ll never show up. My other two comments showed up immediately. So effin’ confusing.

  162. Uh, Sharpy? Dunno about the site’s rules on vulgar/offensive/profane names, but the capital letters in snoopingasusual’s name spell a very very profane word in Spanish (at least in Puerto Rico).

    Just thought you should know…

  163. Queen of Dork says:

    Jaye: How wonderful! I’m so happy for both of you!

  164. I thought the two year old baby boy smoking was bad.

  165. Scarleybelle says:

    @ Creole I’m very sorry for the loss of your cat. That’s so painful to go through, and I’m sorry for the cat’s suffering, and yours, too.

    I think anyone who loves animals belongs here, especially people who are concerned about their welfare. Every now and then we see an image that may bother us, or trouble us, or bring back a sad memory. It’s happened to me.

    I hope you will have a new cat in your life. I still miss my dogs and cats who have died over the years, but am overjoyed with the new strays who have accidentally (or not?) shown up needing a home.

  166. I am sending love and prayers to Creole for the loss of your dear kitty. 😦

    Scarleybelle, you are very eloquent. ❤ @ you. ❤ ❤ ❤ Well said.

    Snack time! I am now going to nom on some cheezy poofs and give a new flavor of kibble to the cats.

  167. Teresa in KC says:

    @Martha in Washington –
    Rhage – you gotta love a male who can make you laugh. 🙂
    But I have a feeling Manny may give him strong competition.

  168. @soxfan413

    >>I’ve had a comment awaiting moderation for well over 24 hours. Huh. I guess it’ll never show up. My other two comments showed up immediately. So effin’ confusing.

    sort of like being a red sox fan waiting for a world series win, i guess.

  169. @madame x

    >>Uh, Sharpy? Dunno about the site’s rules on vulgar/offensive/profane names, but the capital letters in snoopingasusual’s name spell a very very profane word in Spanish (at least in Puerto Rico).

    thank you for the heads-up. i would never have caught it. it’s completely gone now, so our conversation doesn’t make any sense.

  170. @Linda – bye!

  171. Hes Badd…Bad to the bone.

  172. +1 for the Boys of Cute Overload calendar…
    Can he be Mr. August?

  173. cute cat, cute man, very not cute concept. Thumbs down, CO

  174. ChrisEstes says:

    Would have been much better if it was a joint. My cats prefer their puffs hand-rolled. That’s because they’ve been paw-rolled.

    Ha! Worst joke ever!

  175. (Testingks mah nu Gravatar. Plz to ignore. Kthxbai.)

  176. 😦

  177. 😀

  178. xmas caulfield says:

    dislike :\

  179. So not funny.

  180. muttluver says:

    warrior rabbit: Um, they already HAVE fried pizza at the Texas state fair. I saw it when I went. On opening day. And the fried beer is more like ravioli. They put it in a dough shell and fry it. So you bite into a pastry thingy and get beer. (I’m not explaining too well, am I?) My dad tried it, said it wasn’t so great. Didn’t even finish. I did love me the fried lemonade though, and the fried chocolate was pretty darn good. Corny dog was mandatory, and fried grilled cheese was scrumptious. Man, I’m hungry now.

    And darn it, I missed the good parts of the commentroversy. Oh wells. I’ll bring my naturally yummy snacks to the party! Chipotle cheese rice and bean chips=YUMMY.

    I don’t think the bad things about smoking should be diminishe or ignored, but that’s not what we’re doing here. peeps on this site are smarter than that.

    And Sharpy, I’m starting to really like you. 🙂

  181. @muttluver

    >>And Sharpy, I’m starting to really like you.

    i’m an acquired taste. like a blooming onion, i am.