World’s Top Eater Fail

When he began the challenge, everyone assumed it would be a non-gut buster considering he regularly snacks on the easily digestible triple-cheese inner tube with a side of pickled fire hydrant.

So when the final verdict was handed down, the shame and surprise were heavy: Jaws “Kobayashi” McNugget lost challenge “Candied Chickpea Bundt Cake”.

Looks like he’s going to Rowlf, Caye H.



  1. Tubblulence!

  2. crawling inside the bowl and falling asleep.
    i can relate.

  3. that way, no one else can eat his share of the kibbles. brilliant.

  4. oh! that belleh!
    the daintily crossed back paws!
    the front leg tossed toward the forehead in desperation!

    someone help me, Ah think Ah got the vapors… *fans face*

  5. squee! I must snorgle that pink belly!

  6. Poor pupster is thinking “I can’t believe I ate the whoooole thing!”

  7. Bulging belly can’t take any more, I’m more stuffed than a taxidermists work shop.

  8. Hey we’ve got rid of the crapping cat and exchanged it for cheezy grinning tooth brace.

  9. Puppeh bed and breakfast!

  10. Puppeh is tuckered out after stealing hubcaps. :mrgreen:

  11. I LOL’d at “Candied Chickpea Bundt Cake”, out loud.

  12. I was going to make candied chickpea bundt cake for dinner tonight!

    Love the helpless paw action.

  13. Post bowl game slump

  14. NEVER make a candied chickpea bundt cake without mole sauce.

  15. PS A little roasted red pepper goes great with the chickpeas.
    BTW Also known as GARBANZOS. :mrgreen:

  16. pooped pup! (or soon-to-poop pup)

  17. Or maybe in Aussie/American mashup – Tuckered from too much tucker (thanks for the inspiration, Theresa)

  18. I love that he’s sleeping inside the specially-designed-so-puppies-won’t-sleep-in-it bowl. You go, McNugget!

  19. From “On the Waterbowl”: I could a bean a contender!

  20. @Theresa CECI!!!

  21. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    🙂 @ 2600 🙂
    (espeshe re # 12 )

  22. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    and MAJOR YAY

    they recommembered to attach a “Sleppy” Tag!! WOOT and also

  23. @260Oakley- WHAM!

  24. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    oh, Thereeeeeeeeeeeeeeesaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa —

    (innocent face) (blink) (blink)

    Was *THIS* what you meant???
    (innocent face) (blink) (blink)

  25. I see most of you think this is cute, but can’t you see that some psycho person is trying out a new puppy and kibble bunt cake recipe!?!?!
    Oh the humanity!

  26. brianfowler713 says:

    I think this is actually a girl puppy. Partly because of the proto-nipples you can see poking out of the fur on the belly, and partly because of, well, the pink color (which may not mean anything !).

  27. LOL!!

  28. This if the definish of Food Coma!!!! 😆

  29. Maybe it’s just me, but years of living with a, “windy,” dog have made me avoid anything that was feasting on beans. YaknowhatImean?

  30. I can’t really handle this guy’s belly. I wish to squeeze it and then also squeeze it and squeeze it one more time and then another time.

  31. @Lerrinus – so true.

  32. @jessica

    >>I can’t really handle this guy’s belly. I wish to squeeze it and then also squeeze it and squeeze it one more time and then another time.

    okay, jessica, we’re closing up here. we’ll be open in the morning and you can come back then. come on, jessica, it’s getting late. okay, just one more squeeze, but then you need to head home.

  33. Sleeping IN your food.
    Must try.

  34. I can’t believe my pic actually got selected! My puppies have been in countless magazines and calendars, but getting a post up here makes me proudest!

  35. That happens to me, too.