She Tastes Like Talcum Powder, Rainbows…and Disease.

“I swear I  just turned my head for a second,  and when I looked back – I was crippled with fear! My God, all those germs! Dr. Veterinarian, please tell me my baby isn’t going to lose his tongue…”

Isla’s adorable and that puppy is lucky to have her, Pammy O. Photo by Luly.



  1. You can pick you friends, and you can pick your nose… but wait, I guess you can pick your friend’s nose.

  2. Prosh puppeh and bebeh. Win-win!!!!

  3. bookmonstercats says:

    Inter-species snorgling.

  4. lurkingsmirk says:

    What a sweet picture! I hope they belong to the same family

  5. Beware children! What you’ve heard is snot a lie. The Boogie Man is gonna get you!

  6. Along the same lines as Slycat, the line I always heard was “If you were a nose, I’d still pick you (as my friend)”! 🙂

    I pick the puppy! Want!

  7. (funny how sometimes our comments are selected for moderation, and sometimes they aren’t? I wonder what the keywords are?)

  8. Cute but icck too. Both are adorable.

  9. “Is that some kibble I see up in there?”

    Pup thinks she’s a human Pez dispenser o’ Alpo nuggets!

  10. I’ve licked you, now you lick me.

  11. Pups’ky! The puppy-hanky. You’ll never be without a handkerchief again.
    The Pups’ky is portable and re-usable and it’ll follow you every where!
    It’ also perfect for cleaning your child grubby face and will save YOUR spit.
    Also there’s nothing to throw away so it’s very ecological!!

  12. mmmmm salty!!

  13. sluuurrrpp

  14. Pasickie!!

    (Sorry; it had to be said.)

  15. Its even more disgusting when you know what they were licking right before licking your face. *barf*

  16. Slurpy McSlurperson strikes again!

  17. Ohhh Prongs You are a naughty girl!

    I just love this picture Adorable Baby and Adorable Puppy! Snot … the new gourmet food! Hahahahaha!

  18. mmmm yummy

  19. Mutual Appreciation Society

  20. tiny adorable puppy and the baby appreciates the kisses!

  21. Two happy babies!

  22. warrior rabbit says:

    Lucy Van Pelt is screaming and ptooing… somewhere.

    I love doggy kisses! Just not so… spelunkatory.

    Imagine the puppy breath!

  23. warrior rabbit says:

    aaarrrrggghhh moderation

  24. That is one very cute little puppy!

  25. Babies kept from a variety of germs are less healthy than this one will be.

  26. Gracie's Mom says:

    Such cute babies!

  27. 1- Adam -12, 1- Adam – 12…See the lady at 0h 2 cute kissyface lane …..
    The inter-species bandit has struck again !

  28. Heather and the Boston Terriers says:

    Keesing da babeh is my favreet ting to doo.

  29. this pic is priceless!! cute times two!

  30. Pick me a winner!

  31. It looks like she’s trying to reciprocate the licks! Too cute.

  32. Velvet puppy ears are PROSH! Especially teh two toned ones

  33. Rats now I have two comments in Moderation.

  34. Pups use their tongues for toilet paper. A few nose nuggets won’t hurt ‘um!

  35. SO. CUTE. Sproingy Jack Russell!! Reminds me juuust a bit of my lil girl. And dogs do love em some nose nuggets. How do I know? Um…. I’m not sure people actually want to hear that…..

  36. What, no “Gee-ross!” tag? 😆

  37. The puppy is the same colors as my girlcat Chloe who loooooves to wash me. Maybe a liking for licking humans is a three-colored thing?

  38. We have a licky rat terrier (Carlos) and we are very happy that our neighbors had a dog before they had their little girl because she LOVES when Carlos give her kisses (whereas some kids, like our nieces, are traumatized by this friendly greeting). Needless to say, it’s much more fun to have the neighborhood girl over than our nieces.

  39. if I had to choose, I’d snuggle the least they know how to feed themselves and don’t sit in their own poop. Not cute. so, crucify me. what-evs.

  40. So funny, doggies love babies and babies love doggies!

    Only the parents realize the humor and grossness when they’re combined. 🙂

  41. Okay i just noticed you can Beep both of their noses at the same time.

    A total win in my book 😀

  42. Thats so cute the baby looks happy the doggie looks happy is a win win lol
    ( it seems that the baby hatters today are sleeping late cause no baby hate around here lol )

  43. Oh *beep*beep*so cute!!

  44. p.s., “spelunkatory” is my new favorite word. thx, warrior rabbit

    (insert obligatory “waaaarriorrrrsss” here)

  45. Skippymom, Sister, who is a white kitteh wif a black cap and black tail, woke me up twice last night to bathe my entire arm. And clean a couple of spots on my chin while she was at it.

  46. I had a pet rat who loved nose nuggets too. If you put your face down next to hers, she’d shove her tongue up your nostril and hoover around, much like the dog does in this picture.

    The baby looks kind of confused.

  47. Awwwwwwwww.

  48. @brinnann

    “sister?!” you have a cat named sister? that is so rockin!

  49. Awwwwww! I think most pet owners are used to gross things, and most parents of small children are used to gross things. Not that big a deal! But adorable!

    PS I know someone else who has a cat named Sister. (Mostly black, a little white, looks like a nun.)

  50. @Meaghan, “she’d shove her tongue up your nostril and hoover around…” I LOL’d at this. It’s not just the image but I’m a really tactile person. Thanks for the strange sensation!

  51. Who said you can’t pick a friend’s nose?

  52. warrior rabbit says:

    I think Frances Mayes, who wrote Under the Tuscan Sun and Bella Tuscany, had a cat named Sister as well. If I recall correctly… which, you know, isn’t a sure thing.

  53. Mary (the first) says:

    Sweet! I also hope they are in the same family, they would probably love to grow up together! BFF !!!

  54. Beautiful baby, adorable puppy! Double win!

  55. Haha my hypothesis was true!
    Nuffers come when the picture is of a single baby!
    :)…well I guess it is. 🙂