The Amazing Hamboni!

Ladeez ann gennelmen! At this time, I direct your attention to The Amazing Hamboni, who will be launched from this enormous cannon, soar over your heads, and land in this bowl of tapioca. Maestro, a drum roll, if you please…

Shot (you should pardon the expression) by vic15.



  1. looks like it saying please don’t kill me

  2. I love the opaque ears!

  3. pplease I ddon’t think I’m ready.

  4. I don’t think I want to be that rodent’s buns a’fire if the cannon turns out NOT flame retardant.


  5. Think a Richard Gere joke would be bad form?

  6. Hon Glad@ I was thinking the same thing….think he needs more practice time.

    Want to see him tuck down in tube. cutie

  7. Oh Dear .. Oh Dear .. Oh Dear!

  8. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    “the Amazing Hamboni….deep in prayer…” 😉


  10. Don’t worry, little guy, I’ll make sure you have a soft landing right here in my arms. And then the snorgling shall commence.

  11. Another hammy!

  12. Now if he landed in a nice soft rack, that would be something to see.

  13. Hello God, please let me live and I promise to never chew-up the electrical cords and to eat all my kibble not just the veggies and not to leave little gifts in my hooman’s shoes.

  14. Check out the wonkiness of the ears. Sigh

  15. “Think a Richard Gere joke would be bad form?”

    Seriously? People still believe that stupid urban legend? Good grief.

  16. Tu-be?
    Or not Tu-be?

  17. Oakley, you are the very definition of awesome.

  18. Love the Montgomery Burns hands.

  19. illism What urban Legend????

  20. I can’t help but wonder if he moonlights driving a zamboni during the off-season.

    Yes, a Richard Gere joke would be in bad form.

  21. OMG!!!!! Never mind Illism I found it on

    ::Shudders:: There is a whole undebelly of weirdness out there that I somehow managed to miss! Thank Goodness!

    for anyone else like me here is a link to the article… but be warned it is a yucky Urban legend.

  22. Illism… Jinx and thanks for the link!

  23. A Flying Burrito Brother, no, a Flying Burrito!!!!

  24. Theresa more like a flying hamito!

  25. Baby Hamboni
    It’s a Baby Hamboni
    Baby Hamboni
    And he’s armed like Ramboni
    Baby Hamboni,
    Playing football in Lambeauni
    Baby Hamboni,
    Eats Tortoni and Spumoni,
    It’s a Baby Hamboni
    And he’ driving a Zamboni,
    Baby Hamboni!
    Baby Hamboni!

  26. PS: I know this is a strictly regional thing, but a character (and how!) called Hambone was an integral part of my growing up.
    Watch please (and believe me, I can hear you saying “Well, that explains a lot.” :mrgreen:

  27. I just love Ham paws!!!!

  28. @hon glad

    >>Now if he landed in a nice soft rack, that would be something to see.

    LOL! and then you could play the video backwards. how great would that be?!

  29. >>Shot (you should pardon the expression)


  30. Amazing Hamonbi videos soon to be on You Tube.

  31. Sharpy – {{{{Bombulating}}}} breasts

  32. @hon glad

    now there’s a sentence i didn’t plan to see when i woke up this morning.


  33. Sharpy – Happy to obleege. 🙂

  34. Looks like he saying his prayers !

  35. Eat, pray, & love?

  36. The Amazing Hamboni needs to borrow a helmut from the Quarterham:

  37. …I mean “helmet”…

  38. @Sharpy, that would be awesome!

  39. That will teach us to perpetuate Urban Legends.

  40. “Please, sir, may I have some more?”

  41. Looks like Hamboni’s been nomming on the cannon, there.

  42. Look at those cute little hamster hands. It really does look like he’s praying…or washing his muzzlepouch.

  43. I knew the Richard Gere thing was a legend, I even looked it up on Snopes before I posted jus to confirm it 🙂

    But I did get away with the reference without making the joke directly myself 😀

  44. Poor little hammie! I wonder if they’ve practiced this stunt before? Yes, or no, either way explains why he looks like he’s praying!

    Theresa @ 27, that was Sandy Becker! I loved him when I was a kid. I checked out the info. on him a couple of years ago and was surprised that he was such a good-looking guy. He was sooooo goofy.

  45. @Fern, Sandy Becker, yesss! The show was so completely crazy, but it’s hard to explain to people, since they did all those afternoon kid’s shows live, and didn’t keep much videotape. But when people see it, they invariably nod and say, “Yeah, explains a lot.” :mrgreen:

  46. I say TUBE!!!

  47. Needs hammie-helmet.

  48. kibblenibble says:

    Hammie looks worried. NOMTOM, if I had a dollar for every time your posts made me actually laugh out loud…well, I’d have a lot of dollars. Thanks! 🙂

  49. That’s a “you’re putting me where face. I’ll just leave it at that.

  50. so tiny!!!