WAIT—Cats Can’t Do Pilates!

Hey, Shirley? This may be the “cool” way to do things, but wouldn’t it be easier if you just hauled your ass the five feet into the living room to do Pilates, you know, next to me?

Surely you’re joking @Bailey!



  1. Awesome! I bet these cool cats have iPads too.

  2. So that’s what cats do when I leave my phone at home. 😮

  3. I hope we will see some balance here with an equivalent microsoft cute photo … maybe a snap of some cats working on a cool microsoft app like MS Project or the such

  4. Scene from the new horror flick “Planet of the Apps” (in 3-Squee)

  5. @Oakley–“3squee” is officially my new way to watch cute overload videos. I’ll have to put on my rhinestone studded 3squee glasses…

  6. Darn it. I meant rhinestone studded 3squee CAT glasses. Sigh.

  7. and to think my friends can’t even figure out facetime, but these cats got it down pat!

  8. 3squee!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    260Oakley, you have outdone yourself.

    Speaking of Squee, that’s the name of this cat, I think:


    Every few months, I like to go back to see Squee, and also the three purritos:


    It’s good for you!

  9. Yes kitty there’s an Apps for that.
    I love me some Apple and cats 🙂

  10. Boohoo, moderation, but woohoo, 3squee!!!

  11. So I’m not the only one who calls the person in the next room? (Because those five feet are so hard!)

  12. Cats can do Pilates and Yoga poses according to this video:

  13. As a technophobe I don’t know what Apps are I assume applications, but what is being applied? I do have a mobile phone sorry cel phone but it lives in a draw at home and is only used on rare occaisions even my landline bill is low.

  14. 😆 Air biscuits 😆

  15. @ Hon Glad Apps is what Apple calls applications that works with the iPhone or iPod Touch or iPad. They are little programs like games or permit you to read electronic books.
    But the one time an App really blew me away is when a man in Haïti that was stuck under the rubles of his building and wounded used an App on his iPhone to turn it into a flashlight and was able to locate his injury and stop the bleeding and wait for rescue!

  16. There is an app that shows where you’re going when you’re walking down the street texting someone, so you don’t bump into streetlights and such. Just keep looking at the phone while you’re texting and you see the way in front of you. So you don’t have to move your eyeballs from texting up to the sidewalk in front of you and back. Yeah. There’s an app for that. Amazingly enough.

  17. Gigi – Thank you for enlightening me. Though these Apps didn’t exist then passengers on the terrorist bombed tube trains, were able to walk along the tunnels using the light from their phones, I’m happy I wasn’t among them.

  18. SoCalSis, do they have that app on the DroidX? I could really use that!

  19. Speaking of lazy, there’s a vid on ichc that has a cat scooping out food from its dish to fall on the ground next to it, so that the cat doesn’t have to get up to get all the way to the dish to eat…

  20. Pat Trenner says:

    Well, SOMEbody’s got to say it:

    “And don’t call me Shirley.”

  21. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    YAY Hon Glad: yet another way in which you and I are kindred spirits!!

    (looks both ways to be certain that the FBI/CIA aren’t tailing me)

    I’ve NEVER bought a cellphone!!! And I’m (gasp) almost 50 yrs old and (gasp)
    my life works JUST FINE!!!!!

    (runs away so that the Border Patrol can’t find me and
    deport me to Analog Island for noncompliance with the “Mericun Gadget System)

  22. FOr those who have not been watching the commercials it is the new Iphone function that shows the person texting and the thing you are videoing at the same time… poosibly the coolesdt thing ever.

    Thus we are looking at one kitty texting or video phoning and another kitty doing her pilates.

  23. Thanks for the clarification. I was mysified too —
    what? Cats can text???

  24. I can’t believe my cats are internet famous! They don’t even know how to do sit ups.

  25. I can’t beleive the cats in England. Wide faces, gentle meows love attention..i’m in love with those cats! I wonder what Italian cats are like. I read they like greek yogurt and honey mixed together and will politely take turns dipping their paws into the bowl so they can all get some! Love!