The Last Time Community Theater Rolls the Dice with an Unknown

Yeah, I let my hair down like he asked. Turns out, it’s freakin’ delicious.

Is he preparing for some kind of marathon, Lynn?



  1. Isn’t there a rule about your food being big enough to double as your furniture/housing? And seriously, four strands of pasta at once? A little gluttony goes a long way…

  2. MrsShortShoes says:

    That’s a lot of pasta for that little Hammy!

  3. Pasketti!

  4. Pasta Cuteanesca

  5. Schluuuuuck!

  6. With ham in your pasta sauce, wouldn’t that make it a Bolognese?

    Munch time!

  7. Awww a carbo Loading Hammy!

  8. What is it about pasta to adorable little hammies? they just love it!

  9. @260Oakley, brilliant in la bella lingua!

  10. I wonder if he likes his pasta al rodente?

  11. WAITER!!!! There’s a hamster in my pisketti!!

  12. fatgrammafinn says:

    so that’s where my meatball went!

    …on top of spaghetti,
    all covered with cheese,
    i lost my poor meatball
    when somebody sneezed…
    it rolled off the table
    and onto the floor,
    and then my poor meatball
    it rolled out the door

  13. My sister in law’s little Love bird Deedee is crazy about piskettie.
    He will perch on the side of her plate and eat it right out of her plate!

  14. dawnkeyotie says:

    You can just see the evolutionarily driven happiness in that little hammy’s eyes! No long, lean winter for him!

  15. Hammie looks like she/he has been caught in the act of doing something naughty…

  16. Never having had pocket pets myself, I can’t tell if this is a hammie or a rattie. The only way I know for sure is if I see the tail (Stubbular for hams, right?). Can someone enlighten me plzkthx?

  17. PS: I don’t get the title, either. Kthxbai.

  18. PPS: I’m not usually this lost. For some reason my brain is not functioning at full capacity today.

  19. OMG Oakely, al Rodente!?!!?? 😆 *falls off chair laughing* 😆

  20. @Brinn
    stubby tail equals Hammy.. also their noses are a little shorter than a rats,

    and when they have this red brown color fur it is a dead give away.

    brown ratties are usually a more blackish brown. At least in my experience.

  21. I think that might be a rattie, not a hammie…

  22. Hungry hammy hoovers heartily.

    Any time I see a pocket pet, I think they’d be an awesome option since I can’t have a cat or dog. This pasta bandit confirms eeeettt!

  23. I wanna know how he gets the sauce off of his head???

    @fatgrammafinn, ear worm attack! I haven’t seen/heard that song in a donkey’s age. Does anybody say that any more, “In a donkey’s age,” (besides me, I mean? And does t his mean donkey’s live a long time???) I’m increasingly startled by the things I’m remembering from my yoot when agriculture was still king…

  24. fatgrammafinn says:

    @brinnann…my coworker is involved with several community theater groups. (i think) the ham(ster) is a ham (actor)- think william shatner. the “let your hair down” would be the director telling the ham to emote emote emote. which the ham would be doing anyway.

  25. @ brinnann & Leslie:

    Hehe, having 8 of the critters, I can assure you that rodent is most definitely a hamster. Their faces tend to be more rounder than rattie’s, and they have shorter snouts too.

  26. He is wondering wheres the parmesean cheese! Pisketti-lol

  27. bookmonstercats says:

    “I’m in ur piskettie, a-shlurpin’ ur sauce.”

    Says Mystic Mog, “I foresee a long grooming session”.


  28. @Trinky Dink: Not so loud or everybody will want one!

  29. My caption: “No! I don’t need help. I will take care of this myself.”

  30. NOM NOM NOM, that’s one content lookin hamster!

  31. @Fern, yes, donkey’s are fairly long lived, often living into their 30’s. So I suppose you are saying you haven’t heard that song for at least 30 years?

    As for whether people still say that or not, I haven’t heard anyone else say it in a donkey’s age. 😉

  32. Hammie says “Greed is good.”

  33. Maybe playing HAMM-let or Rupunzell with all the hair?

  34. I usually wind up needing a bath after a good pasketti feed, too.

    “Donkey’s years” is the expression I’ve heard. I’ve also heard “coon’s age” (meaning the furry, masked bandit, not the racial perjorative).

  35. Hammie says these worms don’t put up much of a fight.

    Fern – I still use “He could jaw the hind leg off a Donkey”.

  36. That’s a 4-strand bite!

  37. warrior rabbit says:

    These donkey sayings are a-mule-sing. However, I have heard of none of them!

  38. This ham looks like he can slurp a bunch o’ pasgetti!!!!!

  39. Melissa – that little hedgie is killing me with cuteness! Kiss his head for me too, please.

  40. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    yay 2600!!!

    Theresa: one SLIGHT adjustification, ma’am!!
    I would suggest the following:


  41. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    ps: hi Leslie!
    I’m Not That Leslie, I’m the Other Leslie!!! 🙂

  42. the foods is keeping him warm inside AND out!

  43. He’s not pooping in there, is he?

  44. His eyes are all, “No, I’m not eating anything. What are you talking about? … How did these strands of sketti get in my mouth???”

    So busted and yet so cute!

  45. I wonder what my kittehs would do if they were buried in a pile of pasketti….

  46. My puppehs, I don’t hafta wonder about. They’d eat it faster than I could pile it on!

  47. OK, so this is unrelated and I’ll probably get stuck in moderation, but did anybody else see the BBC item about the, er, “past date” mouse found in a loaf of bread in Oxfordshire? The rodents in food thing made me think of it. Not as cute as this guy, obviously. And, I’d better stop now.

  48. @katfighter

    Oh I will, it’s my little girl, Penelope Pickles.

  49. Cutie’s all wrapped up in his fud!

  50. @ Sharpy when ever you get around to checking the stuff in Moderation hell can you delete my second comment as it was just an effort to figure out what was getting me moderated.

  51. flounder907 says:

    This is my pet hamster Darwin, he turns 1 year old on October 1, his eyes are often bigger than his stomach and/or cheek pouches….

  52. This is so funny! And the comments………snicker…….snicker… peeps are so funny!!

  53. Mama Mia that’s a furry meatball-a!

  54. This isn’t my photo either. It’s Lynn’s hamster named Darwin:

  55. Wow! 52 comments and not one nuffer! I’m impressed! I was sure there would be a “YOU KNOW REFINED FLOUR PASTA IS BAD FOR RODENTS BLAH BLAH BLAH” …

    When I had hams they would put string in their cheek pouches and then later remove it like magicians performing. 🙂

  56. 1. Oh my! You’re going to have to roll that little Hamlet (soon to be rotund Hamlet) back to his cage.

    2. Yeah… definitely a hammy. A Syrian hammy in fact — as opposed to a dwarf hammy.

    3. Yeah, I didn’t get the title, either.

    4. @skippymom That “past date”… is that the last date they sell it?

    5. So… are we going to see the post that Nehama actually submitted? Just wondering.

  57. Who?
    I don’t see any pasta.
    Whatchu you talkin’ about?

  58. @kittyadventures

    did i get it?

  59. @ Sharpy yes you did and you are my Hero… Thank you! I will remember not to use that word in the future LOL

  60. Moon Catty.. BWahahahahahaha!

  61. Waiter there’s a rodent in my spaghetti and it’s rapidly becoming spaghetti in my rodent!

  62. Mooncaty – I recognise that quote from a Alka Seltzer Ad from the 70’s

  63. DAARWIIIIIN! I never miss any of his photos on flickr! XD
    He’s one of my favorite hammies out there, after my Neu and my Kodi, of course.

  64. Act Two:

    Ham: I drink your milkshake! I drink it *up*!

  65. Hamster Parmesan, my favorite!

  66. flounder907 says:

    He is normally very delicate when he eats pasta, but for some reason he felt the need to carb load this night. I am thinking it was either a commentary on the approaching fall storms, or on the temperature I keep his room at…….

  67. snoopysnake says:

    Yum yum!

    Think it would let me tie a macrame square knot sinnet with those 4 strands held securely in its little mouf?

  68. OMG~! I laughed so hard when I saw this. Those beady eyes and that sweet little nose! I love how he’s vacuuming those noodles into his mouth. Priceless!

  69. Ratatoullie!

  70. 2 CUTE