New Trend in Food Trucks: All-You-Can-Eat Bug Buffets

While his brothers’ dined on crispy crickets and gooey grasshoppers, Clive set his sights on the real prize: the dragonfries from the truck called IHOP’D.

If everything’s bigger in Texas, does that include the bugs? Photo by bsheridan



  1. LoL… Surprisingly weird!

  2. HA! thanks for the guffaw, Prongs!

  3. That is adorably yucky!

  4. Um, can we be sure they aren’t rabid?


  5. No no this wasn’t my picture. It’s:
    She’s a volunteer wild animal rehabber and these were 4 baby raccoons she raised over the summer who have since been released

  6. It’s the Buggy Banditos!

  7. Looks like a bumper crop. Nothing like grilling when you need to eat on the fly(s).

  8. Awesome, @260Oakley. I wonder if anybody is tailgating. 😀

  9. Wait – don’t raccoons wash their food before eating it? If I owned that car, I’d surely be hoping that’s not just an old wives’ tale.

  10. Um…yum?

  11. PS: “If everything’s bigger in Texas, does that include the bugs”


  12. Meals on Wheels

  13. @ Nehama V. – Thanks, and sorry ’bout that – the credit has been corrected.

  14. @The Big Gripe 09.28.10 at 5:10 pm
    Um, can we be sure they aren’t rabid?

    Are you referring to the crispy crickets or the gooey grasshoppers? ‘Cause I’m pretty sure they are varmint-free.

  15. 260Oakley… is there no limit to your wit?? I bow to your cleverlyness.

  16. i wish i had some of these little buggers to clean off the front of my car after i drive 4 hours home. bugs are so hard to get off!!

  17. bumper crop?

    ** groan **

  18. For a brief moment I was afraid to scroll down LOL>.. I should have known it would be cute as can be!

  19. kibblenibble says:

    Please to notice how each tailio is slightly different. 🙂

  20. OMG Kibblenibble… you are so observant…. LOL that is amazing!

  21. The other photo of the hamster with spaghetti also isn’t mine. I left a comment on that one with a link to whose hamster it is

  22. awwwww. this is cute. go raccoons!!

  23. These guys are babies. Littermates, I s’pect… n’est-ce pas?

  24. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    2600: one a yer best theah.

    @ spb: “clerverlyness” = YAY-ness!!

  25. and Burt Bandito leads in the speed eating Bug chow down.

  26. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    Interesting-I’ve seen sparrows doing the same thing-makes me think of birds I’ve seen on TV doing the same thing to crocs…but NEVER raccoons!

  27. Isn’t it Florida that does big bugs? Yesterday I read a piece by an American traveller who reckoned all US-ians are pretty much the same, except people from Florida know more about really big bugs.

  28. Um I visited my friend in TX…yes them bugs are big. Those babies wont starve. lol

  29. I know they are naughty but they are sooooo cute. NOmmmm the ears.

  30. I was thinking it was the four brothers car wash….

  31. If there was just one more rattoon (my daughter’s toddler pronunciation) I could make some comment about the new menu item at Five Guys…

  32. Theresa 09.28.10 at 6:12 pm
    PS: “If everything’s bigger in Texas, does that include the bugs”


    What she said.

  33. The photos on Flicker are absolutely adorable. But I don’t know how you could release them into the wild after they become so used to people & other animals and become somewhat domesticated. I think it’s great what foster parents do for animals, but I know I could never do it. I would become too attached and eventually have a house full of animals.

  34. Now THAT is a full-service gas station. I’m impressed!

  35. Love, love, love the baby raccoons and their little stripey tails!

  36. even though raccoons have tried to break into my apartment to eat my cats, i still think that they are cute. scary and sharp, but cute.

  37. matchingks!
    nom nom nom nom lick lick lick lick

    I often see birds – sparrows, mostly – doing this, but without the ringtails, bandit masks, and general mammal-based scamp-being.

  38. This reminds me of the scene in the original Willy Wonka where everyone is pressed up against the wall licking the candy wallpaper.

  39. Is that a buffet or a bug-fet?

    260Oakley FTW!!!

  40. Move towards the light….

  41. OOOH raccoons scare the hell out of me! I saw one while I was camping that was, I swear to you, the size of a three year old and not afraid of me at ALL. I almost piddled myself.
    But… these babies!! They’re so widdle and cute!!