Happy Anniversary, Honey.

P.S. Do ya’ll remember this marriage proposal!?



  1. Ummmm… everyone say it with me…. best.present.ever.

    (As long as it was wanted… which it appears to be).

    Gonna send this link to the BF… *HINT* *HINT* *HINT* *HINT*

  2. Maybe she wanted a piece of jewelry…..

  3. My Husband said there was a “slim to none” chance that I’d get a Corgi for my birthday. I’m clinging onto that “slim” part…

  4. I don’t know. “We have to talk. Put that away.” doesn’t really scream “yay”.

    Puppy adorable. Gesture sweet. But I’m not a fan of giving animals as gifts. Choosing a pet (or being chosen by one) is such a personal process and a big responsibility. It should be taken seriously, not sprung on someone as a surprise.

  5. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Holly: I send you a team of cheerleaders, over the Internet.

    “GO TEAM, GO!!!Yay, Slim Chance!!!”

  6. how sweet it the gift that will keep on giving “LOVE”

  7. She is going to murder him.

  8. It must have a happy ending because the video was posted by the recipient…

  9. Umm, I vote for impending doom tag…

  10. She didn’t squeee. How could she not squee? Upon viewing, I emitted a squee heard round the world. O.o

  11. and this is why pets make horrible gifts.

    cute pup, though.

  12. You guys are so cynical… yes she wanted it….. they were the cute couple that proposed on CO and did you see her face made me smile.

    and to the happy couple HAppy Anniversary and OMG PUPPY!11!!!! best gift in the whole world!

    So I will be smiling about this for days! Thanks for posting it Meg!

  13. Help Sharpy I am stuck in Moderation
    … for I have no Clue why.. no bad words or anything
    Thanks for your help!

  14. When I’m feeling blue, one of my fav activities is to search around in youtube for “surprise puppy” videos.

  15. Uh how about… animals are not gifts?

  16. Seems everything turned out ok in the end.

    This is a video posted 2 years later:

    Notice the grown-up beagle!

  17. Animals are not presents 😦

  18. Well that certainly gahsted her flabber.

  19. Her system overloaded with cute 😀

  20. Finally a video i did the submeeshon appeared here! Her reaction is just too funny 😮

  21. lol, she had no words, that was awesome.

  22. No wonder she wasn’t going “squeeeeee”…it was 1:30 am and he woke her up! From the You Tube post: “For our 2 year anniversary, my boyfriend surprised me with a puppy. She arrived from on an airplane and got here late. It was 1:30 a.m. and I was asleep when his parent arrived at the door ringing the bell. He brought her into me and told me to open the box that was left for me. Needless to say, I was speechless and very surprised!”

    Adorable puppers. I’d love to be awoken by a puppy present!

  23. And I totally remember that proposal. So great. 🙂

  24. As delightful as this is, one really shouldn’t give animals as gifts. You don’t know if the person is prepared to take care of the animal.

    Methinks the guy may have been in the “dog house” and needed to do something big to get out. This is not a good way to do it.


  25. Being the Jess in question in that proposal, I want to thank you for the happy Monday reminder. (P.S. A bit over 3 months ago we overloaded on cuteness again with the birth of our son Kai. Tesla the cat is Not Impressed, but we think he is pretty adorable. )

  26. HA she doesn’t seem to happy about it.

  27. fatgrammafinn says:

    @Hon Glad- i just learned a new phrase! thx

    boy puppy+beagle=a whole lotta twubble… if you are the sedentary type. EEK!
    very cute. i’m a hopin’ she might have mentioned a fondness for tri-color mini-hounds at some point in the past. (i have to have my sound off when watching videos from CO)

  28. Hmm, wonder what she thinks of this video being all over the interwebs now …?

  29. I can see a scenario where this works. Lady has been dragging man to puppy vendors “just to look” and he’s been reluctant to dive into the world of dog ownership then on a special day (anniversary here) he turns up with a pup like she’s been looking at, or one of them, as a present. It’s clear that she’s ready for dog ownership, has been awhile, the discussions are done, and he’s just saying “okay” in a wonderful way!

  30. Can’t people just enjoy the video and stop worrying? Jeez. It’s plain to see in the woman’s YouTube videos that the dog was kept and everything turned out fine.

  31. *Waving* Hi Jess! Awesome kid! 😀

    Great trip down CO Memory Lane, BTW. We had the reception before the wedding, and I brought the B-52s!

  32. Anniversary present: FAIL. Don’t you just love it when your spouse makes a huge, life-changing decision without consulting you at all?

  33. I want this kind of surprise too!

  34. bookmonstercats says:

    Jess, how great to hear from you. I remember it well. Kai has a wonderful cute smile. Tesla will get used to him. My kittehs did and ended up sleeping across the nursery doorway (door closed, cat-net on cot) like dogs.

    Theresa ….. dude (ess)……… FTW?

  35. My kitties and bird were presents! And I love them all!

  36. @Jay (comment #32)
    I understand, I enjoyed her reaction, she actually didn’t squee like a brainless teenager and held the puppy carefully.
    But I agree with the others: a puppy is not a gift.
    A lot of them end up being abandoned at shelters. They have personalities and you gotta choose your new companion carefully.

  37. Jess,

    Wow so apparently I’m not the only one with a cat named Tesla.

  38. S.J. Hartsfield says:

    Wow, people need to chill out. Granted, the end of the video is a bit ominous, but clearly, as others have said, things turned out okay. There’s nothing in this video to imply that this couple hadn’t talked about getting a dog in the past. It’s not necessarily implicit that this guy made this decision without it having been discussed at all.

    Granted, this video isn’t the cutest thing I’ve seen on CO (it definitely would have been cheerier if the girl had been more excited), but I don’t think it’s deserving of all the venom it’s getting.

  39. Seriously, nuffers, how do you know it was an unwanted surprise? My husband and I talk all the time about “surprises” we would be okay with, a puppy being one of them. They could have decided that they would pick out a puppy together, but she wanted a beagle and he wanted a such-and-such and then there was a huge argument over what kind of dog it would be and then he surprised her and got her a beagle, happy ending.

  40. @Bookmonstercats, cleeck the leenk and all will be clear. Sort of. It will also make you miss Theo.

    BTW, my niece and nephew recently attended a rock and roll themed birthday party, and my niece went as Kate from the B-52s. Luuuhv shack bay-hay-bee! 😀

  41. Why didn’t she squee? Obvious, people, the CUTE ATE HER BRAIN.

  42. OMG PUPPEH!!!!!!!11!111!!!11

    With respect to people who feel that pets are not good gifts, never say never cause sometimes they are. My old Maine Coon who passed away at 13 1/2 from kidney failure about 10 years ago, was a Christmas gift to me from my Mom. Best. Gift. Evah.

    I still miss him 😦 but have a batch o’ cats now who bring me joy every day.

  43. Animals aren’t gifts, true, but this looks like a couple of responsible adults who have probably talked the issue over before. At least, that’s my hope. It’s not the same as a kid getting a puppy under a Christmas tree.

    BTW that is one tame puppy!!!

  44. I can hear “the talk” now–Honey, you haven’t given me the chance to tell you yet, but we’re having a baby. . . .

    Puppy is precious. Yes, a life-changing decision but a precious, precious puppy and so innocent.

  45. Man…the nuffers just can’t help themselves, can they?

    I personally squee’d at the little hand-sniffing-and-tail-wag at :20. Beagles just can’t get any freaking cuter.

  46. That little puppy is absolutely adorable. But poor lady has a combination of sleep fuzz + cuteness that ate her brain. XD

    @gallerycat Do you wonder that about every puppy or kitten picture posted here? If not, just chill out and enjoy the cute, geez.

  47. As a recipient of a “gift” animal, I can say to those who are dubious that giving an animal to a loved one is not always a bad thing. Knowing my distaste for sparkly rocks and my true love of cats, my fiance proposed to me with a kitten. Had there been a video it probably would have been something very similar to this since he woke me up from a nap. I was groggy and very confused about why there was meowing in the room. Needless to say, I quickly got over my confusion and moved on to kitty cuddling.

  48. OMG De that’s the sweetest proposal story I’ve ever heard! Ahn!

  49. (I would, however, take a rock, myself.)

  50. In general, puppies as gifts only if it has been discussed in a general way prior to the gift, so you know the person really wants one and has time and money to care for it properly.

    That being said, a baby black & tan dachshund in a big box with a bow on it would ALWAYS get a SQUEE HEARD ROUND THE WORLD from ME!!!!!!!!

    Just in case anyone wants to know…

  51. Yeah, chill, folks. This smells to me like she was all “Let’s get a pup!” all day every day and he was all “No way, no how, not ever!” and now he gave her a pup and she’s astounded because she never thought he’d agree. And the “let’s talk” bit was more like “are you sure, honey? you’re allergic and everything!”

    And yo, I too would be struck dumb if gifted such an adorbs pup.

  52. My boyfriend did the same thing for me — got me a puppy surprise for Valentine’s day. We’d talked about getting a dog for AGES, but when presented with the fluffball I initially panicked. I’m glad to say that almost five years later, the little pooch still the best present I’ve ever gotten. Any big life change is scary at first, but having a dog has improved my life immeasurably… as has having such a romantic partner to share it with.

  53. Sorry, I can’t get past him speaking to her like she’s three. Ugh.


  54. Wow. What a horrifying amount of vitriol.

    Tears came to my eyes when I saw this. The look of pure awe and speechlessness on her face was heartrending. It’s not often one gets to witness love at first sight.

    Honestly, if she didn’t want the puppy, I’m sure she wouldn’t have picked it up. Also, if you bothered to notice the fact that she’s obviously in bed, swaddled in blanket, with sleep hair, you might actually take into account that she was sleeping prior to this wonderful surprise.

    love it!
    I am considering re-creating this moment when i get home, although my beagle is almost 9 months, so it’ll probably be a lot harder to keep him in the box 😛

  56. I don’t see any “venom” being handed out here as someone mentioned–just justified concern from passionate animal lovers (might I say “fanatic” on my part).

  57. i heard “we have to talk” as “i can’t talk, just look at me.”

  58. The Cute Avenger says:

    So, I was totally going to go ballistic about how Jess and Colin now have a son (after catching up on the original posts and following numerous links posted by Theo) and amghowcuteheadesplodes!!!– but she already posted!

    Congrats and best wishes to you and your entire family, Jess!! That really is the kicker to make a sweet story even sweeter. Fellow first-time mommy (and a former West Coast girl, to boot) cheering you all on!

  59. I would do the same if a guy bought ME a puppy! What a lucky gal 😀

  60. @badkitty

    >>Don’t you just love it when your spouse makes a huge, life-changing decision without consulting you at all?

    yeah, i much prefer it when my husband asks my permission for gift ideas. i may have gotten hitched in vegas, but i am very, very sure that people should only marry people they trust.


  61. @mary

    >>Wow. What a horrifying amount of vitriol.

    and that’s just a fraction of the comments i’ve been tossing in the trash.

    maybe we need a safety label: “Warning: No animals or people are harmed in the making of, no matter what you think.”

  62. De- That is soooo sweet! It reminds me of the “I love you” kitten.. It is a picture of a black and white tiny kitten with a sign around it’s neck, made of yarn and construction paper, saying, “I love you”. It just melts your heart!

  63. Sleepy sniffly beagle puppeh in a box!!! TOO CUTE. *would want to steal Riley and take him home but is not sure own beagle would react favorably*

  64. While I agree that pets should not be given as gifts without some prior discussion, I have to say that if my boyfriend decided to celebrate our anniversary w/a puppy, I would squeee like there’s no tomorrow. Even if there wasn’t follow-up info, it should be pretty clear that she was totally taken by surprise. Now, if I could get my boyfriend to “surprise” me…

  65. Marco the Magnificat was a surprise birthday present from several co-workers who ignored the conventional wisdom against surprising people with pets. And for the past 15 years I have never ceased to be thankful that they did. When I saw that little ball of fuzz sitting in a basket in the middle of my desk, my first thought was, “Oh $h!t! I can’t have another cat!” (There were two geriatric felines at home already.) But then I picked him up, and he squeaked at me and snuggled against my heart, and what I said was, “Oh God, I’m in love!” And we’ve been inseparable companions ever since.

  66. Aw – adorable!

    But (don’t shoot me)… she reacts as though she has the mind of a child – and he TALKS to her like she’s a toddler or something… it’s weird, there’s something weird about this video… awkwardness.

  67. I remember that proposal very well! the tension and excitement in comments was running high until we learned that SHE SAID YES!

    and does this mean that Kai is sort of the first CuteOverload Baby? Like maybe he can be posted here without everyone going all nuffy abou oogly human babies? (not that they would – he looks like one happy adorable kidlet!)

  68. kibblenibble says:

    I’m kind of in the “pets don’t always make good gifts” camp, but in special circumstances, if you know someone VERY well, then it might be okay. My Isabella was a Christmas present from my best friend. It was about a month after my parrot, Scout died, and Isabella mended my broken heart. I WAS a little shocked at first, but Isabella is SO special, I fell in love with her right away. Anyway, it sounds like things have turned out well for the pup and the couple. Maybe she just doesn’t like to be woken up in the middle of the night with a camera rolling. That probably wouldn’t work for me either. 😛

  69. kibblenibble says:

    Uh oh, I’m being moderated. 😦

  70. @ Ashkay: Thanks for posting the link. Now we all know the dog kept its forever home.

  71. Ummm. Is that a good or a bad stunned and silent?

  72. This is one of those posts where I wasn’t sure I feel cool about guy-squeeeeeing over teh cute. As Shinygirl mentioned Jess looks very blankfaced, with her BF (at the time) babying her into opening the box. And, of course, all of us responsible pet owners know what a monumentally bad idea it is to give a pet as a surprise gift. (As an example: I love cats. I have twelve of them. And, to semi-quote Bill Cosby, the reason I have twelve is because I do not want thirteen. A GF surprising me with a kitten would be bad news all around.)

    BUT. Being a halfway intelligent Netizen, I carefully read the comments that had been posted before I arrived, and am happy to see that All Is Well. No nuffing required! I love presents that are unexpected and especially thoughtful, and this appears to be one of those times.

    Sharpy, maybe a small disclaimer at the top along the lines of “this was a wanted and welcome gift, and five years later they still have the dog” would save you from getting carpal tunnel deleting all the nuffs.

  73. Hmmm, is this the human equivalent of the cats’ “silent mew”, the “silent squee”?

  74. EVERYONE HAS THEIR OWN OPINION. I can’t believe I have to say that.

  75. PASICKIE!!!!

    Beautiful babies, Jess–the four-legged kind and the two-legged kind.

  76. Marie–I agree! His voice is creepy and cloying like he’s talking to a small child! I tried to write that earlier but was lost in “moderation” for some reason!

  77. Perhaps she’s struggling between squeeing at the very cute puppeh and being really, really pissed at having a video being taken of her just after being awakened. And perhaps she is normally a dragon upon being woken up and he knows this and is risking it anyway.

  78. I hope I’m not the only one who thought her reaction was the best part! No fake screaming to scare the puppy, just pure shock and a gentle lifting of the puppy into her arms. The way that she held her said everything.

    (And picking apart this couple’s relationship based on a video seems a little inappropriate, especially given that she, at least, is clearly watching this thread?)

  79. No Spirit – I agree. To me, it was clear that she was so happy, and had wanted a puppy so badly, that she was speechless. Beautiful.

    I don’t understand all the negative reactions. Oh, well.

    On a related topic, wasn’t Kai the name of the pa-sickle baby? **runs & hides**

  80. I am sure lots of couples have a private way of talking to loved onesi n intimate situations. You only have to look at the valentines messages to see all the ridiculous names couples call each other eg “Bo Bo I wuv you cuddlekins” It doesn’t mean their completely infantile.

  81. Yeah, Kelley. Ditto on the creepy vote. I’m fully aware some couples have their own way of speaking, but this one I can live without. Lol. So what is this moderation thingy anyway? Is it a ruler to the hand kind of thing?

    Shinygirl, can’t argue. Color me suspicious!

  82. Thank God I’m not the only one that thinks he is talking to a child. I thought it was his daughter until he said happy anniversary and even then I wasn’t sure.

  83. Someone she didn’t know very well gave my sister in law a bunneh as a gift. Said bunneh ended up in a shelter. As a general rule, don’t give animals as gifts.

  84. Why are my two comments in moderation?

  85. =( my post was removed and there wasn’t anything wrong with it. I just said, ruh roh I think someone might be in troubles or something like that….. nothing offensive?

  86. @derz, my two comments are in moderation. There seems to be some censorship going on here.

  87. =( you too Goldilocks? I feel a tad slighted. Been coming to CO for over 5 years, moderation has gotten strange…….

  88. Marie – I can just see a boxing glove on a spring coming out of the screen each time the moderator software distaproves. 🙂

  89. But mine didn’t go through the moderation, it was posted perfectly fine, when I came back, it was removed? Maybe I’ve overstayed my welcome *sniff* =(

  90. My comment has been in moderation for 2 days. I said nothing offensive. I see
    a–, bu– and otherwise iffy words used in the captions themselves.

  91. How many times has the guy proposed, if that other linked video is the same couple?

  92. Seems like my comment was removed as well. I’m not sure why, as I said nothing offensive. Apa is probably pleased about that, regardless.

    I guess I should have just typed “OMG SQUEEEE!”

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    comments are sprinkles. they are optional. you can choose from hundreds of colors, flavors, colours and flavours. if you don’t like our varieties, you can go out on the patio and roll your ice cream cone in leaves, dirt, grass clippings or confetti. here are some places to debate issues and talk smack about me or the CO rules:

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  • For the love, people…why does everything have to turn into something negative. My guess is this couple had been talking about getting a dog and that it was not out of the blue. I completely agree that you don’t just show up at your friends house with a “gift” that requires feeding, love etc. when they expressed zero desire to have a pet. But, if it’s been discussed between mature adults, why not? I don’t know why I read people’s comments, I should just look at the pics. When will I learn?

  • Hahaha! Hon Glad, ooh, fiesty they are, huh? *rubbing hands together* It’s so tempting to write something naughty now. ;D

    The gauntlet has been dropped!

  • @Sharpy
    Please don’t consider me a complainer. I am only trying to understand the rules. You have a difficult job.
    From now on, I will consider the sprinkles!


  • Sunshine, lollipops, rainbows, funny puns, sprinkledee dinkledy doooooooo!!!1!11!!

  • Best surprise ever.

  • @gallerycat: LOL
    Why must everyone consider personal honest opinions as negative? If people don’t want others remarks they should leave their videos at home.

  • For some reason, my comment was moderated… I didn’t think I wrote anything very negative, only my thoughts about the difficulties a gift like this could cause, along the line of the (un-moderated) comments that cheesybird and falnfenix made. But I’m sorry anyway. I didn’t mean to hurt anyone’s feelings and I do think the puppy is cute. Maybe in the future I will just keep adoring the cute pictures and skip the ones that make me want to comment. Cheers

  • @noodles

    >>Maybe in the future I will just keep adoring the cute pictures and skip the ones that make me want to comment.

    ALL comments are moderated.

    please, keep sharing your comments! just stay positive and have fun!

  • @gra55hopper19


    no charge!

  • I actually totally relate to the girl’s reaction- I actually have frightened more than one person because when I meet a new/surprise puppy or kitten I get this squeezed feeling in my chest and I get a look on my face that is not unlike horror. It’s because I think of them as precious babies and I don’t want to frighten them with my squeeing.

  • Geez he talked to her like she was a little kid. It creeped me out!

  • @Jess,

    My cat’s name is TESLA, tooooo!!!! = )

  • Eater of Shades says:

    Awesome-sauce : )