As the sun sets over this great land, we’re greeted with a floppular Lion Head bun. Perfect with a glass of Chardonnay.

[Clinking of cocktail glasses with] After the Rain Rabbitry.



  1. ah, sunset floof.

  2. kibblenibble says:

    You can see glimpses of a teensy tongue! 🙂

  3. I think I just deafened myself and my entire apartment building with SQUEEEE!!!!

  4. warrior rabbit says:

    Ah, the plant-stretch-telescope. I know it well! Love the tongue action. Clearly he was bored with the videographer and wanted to explore the greener pastures behind him. (No, look this way. No, turn around. No, me. Look at me. Me, bunny. Me.)

  5. BUNNYTONGUE!!!111!!!omgh!!”21!!1 at 00:47

  6. Looks like he was trying to keep the sun out of his eyes.

  7. Love the Arabian Nights music in the back. EXOTIC bunnular floof!!


  8. In soooome secluded rendezvous
    That overlooks the avenue
    Two people sharing a delightful chat
    Of this and that
    And cocktails for two (clink clink!)

  9. Oh noes! Moderated agin!

  10. OH GOODNESS!! I LOVE LIONHEAD BUNNIES! *squeee* I have a cutie named Albert >u<

  11. Aww, such a cute litte baby. I’d love to see it once the mane comes in.

  12. I saw the total disapproval when tiny bun got turned around – how dare you keep him from exploring what’s waaaay down there!

  13. Looks like a puffy llama

  14. He’s squeeeenty when the sun hits his eyes.

  15. fatgrammafinn says:

    “if you keeps pettinks me, i promise not to tink about hoppink and runnink away”

  16. Awww…I wants to pet it!!! So cute and soft! =)

  17. Seriously people. I don’t understand why one would have any other pet except rabbits. They are SOOOO cute. And I’m not biased or anything. (As my 2.5 pound grey and white holland lop runs circles around my chair, ears flopping and looking at me expectantly.)

  18. How can you ever have a sad moment when you live at a rabbitry??? Cmon!!

  19. I think I NEED a rabbit…

  20. That little bun-tongue may be the sweetest thing ever.

  21. Sigh. Lovely bunset on a (for me) sort of drab Bunday….

  22. *gasp* There’s another me on here!!!! IMPOSTER! *Red Queen-esque tantrium dance*

  23. *tantrum

  24. What kills me about this is the feet. The feet. So stubbular.

  25. The Lionhead Bun surveys the veld looking for some sweet clover.

  26. @Lizzy, that makes you Not That Lizzy The Other Lizzy. Or maybe you are That Lizzy, and the other Lizzy is Not That Lizzy The Other Lizzy. Or Not That Lizzy Nor That Lizzy But The Other Other Lizzy.

  27. Why oh why can there be no day of the week for hedgies?? XD

    [video src="http://video.ak.fbcdn.net/cfs-ak-ash2/42159/1017/424305339790_32002.mp4" /]

  28. What stops the person from grabbing that adorable little furball and kissing her/him all over?!?!

  29. omg. SO sweet – i think i’m going to be sick !

    i’d better go get a stack of pancakes to toss-up all that syrup on

  30. Is that a new Pokemon?