Bunday Overload

You thought Bunday was over!

But…it’s not!


You must!

Choke down!

More Bunday bunnies!


More pink schnozzles! with quivering leeps!



Binkie Bunny

I blame this Bun-O-verload on Bee Honeydew.



  1. TOO MUCH BUNNEHS! *stuffs in mouf*

  2. weffair theen, you say? Welllll, just one . . . [splode!]

  3. Will you please get a load of those dainty paws in the second picture?! Oh my goodness, Bunday is the best day of the week! Nose boops all around. 🙂

  4. OMG, I am reduced to total cute-induced befuddlement.

  5. Maybe just one more, just a small one. A teeny tiny bun…

  6. Birfday Bonus Buns!!!

  7. Send these back to the kitchen … someone has already nommed their ears!

  8. Don’t over-squeeze the bun-bun.

  9. Quels delectabuhl morselles!


  10. But Meg!!! You are keeeeeeeeeelling us with the Qte! ACK! GAAAAALGGGHHHH!!! (Falls over dead . . . )

  11. Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee!! (keels over from qte.)

    that 1st bun is all..”lemme go man…I’m a FIERCE bun!”

  12. OMG Pink Bunschnozzes.
    *dies of cuteness*

  13. I am kerplatzed.

  14. warrior rabbit says:

    Mmmm double dose in picture three… and arrrggh… dhka… adfd… adfkdfj… can’t… asdfadf… process… kladlj ldjfalfjd… oqeu,mzxvcn !!


  15. The noses are so peeeeenk! Like fuzzy flashing beacons for nose boops and kisses.

  16. Martha in Washington says:

    So much disapproval for ones so young! Are they BORN disapproving?

  17. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Tous ces lapins sont de trop adorables!!!
    Moi, je suis morte (kerPLUNK).C’est tout.
    (Overly Dramatic Death Scene: fainting, hand on heart, etc.)

    “Le fin.”


  18. The’re young enough not to have fully developed their disaproval.

  19. fatgrammafinn says:

    *quivering and twitching and holding back of hand to forehead* someone call a medic, i am officially ded ded ded. in the !Kung sort of tradition… not finally and completely dead, nor ded in a minor way. jes’ sorta ded, but a nibble of THOSE TOES should get me back on my feet in no time.

  20. warrior rabbit says:

    When they’re not quite ripe, Hon Glad, it’s a mix of disdain and condescension.

  21. Mary (the first) says:

    I think they display what Mike Holmes calls “lipstick and mascara” quite well! Lovely!

  22. I want to see da rabbit ears! Jakepets is right–someone has already nommed the tastiest part.

  23. Lovin’ the black eyeliner.

  24. O. M. G. The pink noses and lips were bad enough, but those little pink toesies?!?!?!?? And that TCFW (too cute for words) earless look??? GAH!

  25. Hmmm. It cut out my final line: (flops over on keyboard, daid)

  26. Tinghuitang says:

    Pink noses !!!

  27. I can always count on CO to have me ded of cute WHILE nearly choking on my tea tea laughing. Dedleh cute bunnehs AND Mr. Creosote refs?? Really??? ***Bows deeply to the cute overlords***

  28. I prefer my buns with ears.

  29. and you just KNOW those leetle wheeskers just teekle!!!! *boop*

  30. Oh Look Marshmallow Bun buns!

  31. So much peeeeenk!

  32. omg. the first one looks lexactly like a baby version of my bunny. The same shape smudgy eye markings and expression. I’m tearing.

  33. Awwwww! To kyooot! 😆 Luv ’em! They need to have their noses kissed – I volunteer! *waves hands estatically* (so excited I can’t spell! 😉 )

  34. Oh so cute these bunnies… Kisses for them…

  35. Those are the cutest little noses!!

  36. I like the goth mascara.

  37. love ’em!!

    tell me a thing…..u guys urself click all these pics
    do they roam around u
    u guys r researchers

    but anyways……..good work 🙂
    again! loving it!