New on Dateline: Kitty Catches Tail, but at What Price?

Some say he’s not playing with a full deck because he uses his claws. Others think he’s an overachiever…

Me-ouch, Erin S.



  1. Ouch mom He bite me..

    Shush silly you caught your own tail.

    My daughters new kitten chases her tail. It is so funny to watch!

  2. This is what you look like after night on the booze.

  3. kitty hang over?

  4. Please, don’t waste your life like this poor fellow

  5. Dream on Kitteh, Dream on… ***Hover FTW***

    Cutest Kitteh face!

  6. aw, kitteh, you got to lose to know how to win!

  7. O NO He/She/Di-unt!!! says:

    @ Kar: thx I just went back on the Laine des Memoires, via yer linkup of the Snowy Leopard….and snickered *YET AGIN* (spelling error purposeful & ornery) at NTM’s hovertext for that one …

  8. Dateline is really losing journalistic credibility…

    Naw, what a cute kitty!!!!

    Kitty looks all Fred Flintstone. I can almost hear the “Wilmmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa”

  9. I think kitten needs some Schblatz beer.

  10. My mom’s cat chases her tail, it’s hilarious.. she’ll rip up the house running in circles trying to grab it. Fly off a chair, run around on the floor, flop on the sofa, etc trying to get it. Fast cat is fast.

  11. What big ears you have, Kitty!

  12. you aren’t playin’ with a full deck, Eunice

  13. Carol Burnett reference? FTW.

  14. (in the voice of Roseanne Roseannadanna)
    You’re stepping on my tail!
    Oh it’s me doing it.
    Never mind.

  15. Ewwww, where has my tail been?!? blech, urk..argh..*cough cough*

  16. fatgrammafinn says:

    looks kinda like he just licked his own nether region. splut phlew ptoo splurgle blargh and another splut for good measure

  17. Yay! This is my kitty! His name is Blanket and he has big ears

  18. @ Caroline you have an adorable Kitty… and LOL Love the name blanket!

  19. NAME: Estica 😀

  20. MA-a-AAA!

    So what!

    I’m playin’ with my own tail-io!

    Everyone does it!

  21. AWW 😆 That little kitty looks like he/she woke up from a dream where he/she was chasing something and woke up catching his/her tail 😆

  22. Congratulations Caroline – Blanket is lovely!

    Love the nod to Aerosmith in the Hovertext – not a big fan of Amer Idol but I noticed Steven is a new judge …… ok……

  23. @ Caroline How do you keep from nomming those anerable ears?!?

  24. If that doesnt make you laugh…you dead.

    Awwe looks like he wants a time out. Sleepy time.


  25. I would like to join kitty at nap time. Keep him company.

    Funny when my kitty sleeps on my foot.

  26. A tale of one kitty.

  27. My Mister will do this on occasion. We think he doesn’t realize that his tail is actually his, and is a part of his body.

    Aerosmith hovertext in honor of Steven Tyler’s new Idol gig?

  28. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    very descriptive details, there, fatgrammafin! NICEly done!!

    *golf clapping*

  29. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (*snerk*)…get it? deTAILS????
    (silly immature giggle)

  30. Sometimes your just that tired!

  31. fatgrammafinn says:

    @ O NO-golf clapping! my favorite! aren’t we glad that humans can’t lick their own nether regions? no matter how much those regions may need it? i mean, how would we ever get any work done? prolly shudda quit a few words ago…

  32. That poor yawning kitty just needs a nap. Probably can’t sleep due to pesky photographers. You know how those kitties get when they don’t get their 22 hours of nap time every day.

  33. @fatgrammafinn (31): heeelarious! and so true. You says ’em like you sees ’em and I love that about you!

    (who here is surprised fgf’s comment didn’t get moderated?)

  34. A friend just told me that “Dream On” was written when Steven Tyler was just 17 years old. On one hand, I’m truly impressed. On the other, what right does a 17-year-old have to be talking about “all the lines in my face getting clearer?” 😀

    Cute kitteh!

  35. (make that “all these lines…”)

  36. fatgrammafinn says:

    @trixandsam #33…. like the george carlin bit, if he could do what his dog does, he’d never leave the house

    happy weekend all *mwah*

  37. chihuahua kitteh says “YO TENGO TACO BELL!!”