Rube-Goldberg rockers OK Go are up to their old tricks with the video for their single “White Knuckles.” The band swears the video was shot in one fluid take (take 74, to be exact), and this Gizmodo article has backstage pics and a breakdown of how they did it.

Yes, you can buy music from these guys.



  1. Wow – that was brilliant!!! Really impressed. Cute pups.

  2. Holly PAW!

  3. Hmm.. I’m dubious that’s a true one-take after the Alsation appears from nowhere at 1.34! Well-trained pups though 🙂

  4. Strawberry Thief says:

    That’s ace!
    And those guys always seem so nice in interviews so I’m sure the dogs got plenty of treats between takes.
    eeeeeeeeee, I’m happy for the rest of the week now!

  5. Here’s a blog post from one of the trainers. Sounds like they worked very hard on this and had a lot of fun – and treated everybody very well.


  6. Not from nowhere, KittyN. There is a flap in the middle of the curtain for the dogs to run under, and the chairs are directly in front of it at the moment the dog runs through.

  7. The best bit was the Hi-5 at 2.30 😀

  8. While this was GANGS of fun, and a fabulous show of agility/training, where does the idea of Rube Goldberg come in? There is not Rube Goldberg type device at all.

    Rube Goldberg was nuts, but inspired one of the best board games of my childhood — Mouse Trap Game.

  9. For one brief second I was wondering why we were gonna watch a video.. silly me.. all the doggies get gold stars and Much applause for all their hard work… and scritches for adorableness.

    Okay and the guys do to…

    I forgot to pay attention to the song words I was so focused on teh dogs and the whole syncronicity of it.

  10. JohnnieCanuck says:

    Totally cool.
    And yeah, guaranteed to have to listen to it more than once if you want to follow the lyrics.

    Loved the step, stop, treat action near the end.

  11. Why has no one mentioned the goat yet!!!???

    at 2:53…..

    why is the goat there? Please tell me someone else saw it and i am not just seeing goats again…

  12. Mittenkitten says:

    I saw the goat helle 🙂 It didn’t look like it wanted to play ball lol

    That has cheered me right up- hurrah

  13. Lucy's Mommeh says:

    KittyAdventures-yes, I WILL have to watch again, I don’t think I heard half of what the guys were singing because I was concentrating so hard on the dogs!
    And helle, yes, it took a second to realize that the white dog (!?) had horns!

    Thanks, CO, started my morning off with a number of laughs. Will return tonite & show my hubby this.

  14. Catherine you are so right – the Hi-5 with the pup was my favorite part too.

  15. @helle – haha i hadn’t noticed it, i thought it was another dog!

    wonder if this was ikea sponsored. i have the trash cans, bookshelf, and i used to have that square table they put on top haha.

  16. E, the “Rube Goldberg” reference refers to their previous video:

  17. What a cheery way to start the morning. And the dogs were all obviously enjoying themselves. Waggy tails.

  18. helle- I saw it too, but only because I went back to see if that was a mess up of the guy getting tangled in the leash.. 😀

  19. Good heavens! I was going to sender-inner this yesterday but couldn’t figure out how to e-mail a video. I watched the whole darn thing with the biggest grin on my face! And the goat cracked me up. 🙂

  20. I missed the goat the first time round, but not to worry I’m sure I shall watch it many times. Dogs, a goat and a bunch of cute guys that can sing…kewl!

  21. awesome!

  22. That was one of the best ways ever to start the day.

    Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww! Yes, the high-five was awesome, Catherine. And it went perfectly with the music!!!!!

  23. I just love OK Go!! They are so much fun to watch and the dogs just put this over the top. Those dogs were having a ball–the tail wags! 😀

  24. OK, that was truly ossim x 1000. However, I can dance or I can squee. Apparently I can’t do both at the same time *limps off to ice her ankle, while giggling*

  25. That was hee-larious! I like how the long-haired small dog (what was it?) at the end was all like “nope, not so into the bowing”.

  26. So many kinds of awesome, I can’t even count them all!

  27. Now these guys just seem wonderfully mad. (I want to know them.)

  28. I like the bow wows bowing at the end.

  29. Those guys are great (and the singers aren’t bad either).

    @helle: I saw the goat the first time, but had to watch the video a second time to be sure of it. There’s a giveaway right at the beginning, where the video is tagged as Farm Animals.

  30. Happy tails to you….

    I have to go home and watch this with sound…

  31. Okay going to buy an album of theirs now.

    and i have watched it twice and some how missed the goat both times…

    goes back to watch it again.

  32. This is the most amazing thing I’ve seen in a long time! Go dogs! Go OK Go! Go Ikea!

  33. I saw them on Jay Leno last night, they wore suits in the four colors of the planks, nice bookend to this.

  34. Hi-5 dog at 2:31 wins!

  35. At some points, the hoomins’ faces kinda show that this was take 74…

    Not so with the doggehs. “We get to do it AGAIN?! OHBOYOHBOYOHBOY!” ^_^

  36. the bug man says:

    According to the Gizmodo site, they only nailed it after 72 takes and three days of trying. I can only imagine, say, take #70:

    Director: “Cut! CUT! No! The schnauzer needs to come in from the *left*!!”
    OK Go Guy #1: “Aargh!”
    OK Go Guy #2: “We were there! We were almost there!”
    OK Go Guy #3: “I’m going to kill myself. I’m going to put this bucket over my head and suffocate myself.”
    OK Go Guy #2: “We were so close! Only ten more f—ing seconds!!”
    OK Go Guy #1: (sobs incoherently)
    OK Go Guy #4: “C’mon, lads, from the top again.”
    OK Go GUy #3: “No. I’d rather suffocate. I’m going to kill myself.”
    Director: “Could somebody get that bucket away from him?”
    Schnauzer: “Woof?”

  37. LOL Is it bad that I pegged it as all ikea furniture from the trash cans?? I’m very sad -_-

  38. Lol @ the random goat that didn’t want to play hehe
    That was really cute though.

  39. IKEA furntiure, cute dogs and handsome men – it’s like my living room! Minus the handsome men.

    I think this might be my favorite video of theirs yet – but heck, I’m a sucker for anything doggy related.

  40. Elanor–no, the cat fur gave it away.

    And Mr. Altuian appearing from nowhere confused me for a bit too–until I saw that there’s a slit in the blue background–the retriever bursts through at :52ish, and you can see it flapping as a result–but there is a couple of spots where the sprongy, spotty dog looks like he was added in later with CGI, but that’s probably because of the blue background.

    The shih tzu at the end made me giggle–I’m no bowing down. Okay. whatever. What, now you want me to get up again? I just went down! Make up your mind!

  41. fatgrammafinn says:

    well, as i lost count of the goggies, there are four people, one goat, but 2 of the people weren’t terribly floofy, i’m just going to wing it as far as booping the floof goes…. BOOPBOOPBOOPBOOPBOOPBOOPBOOPBOOPBOOPBOOPBOOPBOOPBOOPBOOPBOOP………

  42. Yay, I was the sender-inner! I’m so proud.

  43. LOL! I love these guys and the dogs, well the dogs stole the show. You can tell it was a great experience for everyone. I LOVE THIS and I am a huge fan of these guys. Thanks for a great start to the morning.

  44. Again! Again!

  45. Adorbs! And how fun! Additionally: I have a question about one of the dogs. Does anyone have any idea what the breed might be of the little brown dog first appearing at the 1:00 mark? Her ears and eyebrows look like our recently adopted mutt, and I am clueless what our dog is (other than cute). Thoughts?

  46. Awwww, music videos need more happy doggies. They must have had so much rehearsal and training.

  47. Lacks goose, unlike their last video.

  48. Why farm animals in the tag?

  49. Trabb's Boy says:

    the bug man, you are a genius! I still occasionally laugh about your happy cockroach comment of how many years ago? Oh, I guess just two:

  50. Sproingy pup at 2:35 had me giggling! I love this video!

    Is that a Fox Terrier, bychance? I can never tell a difference between a Fox Terrier and a Rat Terrier unless one is standing next to another…

  51. Not That Mike The Other Mike says:

    @O Onivoro: The “farm animals” tag is for the goat that shows up in the background, at about the 2:50 mark. 🙂

  52. Smart doggies, very attentive and all. I doubt, with my ADD, that I’d be able to retain one tenth of this choregraphie myself.

  53. Jenn In IL that is A Jack Russel Terrier … that move is their signature move. THey put hte Oiiiiing in Sproing!

  54. That little black & white terrier fella, he’s the best.

  55. INCREDIBLE!!!! I loved every second of it, though I do think a cat on a leash would’ve been funnier than a goat on a leash. But the song was great and I’m definitely buying it.

  56. http://nymag.com/daily/entertainment/2010/09/how_ok_go_went_to_the_dogs.html?imw=Y&f=most-viewed-24h10

    According to the vid director (a band member’s sister), “He was such a d**k. His feedbag was one the other side and he just hauled Andy [Ross, keyboard player] across the set. This goat was my favorite animal there, even though he was completely indifferent to me and everyone else.”

  57. AWESOME.

  58. Dunno if anyone else feels the same, but I find Damian Kulash has a Hugh Laurie quality about him that is absolutely sploosh-worthy.

  59. I wish I worked in the kind of place where we could do wheelie-chair-square-dancin’! Wonderful video all around.

  60. “sploosh-worthy?” 😉

  61. Those white swivel chairs? Yeah, I’m sitting in one right now! Only no doggy, just a very disgruntled cat who can’t figure out what I’m laughing so hard about. Here’s a hint, kitty: GOAT!

  62. At Theresa… you have no Idea how strong those little goats are… when she says he pulledhim across the stage… that little goat litterally pulled im across the stage… Goats do and go whre they want. with or with out you LOL!

  63. my favorite is when baldy picks up the little yellow pup and pets to the beat.

  64. Kim Désirée says:

    that´s a very great idea!
    it takes such a lot time to train the dogs and singers(lol)

  65. From the link that Paige posted (above), from the trainers:

    “Of course, at the same time we were training the dogs. Most of the behaviors were not that challenging to teach, it was the transitions and the positioning that were complicated. And it was essential that the dogs were at all times having a truly joyous experience, so there were lots of breaks to go run in the field, take a nap, or splash in the pool.”

    I love this. 🙂

  66. Oh my gosh. That made my day. Amazing!

  67. To make this video even better, most of the doggies were rescues! YAY.

  68. There just isn’t enough applause in the world for these guys and dogs and this routine. That was incredible. Kudos to the dog trainers for all the hours it took to train and motivate those dogs. You’re wonderful!

  69. dogs got talent!


  71. cute video but i had to mute it.

  72. Yes yes yes! Waggy tails, all right! LOL

  73. Had to wait until I dot home to watch the video and I must say it was wort the wait.
    What great dogs and musicians! Kudos to the trainers of both.
    And the goat was great to!

  74. At 2:50 I said aloud “That’s a goat. Yeah, that’s definitely a goat.” Because part of my brain was like “Waah?”

  75. Am I the only one who teared up at this?

    Also, I had no idea altrockers were so trainable . . .

  76. kibblenibble says:

    If anyone here has not watched OK Go’s other YouTube videos, they are a must. I especially like the treadmill one. But of course, anything with animals is great! 🙂

  77. Becky, Bubba's mum says:

    I’m old but found the music a little too mellow for my taste. However, the puppies kicked video butt! Hope they got rewarded well for their excellent work!

  78. My first post (long-time lurker). The links don’t give credit (one said it was filmed outside Portland, OR). It was filmed in July in my small town of Corvallis, OR. We are 1 1/2 – 2 hour drive south of Portland. Corvallis is the home of Oregon State University (Beavers). They used an empty building that used to be the headquarters of Nypro – several technology companies are in the same area. It was front page of our local newspaper today. They allowed the local newspaper to be there during the filming with the promise they would not talk about it until it was released to the public. Anyhow, I saw the video last night and then was surprised to see it on the front page of our morning newspaper. The music group is from LA but it was easier for them to come up here and film since it was on the dogs home turf and it kept people from finding out about the video before release.

  79. I love the way the dogs featured some humans in the video 🙂

  80. Ahhh…. Cholling — thank you!

  81. I’m going to have to rewatch it to catch the goat.

    I was too excited by the little black & white dog… that looks exactly like a dog my family had as I was growing up in the 70s.

  82. good puppies!!!!! awesome

  83. can’t….stop….watching…it!!!! hahah so so so cute and funny ❤

  84. Andi from NC says:

    My fave is random jumping dog from 2:35 to 2:40 – kisses to you!!!!!

  85. Jane – Corvallis is my hometown, too! (Though I live far away now!) I was thrilled to read your comment that it was shot in Corvallis – so exciting!

    Here is a link to the online newspaper article about it! 🙂


    I, too, wondered about the farm animals tag until I saw the goat – so cute! 🙂

  86. Andrea – I didn’t think to find the online link, good idea. It’s a pretty good, detailed story. Glad it interested you from your old stomping grounds. I actually didn’t know anything about the music group until I saw this video here.

  87. LOL! The Goat! ROFL! 😉

    The band kinda reminds me of Devo.

  88. Actually take 72, according to the linked article. Love this video!!

  89. cute goggies and IKEA furniture, yey!

  90. I like OK Go and their clever videos. I like cute well trained dogs. But something about this video doesn’t feel like it goes together. Maybe I’m just having a grumpy day.

  91. Goat? What goat? (goes off to watch again….)

  92. Good for them selling the video on their site with proceeds going to the ASPCA! Such talented and good guys!

  93. @jane

    that is SOOO COOL! so all the local goggies were celebrities??

  94. Very nice! Love the goggies

  95. That was cool. I love the all the bowing. The labrador was funny.

  96. Bill Chiappi says:


  97. GOOD doggies!

  98. @Sharpy

    Sorry I don’t follow all the lingo on this site. What are goggies? Doggies?

    The couple who own and train the dogs live on the Oregon Coast, they apparently have connections here in my town (Corvallis) in the valley. So for some reason they chose to film here. The band came up from LA and the dogs and trainers came over from the coast and voila! I vaguely remember there was something about the band being in town back in July but nothing was said at that time about doing the video. And I don’t know the band so I didn’t pay attention until this video came out.

  99. Oh, goodness, look at all the waggy pups!

  100. This was great. Enjoyed it.

  101. I LOVE Ok Go!! Their vids are ALWAYS AWESOME, but this one REALY takes the cake!!! I was applauding at the end and I am by myself in the house!!! Truly what an amazing talented bunch of pups!!! And they looked like they enjoyed making that vid with the group too! BRILLIANT!!

  102. I now have the sudden urge to dress in white and put dogs in my bookcases….

  103. @jane

    yeah, goggies = doggies.

    now i want to move to that area even more. *sigh.*

  104. that was the best thing i have seen in a long time

  105. love

  106. My favorite bit is the “Elevator” at 2:07 😀

  107. My favorite bit is the “Elevator” At 1:07 😀 (Typo)

  108. Superb. Although the goat did nearly make me spit wine over my keyboard.