Going Down?

(All right, don’t panic… I’m definitely moving, so I must be walking… So, if I’m walking, I need to move my legs… OK, that’s a little better, but something still isn’t right… Maybe I’m really swimming… Yeah, that would explain a few things…)



  1. I had a similar experience with a lost tortoise once. I picked it up to escort it home whereupon it kept moving its little legs like billy-o (must’ve been thinking “gosh, I’m really legging it now”) even though I was carrying it, and just to be even more grateful to me for rescuing it, it wee-d on my leg.

  2. How truly sweet. I have seen many an out of towner poised at the top of a London underground escalator, some make a leap some a huge step then there’s the problem of getting off 🙂

  3. If you can reach it with a front paw, make sure to hold the handrail when getting on and off.

  4. Proshest of Paws!

  5. So glad to see the dog being carried! Toes can get caught in escalators and dogs should never be allowed to ride them.

  6. LOL @ “maybe I’m really swimming” ….

  7. The Cat Foundation says:

    Thank you so much for this vid, sender! It made my horrible day so much better. I was about to shed some tears but instead I smiled. 🙂

  8. fatgrammafinn says:

    sweet puppy, and how lovely for its girl to take such good care of her floofy friend. must boop the floof. BOOP!

    i have the same problems and confusions due to labyrinitis.not a pretty sight, me flailing away.

  9. OMG..he’s so cute… was wondering what he’s been thinking of with his moving legs…

  10. OMG how CUTE!!!!!!! 🙂 I LOVE YOU!

  11. so adorables! love that scruffy ‘do and that moist black nozzicle!!!

  12. This shows an Escalaterrier working on “down”.

  13. it’s like cuteoverload in IMAX

  14. My kitties do that too! Only they do it really slow and use claws.. also not on an escalator.. more like my face and in the morning…

  15. I am in love… what a sweetheart! Can anyone give me a close guess as to the kind of dog? A little terrier mix? My Yorkiepoo would love an adopted brother like this one.. Boo lays down in front of his toys and slowly wave-wave-waves at them when he is sleepy, reminiscent of this!

  16. @Kimber, looks like a Border terrier or Border mix to me. Cuties!

  17. You know when he got off that escalator he was all “What the HELL was that?”


  18. I love his face. He seems so worried! Cutie pie.

  19. Such concern on such a sweet face! EHN!

  20. What a cutie patootie! Now I need to find an escalator and try that with my two wascals.

  21. @katiedid


  22. Gotta get movin’ man! Even when I don’t need to…

  23. While on escalator, looks around very alertly. Then marches smartly off once placed on the ground. As if he does this every day. So cute.

  24. That is such a hoot. I think he/she must do this on a regular basis cuz he sure acted like he knew what he was doing when his person put him down at the end.

  25. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    Is this the department store where Queen of Dork purchases her rhinestoned tiaras each month for SamKitty? Maybe Monsieur/ Mme le/la Puppy could assist with this month’s tiara selection ….

  26. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    (wow the susupense. I cannot even imagine, what about my comment seemed to require moderashun. I am unable to perceive anything of even remote
    concern, within my 3 lines???)


  27. My doggy does that on boats!! He doesn’t comprehend the floating on water thing and spends the entire time in my arms, “swimming”…


  28. So so adorable…look at his sweet eyes 🙂

  29. He restored the logic to the movement, as he experienced it. Adorable!

  30. @QoD

    you must clear your mind and think like a seller of “rhinestone” “tiaras” or a spammer searching for tweens who like to talk about their “purchases.”

    rid yourself of ethics and think “keywords.” trust me, it pays really, really well. 🙂

  31. Youtube portrait mode??!?!!?!!???

    ??!?!!!?????!?1??, etc.

  32. Gawker comment was funnier (so is originality):

    “I’m pretty sure I’m walking. I’m moving, and I move when I walk, so I must be walking. I just need to move my legs, because when I walk I move my legs and I’m moving. There. Definitely walking.”



  34. Is that why dogs shake a hind paw in time when you scratch them?

  35. What a dear little thing!

  36. @ Arvay Could be, I always imagined it was some kind of reflex like when they knock on you knee with the little rubber hammer.
    But now that you say it…Yeah it actually make sense.

  37. @Julia, the escalators on the London Underground used to have signs saying “Dogs must be carried”. I always wanted to interpret that as an entry requirement: “Oh, no! I forgot to bring a puppy! Guess I’ll have to take the stairs.”

  38. The escalators do look like the London underground*, it is stainless steel and has the signs running down the middle telling you to stand on the left.

    * subway for you Muricans

  39. The Other Bryn says:


    ha! Love it. Reminds me of a buffet restaurant in town that has a sign saying, “Please eat all food on the premises.” It makes me think, “Sorry, I’m not THAT hungry…”

  40. bookmonstercats says:

    Hon Glad at #2, they tend to jump off, or topple off, and just stand there looking confused, with the entire population of the escalator backing up behind them. Sweet, unless you happen to be the one trying to get off behind them. I developed a “sideways jump and shimmy” technique.

  41. @Cat Foundation….sending you BIG hugs!!!

  42. AWWW! I love his little, earnest face and florpy ears! (And, of course, his paw action, but that’s a given!)

  43. You know how “people” walk up or down the stairs while on an escalator? I think that’s what this cute little baby is doing in his mind…fun little vid!

  44. hahah look at his little face

  45. girl you fine!

  46. That is too funny. I’d like to try that my Ricky or Lucy.

  47. Aww too cute 🙂 agree you should ALWAYS carry pooches on an escalator. An old neighbors dog got his paw trapped and had to have it amputated. It took ages to free him 😦 he managed lovely on 3 legs though.

  48. he is so adorable! 😀

  49. Ann Servantess says:

    All the dogs on this website are so cute and funny. My favorite pup is going down the elevator:so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. Thouse pups are so adorebell and cute

  51. The little puppies are adorable