Bobby and Carl Contemplate Mischief

“Go ahead, ring his doorbell. I dare ya. I double dare ya.”

No way! He has an oven in his basement where he cooks kids and eats ’em.”

“Oh, you’re such a big fat liar, Carl!”

“Well, that’s what I heard. Janie Platz says that’s what happened to Timmy Doyle.”

“Timmy set fire to the drapes and got shipped off to military school, you dummy.”

“Well, if you know so much, why don’t you ring his doorbell?”

Another example of mind control from Brinke G.



  1. I double-dog dare you.
    Shut it Ralphie.

  2. They look sooooo soft. I would pick them up and pet them but I am scared of monkey bites.. o.O

  3. Is anyone else reminded of the Simpson’s Halloween episode w/the creepy old lady and the monkey hand?


  4. Classic NTMTOM!

  5. @ ffleur: All fun and games until someone ends up with their tounge stuck to a frozen flagpole and Ms Sheilds has to call the Fire Dept….and the Cops!

    TRIPLE dog dare ya!

  6. Little monkehs, when my dad was a whippersnapper, they would do it with a paper bag with dog doody in it. They would set it afire, then ring the bell and run. :mrgreen:

    My dad was a bad example.

  7. PS:

  8. I have a feeling these two would be especially good at monkey business.

  9. “Oh, you’re such a big fat liar, Carl!” I heard that in my head the way an 8 year old would haughtily say it to another and it had me cracking up. Great post!

    Incidentally, is “Carl” the go-to name now used for all animals getting into shenanigans here? Seems to be (not that I mind!!)

  10. @Jenn in IL, I don’t know if it has any bearing here, but “Carl” was a pretty frequently used name in “The Far Side” for creatures like dogs, calves and snakes wearing glasses, etc.

  11. Der’s monkey bidness afoot, I guarantee it!

  12. Just noticed the placement of my comment: premièrement!

  13. fatgrammafinn says:

    *waves hi to theresa* *waves hi to Jenn in IL* maybe that should be a new rule of cuteness… any photo with more than one animal in it, the animal on the left’s name is Carl. Western WA, home of Gary Larson. I think he would approve.

  14. fatgrammafinn says:

    except for farting whales… their name is always Kevin

  15. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    “Did NOT”.
    “did SO”.
    (slight pause)

    “Did not.” “Did SO.”


    (or, alternatively)

  16. Picturing them both later in seperate corners in “time out” chair. lol naughty monkehs

    They definately look like they are up to something.

  17. Theresa, I want to meet your parents.

  18. @Skippymom, and my brother and I both have Ph.D.s :mrgreen:

  19. “Bummer of a birthmark Carl.”

    Seriously, I look at a pic like these and realize, Oh Yeah, We’ve Evolved.
    Heck my last manager dragged his knuckles.

  20. @Theresa: Piled-high and Deeper? That kind? :mrgreen:

  21. Mo-o-m’s Voice: “Boys? Boys! If you don’t stop bickering this instant, you’re both in Time Out for 15 minutes! And you leave the neighbors alone, did you hear me? Well, did you hear me?”

    (Oh, and NTMTOM — you da best! I can hear my brudders’ voices now….)

  22. Theresa, my dad and his friends used to tip over outhouses. That stopped when they tipped over the one his father was using.

  23. Brain not working. Meant to address that dad and the outhouse comment TO Theresa, not AS Theresa. Just figured our dads were kindred souls.

  24. Yup just like kids when they put their innocent faces on you know they are up to something. 😀

  25. Aoife, I suspect that you secretly wish to be Theresa.

  26. As, I should add, do I.

  27. I know, I know we’ll climb on the porch and water bomb him, yeh and stick a potato over his exhaust and put that rubber dog poo on his seat and…….

  28. They do look like a couple of trouble makers!

  29. Time for my Monkeh Inspired Peter Gabriel Tribute Verse!!

    Little rascals hatching plots,
    Hiding there among the plants
    About the size of tater tots,
    Little scamps who don’t wear pants.
    They were something to observe,
    Planning their revenge on you
    A fate you may or not deserve,
    Stepping in flaming dog poo . . .

  30. @theresa


    speech! speech!

  31. that too cute nothing better than small monkehs

  32. I also love the little tinge of anxiety on their scheming little faces … trying to get their nerve up, obv.

  33. Anyone else notice that Carl seems to be nomming the other monkeh’s head?
    I lof eet!

  34. @Fuzzy, yes I noticed that too. I think he is mumbling, “BRAINS!!!”

  35. Big Fat mindless words!!! ;P

  36. Dammit, Carl, if you stick your thumb in my ear one more time…

  37. Are these baboons? Where’s Jamin?

  38. “Okay, fraidy cat, if you won’t ring the doorbell, call him!”

    “Yeah, we can ask if his refrigerator is running!”

    “Or if he has Prince Albert in a can!”

    “Or tell him it’s the library, and he owes a fine on “Under the Bleachers” by Seymour Butts!”

    “Ahahahaha! You dial!”

    “No, YOU dial!”

    “No, YOU!”

    (Let’s just hope he doesn’t have Caller ID . . . )

  39. O NO He/She/It DI-unt!!! says:

    @ Rhea:


  40. @Rhea – I think that they’re rhesus monkeys, or maybe Vulcans (just going by the pointy ears.

  41. Where’s Jamin anyway?

  42. This looks suspciously like my two grandchildren, Morgan and Sophie………..lord help us!

  43. Those sweet eeenocent faces. I can so see them doing naughty things, and then when mother asks them ‘what have you two been up to?” ‘nothin’ mom, we been doin nothin.’

  44. Gotta luv trouble makers!!

  45. @ Rhea – You took the words right out of my mouth.

  46. More baby monkeys…playing on a playground! Could they be any more lovable?